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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#2959387 A State of Anticipation

Posted by Haradion Drogon on 24 September 2013 - 12:09 PM in Keeps

EruSaar turned back. Although he betrayed not a hint of his real thoughts, inside he practically leapt for joy. Hook, line and sinker.
He would have an excuse for dealing with her on a regular basis, have access to the ruling Hastings. A quick ask around the city would provide her with an address where "Lord Clemence" was staying. At a later date, he might well have used his forms connections to the Hastings to impose upon them, and take lodgings in the Keep. At the moment though, he did not wish to be around too many Hastings at once. It was risky, and though he was impatient and a little reckless (by Kandra standards) he was not foolish enough to risk his cover by needlessly exposing himself.
He would simply store his bones in his mistress' apartments, and take the form when they arranged to meet, and complete all his objectives with a little time. An improvement from his last mission, and much cleaner.

He smiled at Emilia.

"Thank you ever so much. I hope we can, together, solve this mystery - of course I will share with you any information as I get it." He said. He smiled again.

"Until we meet again Lady Hasting". He said.

Then he turned around and walked away from the keep. He decided he would walk back, after taking a change of cloths from one of the many cache's around the city that he and his mistresses other Kandra used. Which reminded him. He needed to ask his mistress about his predecessors.

#2959368 A State of Anticipation

Posted by Haradion Drogon on 23 September 2013 - 01:13 PM in Keeps

Lord Clemence raised an eyebrow.

"No?" He asked. "She didn't leave you any clue as to where she might have gone to? Perhaps she said something without meaning to, but you didn't notice the significance of it at the time?" He asked. he paused. She certainly knew something. The way she kept pausing, looking away. Where he not Kandra, he might have missed it, but even so, every little flicker of emotion was registered and analysed.

He paused to consider what to ask next. He had to keep it relevant to the missing girl - or she would get suspicious. But he already knew most of what she had said - it was on his mistress' file. He needed to know the things that she held close.

According to many of his more experienced brethren, common practice was simply to have his mistress torture the person he would be replacing. It seemed wasteful, and reckless however. Not to mention the thought made his mouth grow dry. It was a typically human thing to do. No such cruelty was used by Kandra and he had no desire to cause her pain. That said - she would be dead soon anyway - he would have to devour her corpse.

She is only a human...

So instead, he fished a little more information.

"Its a shame... I really thought that you might have been the one with the key to find her. By all accounts, you were good friends. If she planned on leaving - you where the one person whom she might have told... If she was abducted as we first thought... then it is entirely possible that she is dead after all. Why else would she not return? Unless she was afraid to?" He rose.

"I am staying in an Inn for the first few days of my visit. With the utmost respect - it is very unlikely that Annabelle left by herself. Maybe out of choice or maybe not. Either way someone has to know something. Anything. It is only logical. But some piece of information, no matter how small or how inconsequential it may seem, could be the key to finding her."

At this point, EruSaar took a gamble pausing to consider how his mistress would react. If it paid off, it could ease his mission tremendously.

"I am not naive My Lady, - and I am no stranger to Luthadel politics - but in this matter I feel as though I can trust you. I have no way to prove my sincerity, however, You genuinely want Annabelle back safe and sound - as do I. This you must believe. I would be very grateful if you would assist me in my investigations, however you can. If you recall anything that might be off use, seek me out. I'll be in touch." He said.

Then he stood up, and turned towards the gates as if to leave. Then he turned back.

"Do you always read out in the courtyard? I would have thought Hastings Keep would have ample space for a library..."

#2959290 A State of Anticipation

Posted by Haradion Drogon on 17 September 2013 - 12:32 PM in Keeps

EruSaar nodded his head thoughtfully, as he took a seat next to her. This target was a tough one to crack. She was reserved, quiet, and thoughtful. Not his usual roles - in his time with his mistress she had always had him play flamboyant, arrogant, egotistic noblemen - frequently trying to impress Ladies.
He paused. Was this a deliberate attempt by his mistress to get back at him for his recklessness in the previous mission? He would have dismissed it as far to petty a motive - but then again, he still didn't know his mistress half as well as he would have liked.
And he knew his new target even less.

The mission to study and eventually take the place of Emilia Hastings should have taken place over at least a few weeks. He had barley days. If he wanted to be able to replicate her behavior, he would need her to show him every side of her character. Her emotions, her values. He didn't have to time to wait for her to show him. He would have to force her hand - to make her give a response. She didn't know how lucky she was - he knew several Kandra whom had been forced to imitate people's who's true self had been discovered under torture...

His true mission required that he take her place only to get close to the two potential heirs of House Hastings.

"Well I was hoping that we could start from the beginning. Details are very scant - and there are conflicting witnesses as to when she disappeared, it has been difficult to ascertain any solid information.
I was hoping that as her friend, we could sift through what actually happened." He paused.

"There are three possibilities. The first is that she underwent some kind of fatal accident, and her body has still not appeared. If she was robbed or attacked by Skaa rebels, such a thing is perfectly possible. The absense of a body doesn't support this however." He continued.

"The Second possibility is that she left here voluntarily, of her own free will, and is deliberatley evading pursuit and detection. Although her father is convinced she would not do such a thing, I have not discounted it a possibility." He said.

"I mean - would you flee from your house, family and friends with no explanation? Unless she said something to you that you think might imply she was planning to 'disappear' I think we can also discount that without further evidence."

"The third, and final possibility that sustains any probability, is that she was kidnapped - presumably by a rival house. Unfortunately, this is in my opinion the most likely - though who was behind it, or what their intentions are now, I have no idea. However, I can tell you that Lord Brehaut has received no ransom letter, or threats of nay kind." He said. "You knew her best, better than than i did, certainly, so your opinion on these theories would be most helpful." He said.

#2959273 A State of Anticipation

Posted by Haradion Drogon on 16 September 2013 - 04:45 PM in Keeps

Lord Clemence gave her a warm smile.

"Certainly my Lady. Please, do forgive me this rather unannounced meeting. If only I were here in Luthadel on less pressing business, I would have organised a more formal meeting - in a place more befitting such a meeting than the keeps doorstep. Unfortunately, my reasons for being here are a little too important than to allow time for such pleasantries." He said. He extended a hand, and shook hers.

EruSaar studied the girl. She was pleasant - in a quiet sort of way, and he had no doubt a great many lords would have found her attractive. She was welcoming with her greeting, but hardly forth coming. That was unusual. Most Nobles would have fallen over themselves greeting a new face - either to make an impression, or to dig for information. She did neither...

He eyed her carefully. She was waiting for him. Perhaps another Noble would be fooled. But he knew that look in her eye - it was one he himself had worn many times. She was studying him, watching. Trying to assess his purpose in coming here.

She was smart - and observant. Suspicious of him even, before he heard his reason for being here.
That was good to know - and would be easy to imitate.

But no noble - no matter how experienced they were in their petty little intelligence gathering, so focused on each others movements and plans, were a match for a Contracted Kandra. She had betrayed not the faintest blink of surprise that he had emerged from a Carriage, and made a beeline towards her on her Keep's doorstep. So she was either stupid, or else she was waiting for him. She wanted to know his purpose, before saying anything at all... Well, if she wanted to observe him, then he would certainly give her a show. Nobles were astonishingly easy to mimic in their arrogance. He was certain he would be able to fool her. He smiled again.

"I am glad I have found you so soon my Lady. It is a pleasure to meet you - though I wish we could have met under different circumstances. I am here on behalf of Lord Brehaut. It has been months since Lady Anabelle Brehaut disappeared without a trace. Although the Ministry has investigated it to the best of its ability, due to recent events... Well... lets just say that Lord Brehaut is dissatisfied with the 'Undercanton of Stability' or for the matter, the Garrison's competance when it comes to locating his daughter.
The poor man is devastated, as you imagine, that his daughter is missing and nobody seems in the least bit interested in locating her.
I have been sent to personally investigate his daughter's disappearance on his behalf, and he is anxiously awaiting news." He said, doing his best to show a flicker of distaste with that. The subtle hint of being on a timeframe. The smallest of personal concern.

Contrary to popular belief, it was the great displays of emotions that fooled people. That was fluid enough without the interference of Allomancy.
It was the little touches. the subtle hints. The tiniest of fractions of emotions and expressions that sold a character. Those little hints of humanity that convinced a person of their integrity. Anyone could put on a display of fear, sadness or joy. It took real skill to imitate every layer that made up a genuine human being. His emotions turned smug for an instant as he contemplated it. It didn't matter if he trusted him or not - that was to be expected of an other Nobleman. What mattered was that she reacted as if she was dealing with another Nobleman.

Poor girl... That mistake may yet cost your life... He thought.

"I know that you were particularly close to her - and naturally, as your friend, you must be as eager for her safe return as any Brehaut. I was very much hoping that you would be of some assistance in my investigations."

EruSaar said.
He waited for her reaction. Was she the sort of Noblewoman who would discard her friends? The Callousness of the nobility never ceased to amaze him - so such a reaction would not have bee surprising. Was she suspicious? Intimidated at the prospect of an investigation?
The file his mistress had given him offered no information as to the whereabouts of the missing Brehaut - which was pity - it would have been an easy thing to gain her trust if she knew of her whereabouts. He wondered if she truly knew anything about her friends disappearance. He forced himself to focus. The missing lady was not important. The one before his eyes was - she was the real target. There was no need to get sidetracked by even more House politics.

#2959207 A State of Anticipation

Posted by Haradion Drogon on 14 September 2013 - 07:48 AM in Keeps

The Servants of Keep Hastings were as efficient of any of the great houses.Within moments, there was a servant hurrying towards him. His carriage was not even out of sight before he was approached.
He had wondered if his unannounced arrival would cause confusion, the servants seemed to be used to various Lords arriving at unexpected time with discrete inquiries. Such was the way of the Final Empire.

Lord Clemence moved with the easy dignity afforded by most of the nobility.

"Good afternoon My Lord." One of the Skaa Servants said as he approached, careful to avoid his eyes. The Hastings clearly trained their Skaa well.

"To whom should I announce your arrival to Lord...?" He trailed off, squinting, clearly not recognizing him. Clemence feigned a look of exasperation.

"I am Lord Clemence. Clemence Brehaut. I should not need to announce my presence to my "Cousin's Husband's house." House was hardly the correct term for the impressive architecture that was Keep Hastings ,but the Servant made no comment.

"Very good Sir. You wish to speak to your Late Cousin's husband I assume?" He asked. EruSaar gave him a look, which silenced him.

"No. I seek Lady Emilia. Where can I find her this time of day?" He asked. The Servant blinked in surprise.

"Lady Emilia? Why... Why she is just over there." He pointed towards a girl sitting quietly in the courtyard, pouring over a book. A strange place to be reading, given the Keeps extensive library.

He knew of its design and layout - his 'driver' had made sure to point out the usefulness in of its bookcases and corridors in evading a pursuer - clearly the Erikel mishap was now common knowledge among his mistresses agents, or else she had specifically asked him to point out escape routs. Either way made him distinctly uncomfortable.

He looked at her again. So much for the omnipotent observation of the Kandra. He had barley noticed her. That was embarrassing. Instead he put on a show of indignation.

"Then why didn't you say so sooner! Fool! Lord Ruler, I hope all of Hasting's servants aren't as incompetent as you are!" He said, as he pushed passed the mystified Servant and made his way towards Lady Hastings. The Servant watched as he went passed, utterly bemused. Nobles... He thought. The Hastings were bad enough. Foreign Nobles though - they were the absolute worst.

EruSaar made his way towards Emilia Hastings. She seemed to engrossed in her book to pay him much mind, so he cleared his throat as he approached her, not wanting to startle her.

"Greetings Lady Emilia. I am Lord Clemence Brehaut." he said calmly. As Clemence, his manner was that of a polite gentleman. In his minds eye however, he was already analyzing. Studying every action and reaction she made. So that he could one day emulate her.

#2959116 A State of Anticipation

Posted by Haradion Drogon on 12 September 2013 - 04:37 PM in Keeps

Lord Clemence Brehaut arrived at Keep Hastings by carriage. A Skaa footman opened the door, and Clemence stepped out into the mid-afternoon sun.
He was not a tall man, but even so, he seemed to strange straight and ridged. He peered over a hook shaped nose, surveying, analyzing, calculating.

He wore an expensive suit, and waistcoat - the chain of a pocket-watch visible, and despite the taboo against wearing metal, wore a Gold signet ring on his left hand. Another sign of his typical noble arrogance. He allowed himself a small smile as he breathed in the ashridden air. The Hastings Keep towered impressively above them as he did so.

It was of course a Sham.

Lord Clemence Brehaut had been dead for days. EruSaar wore his bones as another would wear a pair of gloves. Not always the most elegant - but definitely practical in the right circumstances.

He nodded to his driver/footman. The Skaa, another of his mistresses pawns and aware of his true nature.

"That will be all, Ron." He said. The Skaa nodded.
"Very good Sir. Shall I bring the carriage around at the usual hour, or did you plan on staying for longer?" He said. The Kandra paused, but answered without breaking character.
"Be here at the time we discussed. If I do not arrive within ten minutes, take the carriage home. i will find alternative means of transportation." He ordered.

And without sparing him a second glance, he made his way towards Keep Hastings, wondering what kind of chaos his unannounced arrival would cause.

#2959094 A State of Readiness

Posted by Haradion Drogon on 10 September 2013 - 01:35 PM in Commercial District

Emilia Hastings?
The name wasn't familiar. The file would be useful, but he was grateful for the opportunity to study her for himself, before attempting to replace her. He

"Nobles seem to be disappearing left, right and center..." He observed, as she read out more names. However, if he put on relaxed attitude, his mind was already focused on the target.
In order to replace Emilia, he would have to get close to her. And in order to do that, he would have to assume the role of a Lord Clemence Brehaut...

Again, the name of unfamiliar, but he held his tongue. He would read the file later. If he was being totally honest, the files his mistress had provided in the past, had been surprisingly accurate.
Though it was no substitute for a Kandra's eye for detail, he know of a dozen Kandra who had supposedly completed Contracts with much less. He recalled the telling of a contract some century earlier, where the Kandra in question had replaced a man, whom they had never heard speak.
The Kandra had simulated a throat infection for the week, and managed to complete the contract without uttering a syllable - the only price had been swallowing a stewards foul tasting medicine. The same phantom throat infection had also explained the lords sudden "Death" once the contract was completed.

Even so, Lord Brehaut was not the target. An impersonation in order prepare for another impersonation was excessive.

Yet Hastings were ruthless.

His mistress no longer had the backing of the Ministry, who's marks lay hidden under her hood. She was playing for high stakes.

He understood perfectly.

"I look forward to shedding the bones of this Noble when I get the chance. I suspect certain people still wish to question him over that brawl. Its difficult to be inconspicuous like that. This Lord Clemence seems a little more isolated. I should be able to act more freely then as a well know nobleman. Even as the less important "Lord Sebastian", he was quite well known. Clemence is a stranger in these parts." EruSaar said. He leafed through the file on Clemence, blinking with surprise at the detail.

"With that in mind, even limited only to this, I will be able to mimic Clemence well enough to get close to Emilia without arouse suspicious. Unless he has a few unknown, yet specific dietary habits..." EruSaar said, with a perfectly straight face. He would leave it up to his mistress to decide whether or not he was being impertinent with that comment. It was getting late, and he was beginning to feel the fatigue - having not yet truly recovered from the knife fight and resulting brawl from earlier. He tentatively touched the stab wound in his side. It was not entirely healed, but with a new body soon arriving, he didn't see the need to spend much more time regenerating it.

He nodded his head.

Impersonate Lord Clemence Brehaut.
Primary objective: Study, and prepare to impersonate Emilia Hastings. Then proceed to Secondary objectives.
Secondary objective: Observe and seek information upon, House Hastings. Specifically, on Colette, and Caden. The real targets of this entire plan.

When his mistress threw back her hood, revealing the tattoos wreathing a set of piercing eyes, EruSaar almost flinched, but held himself ridged for a moment. He checked himself, chiding himself for forgetting that this old woman was a manipulative force to be reckoned with. He kept his voice steady, trying not to show emotion.
Was he intimidated by this old woman?
Certainly not!

He would, however, be an idiot to dismiss her as completely harmless.

In a sense, it was good that she reveled in reminding him whenever she could. He shivered, and told himself that it was simply the cold of the night and the lateness of the hour.

Clement, Emilia, layer upon layer of schemes and plots, just to get near them... and to seize control of the Succession. EruSaar had to smile. He may well be only a slave to the will of the Contract in this affair, but he had to admire the intricacies of the plot. They had a certain elegance to it.

"I understand mistress." He said, with a sly grin. "We have a contract. I need not remind you what that means to a Kandra. I shall not fail you in this matter." He said. Rising from his seat, he nodded his head. With plans laid, and preparations made, there was little to add until the body of his personae arrived.

"If that will be all mistress, I wish you a good night." He said.

True, the last mission had gone... peculiarly. But in a twisted, roundabout way, everything had resolved itself. He was sure he would have no problems this time.

What could possibly go wrong?

#2959037 A State of Readiness

Posted by Haradion Drogon on 05 September 2013 - 03:33 PM in Commercial District

EruSaar nodded his head in agreement.

" Thank you mistriss. A repeat of that incident is unlikely to occur again mistress. I am... pleased... that I have your confidence in this matter. You are aware that this is my first Contract. It is not good for a Kandra to appear to fail in his Contract. I believe you humans would refer to it as "unseemly"." EruSaar said.
Then he paused, thinking. Since she had given him the opportunity to voice his own thoughts, he may as well make use of it.

"I must confess however, that my knowledge of the individual persons within House Hasting is limited. I know than that both House Venture and Deveaux have a homicidal hatred of them. In fact, their hatred in that regard is equaled only in their hatred of House Sureau.
Given that history, a relationship of the sort you describe between Phrya Venture and Kaylen Hasting seems very unlikely to have produced what might be described as a positive reaction within either house." EruSaar observed.
Kaylen Hasting had many enemies who would have loved for him to "disappear". His mistress seemed more concerned with second issue however, that of an "heir dispute", within house Hasting.

EruSaar was not blind. The Head of House Hastings would be one of the most important people in the Final Empire. And if the Contract went as planned, the future heir would owe their success to his actions...

As much as his people detested being enslaved by the Contract, it still gave EruSaar a thrill to think of it. Humans were always so convinced of own superiority, but even so, even his mistress - at the center of political web that formed the Final Empire, she depended on the Kandra to enforce her will. Who then was more powerful?

Not for the first time, EruSaar looked at his mistress, and wished he had been born with the Blessing Presence. His strength had its uses, but did little to help solve the enigma before him.

What drove the old woman? As far as he knew, there was no one else in the Final Empire with four Contracts. Even for a Great House, it would be excessive. He wondered where she could possibly get the Atuim? The again, given the fact that Contracts where negotiated based upon the service the Kandra would be expected to perform, it would not have surprised him if his mistress was paying a fraction of the sum in Atium that other contract holders had.

And her knowledge of Kandra was surprising. The Mistwraith "Chunky" was evident of that. Her attempts to train him to become a Kandra were futile - and more than a little amusing. Even so, she was clearly an ex-obligator... Some of them had knowledge of the Blessings - or the corruptions that they used to create those demonic Inquisitors.

His ponderings were getting him nowhere, and he inwardly sighed. The Contract, EruSaar. The Contract. Don't get sidetracked. She is the mistress whilst she hold your contract. You are the slave. He reminded himself. There was no purpose in over-analyzing her actions, motives, or hobbies.

"As for the Hasting's however." He continued. "If you wish me to watch and report on both of them, I assume you have someone you wish for me to impersonate? Someone with connections to both of the cousins would make the task infinitely easier to accomplish without arousing suspicion. Unless of course you want me to approach them in my... natural form? Not that I would recommend it. " He asked.

#2957935 A State of Readiness

Posted by Haradion Drogon on 25 October 2012 - 08:21 PM in Commercial District

"In my immense experience, it has always been the Kandra's duty to put the 'finishing touches"

EruSaar twitched at the unspoken accusation and bristled. People did not generally question a Kandra’s ability to do their jobs, the efficiency of the species was one of the world’s great constants.

"Well, if I may be so bold mistress, to suggest that the next time one wishes me to observe and imitate the intended target, one refrains from sticking him with a knife beforehand? Its helps to be able to study the target before they are removed. A Dead man says very little in my immense experience."

EruSaar countered curtly. Humans. They always assumed any fault in the Contract must be the sole responsibility of the Kandra in question. never mind the fact that he could only work with the information he had at his disposal, unlike her who had access to hundreds of Informants and had access to more Kandra than any living person in the Final Empire, save Father himself.

"Hmm. As for the knife, one of them pulled a blade first, but I didn't see which before the other pulled one. The two got into a brawl that aroused some unwanted attention. I decided that the best cause of action would be to separate them before any of them did serious damage and undid any of the work we have been doing. As a result, I behaved in a manner quite unlike the Lord I was impersonating and physically pulled the two apart. It was most unlike my character, and may have alerted anyone paying attention to the fact that all was not well. Fortunately, they were much more focused on the fight in progress to care about things like uncharacteristic bounds of heroism."
He did not mention he had only done so with the aid of his blessing, allowing him to pull them apart with one hand each, another thing that might have alerted an attentive watcher. He was not about to divulge secrets of the Kandra, no matter how much she tried to understand them.

"I was unlucky though, one of them stuck me in the side, in the gut with a blade before they stopped writhing. The blow would have severely injured a human, but I am not as frail, and managed to recover a short while later. Externally at least. I think they were too drunk to notice that I was walking when I should have been on the floor. By this time a few other nobles had come to the sound of violence, with an Obligator among them. Things became rather messy. Perhaps I over estimated the danger, it was unlikely, but I had no desire to be interrogated by the Inquisition in response to the brawl, or even to interact with them. The obligators disapprove of such things and go to great pains to conceal them from the common populace. They are a Skaa thing they believe. But I expect you know that. So before any Inquisitors became involved, I slipped out the back, onto the roof, and shed my skeleton, dumping it in a disused building in the silver quarter. I returned an hour later, collected the bones, and came back here once I was sure it was safe to return."

He had decided not to risk whether an inquisitor could guess his true form. They were supposed to have all kinds of powers normal allomancers could barely guess, and he wondered if they could have detected his blessings. They certainly knew of the existence of Kandra to say the least and run in with the cloaked creatures was something he wished to avoid at all costs. Aside from anything else, they gave him the creeps.

“I believe that is everything, though if you have any further queries of questions mistress, I am yours to command.”

#2957904 A State of Readiness

Posted by Haradion Drogon on 21 October 2012 - 09:53 PM in Commercial District

“Ah." EruSaar winced at the mention of his last contract.

"The last assignment... Yes. Well, as you know I followed your instructions to meet Lord Erikel as planned, in order confirm house plans. You had his favored informant murdered and impersonated by one of my brethren: you did not say which.

Through him you leaked false information concerning illicit weapons deals behind the Lords back. He immediately suspected his cousin, and invited him, myself and few other ' friends' to a friendly gathering, intending to confront his cousin there and then. The idea was that the accusations would cause his cousin to react violently and create the internal house conflict that you desired that would attract obligator attention to the house forcing them to: "bloody well behave themselves for a change" as you so eloquently put it mistress. My assignment was very simply to keep an eye on things and make sure everything ran smoothly."...
EruSaar winced at the memory. He caught his mistress’s eye before continuing.

"Things didn't go as well as I'd have liked.

It turns out that the lord I was impersonating had a few dietary habits that only a few...people knew about or even suspected. Your... file suggested he had a fondness for cream cakes that are so common at those intolerable balls the great houses are so fond of. As it turns out he appears to have maintained this illusion when in public but privately reviled the texture to close friends who noticed the change instantly. I made up a lie about developing a fondness for them but they did not seem to buy that as an explanation. None of the considered that I was not who I said I was bug one of them was giving me very odd looks."

EruSaar paused in his retelling to think back to the strange nobleman.

"He was not a regular companion of Lord Erikel, and none of the others called him by name. They called him "our friend" instead. Anyway he was giving me funny looks and I decided to keep things toned down for a while but all of a sudden they started t talking about deals on the canals and when he finally got round to arguing about the weapon smuggling they had all had quite a lot to drink."

He waved a hand dismissively.

"Things only got out of hand once one of them pulled a knife..."

#2957898 A State of Readiness

Posted by Haradion Drogon on 20 October 2012 - 09:36 PM in Commercial District

EruSarr walked though the street cautiously, his hand on the hilt of a short dagger.
He sighed as he did so, his hooded cloak hiding his features. A Skaa beggar mistaking him for a rich Noble cried out to him as he passed, crying out for a coin. So much decay, even in the heart of the Empire. Luthandel was not living up to expectations. On the spur of a moment, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a coin. It was not his - one of his mistress' he had been given to help secure the resources needed. He flicked it to the beggar, who snatched it before it touched the ground and disappeared as quick as a flash down an ally.
EruSaar watched as another beggar got up, and followed him down the alley, a short length of wood with a nail driven through it gripped in his hand.

The Final Empire. It devoured itself. He shrugged, trying to lighten his mood. Things had not been going well.

At least he had secured the supplies. I.e. he had fetched the groceries. Brilliant.

He carried on walking until he reached the apothecary, knocked twice sharply, leaving a faint dent in the old woodwork and then opened the door and walked in without waiting for an answer. He stepped in out of the cold slamming the door behind him as he did so.

Jerking back his hood he nodded to his mistress.

"It’s cold out there. I got those ingredients you wanted." From the look of them, most would end up not in amazing cures and potions but soups and stews. He sat down on an empty chair nearby and kicked off his boots flexing his toes. They dislocated with a sickening crunch then reformed quickly.

#2957768 EruSaar

Posted by Haradion Drogon on 06 October 2012 - 08:39 PM in Kandra

I created this application almost three months ago. I have yet to see a final verdict on wether or not it is acceptable.

Is this Kandra character good enough or isn't it?

I have been fin to patiently wait for a response - I have a lot of things to do that take up my time, but three months? I won't pretend I have been checking back every single day, but I would have hoped for some kind of response by now...Its disapointing to see otherwise.