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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#2879759 Amaie Elariel

Posted by Amaie Elariel on 17 February 2011 - 02:57 AM in Retired Characters

Amaie Elariel
Noble Misting - Rioter

Player Information
Contact Information:[email protected]

Character Information
Name: Amaie Elariel
Type: Noble
Age: 15
Place of Origin: Tremredare
Occupation: House Rioter
Relationship Status:Single

Powers: Allomancy - Rioter
-Type: Misting
-Metal(s) Used: Zinc
-Degree of Skill: Intermediate
-Status: Hidden

Appearance: Amaie stands at five feet and two inches. She is a slight girl weighing only one hundred pounds. She is a petite girl, but is wrapped in tightly coiled muscles. Amaie has very fair skin and is the most pale person in her family. her hair is naturally a vibrant red when in direct sunlight, but deepens to nearly black when only ambient light shines on it. When Amaie is not disdainfully sneering at those that are below her station, or sarcastically smiling at those who she believes are below her attentions, she uses her body and Riot ability to pull in those who she finds interesting or powerful.

Special Skills: Amaie has been thoroughly (if while under duress) in all the courtly ways. Reading Writing, Riding, Dancing, all the courtly politics and etiquette. She does not follow most of the etiquette that she was taught, unless there is something she wants to get out of it, or if she is sternly ordered by her house. She has also been well trained over the last seven years in the nuances of Rioting people's emotions. In tandem of the Allomancy lessons she also was taught to fight with daggers and a dueling cane.

Strengths: Amaie has the uncanny ability to be able to read the emotions in others through their eyes, facial expressions and body language. For the most part she can tell someone's emotional stance on even an obscure subject, or with someone who is trying their best to hide what they think about something or someone. Amaie's Rioting of negative emotions is extremely powerful. She can stoke emotions like Terror, Despair, Guilt, Rage, Disgust, Irritation, Lust, and Helplessness in a quick torrent, sometimes overwhelming those she is Rioting.

Weaknesses:Amaie has a very poor sense of etiquette and is also blunt, making it hard for her to make friends and alliances within the noble class, except with those who value truth for truth's sake, since she is as true to herself as anyone can possibly be. The only way she can get around this is if she stokes someone's trust or loyalty toward herself. Amaie's power in stoking positive emotions such as Joy, Courage, Hope, Satisfaction, Interest, Curiosity, Contentment, Humor and Trust are relatively weak, it takes her much longer, due to her light but weak touches, to riot the positive emotions by any great amount.

Personality: Amaie is normally sarcastic and blunt to nearly everyone she meets, especially those she is meeting for the first time or has heard no rumors about. She is a very truthful person, and does not mind speaking the truth even if it hurts those she is speaking to. There is only one thing that overshadows her sarcasm, and that is her need to feel free. Amaie's way to feel free is to flout the rules and rebel against those she deems authority figures, at least those that are directly above her. When there is something that Amaie wants, she uses her uncanny sense of others' emotions to find out exactly how to act or speak when she thinks that she can get something she wants from someone. Amaie would always rather manipulate someone 'manually' though, rather than by Rioting their emotions, since it is considered a more 'noble' way to get what one wants.

History: Amaie had a fairly normal childhood up until the age of eight. She was well loved by her parents, being their second daughter, but they had a habit of constricting and confining her with every petty rule that could be imagined. Eventually the love she was receiving made her feel as if she were a prisoner in her own house. Being a child, she felt there was nothing she could do about this and, of course, there wasn't. She did accidentally rebel against this in the form of a crush on her older brother. She loved him with all the heart of a child, to the core of her being and soul, as only a child could.

Amaie's brother, Geoffrey, was twelve to her bare seven years, and was a larger part of Amaie's life than her own parents. He was a touchstone of freedom, and her entire world revolved around him for an entire year. He was in training to be a family Pewterarm, a house Thug. Because of this ability, he was able to take her out from under her parent's grasping control to the fresh, if ashy, air of the city. he took her to the brown hills within the city for outings, to the markets to buy dresses for her and suits for him, and he even let her tag along when he was sparring with other Pewterarms or the house guards.

It was her fault he died, hers and her parents, but mostly hers. During one of those times he had allowed her to tag along to watch him spar. It was him and three of the guards that were fighting when the thieving crew came to try to kidmap her. She had been goading her brother on, to keep sparring, since she loved to see him win over and over. Geoffrey had only lost once out of eleven spars, she thought of him like a god. He knew how much she delighted in seeing his prowess when sparring, and he had just finished the last spar he could possibly do, since he had run out of pewter.

There were ten of them, the thieves, to her house's four. Two of the guards died in the initial surprise of the attack, only her brother and one other remained. Amaie, being loud even for a child of her age, screamed for help, but help was too late for her brother, who was mortally wounded in front of her eyes. Seeing this broke her, it shattered her and encompassed her soul with the terror of death, the fear was not of her own death, but the death of the person she loved most in the world.

She felt the fear, the power of the fear, and she pulled it. She pulled the smallest spark of the same fear that all people have within themselves at all times, even if it is the smallest speck that is hidden by courage. She Pulled, wrenched actually, on that speck that was within each of the thieves, and made it burst into a raging inferno, something that could not be called fear, but absolute terror. The terror that the thieves felt snapped them, if in a different way, just as quickly as she had shattered. But instead of feeling the power of such a thing, they fled, screaming into the mists. The guards came shortly after, with the questions, all the questions of what happened. She couldn't answer any of them, it was against the rules, nor could she tell the guards about her brother's ability.

Amaie's brother died before they could get back to the keep to resupply him with pewter. All because she followed her parents stifling rules. Yes, it was her fault, or at least she felt that way. She knew that if she could have told the guards to get her brother pewter, he may have survived, but the rules about exposing a family Allomancer to outsiders was so ingrained into her little mind that she couldn't force herself to disobey. So, it was she, herself, and her parents that killed her brother. From that point in her life, she had decided that if a rule seemed too restrictive, or just plain stupid, she would surely disregard the rule, every single time.

Her life from the point of her brother's death wasn't as nice and pristine as the first half of her life, she had become blunt, sarcastic, and rebellious. She would manipulate what she wanted out of people, and if that didn't work she would cow them with her rioting ability. There were few things she didn't get her way in. One of those things she didn't get her way in was the courtly etiquette and politics lessons. In exchange for those lessons though, she was able to learn all she could about wielding the knife and dueling cane. Sword lessons were out, her parents stamped that out no matter how much she rioted their pity and compassion. She took well to her Allomancy lessons though. er parents prepared her for court, thinking that if she could be pawned off on another Great house, she could sow dischord through it as well as bringing a strong tie to it. With that in mind, her parents had prepared her to leave Tremredare to serve the 1st tier of the house, until she was married off to another house.

Roleplay Sample

Amaie had been here before, nearly three dozen times. More recently it had been every day for the last couple weeks.It took preparation for this level of manipulation and Rioting. She knew stoking positive emotions was the weakest aspect of her ability, but when there was something in particular she wanted, she was quite dedicated. It was all this tailor's fault. His craftsmanship was sublime, but they were still horrendously overpriced.

She had been influencing the dressmaker's compassion, pity and sense of charity each day, making sure he was used to feeling that way before she was ready to make the actual purchase. Today was the day. Her father had only given her so many boxings to buy clothing for the trip and the first couple of weeks, so she intended to make the most out of them. Amaie motioned to the tailor, calling him over to her. She looked him up and down, with a forced pleasant smile upon her face, just slightly stoking the same emotions she had been for the last fourteen days.

Amaie spoke softly and hesitantly to the man, in her normally low and purring voice. ." I know I asked yesterday... And the day before... but you are quite sure that the prices here aren't a mistake?" There it was, what she had been looking for the last two days, the tiny kernel which was produced by the long labor of Rioting his positive emotions, a perfectly negative emotion. Amaie hated creating an emotion in someone who did not have any of it to start with, that was just plain obvious. while Rioting, she hated to be obvious. Amaie took that pretty little nugget of guilt she had found within the man's eyes and pulled on it, made it surface like a jumping fish, who's shadow, while under the water, belied the true size of the thing, until it was seen plain.

The man had a wellspring of guilt hidden in himself, but she only tugged some of it to the surface, more than would normally be there, but considerably less than she could force out if she wanted to. The man only shook his head, though the guilt she had cause was very plain in his eyes. Now she was annoyed. It was her idea to practice with just the emotions she was having trouble with, but she had to leave the city soon, and didn't want all this work to go to waste. It was time for her to go all out, and get what she wanted before she was completely denied.

" You know... I will be leaving, to go to Luthadel at the end of next week right? If you can fit ten dressed, of this style, of the colors of my choosing within my budget, I would be sure to mention the fine tailor who crafted them...And I would also be sure to wear the finest of the set to my first ball... Your work displayed in the Luthadel's noble ball? That has to be worth the discounted boxings, yes?"She purred, flaring a part of her zinc reserve to overwhelm his frugality with greed. The tailor's eyes practically glowed golden with the greed that sprang up as she spoke "You, would do that for me, Mistress? What again was your budget?" the man asked her in a awed yet wistful voice. The man was hooked, she had him, all on the pseudo-promise of future sales. She could have anything she wanted in this shop today, and for how little money she wanted, and she knew all this for truth.