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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#2867414 Sorry

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 05 February 2011 - 05:39 AM in Introductions & Farewells

Alright a bit of an update on my life. Though I feel that I haven't had much of an impact here - I don't feel alright with my lack of posting. Here is what is going on -

Chaos you've met my boyfriend and his family.

Put it simply my boyfriends father went ballistic and we got kicked out. Trust me it was for rather stupid reasons - and most of it was my Boyfriends brothers fault. So because of this I have had to move - to a place with no internet as of yet.

That has severely dragged down my posting. Most of my other posting has been dragged down due to depression caused by backstabbing - lying - and coniving people in my personal life. More particularly my boyfriends friend Jon (You met him Chaos, the guy that was the bands manager, complete douche). He basically has been plotting against us for awhile.

So point is this, I've got internet because I'm spending the weekend at a friends, and only because of that. Otherwise I wouldn't be letting you guys know what is going on. Anyone that wants my number to stay in touch by text, I will freely give it to you in a PM.

I do care about this site - and getting involved. All of my sites have suffered because of real life. But I'm getting my real life in order, THEN I will return fully to you.

#2806060 The Casuana Ball, Part II: Serenity and Steel

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 10 December 2010 - 06:41 AM in Keeps

Tia nodded politely to the woman and the man and then turned on her heel. "Have a wonderful evening." She said politely - with that she walked back towards the building. She was wondering as to what she could do for now. Unfortunately she knew that things were not always going to go the way she wanted them to. Her uncle was being a rather cruel man, and her table was taken over by someone of a better standing then her. So perhaps she would do best to just wander.

She wandered into the ballroom again. Her eyes cast upon the dance floor. No one really seemed to be dancing anymore. She stuck to the shadows along the wall and just walked. Perhaps it had been a bad idea to come here. So many mistakes she had made, she was probably going to break down as soon as she got home.

Her movements were fluid and slow - as she wandered along the wall. Nothing more for her here, that's what it felt like. Her head went up slightly - her eyes half-closed - as she gazed upon the crowds around her. Was this really where she belonged? She was seriously starting to question herself - and her beliefs.

Her Uncle wasn't who she had thought he was. Her father was ailing and probably wouldn't last too long. And she - she was defective.

#2804544 The Casuana Ball, Part II: Serenity and Steel

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 08 December 2010 - 09:26 PM in Keeps

Her uncles temper flared, she watched it as he began to blubber. But she looked at him and shook her head. Turning now as she ignored her uncle. "Lady - I told Lord Nathars that I would assist him in the finding of his sister." She stated as she looked back at her uncle. This was just as big of a lesson to him, but by calling her uncle a merchant - she herself felt slightly insulted. There was Merchants, and then there was Lesser Nobility that dealt in the import and export of things. They weren't always considered just simple Merchants.

The Mraziel's were important in some aspects. She sighed as she closed her eyes - gathering her senses about her. A calm overcame her as she looked towards Nerid. "I am Tia Mraziel, and I'd be happy to help you find your sister." She whispered softly. She dropped her voice lower as her uncle walked away. "Anything to get me away from him, but finding someone is interesting and helpful. I enjoy being helfpul." She commented as she shivered lightly.

Her uncle stared at the male and blinked rapidly. "Lord Nathars, she - I... As you wish Lord Nathars." He said politely as he bowed to his niece and looked up at her. "I apologize Tia, we will speak about this when we get home. I have to get back to the Lady I was dancing with earlier - I promised her a dance." he said politely as he bowed to those there."I bid you a lovely evening."

Tia smiled at Nerid and held out the handkerchief. "It's alright, I don't plan on keeping it." She said politely. "It just has a little saltwater on it - if you like I can clean it and return it to you." She said lightly.

"I would like to help you find your sister?" She commented again lightly.

#2803825 The Casuana Ball, Part II: Serenity and Steel

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 08 December 2010 - 06:21 AM in Keeps

Tia's eyes widened as she stared up at the male. Accepting the handcerchief and wiping the rest of her tears away. "Q-quite alright. I don't need to blow my nose. I'm not a messy crier." She whispered as she watched the events unfolding. Her eyes widening as she watched the gorgeous mistborn stalking after her uncle. If only she had that kind of confidence - that kind of ability to push herself on others so well. Her lips quirked into a little bit of a smile - but she knew that the situation was going to turn caustic.

She smiled at the boy and something inside of her flared - without her knowledge. "It's alright. It will be alright, I promise, Uncles had too many spirits tonight." She said lightly - it was a gentle soothing one that even she herself didn't know. It was not strong enough to truly effect someone like that. But she turned towards her Uncle and the female that was yelling at him.

"Uncle, please. It's best you apologize to the Lord. We don't need any misconceptions - or possibilities of lost business." She said lightly, the little bit of soothing was still active, she was keeping herself together. Now anyone paying attention would realize this - if it wasn't for the fact that two mistborns were burning copper - her soothing and pewter flare would have been realized. Either she knew they were burning copper - or she had no idea that she was a Mistborn. Or she could be an idiot. Which was obviously not the case - or someone would have called her on it awhile ago.

Said Lord Mraziel whipped around. "Apologize to him what -" He stopped speaking as he realized to whom he was speaking. Even drunk he wasn't a fool - but his anger was still burning hotter then one could imagine. This slip of a girl - not even his true blood would inherit the Family - while he would not. It was ridiculous. He who had children - had spent a long time dealing in helping her learn the trades. She would work well as a minor part of the house - but he wouldn't be lead by a woman.

"I see - it's like that then? Someone has managed to garner your affection-" He stopped speaking again as Tia approached. Her and that damnable enchanting voice, it was soothing him - taunting him with quieting. But some part of him wanted to rebel against it. It was stupid - he should be furious at her, and he was doing his best to remain so.

"Well then - I apologize Lord...What is your name?" He asked - trying to gain whatever politeness was left in him. Still glaring daggers at his niece. It was Mistborns she was consorting with - which meant that his words would be known. He gave her a look that would make her know that she was going to get it once she returned home.

#2803432 The Casuana Ball, Part II: Serenity and Steel

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 07 December 2010 - 09:55 PM in Keeps

Tia looked up - tears clinging to her eyes as her uncle tightened his grip on her arm. Growling softly he threw it away, bruises already forming on the girls arm. He looked towards the boy - and eyed him up and down. No one of any real importance - it seemed. "You should mind your own business boy. Otherwise you'll be the one in trouble." He growled softly. "I'm her escort and she was making a fool of herself in front of a higher house then her lowly self." He stated as he glared at her, it was enough to send the young woman into tears it seemed - and that was good enough for him.

"If you get in trouble, I'm not saving you again. Your worthless father can deal with it." It seemed the uncle usually so kind, was showing his true skin - thanks to the wine and spirits he had indulged in way too much. A snort left his lips as he stalked off. "I hope you get in more trouble, that will give you a lesson in being a lady." He muttered. With that he stalked away.

"Ah!" Was the simple exclamation that left the young woman. She closed her eyes and did her best to sooth herself. Some small part of her flared a metal just a little - one she was unaware of and the fatigue and pain of the night seemed to flee her just a little. She straightened herself out and stared up at the young man. "No - I'm sorry I have not seen your sister. But perhaps we can find her together." She whispered gently.

Her hands came up and she gently wiped the tears from her features. A painful looking still passed her lips for a moment, but she was alright now. She would be alright. She was just hurt.

#2801004 The Casuana Ball, Part II: Serenity and Steel

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 05 December 2010 - 07:21 PM in Keeps

Tia just smiled - she had dealt with patients like this. In any other NORMAL situation - she would have gotten upset and cried. More then likely took off quicker then a flash. She stood up - and bowed politely to him. "Well then Lord Landell. I wish you all the best. And hope that you at least have a less painful life - and hopefully the recovery of at least some of your pain." she stated as she bowed to both of them. Her eyes staring straight ahead at Tamsin.

"And actually the only dietary change I was going to suggest - was just increasing an intake of fruit juice, especially those of cherry or citrus variety. It was merely an need to aid someone in pain - as I am ought to do. But I can understand when someone neither wants the help - or desires it. So for that Lord Landell- I bid you a wonderful evening. You may use my table for as long as you like."

She stepped back a little, and then to the side, watching as her uncle approached. "Good evening - Lord Jansten Landell - Lady Tamsin Landell" She stated politely - and then glided off towards her Uncle. Who had finished his dancing date with his matron. She stopped for only a moment next to Tamsin and cast her a light smile. "And just a quick note - for your information, It's not snake oil. Thank you very much. But a balm of oil that would have increased your blood flow - and possibly helped relieve some of the pain. It's been effective in many of the cases I have helped with. But I suppose you just think I'm some young - dumb thing - without a sense in her head. So what am I worth to you? Absolutely nothing."

"Tia dear, come along - it's time for us to go dance. We must talk about getting you a young gentelman - how is it you have yet to dance with any this fine evening." Her uncle said as he approached. Stopping as he realized there was people at their table. "I apologize how rude of me Lord and Lady. But I must take my Niece off to work on a few things." he said politely and then practically dragged her by the arm towards the awnings towards the gardens. Out into said gardens.

"What were you doing!?!?" He exclaimed passionately and vehemently to his niece. "Are you completely daft" He hissed in a low voice.

Tia blinked rapidly and blushed darkly - her head coming down. "Helping - dear uncle, as I am ought to do..." She whispered weakly as she bit her lip. Her eyes watering over for a moment. His reproaches were always the harshest, and her uncle though kind - was one of those used by the family to snap their Mistings, so he knew how to hurt.

#2800628 The Casuana Ball, Part II: Serenity and Steel

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 05 December 2010 - 09:50 AM in Keeps

Tia smiled softly and only chuckled to herself. Why she took these moments of pushing herself towards her goals. She had to be better - because her father needed her to take over for him. She straightened her back further and smiled beningly. "I meant not to insult sir. Or to make any of you feel uncomfortable, but I give you my sincerest word - by the Lord Ruler himself - I will never betray or divulge information. No matter what tortures I undergo. I am a Healer - first and foremost. And feel the need to heal those that I recognize in pain."

She cleared her throat a little - and then a smile broke over her face. As her Healer and herbalist aspect took full effect within her. "Sir, what you describe is known as Gout. It's curable - actually. With proper dietary means met, and with proper administrations - of not teas, but juices and certain things being added into your diet." She said as she folded her hands before her.

"The other thing you will need is an oil balm, that can be rubbed on the areas effected by the Gout. It will relieve inflammation - and pain. I can give said remedies to your Family Physician - if you so choose. But likely as has been seen in the empire. A lot of the Physician's get their curatives from House Mraziel." She stated softly and gently as she gave them a gentle smile. She hoped that they would not be too upset with her. She was doing this - because of the healer in her. She had a passion of her work, and there was small signs that showed gradual pains in a being. No matter how hard you tried to hide it - you could not hide the lines left behind by pain.

#2800191 The Casuana Ball, Part II: Serenity and Steel

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 05 December 2010 - 01:03 AM in Keeps

"Thank you very much." She responded gently as she smoothed out her shops. Her head coming up now as her shoulders squared. She had heard of that house and family. It was a good one. For small transports - perhaps it would be a good idea to make a contract of sort with them? The possibilities where interested. She smiled faintly then as she tilted her head to the side. What was she to say to them? Tamsin made comments about how she must have been gone awhile, then a true smile broke over the young woman's face.

"Actually yes. I have been traveling - with my families Export and Import Caravans. I was looking for particular plants, and herbs. For Noble Gardens - and for the Medicines my family trades with." She said as she laughed softly. She tilted her head a little as she watched the man - her healers mind going to work. She worked in herbs and remedies that were more medicinal aligned. She was training to be a Doctor, but was trying her hardest to avoid ending up in the Canton's.

"Well if you need a moment to rest - you are more then welcome to join me. I don't often get company." She stated as she sipped at her wine. She was relaxing more - this was interesting to say in the least. She sighed heavily and then chuckled faintly. Watching her uncle was dancing with a rather attractive matron. Which was good for him.

She looked back at them, and her head tilted to the side. "Excuse me, Lord Landell, if I may inquire - do you need anything?" She asked lightly. A small smile spreading across her features. She felt the need to put them at ease. "This is something I need to make known to the both of you - and I do so with anyone I meet with. I am of House Mraziel, my father and all of his fathers have made a standard with anyone they interact with. We rely on Honesty and Integrity. We are truthful and we keep our dealings with others private and never drop a contract- without due cause." She stated lightly.

She straightened her back further now - and cleared her throat. "I am saying this, because I know how the Noble Houses work - and I want you to know that House Mraziel is not the same. I have no intentions to be like the other sharks on the floor." She whispered lightly and gave them a shy smile. "I run an Apothecary to help people. And if you so chose - if you are willing to divulge... I may have something that could help your father."

"Unless House Landell is interested in the Plants that House Mraziel Imports and Exports. A lot of the Higher Noble families get plants from us."

#2800031 The Casuana Ball, Part II: Serenity and Steel

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 04 December 2010 - 10:07 PM in Keeps

Tia had been calmly watching the ball. Listening quietly to the events around her. Avoiding the use of any of her Tin reserves. She was also nibbling on whatever it was they happened to have around still. Sipping on some of the sweet wine that her uncle had brought to her. He was busy fraternizing with an attractive older woman - and she couldn't dare take him from that. He needed some affection on occasion. Her head came up as she watched all of the events. A lot of the greater nobles were vanishing.

Why was it that such a strong feeling of foreboding filled the air. she was so uncertain about her own emotions, and those around her. But something inside of her was stirring. Memories and thoughts from times long ago. Two people approached her table - and she found herself watching them. Obviously nobility from a place higher then her. Or at least the clothing bespoke of that. But ALL of the Nobles relied on the Mraziel at some point and time. They were the only ones in Luthadel with as much experience with plants - and very few of them ever shared their secrets.

"A pleasure to meet you. I am Tia Mrazial, or House Mraziel. And I haven't been to a ball in a long time." She said lightly. She looked towards the older gentlemen and flashed him a sweet smile. Anyone that knew of the noble houses - knew that Mraziel was all about honest and integrity, and keeping to their contracts. So there was not a one in their ranks that acted like the other Nobles. They didn't react like sharks in the water - or anything like that.

"Is everything quite alright this evening? I don't happen to get company often." She said as she tilted her head down and held a rather embarrassed and demure look to her face. It was a true emotion for her, but something inside of her still stirred. She looked around for her uncle - and found herself slipping in the mentality she used for balls. "Oh how I wish I was back in my apothecary..." she whispered just loud enough that only tin users - and those at her table could hear.

"I apologize - it's just... this is the oddest ball I have ever attended."

#2792393 The Casuana Ball, Part II: Serenity and Steel

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 28 November 2010 - 01:06 AM in Keeps

Tia's head tilted to the side as she watched the other woman. She laughed softly and shook her head only lightly. "Well Lady Inquisitor, I suspect that going somewhere more private might be a bit - improper. My uncle is here with me as an escort - and he would not enjoy that." She whispered softly as she stepped back. The music was done and she stepped back and bowed lightly to the Inquisitor.

"Thank you very much - Lady Inquisitor. I appreciate the dance, and I would enjoy further interactions with you in the future." She said as politely as she had been taught. She straightened her back and looked around. Her eyes scanning the crowds. How long had she been out of it? And what were these funny feelings within her. She was rather odd as of the moment - weird sensations passing through her.

She had felt many odd things during the dance, and now she was seeing even odder things. There was trace lines all around her. Pointing to so many things - and she couldn't quite understand them. Perhaps she was exhausted? Just as soon as she had noticed these things - they seemed to fade out. Perhaps it was indeed exhaustion.

She bowed to her dance partner and excused herself back towards her table. The table she shared with no one, and sat down. Likelihood was - she wouldn't be asked to another dance. Which was alright with her. She wasn''t very well known. Which meant that she could work on contracts and alliances. But everyone seemed rather to themselves - and in groups - already. There really wasn't any place for her.

What was she doing here?

#2735485 The Casuana Ball, Part II: Serenity and Steel

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 14 October 2010 - 06:45 AM in Keeps

Tia was lead to the dance floor - her heart fluttering as she listened to the song stop. Now the Inquisitor was speaking to her. She looked up at her - eyes inquiring as to what was going on. Her head tilted to the side as she watched the dancing people around them. She smiled as she was pulled towards the other woman, holding on to her as she had been taught. This was new - but she didn't mind. Why should she? Despite the tattoos and the bald head - the Inquisitor was beautiful. There was nothing wrong with beauty.

"I'm honored you enjoy my title for you - Lady Inquisitor." She said politely as she was pulled close to the other woman. Her heart stopped as she stared at her for a moment. She kept up well, as she was guessing the Inquisitor was hoping for. She blinked rapidly though as she was kissed - something sparking in her heart at a weird reaction to being kissed. She smiled at the other woman though as she was dancing. She kept pace and she found that she was moing more gracefully then usual. She was unware that she was burning pewter, just a small bit - because she wanted to impress this other woman.

She was getting into the dance, when the other woman said something. Next thing Tia knew she was in the air. She gasped in delight - not fear, but it did cause a flare of tin inside her. She was shocked - and that was her automatic reaction. She quelled it rapidly though - blushing darkly as she ducked her head down a little. The spun in the air as the other woman pulled them around to all the points. The other woman whispered in her ear and her head tilted a little - a small tendril of something racing through her. What was going on with her? "I find that anyone that looked up your dress, would also look up mine. Which would require further retribution as I am unmarried." She said with a wry smile.

Had she just gotten the courage to crack a joke at the Inquisitor? Why yes she had!

She continued to dance with the inquisitor, keeping her pace as she was following the steps the Inquisitor did. She didn't know if this dance was the same as the music below them, and she didn't care. She landed as Davinna did, her feet stepping for a moment - as she kept the pace. A smile breaking across her face as she stared at the other woman. "Well I dearly hope you killed him then. No one should touch a woman without their permission." She stated firmly as her cheeks burned with color.

Dear, what was going on with her.

#2728201 The Casuana Ball, Part II: Serenity and Steel

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 09 October 2010 - 08:59 AM in Keeps

Tia sat and watched the first dance, sipping at her drink lightly. Her eyes focused on the dance floor. She was looking for prospective Noble's to approach for contracts. There was prelan here, and that would make it all the easier to gain some contracts and contacts for House Mraziel. Unfortunately - that also meant she was the oddball out at the ball. The red-headed woman was used to that honestly.

Unfortunately that also meant she was the only single woman in the room - currently speaking. She was the only single woman in the room that had no prospective Husbands. Something her parents had been trying to fix for years. But constant trips to the country for various herbs - and a bit of a shy spout during balls, only seemed to further her from the aspect that her parents were trying to achieve.

She watched the first dance end - and tried so hard to make her parents happy. But she was so busy lately with her job. She was doing her best to advance herself in medicine. A heavy thought seemed to hang in the air - a sort of tension that she was unsure of how it was created. She knew that something was going to happen, some small part of her was screaming to run. Some small part of her was telling her that something bad was going to happen.

But she had no idea what that could be. Her eyes darted up as the Inquisitor approached her table. Her back straightened as she stared at the other female. "You-You know my name?!" She whispered in an awed tone, a blush spreading across her features for a moment. She cleared her throat though and regained her manners as she was yanked up to her feet and against the other woman.

"I'd be honored mam..." She said as she felt that small energy burst through her. She was on edge - and she wasn't sure if this was why. She was worried possibly that she had done something as a Tin-eyes - to draw the attention of the ministry. But if that were the case - wouldn't they have approached her long ago? She had been practicing her skill at a constant pace for such a long time.

She nodded and looked around the room. She was wondering exactly how this would go - she had never danced with another woman. "This is a new experience for me. Lady Inquisitor. May I inquire on something? What would you prefer I call you?"

#2708100 The Casuana Ball, Part II: Serenity and Steel

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 27 September 2010 - 09:53 AM in Keeps

Tia had resigned herself from the presence of the lady of the evening. The red-haired young woman had taken herself to a small table, that held no other occupants - and had sat down rather calmly. She had resisted the urge to pull out the novel that her Uncle had in his bag - knowing that she would look rather bad for doing so. So she just folded her hands in her lap and waited for the food to be finished.

She had eaten rather lightly - not feeling too much in the mood for the meal that was before her, as decadent as it was. She had decided to resign herself to her fate of being lonely for the ball. She didn't have suitors - there was much prettier young women at the ball. Much Higher on the scale - then her at least.

She watched the procession with half-lidded eyes. Her hand lightly fidgeting with the lace on her sleeve. It was a quiet mind for the young woman - a silent solace that she didn't share with anyone else. She found herself wishing to burn tin - but knew that it would reveal her what what she was. But being a Tineyes wasn't a bad thing. She kept it on a nearly steady slow and low burn.

Only a Mistborn would pick it up. But she used it to fully enjoy the ball. She didn't eavesdrop at Balls. She spent her Balls mostly watching as everything passed her by. Her Uncle had excused himself to go dance with an older Noble woman, and Tia was left on her lonesome. With a few Skaa nearby. Tia herself was on edge - something about tonight just didn't feel... right.

There was a buzzing in her head, things sitting at the edge of her consciousness. She just couldn't understand it.

#2700676 The Casuana Ball, Part I: Arrival

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 23 September 2010 - 07:19 AM in Keeps

Tia regained her composure, her head lifting up. Her head tilted up just enough that she was showing that she had confidence - but she wasn't being overly obvious to the Higher Nobility. She nodded lightly as Mia began to speak - and smiled brightly. "Why yes - House Mraziel specializes in that. We have worked in many of the Great Houses Gardens. We like making things beautiful." She said politely as she folded her hands before her.

She could do this - she was talking about plants. Her mind reeled with the possibilities. She could possibly get a new contract. She straightened her back - looking over at the commotion for only a moment. "House Mraziel just imported some new plants. They are rather gorgeous, and no one has ordered any of them yet. They have a lovely soothing scent to them." She said as she cocked her head to the side - a silent offer.

Then she was asked about a Terrisman and she smiled faintly. "My family has not managed to find a Terrisman that is actually willing to deal with me - Lady Casuana. I prefer getting hands on with all of my work. Which is a bit unladylike - but does tie into my families specialty. I find it makes the plants healthier and happier." She stated as she grinned brightly.

#2692312 The Casuana Ball, Part I: Arrival

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 18 September 2010 - 05:22 AM in Keeps

Tia was utterly startled at the fiasco with the Inquisitor. She did her best not to show it though. Her eyes darted to the side a bit of nervousness filled her position then as she shifted faintly. Looking back at her guardian - who nodded at her lightly. She looked back at the woman that had addressed her.

"I am glad you could attend. What House do you hail from? Certainly, they are gracious for sending such a pretty girl here to my ball."

Tia curtsied again - her eyes downcast, then slowly they went up. "Oh, Lady Casuana - I'm from House Mraziel. Tia Mraziel." She said as she cast her gaze up at the woman that held more beauty and state to her then Tia would ever hope for. She smiled brightly as she looked up at the woman.

"I just returned from a long trip - to gather resources. So this ball is a welcome treat for me." She said cheerfully then closed her mouth. Blushing faintly at her forwardness with the Noble lady. She smiled weakly and then looked over at her Guardian.

She would have to mingle with the Nobles, and avoid the strong spirits. But she could drink some of the other things they had - last thing they needed as her drunk. She took a steadying breath, calming her nerves before she moved a little nervously again. It was only a slight movement - the red-head doing her best to stay poised.

#2678342 House Mraziel

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 11 September 2010 - 12:19 AM in Inactive Houses

Minor House

Leadership Information
Handle : Amejisuto
Contact : Tia Mraziel, AIM - KoganeTsuki

General Information
House Mraziel is a Lesser Nobility, one that specializes in the export and import of plants and flora. The plants they import are usually either put towards their other export and import business - Medicines. If this is not where they go, they go to the Noble's Gardens. If you go to a Noble's Garden's, you will definitely see quite a variety that was brought in by House Mraziel. Their botanists specialize in making sure the plants are the healthiest around.

House Mraziel prides itself on the efficiency of the skaa they employ. Beatings are not taken kindly - and they also do not approve of abusing their skaa workers. Abuse leads to rebellion, and rebellion does not breed loyalty. Some Houses look down on them for this - but they have never had a shipment go missing, and they have never had a rebellion in their whole family history.

Mraziel tends to treat it's members fairly and kindly. They are very virtuous and refuse to break a contract unless the other party has been untruthful. House Mraziel has never had a Mistborn - but Mistings are not uncommon. The family has many cousins in the country that are mistings, and run small holdings out there. Though Mraziel is not a Great House, they still do their best to survive in Luthadel's Hierarchy.

They are known as a house of truthful individuals. House Mraziel will never lead you astray.

Character Information
Player Members:
Tia Lumina Mraziel - Heir
NPC Members:
Venial Mraziel - Leader
Makia Mraziel - Wife of venial, Mother of Tia
Percin Mraziel - Great-Uncle of Tia
Sirel - PewterArms, Third Cousin by Marriage, Shop Guard

Home & Wealth
Ancestral Home: Central Dominance
Current Location: Luthadel
Financial Avenue: Import and Export of Plants and Medicines.

None Yet

Allies and Rivals
None Yet
None Yet

Manor Description
A rather simple looking Manor, that is well built and well kept. The home is a moderate size - and may one day increase in size. If House Mraziel can increase their standing in the Nobility. What Mraziel does host - is some of the best Garden's in Luthadel. Next to the Nobles. Since their specialty is the import and export of such things. They have well kept Gardens, and their members often go to Noble houses to keep the gardens up-kept properly.

#2678315 A new face

Posted by Tia Mraziel on 10 September 2010 - 11:57 PM in Introductions & Farewells

I've definitely enjoyed my stay so far. I hope to make alliances for Tia, and find her a trainer. And a few other things.

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A new face - for a new place. I'm putting my best foot forward and saying hi! If you have an interest in Tia, and wish to thread with the little Mistborn to be - please let me know! I need to find a Tutor for her - because very soon she's going to be rather freaked out. She will have absolutely no idea what to do. XD

Anyways, hi.

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Step by step, she took this. Each step precise - each motion was practiced. There was a graceful ease to her movements - some would think almost pewter enhanced. If they were - she didn't know it. This was Tia Mraziel, daughter of Mraziel House. Heir to what her parents held in their hands. She was twenty - and she was single - and she was nervous as hell. She had just returned from a long voyage. One of which she was gathering personally - many rare and exotic plants. The few plants that still remained sturdy in an Ash Ridden world. These plants that she used to save lives.

The woman that was walking into the Atrium now, was one that many hadn't seen in a few balls. She wasn't of a high house - nor was she a particularly social butterfly. But she was a constant source of information - and knowledge on things that most people didn't pay attention to anymore.

Her head was held politely high - a gentleness to her features that some of the hardened female Nobilities lacked. It was obvious that her traveling had done her complexion some good. She was healthily tanned - but didn't look horribly pale either. She was pleasantly toned, and that matched her hair and eyes better then it usually did.

Tia was still naive and sweet at heart. Still a believer in Good triumphing over evil. Even now - with an Inquisitor in the room. Good, that meant she could slip right by everyone - without being noticed as being slightly late. Not terribly late - but just slightly. Her tin wasn't burning, she never did so at Balls - it was a good way to get yourself found. That was something her father had warned her heavily about - and she was not about to go mess up her parents plans about getting her married off.

Long red hair was pulled to the top of her head, revealing a long and gently curving neck. The hair had been pinned up, curled gently and let to fall for it's full length. Her bangs were styled and pinned to her right temple with a wooden clip - painted to look like a flower. Her gown, had cost her all of her jewelry - and a lot of her parents money. So the clip was all she had left. She had no metal jewelry not even her earrings. This gown was her one way to strike it big upon returning to the world of the Nobility. She had to make a good impression - because otherwise they would eat her alive.

The gown was green, a dark forest green. It was made out of a shimmery fabric, thin and decadent to the touch. A satiny fabric that was soothing to the touch, and kept her at just the right temperature. It was simply cut - one meant to accentuate the figure of the young woman wearing it. The gown was slightly off the shoulders - the sleeves were tight all the way to her elbow. The sleeves belled out from there with the sleeve being longer then her hands. Giving her the ability to hide her hands. At the edges of the sleeves was a trim made of soft white lace. It was a smaller design, that if one looked closely - they could see that the lace looked like vines. There was lace across her bodice as well. Drawing attention to her assets, and making her look all the more lovely.

The bodice came in sharply, especially since she was wearing a tightly cinched corset beneath her gown. The bodice was smooth, with no additions to it. The back of the bodice dipped a little low, and showed that it was laced closed. The laces going from the top and tying at the bottom - the laces were a dark green ribbon. Tied in a nice sized bow. The bodice came together smoothly with her dual skirts. The over skirt was split at the center of her waist, spilling out to reveal paler green skirts beneath. The skirts were full - but had many layers missing beneath them, because they allowed for freer movements - greater grace. She didn't look good with giant full skirts. The underskirts were slightly tiered, to have a almost regal look to them. but not enough it would insult greater nobility. The overskirts edges were trimmed in the same lace as her bodice and cuffs.

Around her waist was a dyed braided leather belt. Tied in place so the tassels fell over her right hip. And peeking from beneath the skirts one could see a pair of dyed leather dance shoes. She was prepared as well. There was a man beside her was her hired guardian for the night. A friend of the family - an older gentleman that was to make sure her honor was kept safe.

She was ready for anything - or so she thought. As she looked up and around her, her eyes beheld the scene before her - the gorgeous chandelier made of Atium and the people of so many varied walks of nobility. She didn't know any of them - so she could see. At least any she knew on a speak basis. How had her parents managed to get Mia Casuana to give her an invitation?

She waited for the crowd nearby the Hostess to thin considerably before she approached. She curtsied politely and then slowly rose. "It is a pleasure Lady Casuana, I am honored to be allowed to attend such a feature that you are holding. It is my first ball in many many months." She said politely. As per her teachings, she would give the other woman her name - only upon being asked for it. It would be horrible of her to assume that she could just give her name to someone of a high station, as if she was an equal.

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Patience is an art I learned well. I understand and I can wait. Just understand that I won't deal with any issues probably for the next few days. I don't wnat to take any anger out on those that do not deserve it. I'm going through some problems in real life.

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That's exactly what I was thinking. What I meant by the statement I made, about you deciding when her snap finishes - is as simple as this. I want to thread, and have her develop and start to notice she's using other metals. Like someone gets an idea of what she is, by the minute ways she manipulates people or something. So they test to see if she's actually a full mistborn? Instead of a misting? Through that she will realize, and perhaps get someone to help her realize she is psychologically messed up - and because of it she can't reach her full potential?

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"Tia Lumina Mraziel"
Partial-Snapped Mistborn

Player Information
Handle : Amejisuto
Contact : AIM - KoganeTsuki

Character Information
Name: Tia Lumina Mraziel
Age: 20
Type: Lesser Nobility
Gender: Female
Occupation: Herbalist
Marital Status: Single

Type of Powers: Allomancy
Metals Used: Partial-Snapped Mistborn(Will explain in detail later in the App)
Tin - The metal she has burned since she was found by Venial Takiel. This metal is the one she has used often and has even come to a point were she is learning a few things new.

Pewter - The metal she burns without knowledge she is burning it. It's in such small doses - that her parents chalked it up to being a very energetic and well balanced child.

Brass - The metal she burns without knowledge she is burning it. This is in smaller doses then Pewter and is often used to weedle her way into getting what she wants. Used mostly when she was a child, now she uses it when making herbal mixtures that help people. Soothing them - unconscious mind you - and calming them so that they don't fear quite so much for their health.

Degree of Skill:
Tin - Since this is the metal since she has used since her original partial-snap at two years of age, this is the metal that she is most skilled at. She has gotten to a level now that she has actually started to learn to focus on only certain parts of her senses. Drowning out the unimportant things - and focusing on the things she really wants to pay attention too. She has not fully mastered this skill yet - but she is well on the way there
Pewter - Being a metal she unconsciously burns, is only at a beginning level. She has no idea or possible concept that she's actually burning it.
Brass - Same concept as the Pewter. She burns it in such small doses and such small periods she is only one a beginning level still.

When her hair not pinned up or braided in some manner, it falls towards her waist. Her hair is pin straight, with a cut style to it that adds layers. These layers add volume to her hair that wouldn't previously be there. The layers start at their shortest point, right at her shoulders. In a quickly sliding angle straight down towards the middle of her back. This makes for some interesting occurrences if she is near anything that has a static charge to it. It's extra volume also exposes her to the possibility of frizz. Her hair is parted to the left, with a sweep of layered bangs going past her right eye. These bangs start their shortest at her eyebrows, and quickly slope down to the longest part being at her collarbone.

Her hair is a bright red tone. Not a strawberry blond, and not a darker flaming red head. It seems to be caught somewhere in between. A pleasant shade for the eyes to behold. It has a silken texture to it - one that she keeps constantly taken care of. She usually carries a hairbrush with her at all times. One of her nervous habits is brushing her hair when she is agitated - or needs to calm down.

Her eyes are rather almond shaped, but larger in their appearance then one would think. The way her eyes are shaped gives her an edge of permanent innocence. Like a young woman that hasn't completely grown up. She uses this to sucker people into believing her when she is trying to get her way. She doesn't do it in a bad way - but if she's trying to manipulate someone, her eyes are a very big aid in that process.

The almond shaped eyes are accented by a set of deeper red lashes. Rather on the longer side - she has been told many a times by her mother (jokingly mind you) that she was going to take scissors to them so they looked normal. Her eyebrows are well trimmed and gently arched over her eyes - she must keep up appearances. She is nobility - if of a lesser house.

Her eye color is rather striking - for when people actually look at her eyes, and not her form. Her eyes are startling blue, icy in their tone. They hold a quality to them that is almost magnetic - making one wish that they could be pulled in by them. (Now this is not a DEFINITE thing, just the way her eyes look. She will not control people with them, don't worry.) The tone being an icy blue, with a ring of dark ocean blue on the outer edge of the iris. If one pays close attention to her eyes, they can even see hints of a paler green inside her iris'. Most people only see her eyes when she actually lifts up her head, and opens her eyes fully. As most of the time she demurely has her head down, and eyes half-closed.

Height: 5''7'
Weight: 135lbs
Depending on her moods - her voice comes off in varying degrees or tones. Usually her voice is a soft tone - one that you would expect from someone trained to be genteel. There is a laughing quality to it that almost never leaves - but buried beneath that all you can hear a hint of a child hoping for the world to get better. She keeps her tone usually at a peaceful and soft tone. She doesn't like speaking sharply or harshly to others - but will do it if she must. Her voice portrays her moods - if you pay close enough attention.

When she must speak sharply - or with anger - her voice takes on a much huskier tone. One that curls around the mind and makes one stop to think about what they are seriously about to do. Well that's usually what it does - if the person happens to be perceptible to such a tone.

Overall Appearance:
Tia's facial structure definitely speaks of Higher Noble blood - so why is it then that she's a Lesser Nobilities Daughter? Her parents never will tell anyone why - they always use the same excuse they always have. Her facial structure has a delicate air to it. Not breakable - but definitely an air that makes one wonder. Her cheekbones are high and sculpted just enough that they can be seen. Adding lines to her features, and bringing out her appearance just a bit more.

Her ears are well rounded and of a decent size - the shells of her ears being a pale pink tone. Her nose is of a smaller size - but has a bit of a turn to the right side. Giving her a rather pert and adorable look to her delicate features. Her mouth is of a medium size - and turned up at the corners constantly. Giving her the ever present look of smiling. These lips are a softer dusky rose color - one she doesn't need lip-tint for.

Being a red head - natural at that - adds a paler tone to her complexion then others might have. She burns easily if she is in the sun too long. This makes things a little difficult for her - but it just adds to her looks overall. One could easily consider this a flaw in her appearance, as if she stays inside TOO long - she ends up looking pallid and ill. So getting just the right balance of sunlight has proven difficult for her. There is another aspect of her skin tone, that others might think a flaw. But she finds them utterly adorable. Across her nose and cheeks is a splattering of beige freckles. These freckles also appear in light spattering on each arm. They also appear just barely and lightly across the tops of her breasts - if she is happening to be wearing a dress that shows that off.

Her body structure is one that someone would expect from a speed fighter. Oddly enough - she has no idea why her body is like this, but she still exercises regularly to keep herself in shape. Her body structure is long and lean. one that should she actually wear the right kinds of clothing... might attract her some attention.

Her legs are long, making up quite a decent amount of her height. Beneath her skirts are a pair of legs made for running. Long and lean, these legs have a musculature to them that makes them have a subtle look of power to them. One wonders what would happen if she kicked you - if that ever came to happen. Her feet are small and delicate in look - but on the bottom of her feet you'll find thick calluses built from all of her time running around barefoot in gardens and uneven ground. Skaa's feet as one of her maids call them. Tia just doesn't give a damn.

Her legs taper up into hips that are definitely made of child bearing. They flare out from her body causing her to attain an interesting figure. These hips curve gently in towards a waist that is very delicate in it's look. When her corsets are worn properly - she has an hourglass figure. Her torso is built lean - but she does happen to have an ample amount of cleavage. Not overly abundant - but enough for you to know she isn't a boy. Her shoulders are not wide apart - nor close together. Just a decent middle ground.

Her arms are long and have the same muscular structure as her legs. Long and lean - with subtle muscles that make one think that they are more powerful then they portray. Her hands are of a regular size, with long tapering fingers. These fingers are covered in calluses and nick marks - from all of her work in the gardens. This also happens because of the things she handles. She's well known for nicking herself on anything sharp.

Her clothing style tends to vary. She prefers split skirts as they are easier to move around in. Her dresses aren't usually low cut, she prefers to cover as much of herself as possible when she goes out. She prefers sleeves tighter to her upper arm - but flaring out at her hands. These are things that she just generally feels better wearing. She isn't much of one for corsets. But wears them when her mother requests it. Her colors are usually duller tones then something seen at balls. Mostly because she doesn't want to ruin her clothes by working in the garden - or getting ash all over her clothes.

House Mraziel's Specialty is the import and Export of various Medicines and Flora. They tend to use these either in the medicines that several of their members create, or to furnish Greater Nobilities houses. Making them a rather important, but at the same time not very integral, part of the society they live in.

Special Skills:
Gardening - because of the occupation she has taken up, she has become rather skilled at Gardening. All of her herbal mixtures are based off of plants she has raised in her garden - or specifically ordered for the purpose. She even uses her Tin to make doubly sure it's actually what she ordered. She works on General Malady Potions, and things that have more specific uses. She never makes poisons - but knows how to make antidotes if given enough information on the symptoms.

Dancing - She likes dancing, whether ballroom dancing or quicker upbeat tunes. She also does a form of dancing that we would call ballet (I'm not sure if it exists in the Mistborn world.). She has done this since she was a child, and has continued to increase her talents in it. Her body made limber and dexterous due to her constant exercise.

Child Care - She has a rather natural knack for helping children. Especially those who just went through the process of 'Snapping'. She soothes them and does her best to aid those she has access to - She does this as an unconscious effort to make up to herself... what happened to her as a child.

Book Keeping - She does all of her own book keeping for her Herbal work. Meaning she knows her numbers and knows them well. She uses these talents to make sure she isn't getting ripped off by someone. She's very precise in her measurements and payments. She will accept tips if given, but will not turn over the mixtures unless proper payment is given. Now if someone happens to be honestly unable to afford her mixtures - she will more then likely give them the mixture. This is applied mostly to Skaas that are in need of health increasing mixtures.

Herbology - She is amazingly talented with the identification of plants and anything plant related. Flowers, Trees, or Edibles. She uses her Tin, to smell and see better then others would. If she is unsure if it is poisonous, she will use her taste and only use a LITTLE bit of the object being tested. Just enough for flared senses to catch anything a normal human might not. This has saved her life and other peoples lives on several occasions.

This talent with plants - is why she took up her occupation as an Herbalist. Creating mixtures for people - making things like perfume - anything that had to deal with the plants she managed to get at least passing decent at. This is her future - you know?

Well Learned - her parents made sure she had a good education. Enough that she can cite off passages in novels or documents she has taken a particular liking too. This also shows itself when she has to go through intellectual debates.

Eidetic Memory - She has the ability to remember things almost flawlessly. Things she has read or has heard. This is different then Photographic memory, which means she remembers exactly what she has seen. She can recite sections of monologue - or a book she has read. This proves annoying as a child - but has become an asset as an adult.

Reading - This is something she just loves to do. If you aren't capable of finding her in a garden somewhere - she's reading a book. Or walking down the street - likely reading a book. She reads pretty much anywhere. Mostly novels, and books about the Empire - and how it was founded. Things that help her understand her world better. She is also known to read any book that has to do with plants and applications of them.

Sewing - She has about as much talent with this, as a Skaa has at ballroom dancing. She finds that the knots annoy her - and using the needle only ends up with her having a needle stuck through her finger. This was a talent of the Nobility that she never got a good grasp on, and likely never will.

General Cooking - though she can make plant mixtures very well, get her anywhere near a kitchen and it's an explosion waiting to happen. She can boil things - and she can make mixtures, but she cannot even roast some meat over the fire. Somehow things just don't turn out well. Like the one time she managed to set the morning Oat Mash on fire... Just don't ask. Needless to say she's pretty horrible at cooking - but as a Lesser Nobilities daughter she won't see too much of a need for such a talent.

Keeping her mouth shut - As much as she is intelligent and well learned, she has a problem keeping it to herself. If someone brings up a topic she knows something about - her mouth ends up going a mile a minute. Unfortunately the convulted mess her words become - are so advanced in their vocabulary that most people are left dumbfounded. This doesn't make it very easy for her to make enough associates to get invited to the balls. Only those that find her 'blabbering' to be 'fascinating' have deemed it alright for her to attend their balls.

Talking to Boys - If it's a boy and within her own age range, she has trouble speaking to them. If the topic isn't about something she's read in novels, she can't get a single word out. It all comes out as stutters, blushes, and confused expressions. She is completely dumbfounded by this - as are her parents. They wish the best for her, but they find it more and more difficult to find her a husband. What man would be able to deal with her?

Tia to most appears to be a timid and intellectual creature. She really is just that, a majority of the time. Her words are soft spoken, if a bit advanced. She holds herself with as much dignity as one of her station is allowed. Her timid nature is usually an act - one she puts on so that she can survive in the world of Luthadel. A ruthless place for any female who steps out of her place. Which is sad - because she feels she can be so much more.

This timid nature however - becomes very real the moment someone raises a hand against her. Because of what happened before Venial found her, she has had lasting effects on her psyche. A child of two - beat nearly to death - will have many of those it seems. She freaks out and flinches - giving a cry the moment someone raises their hand to her. If they yell she curls away and starts to shake. Fear fills her eyes, and her voice almost completely vanishes.

This will be something that will alter her life for a long time. Unless she can find someone that is actually willing to get her over her fears - and get her to understand that not everyone will hurt her.

She is very big on abandonment issues - she cannot be alone in a room. The moment she is alone in a room - fears starts coating her mind. Making her tongue taste like blood, as she bites her cheeks. She fears being alone, all alone with no one to cradle and comfort her. This comes from being found a two, after nearly dying. She clings to those that call her friend - becoming a faithful follower.

She will allow herself to be used by the other people around her - so long as it means she has a purpose. So long as it means that she's useful. So long as it means she will never be alone again.

There is another unfortunate side effect - from what happened during her partial-snapping. She has some anger problems, as most red heads do. She can only build everything up for so long. When that anger finally snaps - she goes off like the firecracker she is supposed to be. She will yell, and she will scream. She never resorts to physical violence - but the results are nonetheless frightening. Because she can raise her voice rather loud - and make herself be heard.

She has many reasons for the things she does. She took up Herbology as a hobby, and then found she had amazing talent with it. She found this to be something she could throw herself into whole heartedly - and not feel like she may end up a failure. She finds these thoughts to be very detrimental to her well being - but she can't help but have them. That's what happens when you constantly have a feeling that you are just not good enough for those around you.

Flirting goes completely over her head. If a guy tells her that she's pretty, she'll stare at them blankly. Confusion is the usual result you'll get. But if you managed to get her to actually give a verbal response, she'll say that it's mean to play those kinds of jokes on people. That kind of thign is cruel to do - and you just shouldn't do it to people. Unfortunately this makes it difficult for anybody that is actually attracted to her.

She can be a sweet woman, kind and caring towards those that matter to her. Even those that don't. She treats others the way she wants to be treated - and if she finds out she treated someone poorly, she feels more guilty then anyone could ever understand. She does her best to make up for her imagined faults - and is constantly trying to gain approval of some form.

She has a bit of a habit of trying to smooth over situations. When there is a bad situation happening - infighting or that sort of thing - she tries to get herself set up as mediator. So long as the screaming isn't directed at her - she doesn't notice much of anything being wrong. She tries to calm the situation - and the people - by speaking to them. This is also something she does when she is working with a particularly anxious customer.

She can be quirky and very happy - in fact that's what she is most of the time. She puts on the personification of happy. Being cheerful and always smiling, even if she's breaking inside and is actually upset. She does this because someone has to keep everyone happy, and if she is keeping everyone happy... they won't leave her alone. Right?

She acts demure and polite whenever she is in a Noble setting. Most of the time this is a ruse to get people to be comfortable around her. When they are comfortable - she lets her cheerful self out. This is so people are at ease with her - and are more then willing to be around her.

She has nightmares - mostly blurry images and screaming. Yelling and someone saying that she was useless. That she was useless - her brother was useless. All of her siblings were useless. A voice muttering something about stupid children - and their inability to be exactly what he was looking for. The mans voice forever haunts her nightmares.

Because of the emotional and physical trauma that was put upon her two year old body - she put up many mental barriers. Her mind made them naturally to keep her safe. Unfortunately these barriers also stopped other processes from firing in her mind. She never finished her snapping - her mind collapsing in on itself too soon for the rest of the 'Snapping' process to complete. It will have to be completed in the future - for her to become a full Mistborn.

Tia was found as a young child - two years of age. Venial Mraziell was a Nobleman. Not a very high nobleman - but a nobleman nonetheless. He worked hard to keep his family happy, but it was a year or so before they found Tia - that his wife lost their newly born daughter.

It was on a dark night - the mists out - that Venial heard the sobs of a child. He thought it was the mist playing tricks on him - but he ventured out anyways. His wife was still having problems over the loss of their daughter.

What he found in the alley changed his life's course - permanently. You see the child had unknown origins. But from the state of her clothes - she must have had some sort of noble blood. For it was fine fabrics - but torn into tatters and smeared in blood. When he found the girl she was curled up in a ball, just a small little thing. Sobbing because everything around her was hurting her. He assumed that she was a simple Tineyes, he was a Seeker of some talent and could sense the small bits of Tin being burned inside her. He scooped her up and took her home.

When he got her back to his home - his wife Makia was already at the door. Fear painted her features - as the mist was thick that night. But he returned carrying a child. Makia instantly got a bath set up, and they waited for the girls tin reserves to run out. They set her in a warm bath and slowly cleaned her - gently. They found many markings upon her. Several broken bones - and many bruises. It seemed that she was indeed the child of a Noble. But they couldn't figure out who.

They raised her as their daughter - saying she had been the daughter of Makia's sister. Her sister which was known to have died recently. Makia's Niece had gone off with her father, without knowledge of anyone else. So it was easy to say that Tia was that daughter. For Tia had been her Niece's name. The girl was renamed - by her new parents.

It took Makia and Venial two years after finding her - to get her to start talking. To even speak to them. In that time period - Tia burned no tin. She hadn't burned tin since the night she was found. It was at Four that one day she just suddenly snapped out of her sullen and odd mood. Her head snapped up one day - and she entered the kitchens. She asked the cook for a sweety, and the poor woman almost had a heart attack.

It was after that moment that her parents began having her talk to a man known as a 'Soother'. Every week she would see the Soother three times. Each day they would talk and play for two hours. The Soother told her parents there was something special about her - but he couldn't tell what. He just decided to continue to aid her the best he could - her parents paid him well enough anyways.

She was a very energetic child, she loved to sing and dance. She had impeccable balance when it came to dancing, and even when she ran around. People thought many times that she should have more injuries then she did. Be in more pain then she was - but she just never seemed that effected by anything that happened to her.

She'd climb a tree and fall out - she broke her arm when she was seven, and just stared at the bone sticking out. It hurt - oh it hurt - but she really couldn't quite start screaming. It didn't feel that bad. Just enough to make her sniffle.

Of course her parents took this as odd - but Venial couldn't sense anything being burned other then tin - by his daughter. It was at six that she actually started to burn it again - slowly - at the behest of her father. He said that a good little girl - was a sharp little girl. He wanted her to listen in on the meetings, and repeat everything she heard to him. He made sure she had a Smoker with her - anytime he did this. So that her allomantic pulses where hidden to anyone that may be a Seeker.

She grew up - finding that books were a great solace from her nightmares. The nightmares that she woke up from - and constantly dreaded going to sleep because. The nightmares started when she was eight, that was also when she started to realize that speaking demurely and politely gained you more people on your side. It also made people underestimate your capabilities.

Nothing really big happened in her life for awhile. She just continued to grow - continued to learn. She started the process of advancing her Tin burning. She never really liked flaring - it made her head hurt. It was during the course of practicing her Allomancy - that she figured out she liked and had a knack for plants. She started to study documents about plants and learned all she could. At Seventeen she got an apprenticeship with an Herbalist, and found that she had a natural talent for her.

To aid her in her chosen profession - she started to work on Mastering her Allomancy. Having heard from someone in passing - that if you practice hard enough you can focus on just one sense while burning tin. So that's what she began practicing. Eventually - she got to the current day and age she is at. Her parents trying to find her a suitor - and her just trying to be as unassuming as possible at the balls.

Roleplay Sample
Tia stood sat quietly on the small seat that was placed before her workroom window. She has a small space she actually did her work in. Walls lined with wooden drawers, glass jars all over. Several different forms of creation - littered the room. On a table before her, she has a small pot of water boiling. There was a mortar and pestle sitting next to that, full of different herbs. Right now, she was working on a mixture for a Nobleman's daughter. The girl had a hacking cough - so Tia was working on a mixture of herbs that would help lessen the coughing, and help the child get the fluid out of her lungs.

It wasn't an easy task, the child was younger then anyone she had ever made a mixture for. So the portions had to be perfect. Too much and the child would be sick - too little and it wouldn't have the desired effects. Nearby she knew that the Thug she had hired to watch her shop - was waiting for any sort of trouble. There was many a times that someone tried to strong-arm her into giving away her medicine for free. After the first time she had that problem, she had asked her parents to hire a thug to help her watch her shop.

It was not a difficult task, the man was actually a member of her family. A distant cousin - that had come into his powers by his mother having dallied with a Greater Nobleman, at a ball. Though it had destroyed her reputation - the son was not one that would be killed. He wasn't a half-breed, so he was safe.

Tia looked up from her work , her eyes shifted towards the pocket watch sitting on her table. The Nobleman would be here soon, she needed the mixture ready by then. She took some syrup out of a special container. Sitting the bottle down before her. It was a sweet syrup. It was meant to mask the bitter taste of the herbs, making it much easier for a child to take the medication.

The pot released a high pitch whistle, letting her know that the water was heated up to the point it could be used for what she needed it to be used. She poured only a few spoonfuls of the hot water into the mixture. Releasing the inherent properties of the plants within her mortar. She slowly ground it all together into a paste, adding more water to make it closer to a liquid state. Just enough that the herbs would get more of an effect. When she was done with that, she pulled a screened-strainer out of a drawer on her desk.

Slowly she poured the mixtures from her mortar into the small green bottle that was in front of her. She added a little more water, and then poured a generous amount of the syrup in. She then corked the bottle and shook it vigorously to mix the contents to a perfect consistency. With that done she took a candle and lit it. Slowly she poured wax unto the cork of the bottle, creating a seal that she was known for. She finished it off by pressing her makers mark on the wax that covered the top of the cork. The small stamper left a ring around the top - with a single feather in the center of the wax seal.

She stood up, holding the bottle in her hands. Just as the sound of a knock filled the room. "Come in." She said in just a loud enough voice that she could be heard. Politely she turned around and placed the bottle into a pouch that could be tied to the man's waist. As the Nobleman entered she handed him the pouch. "Please listen carefully to what I am going to say, sir. You must make sure to give her one spoonful with her morning meal, and one with her evening. Your daughter should be fine within a week or so. There is enough doses in there to last her till that time. Do not give her anymore, or any less." She stated in a soft and polite tone.

She watched as the man accepted the pouch, and then held out a bag with the payment. Tia smiled at him politely and then tucked her head down. "Have a lovely evening sir. Please do tell anyone else you know, if they happen to need aid of this nature." She said in a quiet tone. She had practiced this voice so hard, it was just loud enough that people could hear. It also made most people believe that she had quite a sense of modesty about her. Polite, and demure. She was exactly what a noble lady should be.

As the Nobleman left she released a sigh of relief. She turned her attention back to her desk, sitting back down. She quickly cleaned out her mortar, and went back to work. She had more mixtures to make, more people to help. She never really had much else to do, getting invited to Balls was a rare thing. She was only a Mraziel.

Note: Tia is meant to be a character that admins can seriously mess with with. I know she's messed up - I made her that way on purpose. I pretty much wanted a character that can start out the game messed up - and slowly mend as it goes on. The partial-snapping was mostly my own idea, and Eythen helped me flesh it out a little. There was also aid given by my friend who is training to be Child Psychologist. The gist of it is this - Tia is a character that admins can pretty much use for plots. I don't care if you get her hurt - just don't kill her. I'm leaving it open ended to you on who her Noble Parents are, and if that even gets discovered. You are welcome to decide the time and place that the rest of her Snapping happens, so that she can become a Full Mistborn. I am willing to do what I can to work with you on this.