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Allomancy versus Feruchemy PLANNING

RabowJastor's Photo RabowJastor 18 Jan 2013

Player(s) Involved: Mac, Mailliw
Character(s) Involved: Fisel, Q
Location: Dojo
Status: Closed

Combat Thread Link: Here
Feedback Thread Link: Here

Other Pertinent Information:

Rules for Fisel: He has metalminds with sufficient traits stored up that normal combat conditions will not deplete them; it would take extreme events to really deplete them. His goldminds have health stored up to heal three deadly blows. His metalminds all pierce his skin. He is armed with a heavy stone club, and has no effective armor.

Rules for Q: He has sufficient reserves of the 8 basic metals to last the entire battle. No duralumin. He has a bead of atium in his reserves enough for 15 seconds (though any single use takes up at a minimum 5 seconds). He cannot directly Push or Pull on Fisel's metalminds.

Dojo: The Arena is a dojo, with tatami mat floors. The ceiling is only eight feet high. The area a square fifty feet to a side. The walls are lined with just about any period-appropriate kind of weapon you'd care to name. Every other weapon is mostly or partially metal; the rest are wood, stone, or other rare, non-metallic materials. 100 weapons per wall, spaced evenly.

Mailliw: These are my initial suggested rules. Please let me know if there are any corrections you wish to make. Also, please let me know what reasonable armor and armaments you want Q to have.
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Mailliw73's Photo Mailliw73 19 Jan 2013

Those rules sound good to me. Whenever you want to start, go for it. One question though, it's a fight to the death right?

RabowJastor's Photo RabowJastor 19 Jan 2013

It's a fight to the non-canonical death. Though if you ever tap out, I will accept your concession.

For fluidity in combat, I suggest that we discuss what we're going to do in this thread. As soon as we've agreed on each moment of action, we can post it in the combat thread.

Fisel would wait for Q to begin, so, why don't you tell me what you imagine your character's first step would be.

Mailliw73's Photo Mailliw73 19 Jan 2013

First, I forgot to tell you his armor and armaments, so let me do that before we begin. Q is armed with an iron knife on his right hip and a big steel sword on his left. He has on some light leather armor.

Q would immediately Pull on several arrowheads that were on the wall behind Fisel to plunge them into his skin.
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Noelle's Photo Noelle 19 Jan 2013

Stone swords are not a thing, they would break, stone is not really a good material to make weapons out of.

Fisel's Photo Fisel 19 Jan 2013

All right. If you'd like to post that as your first move, then we'll be in the following position: We're facing each other at the center of the dojo (say, ten feet apart?), meaning twenty feet behind either of us to the wall. You've just 'pulled' on arrowheads, and they are currently in mid-air, ten feet from the wall, ten feet behind Fasil, mere moments from plunging into his unprotected back. It will then be my turn to respond. Agreed?

Also, thank you, Noelle!

Mailliw73's Photo Mailliw73 19 Jan 2013

Yes, thanks Noele, and yes Fisel, that is right.

Q would pull on those arrows and than burn pewter and roll to the left.
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RabowJastor's Photo RabowJastor 20 Jan 2013

All right, post that whenever in the combat thread. Once you do, I will start discussing what my own first action is.
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Fisel's Photo Fisel 21 Jan 2013

Well done. Here is Fisel's plan:

As soon as you dart to the side, he taps steel and moves to you at a brief burst of triple-speed. Incidentally, this would take him out of the path of the arrows.

(Presumably, Ironpulls are strong enough, and arrows are light enough, that they will continue across the room and stick in the far wall. Does that seem reasonable?)

When he reaches you, Fisel is going to simply fall on you, tapping his ironminds to quintuple his current weight. Using his own warrior training and the mental speed of a zincmind, he's going to make sure he falls in something similar to a basic arm-bar, pinning your arms outstretched under his massive weight.

How strong does pewter make you? At quintuple weight, I am literally a thousand pounds. Did we ever see anyone in the books, even flaring pewter, lift a weight that heavy?

Quait/Q's Photo Quait/Q 21 Jan 2013

Um, I have no idea whether or not he would be able to lift that or not. I think it would stop him from being crushed but not make him strong enough to lift. What do you think?

Yes, I agree that the arrows would stick in the far wall.

Fisel's Photo Fisel 21 Jan 2013

I checked with my friend who is a martial artist, and he thinks that a) the "mounted crucifix" which is apparently the name is something simple enough that Fisel would reasonably know how to do it, and that B) it's an effective enough hold that you can't bring your full strength to bear; even if you could bench-press more than a thousand pounds, you'd have to be FAR stronger than that to break this hold from the position you are in.

I believe the administrator K-Chan has stated in the past that she knows martial arts, so perhaps she could weigh in. Still, if we're both in agreement, perhaps we can just go forward with this move, so I will post shortly (the day at work is a little crazy, so I'm a bit slow today)

Mailliw73's Photo Mailliw73 21 Jan 2013

K, that's fine

Quait/Q's Photo Quait/Q 22 Jan 2013

Nice move, and I did not(but should've) seen the arm covering q's eyes coming. I have a question for my next move, can I move my legs or not?

Fisel's Photo Fisel 23 Jan 2013

Absolutely. I mean, Fisel isn't pinning them. If you've been secretly parapalegic all this time and didn't tell anyone, then I'm afraid nothing has changed.

Quait/Q's Photo Quait/Q 23 Jan 2013

:) ok I wasn't quite sure whether or not I could.

So I'm thinking, for my next move, I Riot confusion and curiosity, while Soothing Anger, ruthlessness, and those type of emotions, not obviously but gently. While I then burn pewter and bring both my knees into Fisel's side. What do you think?

RabowJastor's Photo RabowJastor 23 Jan 2013

Emotional Allomancy: Not bad. It's a good set-up to something that might pay off later, and if you really are being as gentle as you say, he certainly won't notice anything yet.

As for the knee kick: I'm honestly not entirely sure. I'm gonna check with my martial-arts source, and perhaps I'll check with K-chan again and see if she has any input. Logically, I'm trying to think it through... my initial impulse is this. Obviously, I'm too heavy for you to kick off, even with pewter. In your position, it'd be tricky to bring the full brunt of your attack on someone sitting on you like that, but both because I'm bracing you so well, and because I AM too heavy to move, that means all the force is going into my body, which would translate into more damage.

With the position I've established myself, even with my light tap on zinc to increase my reflexes, I think my focus would be diverted enough away from your legs that I wouldn't notice in time to react.

One final note: you have a thousand pounds on your chest and face. I would think it's reasonable to expect that you are flaring pewter, now and constantly, and not just when you go to attack.

I will get back to you when I hear from my friend.

Mailliw73's Photo Mailliw73 23 Jan 2013

Yeah, I am totally flaring pewter this whole time but I was thinking more of like a jump start for the attack but extreme
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RabowJastor's Photo RabowJastor 23 Jan 2013

Well if you're flaring pewter... that's it. There are two levels: Flare and burn. If it's not one of those, it's off.

Mailliw73's Photo Mailliw73 23 Jan 2013

For my attack I was thinking like a "jump start" you know, where someone squeezes your sides, but taken to the extreme because its my knees and I'm flaring pewter

RabowJastor's Photo RabowJastor 24 Jan 2013

?? I'm afraid I do not understand what you mean by that. I don't know what a "jump start" is. Lemme wikipedia it.


I cannot find what a "jump start" is, sorry. Can you find me a picture of it?