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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#2697346 Farlo Pending

Posted by Farlo Pending on 21 September 2010 - 03:29 AM in Retired Characters

Thanks heaps- and might i add: funny you should mention these as the issues.
As to the first, it was a late addition to the profile after i reconsidered having the families hopes of money crushed by a dominated market- by who i didn't know back then. So my first issue was a substitue to your suggestion, looks like i had it the wrong way around. Thankyou heaps for the feedback, and now after you have put it in such a way i do realise that my logic behind the ministry involvment was not only farfetched by quite confused as well. I have made said adjustments and hope it meets your liking.

#2692371 Farlo Pending

Posted by Farlo Pending on 18 September 2010 - 07:08 AM in Retired Characters

"Farlo Pending"

Player Information
Handle : Farlo Pending
Contact : Pm

Character Information
Name: Farlo Pending
Age: 46
Type: Lesser Nobility
Gender: Male
Occupation: While patron of the dying lesser house Pending, due to the financial and social situation surrounding his house he has been forced by circumstance to travel to Luthadel in order to seek potential allies. While keeping the status of Nobility he takes the job of a purveyor of fine allomantic metals and alloys of high purity. This job lends to his superior ability at burning steel.
Marital Status: Widower- His wife fell ill many years prior.

Type of Powers: Allomancy
Metals Used: Steel
Degree of Skill: Savant~ he keeps his steel on a slow burn at all times in order to seek out metals of use. His ability at then pushing these metals, while skilful is not as good as his skill and seeking metals using steel.

Hair: Farlo?s hair is thick and lustrous for his age, while flecked with greys, his wavy black locks have a visible and impressive sheen, lending to good hair care and good genes.
Eyes: Farlo has deep brown irises that almost seem an extension of his pupil. These eyes are contained in circular lids of not abnormal shape.
Height: 195cm
Weight: 69kg
Voice: Farlo?s voice is strange, as it seems to fluctuate with those he chooses to speak to. Normally, he has a deep commanding drone, condescending even at times, however, when conversing with his social betters he fluctuates both pitch and boredom in his voice so as to flatter those who are above his station.
Overall Appearance: Beginning with his head, Farlo?s aforementioned hair is of moderate length and of dark tone, combed backwards in a slick in order to both draw attention away from the greys and to keep it out of his face, where it is not welcome. Following in the linear order of top-toe Farlo?s face is next- a long, leathery plate that is wrinkled far past the norm. His deep brown eyes peer from beneath baggy (and bushy) brows of similar colour, where as they are framed by the growing crow?s feet that are a mark of many, many years facing the trials and tribulations involved in heading a Noble house that is forever circling the drain of bankruptcy and social depravity. These crow?s feet mingle with wrinkles of similar origin of which draw a maze of intricate lines over his face, linking his large, beaklike nose with his tightly pursued lips and sharp, pointed chin and jaw.
His neck, while appearing like a bundle of cords or buttress roots thrust down from behind his chin and into his hidden torso, which (of course) is never seen due to its nature of being hid behind a deep navy suit jacket and pristine white shirt, adorned with a tie of similar fashion. This navy suit is continued down through his pants and into his shoes, of deep black leather, designed for comfort, fashion and so as to not show the ash.
Lastly, he uses a sculpted wooden cane to remedy is lame leg, its entire length carved to appear as though covered in vines.

This ensemble is his customary wear, on days of little frivolity and adequate heat, the suit jacket would suitably find itself not present. When desiring a change he substitutes this suit with others of not unlike make but different in slight design and colour in order to ensure he does not grow predictable in the eyes of his important peers.

Special Skills: Farlo is a man of literary pursuits and skills attaining to the general genre of ?words?. Well versed in both the work of a scribe, reader and analyst, his skills in the realm of verse is strong indeed. This is not Farlo?s only skill however for he also find himself suitably gifted in matters of argument of debate, easily holding his own against the best of verbal duellers, he can back any argument (whether or not he believes in it) with wit, knowledge and calm collectiveness. In short, many of those who do not see eye to eye with his either find themselves doing so or find themselves dreading ever bringing up the subject.
Strengths: Farlo, as previously stated, is an able and witty wizard with words, whether it be wielding them, writing them or reading them he finds the concept of literature one of exhilaration and honest integrity. This being said he is capable in many other aspects.
Farlo is a powerful coinshot, while not as good at launching metals as he is at finding them, he is weak in neither aspect.
He is also a very able fighter with the staff- this being said, his leg makes such rigorous exercise difficult.
Weaknesses: Obviously, Farlo?s leg is a large disadvantage to his well being and person, incapacitating him from doing any activities requiring movement over any extended period of time.
Farlo?s inability to run due to the aforementioned disability is also a very large physical weakness.
Mentally, Farlo is sound and so he has little in the way of weaknesses in this respect, this being said, many find his manner and person offensive in many ways, which, due to his goal, is a large disadvantage.

Farlo is, on the whole, a mild mannered man, while not brimming with compassion or sincerity he is capable of both great love and great hate.
He is a man of powerful contradictions, for while he is a staunch believer in voicing his own opinion and lending no preferential treatment to those who don?t deserve it, he too is a man who can instantly transform from an opinionated debater to a kiss up to those who are his ?betters?. This quick-change personality lends itself wonderfully to the current day Luthadel, for it allows him to appear as both a strong, diplomatic negotiator and a polite and respectful lesser.
This being said, Farlo, when the time arises can and will discuss and force his opinion onto any others if their own point of view runs perpendicular to his own. Because of this he can be know to let his tongue slip with those of better status and not only humiliate himself but disrespect the entire society he is part of.

Farlo is not a strong believer in the Lord ruler, but neither is he a heretic, rather, he is content with the current way in which the world is running itself and sees little need for change. It is because of this that he has no tolerance or respect for those who under appreciate the way in which the world is run.

Farlo was born 46 years ago in an era of peace and prosperity throughout the Final Empire, the world was not indifferent to the way it is now economically, technologically or demographically, but it was a significantly simpler existence.

He was born the son of Mahr and Bleden Pending, the rulers of a lesser house of Urteu: house Pending. The Pending household was one of tradition and orthodoxy, they did nothing but follow the rules of the Lord Ruler and were gifted in return with stability, finding very little fluctuation in funds or ranking- this suited the Pending family perfectly however for they were content with life as it was.

As a child Farlo was watched with a keen eye, while his mother and father were both allomancers (Bleden was a soother and Mahr was a Tineye) he was expected to be born with an allomantic ability, but when he reached the age of ten (after several years of relative security and boredom) he was forcefully snapped by his father in order to determine if he would share the mystical trait of his heritage. His parents were delighted when he showed traits as a coinshot. While alomancy to many meant power, to the Pending?s it meant stability, an opportunity in which they could keep their house alive and well without having to actively participate in the ?sport? of diplomacy.

The coinshot Farlo was trained over the next few years endlessly, while his parents were unusually supportive, they too were rational, they knew that an unrecognised misting was like an uncashed cheque- sure it was powerful in theory but when push comes to shove, what can it do? His studies under a notable Urteu steel burner were completed by age twenty after ten long years of excessive training and in many cases, a constant, slow burn of steel, rumoured to help him recognise metals much easier (as of yet he has only extinguished his steel during nights since this original burn).

At age twenty one Farlo was recognised as the patron of his house, with his mother and father?s death (natural causes) he was the oldest of their children, and so the heir to the family?s money, estate and debts- it was the latter however that worried him most.

While his parents had achieved a fa?ade of stability and control, unknown to the rest of the family (until now) they needed to take loans from multiple other sources just to keep their heads above water, while slowly drowning themselves in debt- this sudden realisation came as a terrible shock to Farlo and the rest of the household, forcing them to enter into serious business- something house Pending hadn?t done since decades past.

They entered into the niche market of sourcing, mining and purifying allomantic metals, a discipline that was mastered by only a few back then, and so allowing house Pending to remove themselves from debt over the next 25 years.

The new decline of house Pending began just years after this minute increase in wealth and power, with the sudden flare in competition. While the great houses had always dominated the market the Pending's had chosen- like each and every other market- the Pending househad had had their place among the suppliers, until now. In short- their plan was too little too late, while paying off only half of their debts and loans, they were faced with a terrible prospect- with not enough power to thrive, or even make a profit, in the metal purify and distribution business they had nothing that could help lift them from their debt. A decision was made and the verdict heralded- Farlo, being Patron, would travel to Luthadel and seek out not only a new profession but allies of whom he would attempt to tie lasting bonds with.

Currently, house Pending is falling fast into bankruptcy, again, drowning themselves in dept Farlo has been forced to travel from his home in order to seek alliances in the city of Luthadel, while still seeking a new way in which his family can make money- fast.

Roleplay Sample

There it was before him, it seemed the very bane of his existence, a knife developed specifically to seek his heart out from between his ribs: it was a letter. He had?nt the heart to open it, already it seemed to radiate with an unearthly heat, its sinister nature permeating his skin with what seemed like hot needles, making him twitch nervously and sweat far past the norm- nothing made him this nervous normally- especially not a piece of parchment, so why all the fuss?

His hands inched forward along the wooden desk, fingers stretching out like skeletal snakes, twisting this way and that has he attempted to conquer his fear and grasp the white letter, his mind racing with what its contents may well be. It was all far from comforting to the watching brothers and sisters of the squirming Farlo.
They each sat in attendance quietly, a ring of seats around the ornate desk, each filled with a figure of greater worried shock than the last. Every man woman or child in this room knew that the contents of that letter, held within it the fate of their entire lifestyle, family and existence, it was not something to take lightly.

Farlo?s fingers closed on the letter and instantly began working over it, inching back the closed flap in order to peer into it with a tenacious eye, hoping that he would not be displeased with the note.
He pulled it forth- a folded note, pressed with his families crest and adorned in silver and gold That?s a good sign he thought. Or a bad one? he later considered, they may well have to sell the gilt on the letter if the news was not good- he dearly hoped it was.

Sweat dripped down off his wrinkled forehead and past is round, brown eyes, slowly trailing past his striking jaw bone and off the tip of his pointed chin. This happened as he peeled open the note.

He physically and mentally exhaled, relieved to see that his family had survived another month and that they wouldn?t to be forced to declare bankruptcy and effectively any noble rights they had ever had but there was the small matter of making sure it didn?t happen again.

?My Family, we have survived.? Each figure slumped in their chair, worries fleeting them like a dove out a cage. ?But there is the small matter of ensuring this doesn?t happen again, we need a sure-fire solution.?


Farlo left the conference room appeased and tired but he could not sleep yet, he would need to pack- Luthadel was a fair trip away.

Note: if someone could edit my name accordingly it would be brilliant thanks!