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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#1 Perrin

Member of Lucille Deveaux's Book Club

Posted 13 July 2009 - 10:38 PM

Skaa Mistborn

Player Information
Handle : Eriaan
Contact : PM

Character Information
Name: Perrin
Age: 26
Type: Skaa
Gender: Male
Occupation: Taking down the nobility
Marital Status: Single

Type of Powers: Allomancy
Metals Used: All
Degree of Skill: Advanced

Hair: Dark brown, short, thick, generally kept messy.
Eyes: Smoky gray. He has a very strong gaze, and isn't afraid to look people in the eye.
Height: 6'1", tall for a Skaa.
Weight: 200 lbs
Voice: Deep tenor-ish. It has a husky quality to it, but not scratchy or scary. It is always firm and confident. It would certainly be an odd situation if you heard his voice weak.
Overall Appearance: Perrin is a big boy. Not big in that he's 'fat', but big in that he's solid, almost completely muscle. His body is sculpted quite well, probably due to all the 'exercise' that he gets on a nightly basis. He's also tall, at least by Skaa standards, by his noble blood, however, he's average, or maybe slightly above it. Perrin has a strong face all around, and a good looking one at that.

When it comes to clothes, Perrin can always be found in the garb of a minor noble/well off Skaa (which he is). He's never been a worker, and doesn't feel that the outfit looks natural on him; though, he will wear regular Skaa clothes if a disguise calls for it.

Special Skills: Reading, Pick Pocketing, Kicking butt
Strengths: Perrin is very good at his current occupation, which is attacking noble society and making the ruling class feel very uncomfortable. His skills as a Mistborn have been honed from years of practice, and help him to be stealthy and agile, both things absolutely necessary in his line of work. He is good at keeping his cool in tough situations. His best metals would be the physical ones, Steel, Iron, and Pewter. He's ok with zinc and brass, but his touch is not very subtle, and people often recognize that someone is pulling/pushing on their emotions.
Weaknesses: While he can keep his wits about him in a fight, or similar situation, Perrin has a very short fuse when it comes to things he cares about, women, or children. He will not stand for any of those things to be hurt if he can prevent it. This probably stems from his childhood, when his mother, whom he cared for deeply, was beaten on a regular basis by the man who was Perrin's 'father'. He considers it a show to how one treats his manhood if he stoops so low as to pick on people that have no way of defending themselves, and will not hesitate to return the favor to the pig injuring the weak. Perrin is also very impatient. He hates having to wait for results, and can oft times, be very impulsive. This tends to turn situations into messes that Perrin has to work his way out of, but he seems to quite enjoy this, so perhaps he's impulsive on purpose. He also can't impersonate a real noble for the life of him. He's far too 'rough around the edges' for that sort of thing, especially because impersonation requires a certain degree of subtly which has already been established as something that Perrin doesn't really have. Perrin also never learned to write, but can read enough to suit his purposes. Writing was never something he had the patience for.

All in all, Perrin is a personable guy. He enjoys a good joke, loves to drink and sit around the table with his 'friends' to pass the time. But there is a harder side to Perrin. He knows that his place in this world is to fight against the nobility and to help the Skaa better their lives. Perrin loves being Mistborn. The freedom that his power gives him is intoxicating to him, and he rarely turns all of his metals off.

When dealing with nobles, Perrin has no pity for them. In his eyes, they all deserve to die, yes, including the noblewomen too. Their ruthlessness and cruelty has gone unpunished for too long in Perrin's opinion, one of the many reasons that he joined up with the Rebellion.

Warrick Venture was a second cousin of Lord Ellsworth Venture. I say was, because he has been dead a good many years now. He lived in Urteau, doing his part for the family by ensuring that contracts held there were carried out to a ridiculously high standard. His life was easy, to say the least, and he liked to fill his hours of free time with drinking and sex. Any Skaa woman he could get his hands on was good enough for him, especially because he could beat them at the same time, which happened to be another of his favorite things to do. It's not known how many half-breed children he sired (Warrick was horrible at cleaning up after himself), but all that's important to this story is that Perrin was born to a servant girl in the Venture manor. No one suspected that the child was a half-breed due to the fact that she was married when the child was born. But both she and her husband knew that the child was Warrick's son.

Perrin grew up well. His Skaa father was a soldier for the Ventures and his mother continued to work as a maid in their household while Perrin was little. Perrin was his parent's oldest child, and they had four girls of their own before Warrick Venture turned his attention back to Perrin's mother. She again became pregnant by him. This time, she bore a little girl. Perrin, now nearly seven, loved all of his little sisters and spent as much time as he could playing with them.

The only unhappy memories that Perrin has from his childhood deal with his mother being beaten in their small home by one or another of the Venture lords. Often during these beatings, all of Perrin's sisters would be with him, watching helplessly as their mother was hit repeatedly. A few times, Perrin attempted to intervene to save his mother, but he was just beaten as well. It was due to one such occassion that Perrin snapped.

Lord Kingsley Venture had come to their home late at night, drunk nearly senseless. Perrin's father was away for the night on his shift atop the Venture wall, and so Perrin, now 11, was the man of the house. He stepped in, landing one punch squarely on Kingsley's face. When Kingsley recovered from the shock of being hit, his anger was turned full force on Perrin. Lucky for Perrin, he was knocked out after only a few blows.

When Kingsley finally left the house, only Perrin's youngest sister, Kara, was left unscathed, though no one else was beaten even a fraction of what Perrin had been. For a couple days, his parents didn't think that he would survive, but somehow, he healed completely within a week and a half.

Perrin noticed that something was different about himself when he regained conciousness after the beating. There was a power within him that he could feel and use. Of course, now he realizes that that well of power he once felt was only a drop in the bucket compared to what he has now. But it was because of small amounts of pewter that he received from utensils and other sources, his body was able to recover much faster than it should have.

It wasn't until Perrin was thirteen years old that he truly noticed that he was different. He had always felt more than one power source within himself, but when he tried drawing on that power, he couldn't tell if anything was happening (later he would find out that he was trying to use bronze and zinc). However, one day he noticed a new power, and when he drew on it, blue lines sprang out of him and pointed all in all directions around him. Startled, he let the power go out, and the blue lines disappeared. It took a few days for Perrin to work up the nerve to draw on this power again. Before he had been alone when he'd done so, but this time, he wanted to find out if anyone else could see the blue lines.

So, at dinner one evening while he and his family sat around their table, Perrin drew on the newest power. Once again, the blue lines appeared, but no one else seemed to notice them. Confused, Perrin concentrated on one blue line that he noticed was pointing directly at one of his little sister's plates. While concentrating on the line, Perrin tried thinking all sorts of things at it, but nothing happened. So, disappointed with this new power, Perrin pulled his mind away. Oddly enough, though, when he pulled, the plate came flying at him and struck him in the face.

After everyone had settled down from the incident of the flying plate, Perrin's father and mother took him aside to have him explain what had just happened. Perrin then explained to them the power that he had felt inside himself since the fateful beating nearly two years previous. He told them that he didn't know the cause of the power, only that he had it and that it could help him do things. Perrin expected his parents to be just as baffled as he was by this power, but his father knew exactly what the power was. Allomancy. As a soldier for the Ventures, he had worked with Coinshots, Lurchers, Thugs, and other allomancers. He knew that only nobles were supposed to have the power, so the fact that his half-breed son had the power intrigued him. And not only did his son appear to have the ability to burn Iron, but it seemed as though he could burn more metals, making him a full blown Mistborn.

Once this was discovered, everyone in the family was forbidden from speaking about the flying plate (which had brought Perrin's sisters much amusement up until that point). Perrin's father arranged for Perrin to start meeting with another Skaa soldier that he worked with named Galan.

The first time that Perrin met with Galan was in the middle of the night in a thicket outside of Urteau, a scary experience for a boy that had never been out in the mists before. But his fear soon turned to frustration as Galan started to teach him about Iron and Steel. Galan was a Coinshot, and as such took it upon himself to teach Perrin everything that he knew about pushing and pulling on metal. At first, all that Galan taught him was how to push coins to shoot other people, and Perrin grew bored. So then they moved onto pulling. Again, Perrin grew bored, but Galan had forbidden him from using any of his powers outside of their nighttime lessons. When not training with the metals, Perrin and Galan sparred with staves because Galan felt that it was something that Perrin should learn in the case that metals ran out for him.

Perrin was now a fourteen year old boy. He was frustrated with his lessons because he didn't feel like he was learning anything, and he was frustrated with Galan because he couldn't teach him to use any of the other metals. So, Perrin decided to take things into his own hands. On a night that Galan had guard duty, Perrin snuck out to their customary meeting place to practice things by himself. He taught himself, slowly, the art of leaping by pushing coins. He also started to use tin more and more during the day.

When Perrin turned 17 he had become fairly competent at using Iron and Steel. Life had been somewhat uneventful for his family since Perrin had discovered that he was Mistborn. However, that changed in a violent way. Perrin's true father, Warrick, had recently failed in keeping an important contract with another House. He was angry and looking for something or someone to take his rage out on, and so went looking for a Skaa girl. Perrin's mother, now older looking and worn was passed over, and Perrin's second younger sister, Nan was taken by Warrick during the middle of the night.

Perrin had been asleep when she was taken, and was woken by his frantic mother. Nan was barely fifteen years old; a child. As Perrin jumped from his bed and downed a vial of metals, nothing except for Nan's safety was going through his mind. He didn't know what he would do when he reached his father and sister, all he knew was that Nan would not suffer the same fate as his mother had.

Warrick didn't even have the chance to harm Nan in any way before Perrin found them in one of the abandoned Skaa shacks. With Nan in the corner cowering, Perrin faced his father. Even though Warrick had a dueling cane and Perrin was unarmed, the fight was over in seconds. Perrin showed no mercy to his 'father', breaking both of his arms and legs thanks to the pewter that he burned. Then, while Warrick trembled on the ground, uttering curses and whispering pleas, Perrin took a coin and shot it into Venture's forehead.

Perrin carried his sister back to their home in silence. His mother and other sisters were all awake and crying, fearing that now both Nan and Perrin would be dead. Shock and gratitude were the only expressions that showed on their faces when Perrin entered the house with Nan weeping quietly in his arms. He couldn't bring himself to say anything to them after they he returned. It was the first time that he had killed another man, and while it had shaken him a little, and yet, he had been extremely satisfied in what he had done. Something inside him knew that Warrick would be the first of many noblemen to fall by his hands.

Two days after the death of Warrick Venture, Perrin informed his family that he was leaving. He wanted to travel, to hone his skills under the tutelage of other masters. No one tried to stop him, for they all knew that Perrin needed to do this for himself. So, in the dark of night, Perrin slipped away from Urteau, headed anywhere but back home.

Years passed, and as he traveled his skills increased with all of the metals. He was fortunate to find more than one Skaa Misting to help him improve, and when he felt confident in all of the metals that he had access to, he turned his sights to Luthadel where he had heard that the Skaa Rebellion was strongest. In Luthadel, Perrin has managed to assist the Rebellion in most of their schemes and has taken down four noblemen. He plans to take down many more.
Roleplay Sample
I'll probably actually do this later, but I wanted to get the app up.
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#2 Chaos

High House Noble

Posted 14 July 2009 - 01:01 AM

I like him a lot. Seems to be quite a bit of Kelsier's influence in him, yet you also differentiate him from Kelsier, too. It's a very realistic backstory he has--very impressive.


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