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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Wilor Zerrung


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#1 Wilor Zerrung

  • Noble Lurcher, fighting for Skaa

Riordan Casuana's Reputation
  • Age22

  • Relationship StatusSingle

  • OriginTremredare

  • Allomantic StatusRumored

Posted 17 January 2013 - 11:30 PM

Out-of-Character Information

Handle: Mailliw73
Contact: pm

Character Information

Name: Wilor Zerrung
Type: Noble
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Tremredare
Occupation: Noble
Relationship Status: Single

Powers?: Yes
Type: Allomancy
Metal(s) Used: Iron
Skill Level: Intermediate
Status: Hidden, but rumored among nobles

Special Skills: Knifes, swords, reading/writing, observance

Strengths: Agile, yet somewhat strong, Wilor, can Pull heavy objects, yet still shoot around like only a Lurcher can. He isn't overly strong but has a decent strength expected of young nobles. Very observant. Wilor is a great spy, as he always listens and doesn't always talk, this allows him to pick up more of conversations. He is a hard worker and rarely gives up. He is introspective, always trying to improve, as is seen in his armor.

Weaknesses: Talking one on one, his eyes always flit around, watching for signs of anything dangerous, which tends to make people doubt him and believe he is lying. Wilor is not comfortable around people, because they always doubt him, he avoids deep personal conversations most of the time. At balls, Wilor tends to dine with a large group of people, though because his father forces him to make better connections for their house. He will always observe the ball, but usually he will converse a few times and dance a little. In battle, Wilor tends to underestimate people and trust his armor too much, he does have a lot of armor, but he believes he is invincible if he wears it all. That has caused his defeat multiple times. He can analyze people well, but is not a great talker and therefore can't usually use that analyzation to his advantage. He is seen as selfish a lot of the time and as a antisocialist. His father tries to get rid of the latter view so that people want to do business with them. He forces Wilor out to balls. Wilor is hardened inside, which is typical of many Final Empire citizens, Wilor knows that death is necessary and won't hesitate to kill. He doesn't like it, but he knows that some people create a better world when they perish.

Overall Personality: Wilor is very rebellious at home, but knows he cannot show his rebellious personality to the other nobles and in public. He can't believe how his father and older brother are so ignorant of the Empire and what he perceives as its crimes. He argues with his father all the time. he is not close to anyone in his family, except for his deceased mother. He likes some of the servants, particularly one of his stewards(not a Terrisman). That servant, Sevk, is the only one who knows about Wilor's trips into the slums. He is also a reason, Wilor likes the Skaa more than most nobles do. Sevk is like a foster brother to Wilor because he grew up with him, Sevk's mother was a maid for House Zerrung before Wilor was born, he has been taught to treat Sevk as less than himself but doesn't like the idea of doing that to people he has always known and that he doesn't see a reason to hate. He grew up with Sevk, he has known him since they were basically born, he played with him as a child but was taught not to but couldn't abandon a friend. Sevk has always stuck by his side and never left him or betrayed his secrets.

Wilor hates being known as a Zerrung, but stays because he knows his father cares a little about him, enough to not want him to hurt, so Wilor stays. He is pretty distrustful and it takes quite a bit for someone to become close to him. He is very observant and most times notices when an emotional Allomancer, particularly Rioters, change his feelings. He likes studying or practicing his skills, with weaponry and Allomancy, but as he spends more time in Luthadel, he is becoming more familiar and comfortable with it and is beginning to leave the manor and interact with others. He talks with other nobles and confers with them, but he also will research up on Skaa and their supposed rebellion, and sometimes create a disguise and sneak into the slums to watch or on rare occasions, communicate with them. He discovered that as some of the books he has read said, skaa are able to communicate intelligently and aren't animals. He was somewhat shocked, though he had read that before, he had still doubted those texts. He also takes care of some business for House Zerrung, especially talking to the shop owners. He can't stand people who are constantly gossiping and can't believe that so many nobles are happy and content with the current status of the Empire.

In Wilor's many studies in Tremredare, he has been able to retrieve a couple banned texts, as there were less strict rules on books there, which questioned Skaa's placement in the Empire, so he pities Skaa but is also frustrated with them because they don't seem to want to or care enough to change their lives. Wilor is tired of having to do what society requires and is becoming more bold with his talking about rebellion. He is always ready for a fight. He wants a rebellion because he can't believe all the atrocities of the Empire, he can't believe that Skaa would let themselves be treated how they are and feels bad for how they are treated. He is serious, yet can be funny or clever at times. He is quite solitary, and does most work alone. He is not opposed to company though.

Appearance: Wilor is of average height, about 6 feet. He has light brown hair and green eyes. He is agile and pretty lean, yet he has quite a bit of muscle. He is strong, physically and mentally. He is said to be attractive by many noble ladies. His eyes look everywhere at all times, almost constantly moving to look around and spot any possible dangers. He wears leather gloves with hidden, jointed(I'm not sure if this is the right word?) steel palms for combat. The leather gloves are specially crafted so that he can catch his knives when he Pulls them back to himself. He, when planning on a fight, wears a wooden mask, painted to look metal, over his face with wide eyeholes to be able to still observe everything. He wears a thick leather breastplate and the mask to protect from coins that he Pulls toward himself, when in battle. They are both specially fitted snugly on him. Instead of a Coinshot's pouch of boxings, Wilor keeps a pouch of spiked coins to throw and Pull into enemies. He always keeps two knives sheathed around his waist, the sheath has a catch to prevent the knives from being taken or Pulled on unless a lever is pressed, hidden under the cloak he wears most of the time, when he goes to noble events. Wilor is, if you can't tell, very paranoid about his safety. He is hard to beat because he is so paranoid, which drives him somewhat crazy. He also at nights, wears a cloak that was cut to look like a Mistcloak that he was given by his father, so that Wilor wouldn't be recognized.

On regular days, he wears a nobleman's suit with a brigandine type of breastplate, with tight layers of cloth and some padding in the form of lacquered leather under, under his suit, typical of Lurchers in combat. He also always has the knives, ball or battle. He typically wears a cloak as well, especially in public to help hide the knives. His suit is usually not very crisp and perfect, but is wrinkled or untidy, except for when his father forces one of the maids to press and clean the suit for a ball or other important event.

Brief History: Wilor Zerrung was born to Larius and Silvre Zerrung in the year 896 in Tremredare. He was their second son, after Votir. He was always pushed aside by his father but connected better with his mother. His father believed that he was not important because he already had Votir to succeed him. Wilor believed that he was a mistake and that his father never meant to have a second son. When Wilor was eight years old, his mother died from a disease and that crushed him emotionally. He hated his brother and never got along with his father especially after an incident when Wilor was ten years old. On his tenth birthday, as was tradition in his family, he was taken out of the house and beaten to check for Allomantic powers. He was found to be a Lurcher.

His father used that by making Wilor his and Votir's personal bodyguard but not making it obvious that Wilor was a Lurcher by having another pack of bodyguards, but everyone in the Zerrung household knew that Wilor was the real protection. Larius is also a Smoker and so he can block Wilor's pulses when they are in public. Wilor also took to spying and training with his powers when he was a young teenager. He would go and fly around and practice pulling himself places. He became very rebellious and rarely obeyed his father. Larius decided he would go crazy if Wilor was kept inside, so he cut a cloak into strips at the bottom to resemble a Mistcloak, so that he could allow him out at nights. At night, now in Luthadel, where the Skaa slums are more prominent, Wilor has recently taken to visiting Skaa beggars and tossing coins to them. He pities Skaa and wishes they would rebel. When his family moved to Fadrex City in 910 to be closer to Luthadel, he almost ran away back to Tremredare. His father barely kept him in but only by allowing him to practice weaponry and Allomancy with the servants.

Wilor had a knack for throwing knives and swordplay and immediately loved those. He began to pilfer some of his house's specialized weapons and also made some of his own. His favorite was a pair of knives that had spirals of steel around the hilt, and were stone, except for the tip of the blade is iron. that he always kept around his waist, fastened to his belt that he would throw past the training dummies and burn iron, sensing the knife and when it came to the optimum position, Pull it back to himself, which would thrust itself thought the back of the dummy and then begin Pulling on the steel spirals to flip it around and fly into his gauntleted hand. When he discovered it didn't actually work on humans with flesh and bones, he almost was decapitated. He now uses spiked coins to thrust into people instead.

House Zerrung moved again, this time to Luthadel, in late 917, and is beginning to be recognized and noticed.

I'm not sure if this is a good place or not to put defeats and victories of Wilor. Wilor has had many victories against his father and people in the streets. He has also suffered some shattering losses. The worst, in his opinion, was when, one time, he accidentally attacked a robbing Thug, mistaking him for a regular bandit. He ended up losing a knife, having a few shattered ribs, a swollen eye, and a broken leg. He couldn't fight or study for a long time. He never made that mistake again, he, when suspecting a possible Pewterarm, always makes sure one way or another before beginning his attack.

He has spent quite a bit of time healing from many cuts or broken bones from fights, not many were severe, but several were. He hasn't picked up any healing tricks though, he deems it a skill for women.



--Wilor Zerrung, der Abzieher

#2 RabowJastor

Riordan Casuana's Reputation

Posted 18 January 2013 - 03:02 AM

This is kinda long... if you want, you can link back to Wilor's app, or his thread in the workshop, but do you think it might be useful in this setting to trim it down to only what people need to know if they're going to face him in the Arena?

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