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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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House Hasting

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#1 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 04 July 2009 - 03:44 AM

<div align=center>House Hasting
Great House</div>

Leadership Information
Handle : Camille
Contact : AIM, PM

General Information
Coming Soon. . .

Character Information
Head: Sheldon Hasting
Heir: None currently decided. The two candidates are Colette Hasting and Caden Hasting.
Player Members:
-Colette Hasting
-Kaylen Hasting
-Caden Hasting
NPC Members:
-Sheldon Hasting
Coming Soon. . .

Home & Wealth
Ancestral Home: Southern Dominance
Current Location: Luthadel
Financial Avenue: Hasting makes its fortune through the manufacture and sale of weapons and armor from its home in the Southern Dominance.

Canton of Finance: Hasting has sold weapons and armor to the government for years, but this contract has been lessened considerably since the expansion of the Ministry's contract with Casuana.
House Martel: Looking for an ally against Deveaux and Casuana, Hasting has begun purchasing quality Northern metals from House Martel.
House Dumont: This Southern House oversees the shipping of Hasting merchandise from Southern Dominance into Luthadel for distribution.
House Langlois: Much of the food shipped to Hasting's holdings in the South was grown on Langlois plantations.
House Yakel: House Hasting purchases textiles manufactured by House Yakel in their mills in Southern Dominance.

Allies and Rivals
-House Martel: In providing a stable contract to a competitor House (Martel) in a market almost completely dominated by that House's rival (Deveaux), Hasting has gained a loyal financial and political ally.
-House Brehaut: Hasting has a marriage alliance with Brehaut through Alicia Hasting (nee Brehaut). This, combined with Brehaut's mercantile contacts in the West, means that Hasting has a vested interest in cultivating an alliance and assisting their bid for Luthadel.

-House Casuana: Casuana is Hasting's chief financial competitor and ? ever since their elevation in status to that of a Great House ? one of their chief political rivals as well. From Casuana's absorption of Deveaux metals into the weapons market to their takeover of contracts with Venture and the Ministry itself, Hasting has been slighted by Casuana in more ways than one, and they're not happy about it.
-House Deveaux: This House's close relationship with House Casuana ? combined with the fact that that very alliance keeps a vast majority of the Northern metal supplies out of Hasting hands ? means that Deveaux and Hasting aren't on particularly good terms right now.
-House Venture: Venture and Hasting have been political rivals for years. How Casuana's breach of contract with Venture will affect this has yet to be seen.

Keep Description
Coming Soon. . .

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