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Mistborn: The Inquisition


Making the Rounds

Lysette Hasting's Photo Lysette Hasting 17 Feb 2014

A pang of guilt hit the pit of her stomach, and she looked away from him. She never thought of what he did during the day. He used to be a con man... and in some ways he actually still was. Maybe he would always be a con man. She had never thought about that. She made him give up his life for her, and now she was having doubts? She couldn't go back on it now. She had to keep moving forward...

She knew it was a lie, that they were Mistborn and they could do everything, anything... but it never ended that way. They did what other people wanted them to do, but she let that go for now. She didn't want to split hairs. She appreciated his attempts to fix everything. He was always good at smoothing things over. Came with his particular brand of training, she supposed. It didn't matter where it came from, only that it helped.

"Okay." she said, simply, instilled with new confidence. "I believe you... I don't know how we're going to make it work, but... I believe you."

Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 20 Feb 2014

Wonderful, mission accomplished, he'd reassured her. Now was just the matter of dragging himself away when he had her there in his arms. He'd done it once, but he was quickly finding that holding Lysette was addicting. He'd gone so long without touching her it was a relief to express the affection he felt for her with more than just words.

Just a little longer. He told himself. Just a little longer and you can do this whenever you want. Just a little longer and you won't have to leave her alone in the night. It didn't make letting go of her any easier, but it made it possible, so that was something.

"If you need to contact me before the ball, you know how." he said, stroking her cheek, not caring about the ash that smeared onto his hand, "Good night, Lysette."