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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#2956932 Mutual Assessments

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 18 February 2012 - 10:08 PM in Keeps

Vie accepted the slip of paper. Impassive eyes scanned the contents, her head tilted just slightly in contemplation finding nothing more than a meaningless scramble of letters and numbers before she returned her attention to the men. It was clearly a coded message, just the sort of thing she could devote her focus into at a later time, instinct practically demanded the code be broken, however more immediate matters were at hand.

Winston Elariel was as uniquely unassuming a man as every other she had ever met save Nerid Nathar, though he was not without his attributes. He was not particularly tall nor was he particularly short. He was dark of hair, with eyes that matched. Sharp hawk like features gave him a predatory, while theoretically aesthetically pleasing, appearance. His actions belayed nothing if not respect, and this separation of attitude and appearance made him difficult to read. Amid this he continued to flare tin intermittently, making it impossible to file away the possible threat he had posed.

"I'm sorry, Lord Winston, Aaron was speaking, "but... I have no idea what this says. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the code you are using. Or with any, for that matter." Viridian tilted her head to take in the heir and identified the fault. Winston would not have shown him the slip if he hadn't thought Aaron could read it... either that or the man was reaching. Digging around and feeling out weaknesses Aaron, for his part, had not attempted to conceal.

"Lady Viridian, Winston turned now to inquire of her. His features conveyed nothing by which she could consider, she had trouble identifying the nature of human feeling in others, and relied on reading facial anomalies as evidence one way or another. Winston's calm impassive expression made it impossible to identify if he was curious why Aaron did not know the code, or if he was continuing to feel out a breech in security, "surely as head of Lord Aaron's security you know this code? It is one of the standard intelligence ciphers. You should have gotten reports from the keep guards in this format."

Aaron had made a mistake in revealing an area of weakness, Viridian however did not share the familial surname. Assuming that the document in her hand was not idle gibberish, if Winston had meant to scratch for a fault on her own end, he had made a mistake offering her the chance to potentially crack the code in her hands.

"I am afraid you are under the incorrect assumption that I have experience with this system of coding," Viridian replied in answer. She folded the note and slipped it into her pocket to examine later, "In explanation, as I have only recently been applied to the position it is likely no such coding system has yet been implemented into our routine. I apologize for any inconvenience this may produce. If it is agreeable, you may provide me with the necessary tools to adopt this method into future dealings."

#2956881 After Death

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 15 February 2012 - 07:05 PM in Keeps

"Familial concern is illogical," she expressed in a deadpan tone, shaking her head just slightly in dismissal, "Were you house mistborn it is probable you would have been regularly beaten physically and psychologically until suggestible enough to witness as commanded. You are not mistborn, consequently you are misting yet allow yourself to be observed as a delicate flower. You will clarify to those around you that you are not fragile and should not be mistaken as such."

She considered him a moment longer. He was only an experiment but as with all previous theory's she would carry this one to it's end. If her purpose was to defend him than he had to be capable of defending himself. A physical presence was not enough to instil a proper respect in a docile man.

"You are sufficiently recuperated to continue," she informed him, turning back to the course, "I would like for you to consider your body mass in successive attempts. You are exceptionally agile yet lack precision. When leaping, consider where you will end, consider your position and momentum, plan accordingly," she bobbed her head toward him before indicating with her arm in the direction of the course, "Your body is often a hindrance, concentrate on area's where this is especially true, seek method's to utilize momentum and mass to your favor instead."

#2956875 Mutual Assessments

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 15 February 2012 - 09:04 AM in Keeps

From her vantage point, perched with all the stillness of a stone gargoyle above the window ledge, Viridian Demesne could see the entirety of the Garden as it was spread out beneath her. It was an intricate maze of flora and fauna but the pattern repeated itself, forcing her to locate more unique landmarks and commit them to memory for reference. She surmised the sight ought to have filled her with awe, and yet she felt more appreciative memories of a single shelving of books than she did of this extensive expanse.

The Demesne garden's were insignificant in comparison to these grounds, a fact her mother would have cringed to know. Much about the Elariel's manse put her own residence in perspective. While her own library contained more than a few tomes not likely to be found elsewhere, the Elariel's library was larger by many rooms, and there was even an entire wing of the house dedicated solely to the act of bathing.

It was certainly a change of pace, and as in all things, a change of scenery brought with it new theory's. She had considered her ascension to Demesne house heir primarily a failure. It had stirred nothing, cut away blood ties that might have been of value in future experimentation... perhaps being house heir was not enough? Perhaps it was simply not desirable to command anything less than the respect owed a leader of a Great House?

The question was purely academic at this point. Murder and scheme for advancement had failed in the past, it was only prudent to train her energies toward less explored avenue's of opportunity. Nerid Nathar represented the greatest of her options, however Aaron Elariel was an experiment of it's own merit.

Her first instinct upon having been offered the Elariel heir had been to refuse. She had assumed there were more logical positions to undertake, however on further introspection, she had come to the conclusion that placing herself in position so near another for an extended period of time might move her to feel something... anything would do.

Murmuring voices continued to draw her attention from the open window below. The instinct to burn tin was there, but suppressed. For the present she had agreed to take on duties as Aaron's protection, not to collect information on Elariel politics. If there was need for her to know what was occurring in the other room, she would be made aware. If she at any point felt curious she might also choose to listen in, but for now she was more concerned with the repeating pattern of the Elariel Garden's and committing those passages to memory should ever she be required to use that knowledge in defense of her Lord.

She had taken to burning bronze at all times for Aaron's safety, and so she was alerted immediately when somebody in the other room flared tin. Meeting or no, she acted. Stepping off the skinny outcropping she spun a half circle as she dropped, catching the upper edge of the window sill and using her own momentum to vault through the opening into the conference hall to land in a half crouch in the open space within.

A quick scan of the interior found Aaron face to face with a man she had not yet met. Her charge did not appear to be concerned, but neither would he be aware that the other was flaring his tin. She unfurled from her stance with almost feline grace and stalked purposefully toward the pair, announcing "Lord Aaron, if my intrusion is unwarranted please accept my apology, however I have detected a flaring of tin. My mandate requires that I investigate this matter and evaluate the danger posed."

#2956870 After Death

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 15 February 2012 - 02:59 AM in Keeps

Viridian examined him carefully. Walking a slow circle as though she might uncover something at one angle she did not see from another. Occasionally she tilted her head in her fashion but by the time she was facing him once more she wore an inquisitive expression, "I do not understand?" she said at last, "You are well built. Fit physically, lacking a single debilitating injury or deformity. Why do your relatives consider you inferior?"

#2956861 After Death

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 14 February 2012 - 06:57 PM in Keeps

"Apologies," Viridian returned automatically. Identifying the miscommunication, and proceeding to clarify her thoughts. While it was clear now that Aaron suffered from an inferiority complex, she deduced he had very little chance to be otherwise. "I mean only to comment on the actuality that those with whom you share blood consider you to be frail or weak."

She walked counterclockwise in a circle around him, it was still to difficult to discern what was beneath his clothing, however his showing on the course did not suggest a man who was inherently incapable or otherwise impaired. Any man whose esteem in the eyes of his blood relations was held with such callous disregard, could make for a better student.

"I comment because I was approached by your father. He shared threat of consequences should you find yourself injured grievously or otherwise under my tutelage. As no such threat was offered prior to this instance, I can only assume that his concern was in relation to your performance on the course.

"An insignificant quantity of time has passed since, yet Daerra has made to speak with you amid expression of similar concern that your purpose in training with me is in some manner unwise or dangerous." She ended her examination by coming to stand face to face with him, tilting her head just slightly in thought.

"Your relatives believe you are inferior Aaron." Without preamble she reached out and gripped his arm, it felt hard, not flabby or soft, "If I am to properly instruct you I am required to know if their concern is valid or an insult. Remove your upper garments. I would have a look at your physique and judge for myself."

#2956812 After Death

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 10 February 2012 - 10:31 PM in Keeps

"Please be sure to make an appointment in the future," Viridian informed her as helpfully as she was able. Turning away and moving to stand beside Aaron. Daerra had been shaken, her expression had not been difficult to read, though she had gathered herself expertly. She might have schemes with Aaron at the center. Whatever they might be Viridian intended to keep them on the opposite side of the household where they represented the least physical threat.

In the meantime she had to examine her charge to ensure if he would be ready to undertake the course again or not. So many of his relatives were concerned she was beginning to question the wisdom of running him through the course again, "Are you enfeebled or otherwise ill that I am made unaware of Lord Aaron?"

#2956807 After Death

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 10 February 2012 - 09:00 PM in Keeps

"If the likelihood of death rises, at any juncture, amidst our daily exercise I assure you the matter will be attended to," Viridian interrupted just loudly enough that it would be heard over whatever answer Aaron might make, though not so loud as to be considered shouting. She took three steps from where she had stood before, deliberately putting herself between Aaron and his sister before continuing, "I confess however that the Elariel practice to fret in regard to physical betterment is puzzling. Your father approached earlier under similar pretense. I assure you Aaron is not frail."

There was no deliberate threat in either her vocal or body language though the intention of putting herself between the siblings was as clear as she was capable of conveying. Daerra Elariel was a dangerous woman, sibling or not. The woman had a calculating mind and the drive to put that to use. Vie had witnessed the that cunning at work a hundred times over and had experienced something similar to a closeness with Daerra because of it.

It was not a friendly feeling of respect as Viridian was unable to identify in so intimate a way. She was unable to bond with Daerra whether the woman was worthy or unworthy of such a bond, however between them she did recognize an affinity. Daerra was a manipulator. Daerra was perpetually seeking for improvement, forever desiring advancement... to the detriment of most who stumbled into her path. Daerra was an example by which Vie had so far failed to emulate. Viridian considered herself a driven creature. Daerra had drive and motive in equal measure.

It was that self serving quality in Daerra, that put Aaron at risk of her. No affinity between the women elevated Dearra beyond an acceptance of purpose as Viridian had undertaken. Aaron was her anchor at this juncture. It was her place to defend him from harm, both physical and otherwise. She thought it unlikely that those who had set her to task could properly comprehend her psychological drive to do as she was employed any more than she could understand their emotional concern toward the protection of a loved one.

"Unfortunately I am unable to comply with your request," Vie informed her 'friend' of many years, "I respectfully ask that Lord Aaron be undisturbed amidst the duration of these exercises as they may prove the difference between his life and his death." She tilted her body so as to include her brother in the conversation, "If my charge so wishes, and you have appointment, you may convene at Lord Aaron's convenience upon the conclusion of our morning practices."

#2956789 After Death

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 08 February 2012 - 07:21 AM in Keeps

"You have displayed an adequate introductory exercise," Viridian bobbed her head in seeming acceptance. She looked him over briefly for any sign of physical injury outside of casual scrapes, before stepping off and around him, "We shall break for a period of ten minutes during which you are to recover."

There was more than enough room for improvement on the course. She briefly considered moving on to another and decided against it. She would test him on this course until he was expert before shifting to another for a variety of experimental and practical reasons, she would need to observe Aaron closely to discern the optimal method to take with him in every area of his training.

"After which," Vie continued off her previous declaration, "You are to run the course again. You will be expected to complete each successive run under incrementally reduced time constraints and with fewer mistakes."

#2956591 Mistborn (Viridian and Alexandre)

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 21 January 2012 - 10:10 PM in Keeps

Coins and debris sprayed down at her from every direction. He was gaining altitude, and this fight was drawing on towards unacceptable length. Every moment she spent dueling with this Mistborn left Aaron at increasing risk. Locating and retrieving the Elarial heir was her first and only priority, but first she had to either end this threat or else elude it long enough to get Aaron back to the Elarial compound.

She pushed and scattered the metals as they fell toward her. No longer concerned with the rising assassin she let her momentum slow, reaching out with all of her lines, she flared pewter and pushed in all directions, scattering every coin in reach and shunting the larger metal sources as well.

It was calamity. Glass shattered where coins and debris passed through windows. The larger sources inevitably caused more damage. Smashing into or through the structures around them, their velocity leaving gaping wounds in the structures around them. He still had her coin pouch, but he was getting very high now. If she could reach the ground quickly, she just might be able to lose him.

She pushed with pewter enhances strength against the last source of metal within easy reach, her own coin pouch in her attacker's possession. It served two purposes, shunting herself down towards the street as well as shoving the attacker, hopefully, ever higher into the air and immediately began burning copper to conceal herself.

She used another of her earring's to soften her landing, retrieving the object and pinning it into her thumb to make it un-assessable to her foe. She could not calculate how long it would take for a coin to reach the street from his vantage, but she had just that long to disappear, burning pewter she sprinted away in the direction she had last seen Aaron moving in. Keeping as much to the shadows as she could, and using Luthadel's complicated design to attempt to break line of sight.

#2956588 Mistborn (Viridian and Alexandre)

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 21 January 2012 - 09:10 PM in Keeps

Delay was unacceptable. Aaron Elarial would soon be long gone. If the intent had been simply to keep her occupied while Aaron made himself vulnerable it had been a successful ploy. She had no means by which to locate the Elarial now, which was... unsettling. Acting as guardian to Aaron was her purpose in being at the present, if he was killed, she would have no purpose, and would need to reallocate herself.

Immediately upon finding resistance in both the attempt to retrieve her own coin pouch as well as the effort against her attacker's, Viridian let the lines free. She was not quick enough to avoid sliding backward a few feet, though she used the time and distance to deftly clip her earring back in place while she assessed the situation.

She put her mind to work. Having already been burning tin, Vie picked up the sound of rattling metal. For now, she wanted her attacker on the ground, level with herself, or else disorientated where he was. To that effect she flared pewter, then burning iron latched on to the rattling sources of metal and strategic sources at her back to avoid launching herself rather than adding her own strength to the attacker's as she wished.

Shortly she was rewarded by the rending shrieks of tearing metal and splintering wood as many sources lost their man made stability. She did not care if they all gave, she only needed enough of them to fail as would unbalance him, if they sent him to the street all the better. The instant she heard the sources give, she released her hold on all sources outside of his coin pouch, and pulled again, streaking upward and toward him, letting go as soon as she was at full velocity and no longer required the anchor.

#2955603 Mistborn (Viridian and Alexandre)

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 11 November 2011 - 08:40 AM in Keeps

The first sign of an ambush came as the coin pouch at Vie's waist was torn from her belt. Instinct caused her to immediately tug back, but as the attack had come with no warning there was little hope of immediately retrieving the pouch. Tactically it was an effective opening maneuver, working to instantly muddle the target's arial capabilities, as well as stripping them of projectile weaponry.

The more peculiar aspect of the attack came as a dull assortment of sensation fluttering within her, causing her chest to tighten involuntarily as well as to in causing her sweat glands to secrete more readily. Viridian was familiar with, and identified, the effects of emotional allomancy at play. Whatever the attacker was pushing on and whatever emotions they then pulled by extension, were not there to be tugged on or prodded, and as such she was left with only the vague understanding that something odd was occurring in her emotional state in a way that could only be compared to what sight represented to the blind.

She flared tin obligatorily in response to the attack, expanding her senses to their maximum potential. There had been no warning, the attacker was either burning copper in addition to all else, negating bronze's usefulness, or else she was facing multiple adversaries.

Lacking a coin pouch, Vie let herself fall. Observing her steel and iron lines for abnormalities. Finding swiftly among the stagnant lines the thicker bunched line of several coins bunched together streaking toward where she had been moments earlier. It was not long after that tin enhanced vision revealed the mist cloaked figure's approach.

Having reached an unacceptable velocity. She absently popped free one of six miniscule studded earring's lined up along her only ear, and sent it downward to slow her descent, flaring pewter as she landed on the cobblestone roadwork to assist in absorbing her fall. From there she returned the gesture, and shoved at her attacker's coin pouch while simultaneously pulling her own back in her general direction.

#2955571 After Death

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 07 November 2011 - 12:50 AM in Keeps

Viridian cocked her head and glanced sideways at Andrew now. She recognized the structural layout and implication of a threat. She was incapable of comprehending the motivation behind the sudden and quite unnecessary conversational shift. "In the interest then, of self preservation," Viridian afforded him, "I must inquire as to any further illogical requests relating to our arrangement and request adequate compensation in regard to the dangers of allied retaliation."

"Harm is unavoidable," she informed him logically, "If Aaron does not learn to defend himself and to cope with physical discomfort be it minor skin abrasion or else something more grievous, than he will make no better showing of himself than his late cousin. Mikhail would not have been so simple a target if he also had run this course."

She returned most of her attention to Aaron, whom was making a fair showing of himself. At times he struggled in places she knew that he would not in the future. At times he made slight unnecessary mistakes, and sometimes he made odd choices that were surprisingly effective. Every leap, every fall, they all worked together to show Viridian where his problem area's were and what they needed to work on. It was, however, more than likely Aaron had already been 'harmed' by the obstacle's under the definition of the word.

"I assure you, should your son be injured during periods of our daily exercise, the infraction will be minor or else otherwise inconsequential." She decided to cover whatever aspects of his request he might have intended to specify, "Should Aaron come under threat similar to that represented to Mikhail by Phyra Venture, I will do what is in my capability to ensure the threat is eliminated. My job will become simpler once Aaron has learned to defend himself."

#2955486 After Death

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 04 November 2011 - 05:45 PM in Keeps

Viridian turned from Aaron for a calculatedly short period of time to politely acknowledge what would be seen as a social superior. She bowed her head just so in recognition and then turned back to her prime task of keeping watch over Aaron, though taking a step back and away to angle herself in such a way that she could keep the newcomer visible out of the corner of her eye.

If Andrew made an attempt to rush Aaron, lacking the possibility that he might be a Mistborn, Vie had plenty of space by which to intercept and deal with the situation. If Andrew's prime interest was merely to talk, the movement would possibly help to appear more polite, though in the second possibility, she was less certain or comfortable.

His question lingered in the air for only a moment as she considered possible responses, "I will consider your input upon the event a pointless task enters into our schedule." She stated diplomatically, "At present, I must observe both Aaron's capabilities as well as his incapabilities. Of your fatalistic concearns, I assure you that the probability of Aaron's death on this course, allowing that he is forbidden to use allomancy for the foreseeable future, is negligible." She hazarded her full attention on Andrew for another brief moment, "I trust I have addressed all of your concears?"

#2955481 Mistborn (Viridian and Alexandre)

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 02 November 2011 - 10:55 PM in Keeps

Viridian burned copper. The mist's swirled around her arm as though attracted by their own gravitational field. It was not an overt or chaotic maelstrom, but an understated, soft spoken, attraction. It swirled down on her from all directions, slipping up against her. Caressing her in much the same way she had witnessed her father twirling the hair on her mother's head.

The attraction was the only constant in this experiment, if she could call it an experiment after all these years. She knew from past experience that should she cease to burn her metals, the mist's would cease to come to her. She could no more explain the connection or lack thereof than anyone else, and yet she found herself unable to ponder much else as she sat crouched on the window ledge of the room immediately above where Aaron was, theoretically, resting.

The Elariel heir had performed adequately in the early afternoon training session. As expected he would require a great amount of work to shape into something dangerous, but for the moment he was an exception to the rule, having some skill and experience with acrobatics, exceptional reflex's yet represented only slightly above average combative threat capabilities. At the present she rated his escape prowess satisfactory. She intended to hone those abilities and others...

She paused in her nightly musings as the pulse of iron bled through the mists from Aaron's room. She tilted her head absently as she considered this new development. Obviously the mists couldn't enter the interior of the the Great House and would not be attracted to Aaron as he burned his store of metals, but she hazarded a glance down at his window to see if they were brushing more irregularly at his window all the same.

They were not. However as she observed the glass wall, Aaron's iron signature grew stronger. The window was drawn open and the mist's did begin to swirl as a man in Mistcloak climbed out. She had been burning tin all evening. If another had approached Aaron's chambers she would have known and the cloaked figure smelled of Aaron. Curiosity took hold.

What was the man up to sneaking away from his own home in the night? Was he Mistborn? He did have a cloak after all, but if so he ought to have known that burning any metal would alert her and why not simply burn copper to mask his escape? Furthermore where was he going? With tin enhanced vision she watched as he shut the window carefully and quietly, before launching out into the mists.

With only a moment's hesitation. She followed.

#2955466 After Death

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 01 November 2011 - 05:31 AM in Keeps

"You are free to begin at your leisure," Viridian stated and began walking to a position from where she would have the best possible view. She had marked the area with a rock during her earlier inspection, as she moved away her voice rose so as to cover whatever distance she was bringing, "You will be timed. Your results will be judged in relation with all previous applicant results, mistborn or other. Mistakes will be noted, and you will not bend the rules of the course. Failure to complete the course will result in immediate re-entry from the beginning until you have either completed the exercise or are otherwise incapable of doing so." She stopped at her marker and turned back to him, "are the conditions of the evaluation clear?"

#2955434 After Death

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 25 October 2011 - 04:07 AM in Keeps

"You will complete the course following the indicated route," she replied simply, "absent diversion. There will be zero tolerance toward creativity or preferred path exercise as this is to be a legitimate example of your skill set's as they pertain to your immediate physical condition."

Noting that Aaron was already dangerously near to failing the course prematurely she closed the few feet between them and caught hold of his wrist firmly, "Allomancy will also be forbidden."

#2955376 After Death

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 18 October 2011 - 04:37 AM in Keeps

Viridian drew them to a stop outside the course. It wasn't particularly long, or at least wouldn't be particularly long for her. Beginning with an eight foot wall meant to be hopped over with precision as there was another wall beyond that was raised higher with an opening underneath so that any allomancer leaping to high would not make it very far without getting back down onto the ground. The remainder of the course was a series of short sprints and a system of leveraged platforms connected to one another in such a way that the allomancer would typically need to manipulate the platforms to proceed further along the course.

Much of the course wouldn't pose problems for Aaron, and much of it would. She had already set it up so as to be technically possible. "We begin here," She answered his question, "You will be required to complete this course within an optimal time frame under specified criteria."

#2955336 IC-Question

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 17 October 2011 - 12:55 AM in General Discussions

Material possessions are irrelevant. As human beings qualify in the nonspecific categorization of 'things', my answer is absolute. My favorite thing is you.

Explain to me your definition of love? Please limit poetic reference as I have found fanciful imagery to be of imaginative usefulness on this subject.

#2955284 After Death

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 14 October 2011 - 05:11 AM in Keeps

"Recreational defensive patterns will be insufficient," Viridian informed him as though stating the time of day. She had observed the truth of that several times in the past. When one learned to hold back it hampered them more than it helped, "you will be required to break certain habits acquired in the patterns of dueling for 'sport.'"

She glanced backward at him and attempted to undress him in her minds eye, however unless one was a superior specimen, it was not easy to gauge the physique and athleticism beneath traditional noble attire. This was the case with Aaron at present. Often enough even a physically capable human being lacked the training necessary to be a serious threat. She would withhold judgment for now, in all regards, until the conclusion of the exorcize.

"We may conduct advanced training in your specified areas," she told him, "You will be required to veto all metallic based weaponry you may have become attached to. Obsidian blades will be provided as replacement. Our immediate concern, however, is to familiarize you with the essential hand to hand offensive forms."

#2955248 After Death

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 12 October 2011 - 02:12 AM in Keeps

"Where we shall begin is a determinant of your aptitude," Viridian answered his question showing no sign that she had even recognized the sarcasm in his earlier response. She turned and motioned for him to follow after her, "In this effort you will be participating in a verity of training exorcizes designed to test your physical endurance, your reflex's and your flexibility both physically and psychologically."

She began leading the way towards one of the more fully featured obstacle courses she believed would be the most difficult, she continued to list things as they walked, "I would like to inquire as to your weapon specializations and overall combat readiness as well. If there is time later, I will observe the legitimacy of your claims.".

#2955221 After Death

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 11 October 2011 - 04:36 AM in Keeps

Viridian stood alone, her back turned to the approaching duo, dressed casually in a black undershirt, tunic and pants.

She had taken a long while to overlook the training area. The Elariel's were a Great House and that was reflected in the quality of their facilities. They were lacking in a few of the more customized tools that she had implemented on the Demesne compound, but overall, she determined the space acceptable.

Burning tin, she had been privy to some of the conversation between Aaron and his Terrisman. It passed through her mostly unincorporated, though she took note of the approach with menial calm, optimizing the last of her solitude to ensure the training dummy's were sturdy and pegged deep.

When she heard her name called she immediately stepped away from the task and approached the arrivals. "Lord Aaron," she bobbed her head in cursory greeting and proceeded directly to task, "I require that you become familiar with these grounds. I intend we make use of them no less than four hours in a day. It is therefore your prerogative to ensure that your schedule is open during sessions."

#2919141 One Jump

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 03 April 2011 - 06:20 AM in Non-Canon RP

The Misting Skaa crew sat around their secret hideout, as they seemed to do most nights. Each man trading stories and plotting their various betrayals when the entry door suddenly splintered inward. A rush of air and mist flowed inward, revealing a dark figure, her black mist cloak flicking inward with the airflow. For a long moment, there was no sound. Men and women gaped in shock, and finally, the man at the end of the table stood and threw a coin at the intruder.

Vie leapt into the air, and burst into song.

"Gatta keep, one jump, ahead of the coinshot,
One leap, ahead of the sword.
I'll kill, those of you that abhor
(and that's all of you!)

One leap, ahead of the tineye
One kill, and that's no joke!
These guys, don't even know how to cope."

She landed hard on the tin eye's chest, his ribcage smashed inward, elation flooded her chest. The thrill of the skaa mutilator's death was intoxicating, overwhelmingly delicious. A symphony of desire rose around her, caressing her thoughts, rioting the long absent emotions within her. Lulling her into SONG!

In the meantime, the Skaa Crew was only just really becoming aware of just how screwed they were.

"Mistwraith! Mistborn! Spectre! Ash Wraith!"

"Just a little closer,"
She taunted.

"Rip her open, kill her quick boys!"

"Can't you take a hint, time to face the facts,
You're all as dead as your friend, adu!"


The non misting members of the crew had fallen back into the corner praying that their more powerful members would take the Ash Wraith down despite the urban legends they had heard and they sang:

"Oh it's sad that creatures been a problem!
She's become a one-gal rise in crime.
I'd blame parents but who knows if she's got 'em."

Viridian descended upon them like the cockroaches they were.

"Gotta kill to feel, gotta feel to live,
Tell you all about it when I've got the time!"

"One skip, ahead of the lurcher,
One slug, ahead of the thug!
Next time, It might be best to try and run?"

She spun away from another thug, burned pewter and chopped hard against his Adams apple:

"One slice, ahead of the punch line,
One stomp, right into your sock,
After this, I'll take a stroll around the block."

The mistings were fewer in number now, though their efforts only became more frantic if their increasing rhythm was any indication:

"Stop! Beast! Outcast! Ashe Wraith! Monster!"

Viridian was hardly phased by the soprano among their ranks, and she had heard insults slung in greater harmony

"Let's not be too hasty!" She sang coming down hard on the last thug's trachea. Her hood fell free and the last surviving non misting thief gave an appreciative nod.

"Still I think she's rather tasty?" the knife she had thrown found his heart.

"Gatta kill to feel, gatta feel to live,
Otherwise we'd get along."


She rounded on the only survivor. The crew leader.

"One Kick, ahead the drum beat."
"One trick, ahead of disaster."
(Ash Wraith!)
"Your quick, but I'm much faster."
(Take that!)
"Here goes, better tuck your ear's in,
I'm gonna take your finger
All I gatta do is CUT!?

She slit his throat only after she had collected the appendages. Afterward she pulled free a bottle of hard liquor spilled it over the wooden table and kicked the candle holder over. Within moments the building was on fire, she was out the window and leaping from rooftop to rooftop towards Cray's clinic...

She slowed to a halt near the chimney stack of the structure directly across from the hospital and shut her eyes, angling her head toward the sky. Already she could feel the intense emotions slipping away. Soon they would be gone, she tried to make the most of them.

"Monster, Ash Wraith,
Can't they see that,
When one looks much closer...
Won't they see the answer? No, siree
They don't see
There's noting more to me."

The feeling left. She felt numb again. She felt nothing. On the other side of the street, the clinic waited for her. She would have Cray patch her up as she always did. She reflected that only moments ago she had been singing, it always surprised her, because when it was over, she was certain she didn't know how...

#2882429 The Casuana Ball, Part II: Serenity and Steel

Posted by Viridian Demesne on 20 February 2011 - 01:02 AM in Keeps

Viridian had been ready to fall back when Marisha had dropped her sudden defensive attack posture. She had met Nerid's sister no harm, though it was clear the other woman had thought otherwise. Instinct's had threatened to rise and Vie had flared pewter. Part of her had almost hoped Marisha would attack her... but the part of her that had already accepted that she was important to Nerid knew better. If Marisha had attacked, she would have done what was necessary to disable the woman, nothing more.

It spoke volumes, however, that Marisha was indeed trained in combat. It had not been a clumsy movement and Viridian found her eyes falling toward the woman's hands. She kept them at combat readiness, cropping her fingernails. It was almost admirable if it did not portend her capability to soundly thump Daerra Elarial about the head rather than to scurry and huddle into the corner of this gazebo.

Marisha still seemed on the verge of panic, she seemed just as mistrustful of Sanna whom was, in both appearance and reputation, harmless. That was when Marisha abruptly calmed down. Soothed, but by whom? Certainly it was not her own doing, it was vaguely possible that either Aaron or Claudia had done so, but the more likely suspects were Sanna or Nerid. Hadn't Mia's Merchant uncle been soothed away as well... Viridian did not like the growing possibility that Nerid could be Mistborn... she found herself gravitating more toward the corner of the room where Nerid stood. the mist swirled about in the Gazebo to greatly for her to see if Nerid or Sanna was burning... she briefly considered extinguishing her metals... but decided the risk to Nerid to high.

Eventually she leaned against the nearest Pillar and decided to wait. Sanna seemed to have things taken care of and the soothing had been well timed.