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A Fight Among the Mists

Noelle's Photo Noelle 23 Jan 2013

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Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 26 Dec 2013

Jasun had been as good as skaa for twenty years, that didn't mean he was one of them, however.

It was oxymoronic, a skaa mistborn, laughable, impossible. But the worst part was that according to the arbiters of this fight he was better then Jasun. Jasun, who had years of experience as every type of misting. Jasun who was noble and a proper mistborn, not some freak of nature that shouldn't exist. Sure he might not have the training of a normal noble mistborn but that shouldn't matter, right?

Apparently it did.

"Well," he told the skaa, "We might as well get this over with, my feet are starting to hurt." it felt like he'd been standing around for months. He got to go first, the skaa couldn't move before Jasun did, so he took his time, thinking, planning. All he had to do is get the skaa grounded. Get him to use up all his steel and iron and he'd be a sitting duck, "Time for a merry chase then, I suppose." he said and went off.

A coin to the ground and a steel push and he was launched straight into the air. He pulled on the sconces on the keep's walls and started to climb. One story, two, three. The skaa could chase him, for a time.

Time, that was all Jasun needed.
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Quait/Q's Photo Quait/Q 30 Dec 2013

Q knew immediately upon seeing Jasun what kind of man he was. Arrogant, noble, and impatient. Already he was complaining about standing too long.

"Would you like me to call for servants to carry you around for this duel?" Q bowed sarcastically to the noble. He didn't take his eyes off of him, that would be plain idiotic. Jasun shot off into the sky, and now Q could move. Almost on instinct, Q just about burned his iron and would've Pulled himself into the air after his opponent, but caught himself just before he did. He wants me to use up my steel and iron, smart guy. I can't play into his hands though.

Q began burning iron but instead of Pulling on sconces to thrust upward, he Pulled on both of Jasun's coin pouches, trying to either cause him to fall from the pull or take away his convenient source of metal.

Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 01 Jan 2014

"That sounds like a good idea, actually." Jasun called down to the skaa, he waited for the mistborn to follow him, but the skaa was crafty, he pulled on Jasun's coin pouches. He was relatively far away so the pulls weren't as powerful as they could be, but they were still powerful enough to drag Jasun down a few feet.

Now he had a dilemma, he could let the mistborn pull him down and be on equal terms with him, not a good idea if he was being honest with himself, or he could let the coins go.

"As you wish," he told the mistborn, and cut the bottoms of his coin pouches, letting the coins fall to the ground quickly, as they were still being pulled. He gave them all a generalized push to put them on their way and shot up a few more stories.
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Quait/Q's Photo Quait/Q 04 Jan 2014

Q just scoffed at the noble's remark. Nobles. All the same. Cocky and lazy. Q thought through his remaining iron and steel. Flaring steel, he Pushed all of Jasun's dropped coins and sent them flying into the darkness. Now neither one of them could use those coins. His own pouches held the only coins in the area.

Burning both pewter and zinc, Q began to climb the wall of Keep Hasting's eastern most tower while trying to somewhat gently Riot the noble's feeling of arrogance. That shouldn't be too hard. He has enough of it as it is.
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