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Mistborn: The Inquisition


The Inaugural Meeting of the Luthadel Book...

Lucille Deveaux's Photo Lucille Deveaux 14 Sep 2013

Luthadel had been eerily quiet this morning thanks to the executions, an event so gruesome that Luci couldn't help but feel sobered at the very thought, even though it was only skaa who were dying. But as lunchtime came and passed, she was finally able to set those disquieting thoughts aside and begin preparing for the book club's first ever Luthadel meeting!

Normally the so-called "club" was mostly her and the four who had followed her from Urteau, plus occasional additions in the form of on-and-off participants or first-timers. This was, however, the first time she had so many distinguished guests coming all at once. She couldn't wait!

She had pulled a variety of books from the Deveaux libraries and commandeered one of the larger parlors - with a little help from Damien to convince Lord Augustin, of course. A maid was finishing up with the tea, and the guards had instructions to see anyone with an invitation straight to the parlor.

This was going to be wonderful! She found herself doing a little spin on the carpet out of sheer excitement. She only hoped the people she had invited would come...

Delissia's Photo Delissia 06 Sep 2014

Delissia stoped herself from flirting too much with the guard as he studied her invitation and directed her to where she would be meeting Lady Lucille and the others. Though he was very handsome, it would never do for her to create rumour that might cause some of her new acquaintances to doubt her integrity or good breeding. Her concern for her reputation, of course, did not preclude her from flirting a little with the guard. After all, what was the use of having an exceptionally pretty smile if one was unable to use it when flirting with handsome strangers?

Humming to herself as she strolled through the elegant halls of keep Deveaux, Delissia marveled at her good fortune. Mere days in Luthadel, and she had already been invited into two Great House keeps. She could almost feel her luck changing, no doubt rewarding her for leaving that low life Klyde. Who knew, perhaps with a little bit of support from her new friends, she could even find a nicer hotel to stay in. While her room was nice enough, with some extra boxings she might be able to afford some place a little larger, perhaps with room to entertain guests!

As she entered to parlour, Delissia fixed Lady Lucille with a polite smile (that was also pretty, of course), and curtsied appropriately given their difference in station. "Lady Lucille!" she exclaimed, once the formalities were over with. "I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the invitation! I am ever so excited to be here! You cannot imagine how worried I was when I came here. I thought all of the nobles here in Luthadel would be to busy to pay any attention to little old me, and that I would have ever so much trouble making friends. And yet, here I am! It has been such a pleasure to get to know you and Lady Sanna, and of course those four rogues you brought with you from Urteau, and I am ever so excited to be given the opportunity to deepen our friendship."

Looking around, Delissia realized that, but for the servants, she and Lady Lucille were alone. It would seem her punctuality had gotten the better of her, arriving before the other nobility who would no doubt arrive at a more fashionable hour. Feeling her heart sink a little, Delissia hoped that she had not committed too egregious a social faux pas. Still, she focused on keeping her attitude bright and her smile even brighter. "Do you know when the others will be arriving? While I am ever so excited to enjoy your exclusive company at the moment, I do hope I have arrived earlier than you expected me to."