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Congratulations Moru!

KChan's Photo KChan 03 Jan 2013

At long last, the time has come to welcome a new member into the MBI staff: the one and only Moru! She is a longstanding member of our community, and after contributing so much via plotting, helping out the staff behind the scenes, and putting up with our insanity, we've shanghaied promoted her to the position of Global Moderator!

Congratulations! :D

Mailliw73's Photo Mailliw73 03 Jan 2013

Hey, just wondering, what is a global moderator?

KChan's Photo KChan 04 Jan 2013

Global Moderator is a staff position ranking immediately under the admins. A global moderator's job is to work with the admins to keep the site running smoothly by reviewing character applications, keeping an eye on the day to day happenings of the community, acting as a sort of assistant GM, etc.

Global Moderators CAN: Open/close/pin/move topics, edit posts, flag spammers, give directions/instructions to players, etc.

Global Moderators CANNOT: Change members' usernames/passwords, edit the layout of the forums, create new forums, etc.

Basically, treat the Global Mods like you would any other staff member, and you'll be fine.

Mailliw73's Photo Mailliw73 04 Jan 2013

Ok thanks, I was just confused on the difference

Comatose's Photo Comatose 04 Jan 2013

Congratulations Moru ;). Be careful not to work too hard though. I failed to slack off enough, and look at me now, an administrator, hated by all! ;)

And you have a swooshie thing! Yipppeee!

Anyways, welcome to the team!

Moru's Photo Moru 04 Jan 2013

Hehe! Thanks! I'm a professional slacker (but I still somehow manage to get everything done... don't try to logic that one, it doesn't work.) so I don't think there's any danger of moving up the ladder any more ;D


Noelle's Photo Noelle 05 Jan 2013

Congrats Moru! I'm very new to the site so I don't know you that well but I look forward to rp'ing with you! :)

StormAtlas's Photo StormAtlas 07 Jan 2013

So... does this mean my I can get my character approved now ? heheh just kidding