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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#2957025 The First Rung

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 01 March 2012 - 01:11 PM in Silver Quarter

((SOrry this is late, I have quite hectic workloads))

Wyldin smiled again.

''I'm afraid one of my flaws is that I define myself too much by my business. To much passion, my father calls it. I have always seen a solid business as a sign of one worthy of trust. But I suppose that such an idea would not be good enough for your Uncle, a man who wishes to judge character rather than business acumen.''

He chuckled.

''Too much pride in my business, I'm afraid.''

The tone was polite and warm, and Wyldin's eyes displayed nothing but contentment. All his body language pointed towards no negativity from the young lord. Inwardly, he chastised himself. In the outer dominances, simply being good at business was enough for trust. But here, in the Central Dominance, in Luthadel, business was not all that was needed. He had known that, and yet he had slipped back into his style from before. He had only been in Luthadel a couple of months. He needed to remember where he was.

''However, there are certain aspects in the running of my houses affairs that show trustworthy aspects. As has been shown during our meeting, my business relies on secrets. If I were untrostworthy, would we have succeeded? I have worked as a courier in training for my role, and worked with my father in helping the planning phase of transportation. I have experienced all aspects of my trade before taking on my role as heir and head of the central branch. You have undoubtedly been observing me for some time before this meeting.''

He paused. Friends would be useful in Luthadel. Relations with house Valoren and the heir Kaled were already improving thanks to the contract and the friendship formed over a chessboard. But a major house. That would yield useful results.

''You are of course right about more than simple contracts. In order for Sortell to survive, we will need friends and allies. I have made moderate successes so far, but, as you have so accurately observed, they are with lesser houses. If I were still a youth wishing to prove myself, I would rush off to show my trustowrthiness to you through some extarvagent display. However, I'm past trying that, and I'm sure both you and your Uncle are past caring about such displays.''

He adopted a pose of contemplation.

''No, to win the trust of a great house would require something suitably... refined. I would ask you to accompany me to a ball, but such an elligable lady in such a high position would not do well to be seen with an unknown like myself.''

#2956804 The First Rung

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 10 February 2012 - 12:43 PM in Silver Quarter

''You would not be a Great House if you were not cautious, madam.'' Wyldin nodded, smile still affixed to his face, letting nothing show. It would not be shrewd at this cucial moment. Some of the lesser members of the house had lost contracts in this very moment.

Great houses always wanted more. He had given up as much as he wanted to, exposed far too many vulnerabilities that could be used later. Now he would have to convince her without giving away any more.

''Many potential clients ask for a demonstration of our work to convince them of the skill and professionalism of my house's services. Perhaps a successful test run would allay your Uncle's fears?''

Admittedly, such displays had soothed the worries of the houses in the Northern Dominance, smaller houses that couldn't afford the luxury of Luthadel. Free trials, however, were always welcomed. There was no better way to judge a racehorse than to see it run.

It was a great method to sell his services to the more skeptical houses. It was a negligable cost to both parties involved, and Sortell almost always gained a contract out of the demonstration.

''Naturally, the demonstration would be at no cost to your house. A demonstration allows you to see my house in action, as it were.''

#2956801 Striving for Stability

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 09 February 2012 - 04:32 PM in Ahlstrom Square

A standard opening, white queen's pawn to qhite Quenn's four, Black Queen's five. A good base, flexible, adaptable.

''Many do see going first as an advantage, yet I always feel that the one fording into the unknown is always at a slight disadvantage. I am given a chance to analyse and react based off of that first move of yours.''

Chess was never simply about the board and pieces. It was a mental struggle, and many a match had been lost when a player had lost their composure through anger or desperation. A poor player could be talked out of winning. With adept players, the chatter was simply expected.

''King's Knight one to King's Bishop Three.''

A less extravegent move, not aggressive, but not passive. Enough for Wyldin to plan ahead with. His steward obediently moved the piece for him. Wyldin looked over at his opponent, smiling slightly.

''Now tell me, how long have you personally been in Luthadel? Or are you not a native of Belinsk?''

#2956757 Striving for Stability

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 03 February 2012 - 06:58 PM in Ahlstrom Square

Wyldin smiled to himself. He would look forward to a fencing partner here in Luthadel.

''I won't be much of a duelling partner to begin with. I'd be a tad rusty, I'm afraid. Chess however...''

As if on cue, the steward entered with a board and pieces. He set them down on a table beside the fireplace, a pair of deep leather chairs facing each other across the table. Wyldin rose, making the transfer to the more opulent chair, reclining behind the black pieces. His steward stood attentivley at his left elbow.

''It's all I have been able to practice. That and my social skills, of course. Broken arms makes me quite the centre of attention in the court.''

Nobles liked to appear as if they cared, and so many had put on the mask of sympathy and had come to gawk at the broken thing. It had been useful. He had been able to promote himself and get into groups he had never dreamed of mixing with. It had been disappointing, of course. One tended to put individuals of repute on plinths, making the truth so much more lacklustre.

#2956754 The First Rung

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 02 February 2012 - 11:50 PM in Silver Quarter

There was always a flaw in every business. Something that could be exploited. Lady Elariel had struck right to that central facet. That one aspect that couldn't be altered. Hawksworth had tried many methods to eliminate that single flaw in the system. But someone would have to know. It was the only way.

''You are indeed correct, madam. Someone has to know the code. And it should be the one with the most to lose. I betray a contract, and I am at least losing a business. At worst, I die. There is always an aspect of trust in a business arrangement. Ours is in regards to having one individual knowing how to access your sensetive information. Trust an individual who would lose more in giving up that information than keeping it to themselves.''

Big houses had to appear to be in control. They would do nothing unless they had the upper hand in any deal. It was not a perfect system, but it was the way the world worked. At times, the system could not be bucked or played. Some rules were like titanium. Strong and unyielding, yet would break if stressed.

Daerra Elariel was a sharp mind. A rare, appreciated thing in the social quagmire of noblemans court. Most of his fellow nobles could barely keep up to his wit. Balls had become bland and listless. For once someone to actually converse with.

''As you have identified, only I know the combination. Business is often a gamble. And relative to the rewards you can reap from our services, this gamble is negligable in the grand scheme.''

He remained calm, smiling slightly, for he was pleased. Not desperate. He believed what he had said. He hoped Daerra Elariel belived so as well, as the gamble truly was a tiny, infentissimal blemish on the visage of Sortell operations.

#2956480 Striving for Stability

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 13 January 2012 - 03:55 PM in Ahlstrom Square

Wyldin nodded. Messages would be sent from Wyldin to house Valoren through agents. It was likely that Kaled himself would oversee the distribution of metals. He always found it interesting that messages were often sent through others, rather than direct contact. Simple politics, of course. One could not simply arrange things face to face. That just wasn't the way.

''I used to enjoy some fencing, but that option isn't open to me right now... I'm a fan of chess, fortunately, I can still engage in that particular hobby. I should be able to move about properly in a week or so, the physicians said. How about yourself? I need something to do with my time, especially when I can move about properly again.''

Of course, it would have to be daily activities, for at night, Wyldin practiced his steelpush techniques. A secret wrapped in the shroud of the mists.

#2956375 The First Rung

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 08 January 2012 - 11:33 AM in Silver Quarter

The problem was an obvious one, one that Wyldin had occurred, but, naturally scaled down, in the Northern dominance. There had only been one way to deal with such a problem. It was natural that in the charged environment of Luthadel would breed such suspicion. A tiny upward curl of one lip, a hint of condescension. One of the first thing that Hawksworth had ensured was total security.

''That worry presumes that the couriers know the content of the packages they are carrying.''

Wyldin held out his hand, and his steward gave him a cylinder, seemingly made up of wheels, rendered in black stone with white stone caps.

''This is one version of our high-security measures. Only the right combination, set by myself as overseer, can open the device. Any tampering breaks a vial of acid, destroying the contents. I don't enjoy talking about our methods, but it seems to be the only way to win you over.''

A hint of desperation. Appeal to the arrogance of the Great House. He needed them. Needed their benevolence to give them contracts, so they could survive.

''The devices are variations, all similar, however, obviously, differing in regards to the package. Our couriers work in teams, bluffs and redundancies. Each group has a replica of this, and part of the phrase to open the device. As each team gets to the rendezvous or dead drop, they combine their knowledge, and...''

Wyldin twisted the wheels, and the cap came off of the cylinder.

''Your documents.''

Naturally, the system was more complex and watertight than Wyldin's simple explanation. That much would be obvious even to the most dense observer. Methods couldn't be given away. A house couldn't survive if it gave away secrets so huge as their modus operandi. There would, naturally, be four or five teams out on the delivery, but only three were needed for the pass-phrase. Any less reduced security, any more made it obvious at the delivery point.

''This guarantees the courier, and any of the house members will not know the contents of their quarry. If they do not know, nothing like house loyalties will get in the way. It's a system that's been working for my house for years.''

He paused for a second.

''Some houses prefer to give the recipient the pass phrase, but sometimes that's not viable, for example, on the first delivery to a new recipient.''

It wasn't the full information, but enough to give an overview of the process. Enough to allay any fears about double-crossing.


#2956128 Striving for Stability

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 18 December 2011 - 12:48 PM in Ahlstrom Square

Wyldin smiled slightly at Kaled's hesitation. ''The food isn't to everyone's tastes. I'd partake, but unfortunately, I'd make a fool out of myself trying.''

He told the Skaa serving girl to take the meal to his steward. Wyldn's steward had been benefiting greatly from Wyldin's injuries, often getting the meals prepared for the young lord.

Wyldin paused as Kaled discussed terms of the contract. Variable rates with a fixed stipend seemed reasonable. Sortell had a modest stable of allomancers, and getting the required quantity of metals was troublesome. The metal was more valuable than gold to the house at the moment. And, of course, mention of a trial delivery.

Cautious. The smaller houses were always less willing to take up risky ventures, they had more to lose. Wyldin himself had been on one of these 'test jobs'. Carrying an inconsequential package to an inconsequential location. The job would seem trivial, if it weren't for the outcome of success. A stable contract, his first in Luthadel. The first step towards building a stable power base of contracts.

''It all seems reasonable. I'm sure we can arrange something.''

He smiled slightly again as Kaled mentioned sources. It was natural for Wyldin to meticulously research potential contract holders. Valoren dealt in metals for allomancers, namely the four physical metals. Those metals were the ones most commonly used by Sortell agents, as couriers rarely needed to soothe or riot emotions. Seekers and smokers were useful, but again, rarely employed. And Gold and Atium were never used, for Sortell had no mistborn in their employ.

''Yes, I had heard you dealt in the four Physical metals. They would be most beneficial to our house's operations.'' The metals would allow the coinshots and lurchers to defend convoys or act as high-speed couriers using spikeways. Tineyes made excellent couriers, and could act as an early warning system. Thugs made for excellent guards for the package carriers.

''I would need amounts of all four of the physical metals. Enough for continuous burning for a couple of days.''

#2956125 The First Rung

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 17 December 2011 - 01:31 PM in Silver Quarter

Wyldin did not smile, adopting the bearing of the newcomer. Arrogant, still playing to the rules of his previous place of business.

''I should have expected things to be different here. I should have learned from my experiences.''

And then the belittling. Not overt of course, simply inflections and body language, minuscule changes as she spoke. Tiny things, Wyldin couldn't be sure, but his previous experience with noblewomen coloured his conclusion. He observed the passers by, easily picking out those who lingered, or hurried by too quickly. Dearra was right about observers. Luthadel was the crucible of the Empire's power. Everyone was out to end up on top. He would get attention for this. And all attention could be used to the benefit of House Sortell. They were still an unknown, a major risk. Wyldin wanted to change that. His father would have called him a firebrand for going straight to a major house. But Wyldin's father wasn't here. Hawksworth had left Wyldin to take care of affairs here in the central dominance. So far he had almost closed a contract with house Valoren, and already he was making his name known with a great house. No matter the result, Wyldin had what he wanted.

''Naturally, the interplay of politics and business would seem daunting. However, our enterprise will thrive on such differences between houses. We deal with sensitive items. Things houses don't want other houses knowing about. With all the cut-throat politics overshadowing every move, my houses business becomes an attractive, and, I dare say, lucrative idea. I know that House Elariel is tentative to take new moves. It is one of the reasons I approached you first of all the Great Houses. You have some lucrative alliances. With the publicity you give, House Sortell may be able to work its way up the ladder.''

Again, an impression of hubris, making himself seem arrogant. He winced slightly, his arms paining him again, shattering the illusion. He recovered quickly, silently cursing. Damn the Skaa. That thieving crew had held him back for too long.

#2956115 Striving for Stability

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 16 December 2011 - 05:49 PM in Ahlstrom Square

Wyldin noted the interplay between the heir and his steward. Wyldin had noticed the tension between them, but the apparent surprise was not expected. It seemed the heir was not trusted as much as Wyldin had believed. An interesting piece of information, a small view of the power balance in the house.

''Thank you, we've made some profit in the Northern Dominance. I decided to show off a bit.''

The food arrived, with Wyldin motioning for Kaled to eat. Wyldin of course, could not feed himself, and would not lower himself in another's presence. It was why he had not yet eaten at a ball. he may as well paint a target on his forehead, for goodness sake!

And yet, Kaled was straight to business. He liked that. This would be a good contract. Wyldin kept his expression the same.

''You provide allomantic metals, if I am not mistaken. Allomancy is used in our service, be it as couriers or guards.'' Wyldin paused for a second, as if catching himself.

''In return, we can provide you with our courier service. Anything too valuable to trust to normal transport services, we can carry. My couriers will never know what item they have, and, to this date, have never betrayed the trust of the contract. In essence, the allomantic supplies would be the payment for our services as your couriers.''

Wyldin looked down at the meal before him. Exquisite, as ever, cooked to Wyldin's specifications. Spiced, but not overpoweringly so, simply to add nuance to the meat and vegetables.

''Are you interested? Or shall we begin negotiating?''

They were both content on keeping this to business. Wyldin would continue in the same vein.

#2956111 The First Rung

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 15 December 2011 - 07:12 PM in Silver Quarter

He was glad to see that he had thrown her slightly, struggling with his broken arms slightly more than required, but not overly so. He didn't want to seem an invalid, simply a strong man working over his problems.

Her posture changed, her body language becoming less obvious. The corner of his mouth twitched up for a tiny moment. She was a sharp woman. He had underestimated her, and been to overt. He wouldn't mistake that again.

As per usual, they asked about his house, and their activities. It was natural, Sortell was one of many houses that dealt in the movement of items. Sortell stood out, however, it was a premier service, only for those with incredibly important, valuable items. It was confidential, discreet and, most importantly, safe.

''A courier service sounds so pedestrian. It's a better term than my father uses. He says we 'trade in secrets'. Twaddle, naturally. I prefer the happy middle ground. We transport sensitive items. Anything you would not wish risked over great distances, we transport. It seems odd to trust such delicate matters to another house, but, as I'm sure you've heard, we of Sortell have always been trustworthy. It's business, not politics.''

Wyldin continued to watch the street, rather than turn toward Daerra. He would rather not cause himself more pain. It kept him alert, on watch for anything suspicious. Luthadel was a hotbed of political intrigue.

''Business. We have earned a handsome amount of money in the Northern Dominance. We need to expand, or we'll stagnate. And the capital is the best place to establish a new business. The richest and most powerful houses reside here. Where better than the seat of wealth?''

Wyldin turned toward her for the last moment of his answer. She sat still, giving away nothing from her body language. Good. It had been a long time before he had found it difficult to read a person.

#2956065 Striving for Stability

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 11 December 2011 - 10:12 PM in Ahlstrom Square

Wyldin strolled without speaking. He gave himself a moment to enjoy the midday sun. There had been a lot of ashfall recently, and Wyldin was glad to not be covered by a damned parasol as his steward folded it away.

He stopped in front of the modest mansion that Wyldin called his home and base of operations. The stone building was four stories tall, with relatively lavish gardens cared for by Skaa workers, who were toiling on the border shrubs by the wrought iron fencing. A modest home, unassuming, and so perfect for discretion.

The gates, embossed with the house crest, swung open to allow Wydlin and Kaled onto the grounds. Still at a leisurely pace, Wyldin strode down the paved path, swept clean by his workers.

The cleanliness was, of course, a façade. Nobles who could keep ash from their homes had a lot of servants. And a lot of servants was always a sign of power and wealth.

The doors to the house proper opened before Wyldin even reached the steps. His house staff were well trained. He had been a tad zealous since his incident with the thieving crew. He had begun to see Skaa differently. He knew that not all the Skaa were thieving crews that preyed on the nobility. But they were cut from the same cloth. Somehow, the crew had known where he was. He could not trust his Skaa staff. Nut until he was sure he was free of breaches in security.

Messages travelled through his house staff, and the table was prepared as Wyldin entered the dining room.

''Sit, please.''

Wyldin himself sat down, dining ware set in front of him. All the staff then left, bar Wyldin's own steward. ''I would ask that your own steward please leave. Sortell operations thrive on discretion. That discretion has led to our success. My steward shall lead him to the dining alcove in the kitchen.''

Wyldin did not mind admitting the requirement of secrecy. Sometimes, it paid to be transparent with clients. There was nothing committal, nothing to give away.

Wyldin's tone was distant, formal. He remained businesslike, even when faced with a midday meal, his mind was on business, and how to swing the meeting into a favourable contract.

#2956010 Striving for Stability

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 06 December 2011 - 08:55 PM in Ahlstrom Square

Wydin smiled as he eyed the garment again. The Tiger wrought in gold thread, the bright red, like the sun, the long, flowing silk scarf. ''Dreadful indeed. But at least you take pride in your house.'' Always a good sign. House pride meant a fear of failure. Of secrets coming to light, perhaps. Sortell dealt in secrets, in a roundabout way.

''I'm glad to hear that my name has spread to the Central Dominance. It will make my life easier.'' Wyldin was glad that the heir of house Valoren knew of him. It was better to be known, even by smaller houses, than an be unknown factor. Unknowns weren't trusted. Unknowns died.

Wyldin's expression flickered. They always wanted to know how his house operated. How they were so successful at carrying such valuable cargo. Why did they ever think that a house would give up its secrets? To Sortell, these secrets were even more important than other houses.

''I can't tell you here. Come, we shall luncheon at my mansion. It's only just off the square.'' He nodded his head to his steward, who moved fluidly with Wyldin to keep him covered from the ashfall. He began to walk across the square, not waiting for Valoren to follow. He had interested the man. It was likely he would follow. He tried not to appear it, but Kaled wanted this contract.

''I have rather accomplished cooks. And we shall be able to discuss Sortell methods.''

Of course, he would get the bare bones of how Sortell operated, with lies thrown in. Sortell wouldn't show how it operated. The decoys, the mistings, the secret convoys. No, in truth, only HAwksworth and Wyldin knew the exact disposition of Sortell employees, and who had the real packages. It was a complex system. But, when dealing in the Sortell line of work, complexity was needed, or the house would have fallen long ago.

#2956005 Striving for Stability

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 05 December 2011 - 10:52 PM in Ahlstrom Square

Wyldin shot the man a sidewards glance. Tall, with a shock of red hair, the man was only just younger than him. There were, of course, differences. Where Wyldin's suit was fine, yet understated, his contact was ostentatious in comparison. Wyldin carried himself with quiet confidence, while this man oozed caution. A front of course. But a good appearance for a noble to put forward in a delicate situation of the formation of contracts.

''Lord Kaled Valoren. Heir of your house, if I'm not mistaken. It's a pleasure.''

He sat back, his steward moving the parasol perfectly to keep the ash off his suit. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

''I hope this day finds you well.''

He may need to work with this man. He would need to find out how this man worked. Understand him in order to find the best way to organise the eventual contract. It was the way the nobles played their games. Working out their opponents, understanding their motives, their hopes, their fears, and exploiting them. Rising up the social ladder at the expense of others. It had been how the nobility had operated since the ascension of the Lord Ruler.

''I believe my house will be of assistance to you, yes. House Sortell specialises in the movement of rather...sensitive items. Often, simple couriers aren't enough. We provide high quality services to ensure your packages arrive without disturbance. Our couriers have been robbed twice in the history of our house. A contract with house Sortell allows you use of our couriers, overseen by myself, of course, to take your packages anywhere in the Empire.''

He twisted, meeting Kaled's gaze. He had given the bare facts. Not oversold himself, or appeared desperate. To be desperate was to show weakness. To show weakness in Luthadel was to be destroyed.

His arms ached.

#2956002 Striving for Stability

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 05 December 2011 - 08:35 PM in Ahlstrom Square

The carriage rattled through the streets around the square. Wyldin reclined in the plush seating, enjoying the ride. He looked out the window as he neared the square. Nobles were strolling about in the midday sun. Wyldin enjoyed the light. It was better than the darkness. Skaa roamed the night.

Wyldin looked down at his arms, still stuck in their slings, and thought of that night.

He had been in Luthadel barely a week. He was still overconfident, believing his position as nobleman made him invulnerable. He didn't realise how wrong he was, how confident the Luthadel Skaa thieving crews were. He'd been set upon by a group of skaa, including a couple of thugs. He'd been mugged and brutally beaten, and his arms broken. It had been enough for him to snap.

His ability as a coinshot had awakened, and he had killed the thieves. Since then, he had been training his skills at steel pushing, embracing the life of a misting.

Of course, the experience with the skaa had not left him. It was rare for Wyldin to travel outside the silver quarter by any means but carriage. Wyldin told himself it was because he didn't wish to associate with the filthy underclass. He had been telling himself that so much, that he had begun to believe it. He had thrown himself into his work as overseer of Central dominance operations. He needed contracts. Business had been slow so far, only working with houses that Sortell already had contracts with. It wasn't enough for his father's dreams of expansion.

And so, Wyldin stepped from the carriage, his steward hurrying to keep up with Wyldin's long strides. He chose a bench, sitting down gracefully, even with his lack of arms. As ever, he was early. It was better to be early to a meeting. Wyldin would never be shown as lazy. He had cultivated a professional image. He wouldn't tarnish it by being late for anything.

House Valoren were hoping for a contract with Sortell. Wyldin mainly hoped that he could get some mistings out of the contract, along with delivery rights. Valoren was small, yes. But a large amount of small contracts could yield more than one large contract with a great house, that could take or leave contracts at will. In truth, Wyldin would prefer to cultivate multiple contracts. They were far more stable.

Wyldin sat comfortably, simply watching the nobles wander through the square as he awaited the Valoren representative.

#2955993 The First Rung

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 04 December 2011 - 09:23 PM in Silver Quarter

Wyldin looked up as the young lady addressed him.

He rose, refusing help from his steward. He bowed at the waist, curteous as ever to a lady, especially to one from a Great House.

''Miss Elariel. A pleasure.''

He could not take her hand, but kissed it anyway. It was only proper, of course. He didn't want to offend a potential business partner.

Daerra Elariel, A very prominent member of House Elariel. She could see the use of him. But wished the job was given to someone other than herself. The subtle curl of the tips of the fingers, yet her eyes staying on him for a fraction, rather than looking straight away, as most noblewomen were wont to do.

She was still in mourning, it seemed. An interesting quirk. The dark clothing stood out compared to the women who could be seen strolling about the quarter. On the surface, she seemed different to the women he had met in court so far. Of course, time would tell as to whether she was anything more than the shallow waifs he had met so far, intent only on becoming the greatest 'catch' to move up the social ladder by marrying a rich lord.

''I presume you're here to discuss business arrangements?''

Wyldin saw no point in small talk. It only allowed the further playing of games, which, frankly, Wyldin had no time for. His broken arms were a constant irritation, and had left him short of temper. He masked it well, remaining confident in demeanour, yet businesslike, professional to the point of coldness.

#2955985 The First Rung

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 03 December 2011 - 02:38 PM in Silver Quarter

The Silver quarter was quiet. Even in midday, where in other areas of Luthadel there would be the hustle and bustle, there were only a few people out and about.

Such was the advantages that being of the nobility bought you. Some of the more liberal nobles Wyldin had met said that the best things in life were free, such as a quiet stroll. Though it seemed so on paper, the nobles never thought about the price of their houses in the quiet area. That was the cost of the quiet walk he now enjoyed.

He shifted his arms slightly in the slings. He'd had them stuck in the damnable things for two weeks now. It would still be a good month before he could move his arms again. Until that day, his arms were pretty much bound across his chest.

It made practice of his allomantic power difficult. So far, he had limited himself to small leaps around his gardens at the rear of his small mansion. So far, h could throw himself into the air, and lurch to a halt just above the ground. He knew that many of the nobles he would be dealing with were allomancers. Luthadel was a dangerous place. One had to make use of their talents to survive. Wyldin would not let his incapacitation at the hands of the skaa stop him from using such a gift.

But today was not a day to be using his allomantic powers. No, he would be using the gifts he already had: Intelligence and wit. Until now, it had been difficult for Wyldin to approach great houses. He was new to Luthadel, almost unheard of in the central dominance. He was an unknown variable in the delicate balance of house politics. Until now.

For today, he had an informal meeting with a prominent noble of house Elariel. The second most powerful of the Great houses. If he could secure a contract with such titans, his father's gamble on expansion would be a success, and Wyldin would prove his choice in trusting his son was a good one. He already knew the choice was good. But others weren't as sure in Wyldin's abilities as he himself was.

Wyldin nodded to a bench, and his steward scurried forward, wiping the bench down to remove the ash covering it. He didn't want to mar his suit. Appearance was everything, and so Wyldin had elected for a black suit with a maroon vest, his steward ensuring no ash fell on him by holding a parasol over him.

Wyldin then sat down, watching the small bands of noble wander back and forth in the light ashfall. He crossed one leg over the other, his air relaxed.

#2955924 House Sortell

Posted by Wyldin Sortell on 28 November 2011 - 05:27 PM in Minor and Vassal Houses

<center><span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>House Sortell</span>
<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>Niche house</span></center>

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Player Leadership Information</span>
Handle: Will
OoC Account: Will

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>General Information</span>
House Name: Sortell
Classification: Niche house
Colors: Bronze and Purple
Socioeconomic Rating: 4
General Description: House Sortell is a small, but stable house. They offer services as couriers of valuable or sensitive goods. They have been working for years transporting goods through the Northern Dominance, and have become well known as masters at keeping their contents safe. There have only ever been a handful of successful robberies of Sortell couriers. The skill of their couriers has earned the house money and repute enough to expand.

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Character Information</span>
Head: Hawksforth Sortell
Heir: Wyldin Sortell
Player Members:
Wyldin Sortell
NPC Members:
Hawksforth Sortell (Head)
Alliya Sortell (Wife of Head)

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Home & Wealth</span>
Current Location: Urtreau
Ancestral Home: Urteau, Northern Dominance

Financial Avenue: High-security, Confidential courier service.

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Diplomacy</span>[I]
-Great Houses - [[Neutral]] – House Sortell has not yet become noticable to the great houses.
-House Iyrael – [[Ally]]
-House Moreau – [[Ally]]

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Contracts</span>
House Iyrael.: House Sortell officially transport accounting documentation.
House Moreau.: House Moreau provide half of their allomancers to house Sortell for short apprenticeships, with a preference for coinshots.