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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#2963746 Another Original Thread Title!

Posted by Grimwether on 16 December 2017 - 04:32 PM in Introductions & Farewells

Hey, Tattersail! I've seen you around on Discord, and I want to formally welcome you to Mistborn: The Inquisition.

Welcome! *mic drop*

Nevermind, that's not period-friendly.

Welcome! *Inquisitor head drop*

#2963745 Hi!

Posted by Grimwether on 16 December 2017 - 04:23 PM in Introductions & Farewells

Oh yeah, you can check out the FAQ here: http://mistbornrpg.1...sked-questions/

#2963744 Hi!

Posted by Grimwether on 16 December 2017 - 04:22 PM in Introductions & Farewells

Hi, I'm Grim, and I'm here to help. The first thing that I would do is have you read this: http://mistbornrpg.1...story-thus-far/

MBI is an amazing RP community in which you can take part in a massive storyline a hundred years before the Lord Ruler's fall.

I recommend that you join the Discord chat - it's very active, and I think we all do 90% of our plotting there. Essentially, we're writing a massive story with lots of smaller plotlines and threads, in which we make our own characters and interact with others'. All characters have to be approved by the admins, and once you have a character idea, fill out the character application here: http://mistbornrpg.1...er-application/

MBI is awesome. Feel free to browse the forums and take a look at everything that's happening.

#2963743 G’day mates

Posted by Grimwether on 16 December 2017 - 04:16 PM in Introductions & Farewells

Welcome to MBI!

#2963740 Aldric Charbonneau - The Arbiter

Posted by Grimwether on 12 December 2017 - 02:45 AM in Player Characters

Thanks for the advice, KChan! I will come up with a new name and make the necessary edits as far as clarity is concerned with what happened to create his condition.

#2963739 Grimwether Beauchamps

Posted by Grimwether on 12 December 2017 - 02:43 AM in Player Characters

Thank you so much for this feedback! It's honest, and I love that, because it gives me an opportunity to improve. Those are all serious issues, and I agree on the last two points especially. I will edit the application and re-submit. Once again, thanks!

#2963734 Aldric Charbonneau - The Arbiter

Posted by Grimwether on 08 December 2017 - 10:25 PM in Player Characters

Right fine, this is.

-My Alter Ego

#2963733 Aldric Charbonneau - The Arbiter

Posted by Grimwether on 08 December 2017 - 10:23 PM in Player Characters

Aldric Charbanneau – The Arbiter
Skaa Masquerader

Posted Image

Name/Handle: Grimwether
Contact: Discord, PM

Posted Image

Name: Aldric Charbanneau
Alias: Baer, The Arbiter
Type: Skaa
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Tremredare, Western Dominance
Occupation: Masquerader, "Lord" of House Charbonneau
Relationship Status: Single

Posted Image

Baer is a slightly tall, dark-haired, dark-eyed Skaa, who can both blend into crowds and stand out when he intends to. He is slightly handsome, but he can also blend in when he needs to, due to his typical coloring and his ability to look subdued. Normally, however, Baer walks straighter than your typical skaa, a sign that he isn’t broken. He’s 5’10”, and solidly built, though not overly large. Baer’s appearance allows him to impersonate either nobles or slaves with ease – he’s the perfect chameleon.

Posted Image

Baer isn’t a reserved man – why would he be? He’s free from the oppressive reign of the nobles, and has cultivated a spirited attitude throughout his life as an anti-noble. He has been known to get out of line near the nobles, however, which has led to punishments, beatings, and attempted murders.
Baer, while himself, has a refined manner of speaking that stands out from that of most skaa. When impersonating, he changes his speech to match various accents and dialects as the circumstances permit. He falls deeply into character when he impersonates, taking on the personality and life story of whomever he is pretending to be. He has been known to fall so deeply into character that he changes his mind about a subject until he becomes someone whose beliefs are contrary to what he previously thought.
One of his most notorious characters is the Arbiter. The Arbiter is an orchestrator of revolution of sorts, a patriot that seeks a greater empire than others dare to imagine – a land of equality between the skaa and the nobility. He’s a patron of the arts, a nobleman who encourages growth and progression, and one who wages a gentleman’s war on the Lord Ruler. As The Arbiter, he goes by the name Aldric Charbonneau.
Honestly, he can’t remember if he was Baer or Aldric first. He has memories of both lives up until he was twenty, and it’s all blurred, like two charcoal drawings getting rubbed together.
Baer is lonely because he won’t let himself get caught up in relationships with others. He sees sentiment as weakness, so he doesn’t attach himself to others. It allows him to move on quickly when he needs to, but it leaves him in a state of mourning every once in a while.

Posted Image

Special Skills: Reading, Writing, Lying, Impersonation, Knife Fighting

Strengths: Baer is a master of impersonation. He can impersonate a Noble perfectly, something that he does all the time whenever he’s at Charbonneau Estate. He has a vast store of finances by skaa standards. The wealth and income of Charbonneau is modest by the standards of nobility, average for a minor house, but it is more than enough to supply various rebellion cells, if they earn his patronage. He’s handy with a knife.

Weaknesses: Baer is virtually useless in an extended fight. He’s in good physical condition, but due to the nature of his weapon, if he’s fighting an enemy with a longer weapon, or if the fight starts to drag, he doesn’t stand much of a chance. Baer also gets confused by the strange memory lapses between Aldric and Baer. Baer has almost no artistic aptitude, but he loves the arts. He loves hearing music, seeing paintings, and reading books, but he can’t play music, paint, or write anything that requires a spark of creativity.

NOTE: While the following information is available to players, it is not known by any characters. Baer’s backstory is a complete mystery to the denizens of the Final Empire, except for the knowledge of a single character.

Posted Image

Baer, born in 875, was terrified of his past.

It wasn’t due to the clarity of traumatic events. No. That would be too simple. It wasn’t because his six-year-old brother was killed after he began manifesting Allomantic abilities, after his skaa parents turned him out of their small hovel and sent him on his own to keep the Obligators from finding the family. It wasn’t because he also remembered his noble parents beating him every day to try to make him Snap.

It was because he remembered both of those things.

Baer’s entire early life, from when he was a small child to when he was a baby, was a blurry smudge, with conflicting memories of identical times in his life.

He remembered growing up as Baer, a skaa living in Tremredare, stealing from nobles without his parents knowing to help keep the family on their feet. They thought he’d made the money working for a small noble family in the city. He remembered eventually stealing enough money and escaping the Western Dominance, seeking Luthadel, a supposed utopia where he could be something greater, where the proud and just Lord Ruler sheltered his people.

He remembered finding out that the skaa weren’t the Lord Ruler’s people – that, just as in the Western Dominance, the nobility of Luthadel oppressed skaa. He remembered joining a thieving crew, and working as a point man in cons and scams, mastering impersonation through characterization.

He also remembered growing up on Charbonneau Estate, a sprawling farm outside of Luthadel. He remembered his parents beating him, trying to make him Snap, only to eventually realize that he was simply a pitiful child without any aptitude for Allomancy. He remembered learning to read and write, learning how to properly find and identify hard workers and leaders to make business endeavors successful.

He began to suffer from the double memories – some of one life, some of another – when he was around twenty. He remembered the deaths of skaa from his memories of experiencing the fear, the pain, and the docile nothingness that came after being broken. He also remembered being on the other side of that, ordering rebellious skaa to be beaten. He had become disillusioned. The social strata of the world carried no real meaning. One cast was supposedly better than the other, but both sides had criminals, bullies, and good people who were simply fighting to survive in something greater that threatened to sweep them away and cast them aside if they didn’t play along.

After the memories blurred, he was at the Estates. Everyone referred to him as “Master Aldric”, but his memories as a skaa – as Baer – somehow felt realer than the memories of the life that he was obviously living, a life of luxury as a nobleman.

He remembered murdering his parents.

Or Aldric’s parents. He felt that he was Baer; he felt that he was a con man, a skaa that had somehow impersonated someone so completely that he had become that man he pretended to be. Everything about the lives of the nobility seemed wrong. It couldn’t have been his life. No. Instead, this strange memory issue was an opportunity. It placed him in a unique situation. He simply needed to figure out how to take advantage of it.

He spent years after killing his parents fretting over what should be done. He played along with society, attending balls and parties as a nobleman, but he also stayed active in the underground. He didn’t know what had happened to his old thieving crew, but he reached out to several crews of disgruntled skaa in the underground, offering them payment for the sabotage of storehouses and factories around Luthadel, though never frequently enough to appear as a true rebellion.

He became known as the “Arbiter” to the skaa that he employed. He always wore a tailored suit while a nobleman. As the Arbiter, he always wore a different mask, each one designed by a different artist. The Arbiter supplied several crews with bases of operations in exchange for their services as saboteurs.

As Lord Charbonneau, he held art expositions, open for viewing by the nobility, on his land, allowing skaa artists to participate in the expositions. He played the nobility’s games, attending parties, working on political connections, and vying for influence within the Central Dominance.

Occasionally, he moonlighted as himself. He was Baer, a talented impostor, a skaa who had connections in the underground.

Who was he? Was he Aldric Charbonneau, an artistic connoisseur and an aristocratic opportunist? Was he the Arbiter, waging a one-man war on the Lord Ruler, a god? Was he Baer, a skaa patriot?

Finally, after years of coordinating a half-hearted series led by an insane man, true rebellion came. He came. The Shade. The one they called the Architect of the Rebellion.

The rebellion no longer had to be a game of shadows. The Shade’s rebellion proved to be far more aggressive than The Arbiter’s. They could complement each other. Baer was uncertain of whether they were allies or simply rivals, but one thing was certain. The Lord Ruler would know Baer’s name by the time he was done.

Posted Image

Baer paced up and down the street in the Sootwarrens, looking around for his contact. He had given himself a slightly-slumped posture, and shorter strides, to appear a nervous messenger. His suit had been left at the Estates. Instead, he wore an open vest and a pair of trousers. Ash and soot dusted his face, and his typically brushed-back hair was a tangled mess. He was on the older side for a messenger, but it wouldn’t be unbelievable.

His contact, a light grey-eyed skaa, turned the corner ahead of him, nodding and humming “As I Watch the Dying Fire” to himself, a tune that Aldric Charbonneau had paid a musician to compose. That was the signal to identify the contact, though Baer hadn’t needed it. This man was way too deliberate in his nonchalance to be anything but a man either waiting for an ambush or on his way to a meeting.

Baer sauntered up to the man as he turned a corner into an alley. A quick knife thrust could kill Baer in this type of situation, but he didn’t expect that type of thing from this man. Lord Charbonneau was too valuable of a resource, and killing Baer, his messenger, wouldn’t gain any sort of popularity with the Lord.of Charbonneau. “Wh-what news fer th-th’Arbiter?” Baer asked, impressively faking a natural-sounding stutter.

The contact swore and yanked Baer deeper into the alley. He allowed himself to get tugged along deeper, where the light-eyed skaa pinned him against the wall. “Are you a fool? You could’ve exposed us!”

Baer stared at him, lip trembling.

“I never took the Arbiter for one who would hire on such a timid fool as his messenger. Where is his ruthlessness? He always did have a soft spot for skaa. It makes me worry about what could happen if an enemy managed to slip a skaa assassin into his ranks.” The man obviously had no regard for Baer’s competence, to let his tongue loose about such matters while a messenger was here. “No matter. I have important news for your master. We’ve found a potential in.”

“Wh-what? A w-way int’the r-rebellion?”

“It’s not much. But it’s a lead. There’s a kingpin of sorts. Datura. She runs a tight crew, and one of our contacts believes that she may have an affiliation with the Skaa Uprising, and, by association, the Shade. Let your master know. I have other business to attend to.”

The light-eyed skaa dusted himself off, and then walked away, shaking his head. Baer waited several minutes, and then followed suit.

Finally, he had it. An opening. An opportunity. Baer left to report to his master. For some reason, the thought made his head hurt like crazy, but he grinned through the pain. The Arbiter would be able to strike, and hopefully Luthadel would see a storm like it had never known before – a clash between three madmen and a god.

#2963732 Howzit

Posted by Grimwether on 06 December 2017 - 09:12 PM in Introductions & Farewells

Happy to have you here!

That sounds like a pretty good first character. If you have questions or need help, feel free to PM or to join the site's Discord channel. It's really helpful for the sake of being able to bounce ideas off whoever's online at any given time.

#2963729 Greetings

Posted by Grimwether on 01 December 2017 - 05:08 PM in Introductions & Farewells

We've got another one! Yay!

#2963726 House Beauchamps (App In-Progress)

Posted by Grimwether on 29 November 2017 - 09:12 PM in The Workshop

Available potential PCs linked to the house:
Chauncey Beauchamps - son of Flambard, cousin of Grimwether, 3rd in line
Cerise Beauchamps (née Bellamy) - Coinshot, wife of Chauncey
Syggtrygg - House Steward

If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

#2963725 House Beauchamps (App In-Progress)

Posted by Grimwether on 29 November 2017 - 09:09 PM in The Workshop

Major House, Bottler’s Association, Candlemaker’s Guild

Player Information
Handle: Grimwether
OoC Account: Grimwether
Contact: PM/Discord

General Information
House Name: House Beauchamps
Classification: Major House
Colors: Copper, Black, and Burgundy
Socioeconomic Rating: 7.7
General Description: House Beauchamps has existed since 692, and, despite its age, was insignificant for a long time. The house became a High House in the Western Dominance after being brought to economic prosperity by Frederic Beauchamps when he created the Candlemaker’s Guild. Now, Grimwether, the head of the house, has ordered it to move to Luthadel in an attempt to be able to focus on economic growth and the potential for the house to eventually become a Great House, due to the unrest.

Character Information
Head: Grimwether Beauchamps
Heir: Flambard Beauchamps
Player Members: [List all player character members here in the format below. You do not need to list the head and heir a second time if you provided links to their profiles above, but you may do so if you want all of your House's members listed in the same place.]
NPC Members:
Isolde Beauchamps
-NPC MEMBER #2 etc. . .
Miscellaneous: [For Miscellaneous members of the House. Stewards, servants, and anyone else who doesn't fit in the two sections above. List these in the same format as the other two categories.]

Home & Wealth
Current Location: Luthadel
Ancestral Home: Beauchamps Estates, Western Dominance
Financial Avenue: Candlemaking, Bottling, Vintners

-HOUSE #1 – [Colored Diplomacy Status here. Leave the brackets in place this time.] – [Describe the nature of the relationship between the Houses here, if you desire.]
-HOUSE #2 – [Colored Status here, again, with brackets] [You can also omit the description if it isn't needed.]
-HOUSE #3 – [Colored Diplomacy Status, with brackets] Etc. . .

CONTRACT PARTY #1: Exchanging lighting at a discounted price with Bellamy in exchange for furniture at a slightly discounted price and the marriage between Chauncey Beauchamps and Cerise Bellamy, a coinshot.
CONTRACT PARTY #2: [Briefly describe the Contract here.] etc. . . Patresen? Elariel?

#2963724 Grimwether Beauchamps

Posted by Grimwether on 29 November 2017 - 07:31 PM in Player Characters

Noble Seeker Savant

Posted Image

Name/Handle: Grimwether
Contact: PM/Discord

Posted Image

Name: Grimwether Beauchamps
Type: Noble
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Western Dominance
Occupation: Vintner, Bottler, Chandler
Relationship Status: Single

Posted Image

Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Bronze
Degree of Skill: Advanced
Status: Known

Posted Image

Grimwether Beauchamps is a man whom many would call handsome. He often styles his dark, wavy hair to make it appear disheveled, Grim often wears stubble on his face, as if he hasn’t shaved in several days, but he keeps it constantly trimmed to appear that way. Grim’s dark eyes and dark hair contrast with his lighter skin in a way that many women would say was attractive. At 5’9”, 170 lbs., he works to keep his body in good condition, but never to the point that people would fawn over his muscles.

Grim often dons a light grey vest with intricate copper scrollwork and copper-colored stock over his dark shirt and long breeches, but he is also known to wear a dark tailored suit with copper embroidery, though not enough to affect very easily Allomantically. His dueling cane almost never leaves his side.

Posted Image

Grimwether is called frivolous by some, and self-aware by others. His insecurities drive his sense of fashion, but he also appears to be uncaring of appearance to those who are less discerning. He has great interest in fashion, but merely as a hobby. He has taken a healthy interest in his families three main trades: wine, bottles, and candles.

Grim considers himself one of the more-eligible bachelors on the scene, despite his age. His wit is seen by some as charming, but some of the more conservative nobility find is less than dashing. A curbed tongue, however, is seen as a crime to one such as him.

Grimwether’s mood can shift quickly, which is probably one of the reasons why he isn’t married yet. Though he is the head of a wealthy house, he has been known to suddenly shift to melancholy moods, or to switch from a good-natured jester to a man who will take offense to anything. He is good at making friends, but generally less-talented at keeping them.

He has focused on improving his dueling prowess due to the large amount of duels he enters, though they are a miniscule amount compared to the duel-worthy offenses that are committed against him. He also has a love of poetry.

Posted Image

Special Skills: Reading, writing, mathematics, wine-tasting, cane-dueling, poetry

Strengths: Grim can weave words well-beyond others when speaking in the abstract, which enables him to write poetry and use his wit in conversations. He is very affluent, and his typically good-natured attitude makes him likeable. He has above average athleticism, and has great ability with his dueling cane. He can handle finances easily. He has tasted wine his whole life, so he naturally is able to judge it well and detect when something is off about it.

Weaknesses: Grim can be easily manipulated by Rioters and Soothers. His constant mood swings make it difficult for him to sort his emotions from emotional Allomancy, despite the fact that he is not only a Seeker, but a Savant. Grim holds grudges, so when he loses a friend, it’s often difficult for him to trust them again, even if they are working in his interest. Grimwether, while good with words and numbers, generally lacks common sense and street-smarts, which all too often leaves him struggling to recover from some sort of con or betrayal.

Posted Image

Grimwether Beauchamps stared at his father’s corpse as he waited to die. He had known this man for twenty-five years – since the year 890, when Grim’s mother had died giving birth to him. Laurent Beauchamps was – had been – a kind man, yet a shrewd businessman. Laurent, and his father Frederic before him, had brought the middle-aged house from insignificance to a powerful economic force in the west.

Now there was nobody. All dead. Why? Why did his father insist on travelling to Belinsk? They could have waited until the next week, as Grimwether had suggested. Yes, they had family there, but they could have finished negotiating the Forhomme contract. Now they were dead, or dying. Dying!

Despite the expectation that Grim’s life would be taken, the skaa never returned to the room that contained both he and the corpses of those they had killed. The sounds of fighting around Bellamy Keep, the keep of one of the more prominent families in Belinsk, started to fade. Grim struggled to his feet, keeping his hand steady against the knife-wound on his left arm.

Grim’s dueling cane lay broken on the floor, next to the corpse of a skaa. A broken weapon and a dead man. That certainly described House Beauchamps at this point.

Grimwether had wanted to be a duelist as a youth. His father, hardly the paragon for a strong leader, and always one who was constantly in some sort of trouble with some Canton or another for his unorthodoxy, had a skaa named Coop who had tried to escape the vineyards, wounding several guards in the process, teach him.

Coop knew next to nothing about dueling. Laurent, however, a shrewd businessman who saw that Coop would provide little as a farmer, especially after showing that he could overpower a guard, told Grim that it would be better to have the skaa teach what he could about fighting to Grim, rather than the other skaa.

Coop taught Grimwether toughness. Or, well, he helped to encourage it. Coop said that you couldn’t teach toughness, but Grim already had everything he needed to be tough. He started teaching Grim how to wrestle.

After a time, Laurent offered Coop the opportunity to leave, but Coop refused it, instead choosing to stay and keep training Grim. As a reward, Laurent gave Coop’s family desired jobs among the skaa, such as working as maids around the keep. Eventually, Grim began to pick up on dueling on his own, using Coop as a sparring partner. Their unorthodox duels often turned into brutal wrestling matches, but Grim eventually became proficient with the dueling cane around the age of fourteen, though he was hardly an expert.

Grim took up his father’s dueling cane, made up of black hardwood, with smooth glass studs lining the top. He heard groaning in the corner of the room. He limped over to that area, and found Chauncey there, still breathing. There was a long, shallow cut along Chauncey’s ribs. Grimwether tore his coat, wrapping it into a poor bandage around Chauncey’s chest. He wasn’t trained as an apothecary. The closest thing House Beauchamps had to medicine was their wine!

He shook Chauncey, who yelped in pain. “Probably not a great idea,” Grim muttered to himself. Chauncey’s eyes fluttered open.

“Grim? Is that you?” He coughed several times.

“Yes, Chauncey, it’s me. The skaa have moved on. We need to get out of here, before they burn the place down. Father’s dead, but I’m not letting you burn with the rest of them. Not when you could live.”

Sygzen, the family’s steward, taught Grim mathematics, reading, and writing. Laurent encouraged scholarly growth, and often had Grim and his cousin Chauncey help Sygzen with the house’s ledgers. Grim secretly loved his time working on the ledgers. He would often try to brighten Chauncey’s mood with his witty wordplay, and he caused poor Sygzen to break his composure several times.

Chauncey and Grim became fast friends. Chauncey’s father, Flambard Beauchamps, was the head of the Vineyards that House Beauchamps owned, while Laurent ran the Bottling Association and was the chairman of the Final Empire’s Candlemaker’s Guild. Laurent took Chauncey and Grimwether on trips to Fadrex City or Luthadel on occasion, giving them a break from the sprawling country estates that the Beauchamps called home, while also teaching them not to be awed by the city.

Lady Isolde Beauchamps, Chauncey’s mother, was closer to the Ministry’s approximation of a proper noble. She beat Chauncey occasionally, though Laurent turned a blind eye. He told Grim that while he wouldn’t beat his family, he wouldn’t encourage others to dissent from societal norms, as he did.

Despite the beatings, Chauncey never Snapped. Eventually, Flambard and Isolde figured that Chauncey didn’t have any Allomantic abilities.

Several years ago, Chauncey married Lady Cerise Bellamy, a coinshot whose family lived in the Farmost Dominance’s capital city, Belinsk. Cerise and Chauncey had tried to match Grimwether up with others for courtships, but the relationships never seemed to last.

Now it was a possibility that none of Grimwether’s familial ties would survive. The scent of smoke began to fill the air. Fire. As he and Chauncey limped through the manor, Chauncey began to call out. “Cerise! Cerise! Where are you?”

Shuffling up ahead. Grim tensed, his injured arm slipping down to grasp his father’s dueling cane. A skaa turned the corner, holding a club. He’d come to finish the job the others had started earlier. Grim released Chauncey, letting his poor cousin fall to the ground, grunting in pain.

“You bastards,” Grim said coldly. “You killed my father!”

The skaa smiled grimly. “Another tyrant dead, then. Good.” He charged.

Something in Grim changed as the man charged. Grim screamed, and suddenly he could feel pulses of energy emanating from the man, vibrations of power coursing through his veins. This skaa was no ordinary skaa. There was something different about him.

The skaa swung his club, and Grim attempted to dodge, but it traveled faster than it should have, brutally hitting Grimwether on the hip. A pewterarm, then. Grim crumpled to the ground. As the skaa came to finish him off, Grim felt another series of waves, this time coming from beyond the Thug.

Suddenly, the skaa grunted, turning down the hallway. Grim saw a crossbow bolt poking out of the Thug’s back. He looked down the hallway, where a pair of figures stood. Sygzen. Cerise. She held another crossbow bolt in her hand, and suddenly, it flew down the hallway towards the Thug. He tried to dodge, but even his superhuman reflexes weren’t quick enough for him to escape completely unscathed. He jumped to the side, but the bolt buried itself deep into the back of his leg, right above the heel.

The skaa stumbled quickly towards Cerise, but not fast enough. Grim got up on one arm and swung the dueling cane with as much force as he could muster, bringing it down into the leg with the bolt, cracking the ankle and pushing the bolt in farther. The skaa screamed and fell down, despite the pewter. Cerise pushed another bolt into the man, this time in his neck. He gurgled, then was still. Grim stared at the skaa. “You killed my father. He was innocent. A better man than any other I’ve known.”

Cerise and Sygzen rushed over. Sygzen helped Grim up, while Cerise knelt over Chauncey. Finally, though, the wounds caught up with Grimwether, and everything faded.

Posted Image

When he awoke, he was in his family’s manor. In his father’s quarters. His quarters, now. Grimwether sat up in the bed, finding his injuries tightly wrapped with bandages. His hip was tender, but otherwise, he felt well.

“I am glad to see you’re awake, Lord Grimwether.” Grim looked to the side to see a tired-looking Sygzen sitting in a chair in the corner.

“What happened?”

“Skaa uprising. They burned down most of Belinsk. Bellamy wasn’t the only target. Cerise and I got you and Chauncey out of the keep. We escaped the city with several noble refugees. When we arrived here, I’m certain that Lady Isolde wanted you dead, and she denied the apothecary entry when they tried to operate on you, but Lord Flambard insisted that you be treated.

“News travelling to and from Farmost has ceased. The Ministry has it under wraps. I have reason to believe that Farmost wasn’t the end goal, however. It’s isolated, but the Lord Ruler could always just send a large enough force and win it back. In order for anyone to truly have a lasting rebellion, there is only one target that makes sense: Luthadel.

“Chauncey said that he owes you his life, and both Cerise and I share that sentiment. If it weren’t for you, Chauncey would have been left in that room and burned to death. Lord Flambard has agreed that you are the new Lord Beauchamps, though it took some convincing from Chauncey that it would be more beneficial to your uncle to remain as the head of the Vineyards, where he would have more financial freedom.

“I don’t think Flambard wants to rule House Beauchamps, but Lady Isolde probably wants him to. She was always an ambitious one.”

“Wow, Sygzen. That was almost gutsy! I’ve never heard you speak of the household that way.”

The terrisman blushed. “This is how I spoke with your father. He preferred that I be frank in my assessments. If you want, I can stop.”

Grim stroked his chin, thoughtful. “No. No. I’ll need your help, Sygzen, in what is to come.”

“What is that?” the steward asked inquisitively.

“Excellent question, though I’m not certain why it’s relevant to the conversation. I suppose ‘that’ means whatever I want it to mean. It’s what makes it such a splendid word.” Grim winked at the steward.

“You know what I meant, Lord.”

“I do. Ashes, but I do. Luthadel, you said? Very well. For now, I will mend. I will make certain that everything is in place. We will keep watch. Post spies in Luthadel, and in the rest of the cities that you think are relevant. I want to know every time a nobleman decides to use the restroom. As detailed of a spy network as we can afford. The revenue from the Bottler’s Association will go there. We’d still have plenty to spare. My father had a strong spy network, I trust?”

Sygzen nodded. “Your house has one of the better ones in the Empire, but nowhere near the strength of one of the Great Houses’ networks. I will do my best.”

“And what if you were incompetent? You best would hardly be sufficient.”

“You’re trying too hard with your wordplay right now, my lord. What is your goal? Are you hoping to avoid another rebellion?”

“Of course not! They’re rather large. I’m not sure if even a Pewterarm has good enough reflexes to avoid one, if it’s charging at him.” Grim’s demeanor shifted, and the light-heartedness faded from his eyes. “No. I’m going to find the insurgency. I will find the one who started all of this. Then I’ll kill him.”

Three years later, Grimwether Beauchamps, Lord of Beauchamps, sat in a coach as it entered Luthadel, the capital city of the Final Empire. Sygzen had just purchased a manor in the Silver Quarter, where House Beauchamps would now be permanently based. This was it.

As Grim entered the city, something seemed to change. He couldn’t feel any Allomantic pulses nearby, but this was similar. It was… different. His goal was near.

The insurgents were here. This, several spies had confirmed. He had a handful within their ranks, including Coop, who had respected Grim’s father almost as much as Grim had. They would eventually find the identity of this “Shade” who led the uprising. As soon as that happened, Laurent Beauchamps would be avenged.

Exoneration would come.

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Hey there, everyone! My name is Grim, and I'm an author currently under contract, but my book that's furthest along at the unspecified publisher still hasn't cleared the copy-editing stage (and it may never do so - my editor's mother recently had a heart attack, so she's dealing with a lot). Brandon Sanderson is definitely the writer that has influenced me the most.

So, uh, this thingy is open to everyone, right?