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Zella Calomine-Noble Tineye


Zella Calomine's Photo Zella Calomine 17 Sep 2013

Zella Calomine
Noble Misting

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Name/Handle: Mozy
Contact: If both appealing to Zeus and the smoke signals didn’t work, maybe you should try PMing me.

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Name: Zella Calomine
Type: Noble
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Calomine Plantation in the Southern Dominance.
Occupation: Allomancer bodyguard
Relationship Status: Looking for a husband

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Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Tin
Degree of Skill: Advanced
Status: Hidden

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Zella is a slight girl with pale skin and dark eyes. Her hair is long, wavy, and dark brown. She wears long sleeves most of the time to hide her fighter arms. Her face is rounded and her smile is rather cheeky, although that could just be because she’s cheeky to Silvan. She’s an elegant young woman and she has a sweet face, except her eyes. Her eyes are intense and very deep, both in color and in metaphor.

Adding to her slight body-frame, she’s also quite small. Her hands are long and thin, almost those of a pianist. Though she is slight, she is not flat, and beneath all her skirts her stance is that of a fighter. There’s a lot a dress can hide. Her preferred method of hiding is taking people’s eyes to other places. She does a lot to bring out her eyes and tries to bring the attention to her face. She also likes to wear very low-cut clothing, again to bring attention away from her very muscular body.

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Zella has a bad attitude about Skaa. The only thing she hates more than Skaa is her brother, Silvan. She’s a genuinely charismatic, beautiful woman and knows that she could definitely marry above her station if she wanted to. She’s got a very strong personality, though, and has the attitude of a noble woman from a Great House. All the world belongs to her, and if she’s in a room, she needs everyone to pay attention to her. She makes herself feel above people by finding their flaws and exploiting them, which is another thing she’s better at than Silvan. She’s also smart. Very smart. If one didn’t know her very well she might look like the perfect human. She isn’t, though. She’s got a quick mouth on her and, when not thinking very much, will say bitter, sarcastic, cold things. However, she can also be very sweet, especially when one proves that he/she is a smart human being.

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Special Skills: Athletics, hand-to-hand combat, breaking noses. She can also use tin to sense where people are and how they’re going to move/attack.

Strengths: Zella is genuinely charismatic. In contrast to her brother who has to work to be charismatic, Zella just talks. She knows how to talk to people, and loves it. She thrives when in an argument, or a debate, which helps the family. She’s also had intensive training in hand-to-hand combat, and has a very unique, though blunt, fighting style.

Weaknesses: She’s stuck up, temper mental, and looks down on everyone, mostly to make up for being part of such a weak house. Just like her brother, she makes enemies easily. When not in a social situation she gets moody and likes to break Silvan’s nose. It looks good on him.

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Zella Calomine, younger sister of Silvan and second child of Grynd and Zeldelle, now deceased, was born in 898. Upon entering the world she immediately became the verbal punching bag for Silvan, who at that time only knew something like 20 words. That only lasted until she was old enough to use him as a very literal punching bag, breaking his nose, by pushing him down the stairs, for the first time when she was six. Unfortunately for her, Silvan was the only other noble child she had any kind of contact with until she was fifteen. Until the age of ten she spent large amounts of time with her parents, just to get away from Silvan.

When she was eight she was beaten to see if she was an Allomancer and nothing happened. That was partially because she had been expecting it and partially because she was not beaten hard enough because they didn't want to accidentally kill or maim a young girl who looked so frail. Later, after she had snapped, very few people could figure out why the beating hadn't worked, but at the time of the beating, everyone was disappointed.

She went on being a verbal punching bag for two years until her parents were killed, supposedly in a carriage accident. Zella had been much closer to her parents than Silvan had, and the deaths struck her harder. She shut herself up for months and when she finally emerged, she had snapped. When the rest of the family discovered that she was a Tineye and the first Allomancer in their family in generations they were all very excited. All except Silvan. Silvan was incredibly jealous and Zella took every opportunity to rub it in. The universe had given her a way to get back at her horrible brother for all the years of verbal abuse and she intended to use it.

As the only Allomancer in the family, and despite her being a Tineye, she was immediately initiated into a training that taught her everything she needed to know to be a bodyguard. It was unusual for a Tineye to become a bodyguard, even in her family, but it was tradition for the Calomine heir to have an Allomancer bodyguard, and, as was said before, she was the only Calomine Allomancer. When she was twelve she dislocated Silvan's shoulder after he had made a particularly nasty comment to her.

When she was fifteen her brother came and told her that they were leaving in two days and she needed to be packed in time. The excuse he gave her was that they were going to be the Calomine presence in Luthadel. She was not disappointed. Once in Luthadel she wouldn't have to always be around Silvan, and the prospect of being with other 'civilized' people made her happy. She was, however, skeptical of Silvan's excuse. She eventually got the real reason out of him and was shocked, and mildly disgusted, to find that she had Skaa blood in her. Silvan presented them both in society at the same time and Zella tried to act like the rest of the women there. She slowly grew less violent, and learned how to subtly manipulate like the rest of the nobility. She’s currently looking for a husband and spends much of her day at social gatherings, and much of her night training.

Because her Allomancy training was so combat-based she discovered that tin was not as useless as people claimed. Her heightened awareness when she was burning it meant that she could tell more about someone by just observing them, and she can read physicality and facial expressions masterfully, sometimes even to the point of knowing how someone is going to attack, but only in certain cases. She became an expert at mentally singling out senses, and though she is not a savant, she burns tin constantly.

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Zella spun around, the skirt of her red silk dress flying around her and her long brown hair following it. She had a feeling that the ball tonight would be important for the house, and so she was going bold. This was a dress that she hadn’t ever worn, which was impressive for her. She smiled and opened a drawer. Inside there were hairpins and a brush, and under all that in a secret compartment was her tin. She slid a vial into each of her sleeves and closed the drawer. She never liked to be without her tin and the constant warm feeling in her stomach comforted her.

Zella knew that Silvan was there before he even knocked. She constantly burned tin, if only a little bit, even though she’d been warned against that. It was never a strong burn, and so she didn’t see the problem. It amused her that Silvan still knocked before entering. She turned to face him, rolling her eyes. He was so severe and angry. “I assume you’ve heard from grandfather?”

“I have. I wanted to let you know that you’re officially looking for a husband starting tonight. Make it someone rich.” Silvan said and she could tell that he was going to say something about the dress. “Isn’t that a little bold?”

Zella snorted softly. So predictable. “As you said, I’m looking for a husband. Don’t I need to be a bit bold?”

“You have a point.” Silvan admitted, souding reluctant. “God help the man who wants to marry a half-blood freak like you.” He added and Zella bristled with anger. Silvan could be such a hypocrite sometimes.

“So when’s my half-blood brother planning on marrying. You’re the one who wants to save the house so badly. Why don’t you marry someone rich as well?” She said, trying to keep the anger out of her voice.

Silvan glared at her. “I have other, more important duties to attend to.”

“Ah yes.” Zella smiled sweetly before turning back to her mirror and picking up a hairbrush. “Like that Skaa prostitute you were with last night. Very important.” She had decided that in this moment, it was better to just infuriate him.

“The point is, Zella, that you need to behave tonight. Our image needs to be good if this is to work.”

“Of course, big brother. Anything for the house.” Zella said sweetly, and rather sarcastically. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to house to succeed, but her brother irritated her. “Now leave. I need to finish getting ready, and you very well can’t go to a ball in that.” She gestured behind herself at his clothing and smiled to herself. “That vest still has a stain on it.” She pointed out, knowing that it was one of Silvan’s favorites.

She could hear the angry noise he made and knew he would protest, so Zella turned her head over her shoulder and waved him towards the door. He left the room with a roll of his eyes and she sighed when he had closed the door. Pulling the brush through her hair she thought about marriage. The man would probably be insufferable, but deep down, they all were. Hopefully he wouldn’t be to irritating. Anyone was probably better than Silvan. She sighed again and set the hairbrush down. Tonight would be stressful.
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KChan's Photo KChan 17 Sep 2013

First, let me just say that Zella has improved quite a bit! I can definitely see where you took my questions from the workshop into account, and Zella is a stronger character because of it. Good job with that! :) However, there are still a couple more things that I'd like to see addressed before I can cast my vote. One is something I forgot to mention while she was in the Workshop, and another is something you added since then.


Her heightened awareness when she was burning it meant that she could tell more about someone by just observing them, and that when fighting, having the stronger senses let her attack faster, just because she could process information faster.

Faster processing of information is a trait of atium, not tin. My apologies for forgetting to mention this when she was in the workshop, but I'm afraid tin just doesn't work that way. Also, keep in mind that a lot of Spook's tin-based combat prowess came when he was becoming a Savant.

Next, there's this part that was added:


If she’s focused enough she can sometimes feel the vibrations in the earth made from people’s movements.

That is definitely something only savants can do, and it doesn't seem like that's the direction you were taking her. You might want to take this part out.

Also, this is a minor issue that won't affect whether or not Zella is accepted, but I notice that there's a huge amount of empty space between some of the application sections, like Player Information, Character Information, Powers, and Appearance. If you could please delete some of the empty returns between these sections, I'd really appreciate it. Like I said, this won't affect your acceptance, but it'll make the app a little easier to read. :)

MozytheHealer's Photo MozytheHealer 17 Sep 2013

Yeah. I wasn't sure about the processing of information. I couldn't remember if it was mentioned, as my last re-read of the books was a couple months ago.

I'm honestly not sure if she's a savant or not. There's a part of me that wants her to be, but I don't know if I want to spend the time figuring that out. Maybe at some point she'll become one..... It could be part of her character growth.

Those things have been changed, by the way.
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KChan's Photo KChan 17 Sep 2013

Thanks very much. And great job once again! :) You're Approved in my book. A couple parting things to keep in mind in the future:

As for savant-hood, she would definitely know if she had become one. Remember how Spook had to tie a blindfold over his eyes because the light was too bright? That's what happens to tin savants. It might not be the best thing to do to a bodyguard, as the pain from any hits she takes would be exponentially magnified.

I see that Zella is currently not open with her Allomancy. If she prefers to burn tin constantly, you might want to find her a Smoker, or it won't be long before she's found out. Also, if you could change the Allomantic Status in her character system profile (the one that shows up next to posts, not the app itself) to correspond to her actual status (hidden/known/etc) that would be great.

One more vote to go! :)

MozytheHealer's Photo MozytheHealer 17 Sep 2013

Alright. The thing with her being a savant is I know that it can be a slow kind of transformation, but she knows that it wouldn't be the best for her position. I know that constant burning of one of the physical metals will eventually change a person, so that's what I'd be working with if she did become a savant. It wouldn't be a quick, spontaneous decision.

As for the Smoker thing, I'll have to think about that. If the family hired one, then it would eventually get out that she was an Allomancer, but there aren't any other Allomancers in her family. I shall mull it over. Perhaps maybe let it ferment a bit...

Comatose's Photo Comatose 19 Sep 2013

I'm with KChan. Because she's from out of town, it makes sense that Zella hasn't been found out yet, but if she plans to continuously burn tin while in Luthadel, she's going to get found out by a seeker pretty quickly, especially if she does it at balls. That being said, given her tendency towards arrogance with her allomancy (guessing that from this quote: "She constantly burned tin, if only a little bit, even though she’d been warned against that. It was never a strong burn, and so she didn’t see the problem," which I loved!) it might be interesting if her confidence in her ability to hide her allomancy took a hit when she was discovered. It could also give whoever discovered her some leverage the siblings, which could lead to some interesting scenarios, while keeping their secret mostly hidden.

I'd also suggest approaching savant status with caution. It was pretty life changing for Spook, and it would hinder Zella's social life negatively. If you remember, along with pewter, tin savant-ism is the most dramatic transformation. If you don't want to go that route though, you should be fine, as long as Zella is careful, since becoming a savant requires constant burning and a lot of flaring, if I'm not mistaking, so as long as she's using a low burn most of the time, she should be fine (bordering on savantism possibly, but not crossing over).

Anyways, those things aside, which are more future concerns than anything, I really really really like Zella, so she's officially APPROVED! I think her dynamic with Aaron would be interesting, for some reason, so it might be cool to get the Calomine siblings together with the Elariel twins at some point and see what happens :)

MozytheHealer's Photo MozytheHealer 19 Sep 2013


That's what I assumed. Oh, and I put up an adoptable Smoker character for Zella, so I'm trying to get that covered.

If they'll be at the ball, we can plot. :{D