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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#2665817 Five Finger Discount

Posted by Niro on 05 September 2010 - 02:10 AM in Lan's Shop

It was now Niro's turn to snort. ?Don't give me that bull that a skaa can't get a job. If you haven't noticed, us skaa are a slave race, if we're even the same species as the nobles at all. About 95% of this city's skaa are hard workers, in noble's homes or mills or forges, whatever. The other 5% are the thieves, the beggars, then the scammers and underground workers. There are plenty of opportunities for jobs. As skaa, we're meant to work.?

Niro paused for a moment, thinking for just barely a second. ?Any noblemen would be happy for one more worker in this business, whatever they do. I bet you could have gotten a job as a noble's chambermaid or at the mills. When my brother abandoned me years ago, I got a job. And I was barely eleven. And stealing isn't exactly a handout, you gotta work for it, you know. Whether that work is sneaking into the place, picking the lock, or running like a Mistwraith is follow you across rooftops if someone notices you breaking and entering. If anything, you were just too lazy or too afraid to go to anywhere and get a job.?

#2657288 Five Finger Discount

Posted by Niro on 01 September 2010 - 04:25 AM in Lan's Shop

How dare this man think Niro a beggar? The Lord Ruler hated beggars, they were the bane of society. Lowest of the low. When the man showed obvious disdain of him, Niro smiled. On the inside, of course. He chose to keep his face calm and composed.

"I'm too proud for handouts, I wouldn't beg. I work in the forges for food. I steal just because I want a meal that tastes a bit better than ash. But of course, you three wouldn't know that, right? That stuff they give out and call food at those little slop houses is bitter and not exactly filling. Or tasty."

#2654663 Five Finger Discount

Posted by Niro on 31 August 2010 - 03:35 AM in Lan's Shop

Niro relished in the freedom of his shoulders, wondering if he should be offended by this man's comment. Stealing in the middle of the day was quite a stretch, but shops like these usually could afford locking up at night. With some heavy duty locks and stuff. Things his lock picks would really help him with. And Niro was hungry, plain and simple. It was break into a shop like this or pickpocket another skaa for their meal coins. Though Niro didn't like it, it was a dog eat dog world. Someone would get hurt. Just not him.

Niro was tired of standing, choosing to take a seat at the table. Besides, the woman keep guard was rather creepy. I'd like to consider myself smart, but I'm also hungry. You know, survival instinct and all, whatever the scholars say. Anything for a meal, anything to live another day, yada yada yada. You get the picture?

#2649922 The Casuana Ball, Part I: Arrival

Posted by Niro on 29 August 2010 - 12:45 AM in Keeps

By the Lord Ruler was this whole event a living hell. Giving this noble or that noble wine, or whiskey, or a snack. Niro still didn't understand the signs, like if the glass was to the person's left, as far out of their reach as possible it meant they wanted a half glass full of wine. Or were there no signs at all, and the skaa had to just watch out for the nobles? The whole event made Niro nervous. There were so many pockets to pick, but most likely no valuables in any of them. They were event clothes anyway, not city traveling wear. It would have been a stupid idea for Niro to try and filch something.

And then a noble waved Niro over, a lean and tall one, wearing a striking black cloak. He also carried two swords, finely crafted weapons. Niro knew weapons, working in the forges and all, and those were a nice pair. No homo. He approached the man as ordered, recognizing him as he drew close. It was the man, the noble man that wanted to know about the rebellion. The man who saved Niro's life. He was cool in Niro's book, life saving aside. He seemed like a human being, unlike most of the nobility. He acknowledged Niro with a nod. He must of not wanted to publicly state they knew each other. Niro was fine with that- I'd be the man's death in his social relationships, but Niro's death plainly.

"Sorry sir, I can't answer either of your questions. I've been here all evening."

#2630550 Tink

Posted by Niro on 19 August 2010 - 11:15 PM in Retired Characters

Skaa Tineye

Player Information
Handle : Midnight.
Contact : [email protected] ? MSN, [email protected] ? Other MSN, midnight546 ? AIM.

Character Information
Name: Terrenchalice (He goes by Tink).
Age: 16.
Type: Skaa.
Gender: Male.
Occupation: Kitchen Servant.
Marital Status: Single.

Type of Powers: Allomancy.
Metals Used: Tin.
Degree of Skill: Intermediate.

Hair: Brown and unruly.
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'7?
Weight: 115lbs.
Voice: Tink has a tenor voice. He speaks in Eastern Street Slang, a complex language of the eastern streets, that is meant to sound like gibberish. Tink can talk normally, but talks in fractured sentences, only a bit more comprehensible than his slang.
Overall Appearance: Tink is a young, thin skaa. He is malnourished, and therefore has not grown to see his full size. His face is kind of round, still somewhat that of a child's. His muscles are strong and developed from his job, hauling things to and from Keep Casuana's kitchens.

Special Skills: Long ago, in a city far to the east, Tink lived as a young child, roaming the streets of a city he know tries to forget. But once he ?gained? passage aboard a canal boat and made for the big city, he found that his tin could be put to good use. Mellon, another skaa, taught Tink to use his tin effectively, resulting in the perfect, albeit rude and loud, lookout.
Strengths: Tink's job in the kitchens is moving around foodstuffs and other objects. So he's pretty good at hauling stuff around, with hard and strong muscles to prove it.
Weaknesses: While Tink is skilled as a pack man, his abilities at running leave much to be desired. He can run at short distances, but is slow. And if you want him to go long distances, you might as well find someone else.

Personality Words like ?Uncouth? and ?Lewd? come in mind when someone wishes to describe Tink. He can be egotistical and selfish, not thinking of the feelings of others, like when he gropes skaa women or irks them to the point of tears. Tink likes to talk, whether or not someone is listening or even understands him, which stems from his abusive and lonely childhood.

But inside, Tink is insecure and frightened, afraid of what the Luthadel nobility could do to him. When it concerns the nobility, he tries to stay in the shadows, avoiding their eyes and taking entirely different routes if he had the possibility of running into one. He is afraid of the rebellion that Mellon is planning because he is horrified of what might happen if he was ever caught. Yet, because Mellon has been the closing thing to a father for him, he is willing to assist him.

Tink was born far to the east, in a city rather similar to Luthadel, albeit smaller and without walls, for they were prohibited every else but Luthadel. He was the youngest of seven children, the baby of the family. Tink was a halfbreed, son of a rather lazy nobleman who loved women but didn't like to clean up after himself. Because there were so many other children to take care of, his parents almost gave Tink no heed at all. The lonely boy formed gangs with the other children, using a strange dialect found only in the eastern lands. When his parents heard him speak, they thought him a monster, a mistwraith that had stolen Tink's body and mind. They beat him, trying to get the boy to stop speaking gibberish. But for so long the seven year old Tink had been talking in this way that he found it difficult to return to normal speech. His parents beat him until he fell unconscious, then left his body lying on the dirt floor of the house.

His siblings avoided him, not wanting the same treatment. For six more days Tink was beat in a similar fashion, always falling unconscious and waking up either deep into the night or early in the night. During on of these beatings, he Snapped and became a Tineye, yet Tink did not discover this for a long time. On the six day, Tink decided to leave his hell of a home, sneaking aboard a local canal boat. For a long time, he sat in the cargo hold of the ship, crammed inside a crate that held simple grains. He survived by eating the grains and stealing what water he could from other crates and from the people who ran the boat.

After what seemed like forever, Tink left the boat in a city called Suisna, a settlement practically on Luthadel's doorstep. Wanting the big city life, he went to Luthadel, foolishly attempting to gain entrance through the gates. Lucky for him, a noblemen and his wife were entering the city at the time, saw Tink, and remembered they needed a pack man, someone to haul around things in the kitchen. They took Tink, and forced him to work in the kitchens of their keep, seat of House Casuana.

For going on ten years now, Tink has lived in Keep Casuana, one of the many servants. He befriended another skaa, a man named Mellon, who taught him to use his Allomancy, the tin that had been a gift to him. He also developed a sort of relationship with Fenna, a cook in the kitchens, who he loves to fondle, tease, and talk to. He was reluctant to join the insurgent skaa group in Keep Casuana.

Roleplay Sample

Ash fell from the sky today, like it had yesterday and would for all of eternity.

Tink softly whistled, shuffling down the halls deep within Keep Casuana. In his hands he carried a crate, chock full of things like chicken and wheat and yeast. Foodstuffs that Fenna would put to good use. Ah, Tink wished he could put Fenna to good use. But the girl was so jumpy, so paranoid of shadows and sounds. But her fine body would please any man, even the numerous nobles, both male and female, that lived in Keep Casuana, for Tink saw the stares, the glances of lust, envy, and jealousy.

Down here, all was quiet, except for Tink's heavy footfalls and whistling. It was sort of dark too, the torches giving inadequate light. So Tink burned tin, gently like Mellon had taught him, so that the torches burned brightly. But with his tin on, Tink also heard the head cook, named Monna or Monta or something, chastising one of the servants. Wasing the lecture of Fenna, eh? Tink thought to himself. By the Lord Ruler, did that girl seem to get lectured for every little thing she did. That fat, ugly chef was probably jealous of Fenna's fine features. Tink knew he would be, if fin' he was female.

When saw the chef lady storm from the kitchen, he sunk into the shadows, trying to avoid her. Noblemen were like a disease, in Tink's mind, always taking away skaa. They were like gods. But Tink knew only the Lord Ruler was a god. He was the Sliver of Insanity, for crying out loud. Or was it the Sliver of Infinity?

Either way, it mattered not. Tink carefully and silently set down his burden, creeping up behind Fenna as she worked, bent over to add something to a cream of some sort. Wow, did her rump look fine, even in the simple and ill-fitting servant's dress. It just called for Tink's touch, to massage with his hand.

So Tink did just that, standing right behind Fenna, one hand vigourously groping the left cheek of her backside. By the Lord Ruler, was is soft, like dough in his hands. Tink saw Fenna stiffen, bringing a smile to Tink's lips. It was obvious she liked it. Why wouldn't she?

Bending over her form, Tink drew very, very close to her, his mouth over her right ear.

"Having the hop of the night?" Tink whispered, glee and something else, perhaps lust, in his voice.

#2618472 Five Finger Discount

Posted by Niro on 15 August 2010 - 04:15 AM in Lan's Shop

The woman's tackle would have made a football player proud, if football had existed in Luthadel. Her move left Niro with no moves to make, sweeping his feet out from under him and making him fall. He hit the ground hard, his face slamming against the floor knocking the wind right out of him. He grunted and hissed, his cheek numb from the landing.

Yet he still plotted to get free, but there were no options. Don't make me sit on you until Maks gets over here and decides what to do with you. Niro grinned now, speaking just loud enough for Nessa to hear him. ?Naw, I'd enjoy that too much.?

The arrival of a man, the shopkeeper, was a blessing for Niro, the woman lifting him to go and interrogate him. Begrudgingly, Niro let the woman move and direct him, walking with her behind the shopkeeper ? Maks ? and the noblewoman, who seemed to be a ?Lady Yastrel?. He contemplated running, slipping out of her grip. He knew some ways of how to get out of holds, but there were just too many people. Not enough exits. So many variables.

Niro chose to stand and was out of options. All he could do was stay silent or explain himself, the latter seeming the more appropriate option. ?It's not that hard of a thing to explain. I tried to steal something, she tried and succeeded in stopping me, and that noblewoman has some perverse pleasure in watching a skaa beating up another skaa. Not much else to say.?

#2616543 Shae

Posted by Niro on 14 August 2010 - 06:51 AM in The Mists

Shae, I made you a 100x100px avatar because I saw that you did not have one. I was also bored.


#2588560 Fire and Steel

Posted by Niro on 31 July 2010 - 03:07 PM in Industrial District

Ah, just shut up next tine. Then you won't get verbally abused,, Niro thought, chiding himself. Then Jewels won't be so mean all the time/

There was something strange about the man. Julian was skaa, of course. Why else would he be in the forges? But the man was a poor example of a human being. He insulted everyone, skaa and noble alike. It was a wonder the man lived, not killed by a passing noble or another skaa like so many other skaa were. Niro knew little of the man; he forged good and that was all that seemed to matter.

But that didn't mean that Niro had to be a jack back to him. No, Niro would play nice like his brother used to tell him. He stilled followed a lot of what his brother had told him, though the skaa had abandoned him long ago. One day he was just not there. It was strange, if not outright wrong. Why would he have done that? It was not his personality at all.

?Well I'm sorta cheering up. Sert noticed my good work and recommended me to the higher ups. I'm gonna be a servant at the Casuana Ball. Maybe earn some more money, buy some food. Feed myself for a while, you know??

#2588557 Five Finger Discount

Posted by Niro on 31 July 2010 - 03:06 PM in Lan's Shop

The arrival of a noblewoman scared the black off of Niro's skin. Run! Hide! Noble! Avoid, avoid, avoid!, his senses screamed at him. Niro had noticed her standing there, just far enough that she should not have been able to hear the conversation. Nessa's call to the Maks person was the only thing said by the two that was over a whisper. That was... strange.

Furtive, Niro's eyes darted, looking for exits, escapes, anything, when the woman began to approach. He only noticed the front door, however. His eyes laid on the counter, calculating the distance and time it would take to run from his position out the door. It appeared easy. Hop the counter, hit the ground running, and never look back. That would have worked, of course, if the shop was not chock full of customers, noblemen and women in suits, dresses, some in their underwear getting measured and some in the process of browsing. Only now did Niro notice the fine creations in the room; they were all made by skaa, yet beautiful. Like his swords, or that one woodcraft shop on the other side of Luthadel.

Nonetheless, Niro was up a canal without a paddle. He had almost no options, his best having so many possibilities to go wrong that Niro didn't even want to try. But it seemed he had to if he wished to live. Niro did want to live, but he couldn't think of why. There was no passion in his life, no love or affection or woman. No children, no wage. There was nothing special about little Niro.

"Trying to make a connection with the person who caught you stealing? Seems like I would be trying to get away if I were in your position, young man."

Niro was scared out of wits, eyes wide and sweat slipping down his face. Even the girl that caught him was scared, bowing, and failing almost humorously. Niro looked the woman down quickly, his eyes barely flicking over her. She was beautiful, but most nobles were. Even males, though it was hard for a male to be beautiful.

Slowly and cautiously, Niro moved a bit closer to the counter, his hand lying on it. He would jump and run. There was no other option. But the woman had to be distracted. Therefore, Niro talked. ?How did you here us from all the way over there? I could barely hear-? Niro cut off his sentence, abruptly, pushing onto the counter and vaulting over it with one hand. Niro was strong, fit, and used to movements like this, thanks to this night thieving. The problem would be all the people.

He hit the ground running, as planned, and began to run.

#2559605 Five Finger Discount

Posted by Niro on 15 July 2010 - 04:35 AM in Lan's Shop

"Well..." Niro thought to himself for a moment. Revealing a little about himself would help get him out of this situation. And it was also interesting that this woman's mother had abandoned her. Like Elias did....

"My brother abandoned me. Three years ago. That's why I became a thief. But please note, I'm not trying to make a sob story. Just connection and having mindless banter with a person I don't know."

#2559559 Five Finger Discount

Posted by Niro on 15 July 2010 - 03:30 AM in Lan's Shop

Hmmm... The most current events showed the woman was not as gullible as he had hoped. She knew what to look for, carefully spotting him, though he hadn't really done a great job at hiding, pointing out his tools, his looks, his expression. It was like a card game and she had all the right cards.

But something of it was strange. Most people, even shop keepers, didn't know the signs of a thief. They didn't know his acts, his voice, and most of all, they didn't know how to sneak up on a thief. If it was an arrow it would have killed him. Evidence pointed to the fact that she was a thief!

At the jabbing of her finger, Niro smiled. Not smugly or victoriously, but joyed in the fact that in three short years he had become a great thief. He had a toned body and swiftness most skaa wouldn't even see in action, let alone have. He could move faster than the average man, leap, climb, jump as if he could fly. It was a short run, but in three short years Niro had become great in his job, operating alone. There could be no betrayals, no deaths but his own. It had been a great run, and if Niro's career was over now, he wanted to go out with a bang. But first...

?Hmm... An old friend of mine told me some advice I took to heart, in a way. He said if you ever got in a situation where everyone seems to have the cards, they were like you once. So, you know I'm a thief? Takes one to know one, eh??

#2559347 Five Finger Discount

Posted by Niro on 15 July 2010 - 01:09 AM in Lan's Shop

With the sudden appearance of a well toned woman's leg on top of the safe and a little pretty voice asking him question, it took all of Niro's will to sound calm and collected. He looked up with his most charming smile, showing neat straight teeth that complemented his dark eyes. Act like your supposed to be here, act like your supposed to be here...

"Actually ma'am, I am a locksmith." Niro rose to meet the woman, four or so inches shorter than her. Instead of a great view of her eyes, Niro was greeted a great view of her... well, chest. A fine chest, in Niro's opinion. Looking down, Niro noticed the chest he head been picking was also a rather expensive chest. Wait, too many chests.

"The lock was reported jammed just a bit ago and an attendant came to get me." Niro spoke in his normal, deep silky voice, pulling his eyes from her chest as he spoke. Now he saw she had a fine, soft face with a nice creamy texture. Her curtain of dark hair pleased Niro even more. He liked long dark hair. Though, blonds weren't too bad either... He stopped examining her, trying to regain his composure, eyes returning to her. Lord Ruler, was she pretty....

"But yeah. I'm young for a locksmith. But I'm good, which I could show you if you would kindly move your leg." He smiled genuinely, the smile showing kindness, generosity, honesty, and maybe a little bit of infatuation. Just a bit.

#2557527 Five Finger Discount

Posted by Niro on 14 July 2010 - 12:27 AM in Lan's Shop

Lan's shop was a well known shop in the skaa world. Noblemen and skaa alike frequented the shop in search of dresses, tunics, trousers. With all of the costumers, the income as high and its owners were happy. So was Niro.

In concept, the job was simple. While the cashier was busy with a customer, Niro would run over and pick the lock of the chest where income was kept. Adept at picking locks, and with the proper tools, the lock would not present a challenge to Niro. Therefore, this would be simple. In theory.

In his best skaa clothing, a clean, brown shirt and a pair of deep brown pants, Niro entered the establishment. He browsed, checking out clocks, jackets, and boots. Another customer entered, this time a noblewoman. Perfect.

The cashier left his station to wait hand and foot on the noblewoman. First, he led her over to the already completed dresses. They were beautiful, cut to fit a female form like the gloves that would most likely accompany the dress. Quickly, but subtly as not to attract attention, Niro stalked from one end of the shop to the other, drawing his lock picking tools out as he walked. The chest lay on the floor of the store, forcing Niro to stoop down. Taking his tools, three simple lock picks, Niro went to work, carefully searching for the tumblers he would have to knock in order to open the chest.

Nothing could go wrong.

#2552756 Rooftop Wanderings

Posted by Niro on 11 July 2010 - 07:21 PM in Skaa Slums

When the man mentioned thief, Niro smiled. He was a thief; that was precisely what he was planning when he climbed the building. Breaking into low ranking noble homes was rather simple. So was out running their guard.

Niro was surprised by the man's question. Why did the color of his skin matter? It was quite preposterous. However, the man had saved Niro. It was the least he could do to answer the question.

?My brother once told me I was born in Fadrex city. He also told me that my father, a skaa manservant, was from some place far away. I think it was...? Niro racked his brain. Not only did his brother bring back bad memories, it was so long ago that he had learned the information that he had forgotten. ?Oh! The Farmost Dominance. I think dark skin is more natural there. Has something to do with the amount of sun they get or something.?

#2551368 Rooftop Wanderings

Posted by Niro on 10 July 2010 - 11:11 PM in Skaa Slums

To put it simply, that was simply amazing. With a flurry of motion, the man had thrown himself outward, catching Niro's hand and slowing a fall to the ground with some amazing powers. With shaky legs, Niro dropped to the street, letting go of the man's hand,

By the Lord Ruler, that was frightening. Truthfully, Niro was on the brink of urinating himself. Though it helped he had relieved himself before his climb up the building. He would have surely fallen if not for the save. Niro imagined his body, mangled, fractured dark lump in the street to be cleared by skaa cleaning crews the next day.

"Uh... Thank you, sir." His voice held trust, compassion, gratitude, perhaps even the beginning of worship or undying thanks. These emotions were also seen in his stance. Niro had let his guard down, relaxing his once taut muscles and breathing in a soft motion. "If it is the rebellion you seek, I can't help you. I was honest in my words before. What uprising would want me? I have no powers like yourself. I can't fight longer than any other man, I can't manipulate you with my mind, I can't even fight with a sword and shield, let alone a staff or dagger. They wouldn't want me."

#2547875 Rooftop Wanderings

Posted by Niro on 08 July 2010 - 11:50 PM in Skaa Slums

Niro eyed the man, not believing he could put his trust in him. The man was obviously of noble birth. A nobleman asking about the rebellion? That could only mean bad news. This guy was bad news for a boy like Niro. Crisp, shaven, in good physical condition. Niro couldn't lose this guy in a chase, oh fell no.

That was when Niro realized it was all over. He was a step away from death by fall and a few paces away from death by the hands of a Mistborn. When the man stowed his gold, Niro caught a glimpse of a dagger. The next instance, he lost his composure. "Stay away." He took a step back now, forgetting he was already standing on an edge.

He began to fall.

#2547799 Rooftop Wanderings

Posted by Niro on 08 July 2010 - 10:50 PM in Skaa Slums

Niro was apprehensive to be in contact with any nobleman, let alone a Mistborn. He tried to avoid the nobility of any kind, whether it was day or night. Either way, to were conniving, capable of horrbile evils. However, the skaa were capable of similar evils. As the boy watched the man approach, he backed up, standing on the edge of the roof, teetering on a thin line to oblivion.

Then he felt his emotions change. His despair, untrust, and fear seemed to melt away. It was obvious to Niro that this man was changing his mind set, manipulating him for answers. Then he felt a trust in the man, confidence in if he told him what he wanted, it would all be okay. Niro saw him offer him the clips, but it was, as you could say, overkill. Niro shook his head at the bribe. ?Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you. Sir, if I may make a suggestion, stay the hell away from me. I don't need trouble.?

#2547046 Fire and Steel

Posted by Niro on 08 July 2010 - 03:37 PM in Industrial District

(OOC: Chaos, throughout your entire post you never specified what Jewels was doing, other than the comment of him being a skilled forge and that Sertes waved around his sword. Tsk tsk. Laziness. Also, if you look at page 407 in Mistborn: The Final Empire, you'll see a man named Sertes. He's captain of the Garrison.)

Heat splashed in waves against Niro. He grunted, pumping the fan once more to make the fire in the oven rise higher and higher. Niro was forced to readjust his grip, as his hands within the gloves were rather hot and sweaty. Scars from the licking flames played across his dark, sweaty arms and bare chest, proving Niro worked in the forges. Few men acquired scars like this covering their body. It would be quite impossible for me to mix in with noble culture with these dastardly scars, Niro thought to himself, if only to entertain his rather bored mind.

He smiled softly as Sertes grilled Julian, like he did everyday. It was a funny occurrence, yet it happened every day. The fun was leaving the event, something Julian, and quite possibly Sertes, disliked.

Niro let go of the fan, known grabbing a pair of tongs to pull a blazing hot bar of steel out of the humongous oven. Of the skaa, Niro was quite crafty, something the noblemen put to work. Constantly, Niro was to fulfill special orders. Family heirloom? Give the task to Niro or Julian. You wanted special characteristics in the blade, like a serrated edge or only one bladed edge? If it to Julian or Niro. They put pride and power in their work, showing passion in their accomplishments.

Staring at the blade, searching for impurities in the steel, Niro set it down to pound out a bump with his hammer. The steel seemed to ripple underneath, becoming smooth and hard. When Niro looked up, Sertes had continued on, now back-handing an incompetent skaa worker. ?Damn skaa! By the Lord Ruler, if you don't start filling your quotas, I'll kick your useless Lord Rulin' behind onto the street! Or better yet, I'll tell an obligator that you work for this new skaa rebellion that I hear you all whisperin' about whilst you work. And for your information, it's not true! The bloody skaa will never be free.?

Niro shook his head, dunking the white hot steel into a vat of cold water, instantly cooling it. A skaa moved to replace the water, emptying it into special grates in the floor that all ran to the canal in the city's center. They poured in the cold water, Niro thanking them and setting down the new blade.

?Last of the day...? Niro whistled now, wondering if he should craft a few more blades to please the taskmaster instead of sitting around. One or two more wouldn't hurt. Niro looked around now, bored with his work and spotting Julian. ?So, Jewels, how's it hangin'??

#2545746 Rooftop Wanderings

Posted by Niro on 07 July 2010 - 11:38 PM in Skaa Slums

Niro was quite a strange skaa. He was young and worked or a living, but most of all the mists did not scare him. He grew up in the mists, moving an shaping his body and mind to become who he was today. In the mists, he lived. The mists were life, were love. Without the mists, Niro was nothing. Without the ash, Niro was nothing. And without running around at night, Niro was nothing.

Which brought him to this building climbing to the top to run around some more. Except when he reached the top, he never expected to see a man, lt alone a Mistborn. Shit.

#2545120 Niro

Posted by Niro on 07 July 2010 - 05:37 PM in Retired Characters

Unsnapped Mistborn

Player Information
Handle : Midnight
Contact : [email protected]

Character Information
Name: Niro
Age: 14
Type: Skaa [Halfbreed]
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single

Type of Powers: Allomancy
Metals Used: Unsnapped, none; Once snapped, all
Degree of Skill: None

Hair: Black, short, naturally curly, very thick.
Eyes: Dark brown [almost black], almond shaped
Height: 5'3?
Weight: 117lbs.
Voice: For his age and height, Niro has a relatively deep voice, still around the tenor mark but well on it's way to baritone, that moves so fluently it is like silk on polished glass.
Overall Appearance: At first glance, and truthfully, Niro is not very imposing. Short and dark skinned, the boy has the slim, hard-packed lean muscles of a young skaa forge worker. He gets his neighbor to cut his hair, as he does not like it curly, as it gets very itchy. He wears light gray nondescript trousers, cut at the knee for freedom of movement, and a dark brown short sleeved tunic, with soft dark brown shoes.

Special Skills: Niro is an avid reader, a strange skill for a skaa. He is also rather efficient at lock-picking and pick-pocketing, gaining these skills in his life in Luthadel.
Strengths: Since spending his time in the forges, Niro has grown a strong, lean muscular build. As his legs have also muscled, Niro can run with great speed, also having quick reflexes and a high agility. He can be witty, sly, and cunning, tricking the na?ve or dumb. Strange for a skaa, Niro has large brain power and thinks logically, analyzing events and people. Growing up on the street, naturally he can hold his own in a street fight against normal humans that may or may not be older or stronger than him. Please note, holding his own the not mean he'll not get injured or lose. It just means it won't be a curb stomp battle and he'll almost bleed out/die in five-ten seconds, so that he can run away. One skill Niro helped develop on his won was free running, being able to run and high speeds and with finesse across crowded streets and along rooftops. His careful eye finds the small details to allow him access to the higher portions of buildings, like small windowsills or outcroppings in the walls.
Weaknesses: Quite frankly, Niro cannot keep his emotions in check. As his brother seemingly abandoned him, he harbors anger and pain that has yet to find an outlet. Therefore, Niro has a short temper, flaring and erupting on people that push to hard on him. Another thing of note is that Niro has little to no experience with weapons of the steel or wooden type. He usually relies on his speed and wits to finish fights.

The streets of Luthadel were hard from Niro sometimes, but other times they gave him life and love. When Elias disappeared, Niro learned to not put his trust many people, as he took his ?betrayal? rather hard. Calm and composed, Niro is easy to like, with his soft humor and quick wits. However, as he looks at meet with a critical eye, he may come off judgmental. Ultimately, Niro works only for himself at this point, not having an outstanding reason to rebel as so many of the skaa already have. Like most skaa, Niro does not hate the nobles, just accepts his life as it is. Full of anger and pain that need a target, Niro is a pot awaiting the chance to boil over when given the chance. If asked what said he was on in the modern conflict, Niro would reply with a joking tone ?Niro is on Niro's side?. He feels no passion, no drive to do any other action than live, eat, piss, and drink. Women are far from his motives at this point, but as he grows and matures that might not be so in the future.

Naga Cett was a noblemen who despised skaa. Unlike most of his brethren, Naga fought the stereotype and never consorted with skaa women in a sexual way. However, his wife, Cora, had different ideas. Cora was a sex crazed women, not content with what her aging husband could provide her. Instead, she dabbled with young skaa men, all with dark skin and curly black hair, essentially making them younger versions of her husband for her.

Cora was a plantation grew when she was younger, growing up isolated in the Remote Dominance, where a lot of darker skinned skaa, and humans in general lived. Her father sent her away, as she was a full-blooded Mistborn, to the other Dominances, marrying her off for a political gain. Constantly, Cora descended upon random skaa men when in Luthadel or when her husband was out of town. It did not matter who they were; as long as they were young and dark, she'd pick them. Before long Cora became pregnant and gave birth to a young dark skinned son, dubbed Niro. It seemed no one knew it wasn't Naga's child, not even Cora.

However, Jocard, a skaa man who Cora often affiliated with and who served as Cora's personal servant, knew better. Naga made love to his wife only a few times a year, whereas dozens of other times she spent with other men, mainly Jocard. Jocard was a tall, strong skaa man. As a personal servant in the Cett family since his childhood, he was treated as if somewhat family. He fed normally and was permitted to marry. With his wife, Jocard had fathered three normal skaa children previous to Niro's birth. Therefore, Jocard knew when he saw a child of his. And Niro was definitely his.

Jocard did the impossible; he snuck into the child's chamber late one night and took him. Before the mist disappeared and the sun arrived, he handed the boy to his oldest son, Elias, age ten. The boy was given large amount of food and money, fleeing Fadrex city, seat of power for the Cett family with baby Niro wrapped in a bundle. The following day, Cora awoke with no child, unleashing her wrath on all by her most trusted servant; Jocard. When an investigation took place and it came up that one of Jocard's son were missing, he and his family were put to death, hung and then decapitated, heads on display atop the walls of the Cett keep.

Elias and Niro made slow progress from Fadrex to Luthadel, though the distance was rather short. They followed the canals when they could, though their time on or near them was short because of the large guard presence. They knew people would be sent to follow them, but they never imagined that when the Steel Inquisition caught wind of them that they'd send forces after them because of Niro's noble birth.

Evading death and attack, Elias and Niro arrived in Luthadel about a year later, Niro having learned to walk and was well on his way to talking in the meantime. Elias raised Niro as Jocard raised Elias; with a strong sense of duty, work, and truth. Elias worked the Casuana forges to feed Niro and himself, teaching Niro words and letters when he could, instilling in him a need for knowledge.

By Niro's eleventh year the Steel Ministry had finally caught up with them. Instead of letting Niro die, Elias drew the Inquisitors far away from Niro, his life being lost in the process. Niro assumed Elias duped him and ran off, so he assumed his brother's job at the forges and lived for himself. Niro is familiar with the skaa rebellion, being invited to it a short time after working in the forges. He declined, however, believing he could not contribute anything noteworthy. He knows nothing of his mother or father, knowing only Elias was his family. For that matter, Niro knows nothing of him being an Unsnapped Mistborn. He'll realize that soon enough, however.

Roleplay Sample

Ash fell from the sky.

Niro welcomed it, stepping out from his small one room hovel. It was a fine day, or as fine as a day could have been when the plants were brown, the landscape was black, and the sun was unbearable. He welcomed the ash because it brought with it a sense of stability, of reassurance that nothing would change. That Niro would live the rest of his days in the monotony of the forges.

He scratched an inch on his head, hearing the soft crunch of his hair as he shifted and displaced it. In one hand he held a small loaf of old bread and a small cube of cheese laid in the other. He glanced up now, looking at the two stories of homes that toppled of his head. Moving the cheese into the hand with the loaf, Niro sprang on his feet, catching the sill of the small hovel with his strong hand brown. The forges made him strong, allowing him the strength to climb to the top of the small building. He sat on the thatched roof now, breaking the loaf in half and ripping the cheese, laying the pieces atop one half of the loaf. Now with a tasty sandwich, Niro bit into it, savoring the sweet taste of the soft goat's cheese, legs gently swinging beneath him.

For all intents and purposes, Niro was happy with his life. As he watched the skaa toll beneath him miserably, all parting to let a noble pass with his congregation, Niro saw the chance to make some quick money to buy some dinner. The loaf was his last, and the cheese he had been saving for awhile. As Niro descended from the building, a swift but trained and confident form, he was intent on his pick-pocketing.

Surprising him, the bell to work rang. Niro watched the skaa throng, either to the mills or to the forges, the rush allowing him to slip a hand into the nobleman's coin purse and pilfering a few coins for dinner. Content with his findings, Niro slipped into the crowd, smiling as he heard the nobleman cry at the reduced weight of his purse. Today was a good day.