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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Arena Rules and Guidelines

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 09:57 PM

What is the Arena?

The Arena is a non-canon part of the site where members can write awesome combat scenes that have no actual bearing on the main RP whatsoever. This is the place to try out that cool new Allomantic trick you wanted to try without having to focus an entire character on it. This is the place to practice writing combat and hone your skills as an author. This is the place to pit Badass Loner against Badass Loner in an epic brawl to determine who is the most badass, loneliest Badass Loner of them all.

Or you could fight a Monster Wraith. It's up to you.

Bring your MBI characters into the Arena to practice writing them using their awesome abilities, or create new characters just for the Arena without worrying about the pressures of being accepted for play, or diving into major plotting. Write random one-off scenes, or chronicle the continued adventures of a pair of Mistborn who keep running into each other. Let your Mistborn fight a whole platoon of Hazekillers in a solo thread, or team up with a dozen other players for a gigantic free-for-all. The possibilities are endless!

Quick and Easy Arena Facts

Here are a few things you need to know about the Arena, listed in an easy-to-read list format:

  • I cannot say this enough times. The Arena is NON-canon.

  • This means your character cannot remember, talk about, or otherwise reference an Arena thread in-character on MBI proper. According to the canon storyline, it didn't happen.

  • This also means that death is temporary in the Arena. If your character dies in battle, he or she is dead for the rest of that thread, but will always be alive and ready to fight in any other threads you want to join.

  • Because there's no plot to maintain, even improbable fights are allowed in the Arena. If you want your teenager to fight an Inquisitor, go for it! It still won't go very well for your character, but if you want to play it out anyways, this is the place to do it.

Storylines in the Arena

The Arena is an open sandbox for any sort of combat thread you want. It arguably works best with one-off threads, given its non-canon nature, but you are perfectly welcome to have your own personal continuity to your fight scenes, if that's what you want. Just remember that the Arena is, and always will be, a combat zone. You can write your characters getting into a fight at a ball, but not attending on e peacefully and dancing the night away. If character interaction begins to interest you more than the fights, consider converting the appropriate participants to MBI characters so you can have more non-combat storyline elements.

If you wish to establish your own personal continuity, feel free to create a thread dedicated to it in the planning board, with links to each thread - in order - as it appears in your continuity. This continuity exists in its own little bubble, and anything that happens outside it won't affect what happens inside. What happens inside it can only affect the outside if you choose to let it (for example, if Bob the Coinshot and Mary the Lurcher meet in Bob's continuity, and both players agree that they want the characters to have already met and fallen in love when participating in a thread outside Bob's continuity, they are allowed to do so).

Remember: reality is a very fluid and flexible thing in the Arena. If you want your own continuity and parameters within the established MBI setting, it is up to you to define them! And yes, you can have as many continuities as you want. Just make sure you can keep them all straight.

Character Submissions and Permissions

MBI Characters

MBI characters are defined as characters who have been submitted and accepted into the main Mistborn: the Inquisition RP. They use the main character app, participate in board-wide plots, and do all of the things that normal RP characters do. Because they already have a detailed application submitted, they do not need to submit a character sheet to participate in the Arena. Particularly long characters may choose to do so if they want a quick reference available for other Arena participants, but this is entirely optional.

Players of MBI characters must remember, though, that the Arena is a non-canon portion of the site. This means that nothing that happens here is considered to have actually happened on MBI proper. This means that your MBI character is not allowed to get into a fight in the Arena, and then remember or reference it the next time he or she meets that character at a ball. It never happened, so it can't be brought up in any way.

Arena Characters

Arena characters are defined as characters that only exist within the parameters of Arena. They do not exist on MBI proper, and thus cannot post or interact there in any way. These characters belong to the Arena character group, and must have a Character Sheet submitted before participating in Arena threads.

Currently, the requirements for Arena characters are a little more lax than those of MBI proper, since there isn't a story to maintain. You can have Mistborn/Inquisitors/etc as first characters, characters that are focused entirely on a single concept or idea, and as many Badass Loners as you want. Just remember that you still have to actually follow the rules of the Metallic Arts.

Note: At this time, things like random Hemalurgy (think instances like Spook's spike in Hero of Ages), Mistings of the other metals (nicrosil/chromium/etc), and Twinborn are not accepted in the Arena. However, the staff have agreed that if the concept goes well, and everyone plays nice, we will consider opening up these types at a later date.

Submitting an Arena Character: To submit your Arena-specific character, grab the character sheet code, fill it out, and post it in a thread titled with your character's name. If you include any tags, make sure that [Arena] is one of them! And that's it. You're done!

Arena Character Acceptance: Arena characters are automatically accepted upon submission. That's it! No muss, no fuss, you're ready to RP as soon as you post your character.

This is, of course, unless the character is breaking the rules. If the staff see it, we will deal with it. If you spot a rule-breaking character, please notify the staff immediately via the report button.

Submitting an Arena Character to MBI: If you create an Arena-only character and then decide you want to include him or her in MBI proper, you are free to fill out the appropriate application and submit it. However, please keep these things in mind:
  • These characters must follow all of the rules for MBI characters. No Mistborn/Inquisitors/etc as first characters. If we decide to allow all sixteen metals, and you want to make your Slider an MBI character, that character may not be a Slider on MBI proper. That sort of thing.

  • Arena characters do not count toward your overall character account for the sake of the rules. If you want a Mistborn, you must have at least one character accepted into MBI proper before submitting your Mistborn. If you want to use the Pending feature, you must have at least three characters on MBI proper to do so.

  • We expect the same things out of converted Arena characters as we do from any other MBI application. We really want to see you expand on who this character is as a person, above and beyond what he or she is capable of doing in combat.

  • Your converted character must still be accepted the same way as any other MBI application.

  • You may not use Arena posts as your character's RP sample, unless the staff have given you prior permission to do so. The post in question must show good characterization for us to allow it - but if you think that it does, you may ask the staff for permission before submitting your character.
Once your application is accepted, the former Arena-only character will be considered an MBI character in full, and you are free to RP with him/her anywhere on the site. The character's group will be changed by the staff upon acceptance to reflect this.

Participating in the Arena

Once you have your character(s) ready, it's time to start posting! However, due to the nature of the Arena, we are currently not allowing players to randomly post fights in the Arena and let anyone join in. In order to start an Arena thread, you must first start a corresponding thread in the plotting section of the Arena. It is there that you find other participants, new people ask if they can join, and all participants work together to decide how the fight is going to go.

This is to establish communication between players, and encourage you to work together to ensure that everyone has the best time possible. If you want your Arena scene to be more free-form and spontaneous, that's allowed - as long as you and the other participants agree, and everyone has a general idea of what's going on and what to expect. Of course, you're also allowed to work together to outline how the entire thing is going to go. It's up to you and your co-participants, so talk amongst yourselves and decide how you want to handle it. And most importantly, keep talking during the fight! Don't be afraid to discuss things more in-depth before deciding whether or not an attack made contact, or whether or not you want the fight to go in a certain direction. The more you work with each other and communicate, the more people are going to walk away happy in the end.

Once you have at least one other participant, and everyone is in agreement as to how you want to proceed, you may start your thread in the Arena forum (that is, the part of the forum where these rules are posted). At the top of your thread, make sure to make an out-of-character notation linking to the appropriate planning topic, and if there is one, the feedback topic. This will allow new participants or readers to know exactly where to go for more information without having to sift through everything. It is also a good idea to edit the first posts of the other two topics with a link to the actual combat scene, for the same reason. As always, if you tag your topic, include the [Arena] tag as well.

If you want constructive feedback on your thread, or just allow others to comment on/discuss your thread, the planning forum is not the place to do so. Instead, start a thread here, in the Comments and Feedback forum. This is the only place where anyone who is not a participant, potential participant, or member of the staff may post regarding your thread (this means no mini-modding in the plotting threads. If you think something is fishy, that's what the report button is for).

Once the scene is over, you may post in the Topic Closing Requests thread to request that a staff member lock your threads. Don't forget to provide a link; we're not going to go looking for the right thread to close.

Policing, Moderation, and Conflict Resolution

The Arena is mostly self-policing. Allow me to say this again, because it's important. The Arena is mostly self-policing. The staff want everyone to have fun and enjoy writing in the Arena, but we have neither the time nor the desire to referee every thread that happens here. This is the #1 reason communication is so important: it is up to YOU, the players, to communicate, compromise, and settle your own conflicts should they arise. The staff will step in if blatant rule-breaking is involved or if a player's behavior is routinely causing trouble for other members, but other than that, it is up to you to moderate your own battles. We will not decide on every post whether or not an attack made contact, but if a player spent the last five threads dodging every attack no matter how impossible it should have been for him or her to do so, let us know. Or just don't RP with that person anymore.

If a conflict becomes too great to resolve, feel free to scrap that thread and try again. Since these scenes are non-canon, every new thread is a blank slate. If things don't work out, you can always try again. And again. And again. And again. As many times as you want.

The bottom line is this: the Arena is a place for players to cooperatively write cool fight scenes. You will be expected to play nice with others and behave like a mature adult (even if your character doesn't, and even if you yourself are not yet an adult). If you feel like you would not be able to peacefully and reasonably settle conflicts, even if it means your character losing a fight or even dying, it is probably best that you avoid the Arena until you can. This isn't to be harsh or mean, but these things come up when people RP combat. We just want you to know what you're getting yourself into.

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