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Character App Improvments


Tal Spektor's Photo Tal Spektor 06 Aug 2013

Hello to our dear, reliable, high-end staff!

I have been stumbling around the site, being new and all, every time I see a character I do not know, trying to find the application so that I can understand what character I am looking at. When I search the name, I have to find among results what I need. This is, while not a major thing, quite clumsy.

My suggestion is that every character in the "characters" section of members' profiles will be linked to the original app. Do you understand what I am aiming at? Do you agree with my proposal? Is that feasible?

With respect,

Wilor Zerrung's Photo Wilor Zerrung 07 Aug 2013

Kindof like what Wilor's is like now? is that what you meant?

Tal Spektor's Photo Tal Spektor 08 Aug 2013

Kinda. What'd you do?

Mailliw73's Photo Mailliw73 08 Aug 2013

If you go to my profile and look at my characters and click on Wilor, there is a link to his app

Comatose's Photo Comatose 10 Aug 2013

We tend to leave that sort of thing up to individual players. For me, clicking on any of my characters sigs should take you directly to said characters applications. I suppose the staff could do it all, but I'd be hesitant to edit people's signatures, and putting in all of those links would be a lot of work for the staff, but feel free to encourage people to do it themselves :).

We did used to have a character application link in the side bar beside a character's posts, but it doesn't work with the new character system.

If you are looking for particular characters the best way is to look at what type of character they are (Skaa, Noble, Terris, etc), and find them under the player characters boards. Obligators, Terris. and Kandra characters should be easy to find because there aren't many of them. Perhaps for skaa or noble characters you could try searching just within their section?

Another thing that works for me is just typing a character's name and "Mistborn: The Inquisition" into google. It usually comes up within the first three results.

Tal Spektor's Photo Tal Spektor 11 Aug 2013

Oh, I was looking for a full history. When I saw your alternative of hyperlinking the picture to the app, I understood what to do. I praise you for the ingenious usage.

Topic closed due to Comatose's brains.