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Mistborn: The Inquisition


A New Arrival

Rhea Venture's Photo Rhea Venture 05 Jan 2013

The events of Phyra's death was still very prevalent in Rhea's mind. She was beheaded and her body brought back as proof. Rhea hadn't been there, nor would she have liked to be. Instead she was up in her chambers writing in her journal. If ever she was found out, it wouldn't take a Mistborn to kill her. If Magnus found out, would he do it himself?

Rhea tried to push these thoughts away. Her morning would only be ruined. The men were out of the house at the executions, and Rhea was left to mill around, having breakfast, and getting dressed, with the help of her servants. She had a deep green dress, which was her favorite to wear. It was comfortable, but it was expensive and one of a kind. She put her graying hair up into a tight bun, and tucked her glasses away in her desk. She used them to read, but never brought them outside of her room.

Once Rhea was finally down in the main part of the house, she heard a carriage pull into the driveway. She hadn't heard of any visitors, and it was highly irregular to get such a call during the executions, as all of the men were expected to be there. She waited in one of the Venture's many common rooms, and she pulled one of the house servants aside.

“Please greet our visitor and bring them to me,” Rhea said to the servant, who rushed off to honor her request. Hopefully the other women in the house wouldn't mind her usurping the privilege of showing their guest around the expansive keep in their absence.

She waited for the visitor, wondering just who it might be. She looked to make sure her servant, the smoker, was in place and checked her supply of metals. Rhea enjoyed it when people visited, because she could practice rioting someone new. Her already advanced skills needed to be tested, and this was of course, the best opportunity.

Adala Venture's Photo Adala Venture 06 Jan 2013

"I don't like this," Adala said, "Where is everyone?"

"I don't know my lady, I'm sure there is a reason though, we'll be able to ask at the keep." Zayeed said.

Adala hunched her shoulders, looking scared, "Unless there's no one there, and the entire city is empty. Maybe they were all eaten by mistwraiths, or there was a plague, or-"

"We've arrived, and look there is someone there to greet us." Zayeed cut in, sounding slightly relieved.

Adala seemed more annoyed then relieved, "A survivor, no doubt."

"Well why don't you talk to them, and find out?"


And that was why a scant few minutes later Adala was in the same room as a woman she did not know, she was rather severe looking, and made Adala feel uneasy. Very suddenly she wished she had not let Zayeed go eat, and had kept the Terrisman with her. He always had a calming effect, but no, she'd done the right thing and now she was on her own.

There was a bright side however, nothing bad had happened to Luthadel. Well, that was sort of a lie, something bad had happened since there were executions taking place, but no one had told her why. But she could have that answered in a moment if she only remembered her manners.

Adala curtsied and said, "Good afternoon my lady," she paused for a moment, desperately trying to put a name to her face, but came up blank, "Venture, how pleasant it is to meet you. I am Adala, of Urteau. How are you this fine day?"
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Rhea Venture's Photo Rhea Venture 06 Jan 2013

"I was not aware we would be receiving visitors today, my dear, please do forgive the lack of a greeting when you arrived," Rhea said, standing to curtsy. She had never met this woman, but she was obviously related to the other Ventures, as they all had that look about them. It was also obvious that Rhea wasn't actually of the Venture line.

"Forgive my rudeness. I'm Rhea. You can call me Auntie if you like, I'm rather used to it at this point." Rhea started burning zinc, but didn't touch any of Adala's emotions yet. She hadn't quite gauged the girl's emotional state yet, and being hasty didn't conceal her Allomancy for thirty years.

She sat back down on the couch and motioned for Adala to sit. "All of the men are at the executions, I'm sure you understand. They'll return shortly... but until then we can keep each other company." Rhea smiled, softening her features a bit. "Why have you come all the way from Urteau to Luthadel, my dear?"

Adala Venture's Photo Adala Venture 07 Jan 2013

No one had known she was coming? Was she really that unimportant? But no,that was wrong, it was just this woman who didn't know. Surely one of the men at the executions had known she was coming. Yes, there was no need to get upset.

But of course, the woman had to ask the most awkward of questions. Adala wasn't sure how to answer, so she decided on the blunt truth, "I've come to find a husband, Lady Rhea," she couldn't call a woman she barely knew Auntie, it just wasn't done. "But rather then talk about me," she added too quickly, "could you tell me why exactly there are executions? None of the servants would explain."
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Rhea Venture's Photo Rhea Venture 09 Jan 2013

Rhea raised an eyebrow. "You are very free with that information, my dear. If I were you I would be more careful when speaking to a potential suitor." she offered as a smirk crossed her face.

She also noted the girl's formality. Rhea was not surprised. Adala seemed pretty enough, but even just after a few moments of talking to her, Rhea knew why she had come to Luthadel instead of finding a husband un Urteau.

Adala was to the point, blunt, and many nobles didn't like that. Rhea liked it. "There was an upset at the Casuana ball. It was burned, apparently by some upset skaa." Rhea gave Adala the bare minimum out of necessity, Rhea didn't know much about what had happened because she was too late to actually make an appearance, anyway. Her ongoing fight with Magnus was the cause.

"I do not know much more than that, I fear." Rhea added, not giving an explanation, but instead changed the subject. "Would you like a tour of the keep to pass the time until we can find you a room and get you settled?"

Adala Venture's Photo Adala Venture 09 Jan 2013

"Well since you are not one, Lady Rhea, I see no reason to not be open." Adala smiled a fake, annoyed smile. As if she didn't know that! But no, she was getting riled up when the woman was just offering her some advice. She needed to calm down, be poised.

All that flew out the window when Rhea told her why there were executions. "Skaa?" she said, the word ripped out of her, "Skaa attacked a ball? I-" They had the gall to do that? They had the gall to do exactly what she'd thought they should do for years?

She wanted time to stop, right then and there, so she could process this, but no, Lady Rhea was still talking, asking her if she wanted a tour of the keep. As if she wanted to do anything after learning this. But she couldn't decline, either. "That sounds lovely," she said, trying to pull herself together, "my questions can wait until after the men come back from the executions, I suppose."
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Rhea Venture's Photo Rhea Venture 02 Feb 2013

Rhea quirked an eyebrow. "No, I am not a suitor, but you will gain more admirers with a less blunt attitude, my dear. Even to your family." She said, as she straightened her skirts and led Adala away from the sitting room. There was much of Keep Venture to adore... and the men would be back eventually. She wasn't even sure they'd get to tour the entire thing.

"Yes, they will have to wait. I can only guess as to the answers; I am more interested in political intrigue than a few misguided skaa," Rhea said sharply. She walked, expecting Adala to follow.

She couldn't get an accurate read on Adala after so little time with the girl. It was obvious she was a country noble, but she had the bluntness she had come to expect from some of the other Ventures. That meant she was thinking twice as much as she was saying. Without the use of flowery language, she was overthinking things. So, touching her emotions may have been a mistake.

She held off for now, but motioned for her Smoker servant to follow in case she got a more accurate read on the girl.

"Tell me, Adala, have you been to Luthadel before?" she asked. Rhea had never seen her -- in her twenty years of marriage to Magnus, but that didn't mean the girl hadn't been.

Adala Venture's Photo Adala Venture 24 Dec 2013

Adala followed, berating herself. Now she was annoying people who were related to her too. It didn't matter if it was just by marriage, Adala's flippant attitude had never been a problem with her family in Urteau, but apparently it was here.

Perfect. Great. Wonderful, whatever shall I do next to put my foot in my mouth, hmm? she thought to herself.

But no, she had to calm down, to breathe, she could do this. She was a Venture, except she wasn't. Her mother married into the Venture house and her father was a skaa, she was a half breed. A freak of nature, something that shouldn't even exist- No, she was a Venture. If not by blood then by upbringing. She could do this, she had to do this.

Just wear a mask, she thought, wear a mask all the time and no one will even know you're wearing it.

She realized then that she'd let a longer then comfortable silence develop between herself and lady Rhea, she almost hastened to reply to the other woman's question, but stopped herself.

Think. Breathe. You are a perfect little Venture woman Adala. it's not that difficult.

"No my lady, I have never been to Luthadel. I'm not even sure if my father has been, he is always so very busy with the plantation." she paused, and then added, "It seems a very grand place, far bigger then Urteau."

There, nothing in that sentence could offend, surely. It hadn't even been that hard. Maybe this whole acting like someone completely different thing wouldn't be as difficult as she thought.
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