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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Smoker attached to Zella Calomine

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#1 MozytheHealer

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Posted 19 September 2013 - 07:47 PM

Name: I have no names in mind. Have fun.
Age: Between 20 and 28.
Gender: Doesn't really matter. I was thinking male, but that's only if we decide that Zella and unnamed-smoker should be courting, and that's definitely something I think could be happening.
Powers: Smoker
Role: I don't really know how to describe it. He/She would basically cover Zella's Tin-burning.

Other Pertinent Information: This person cannot be related to the Calomines, but he/she should be a noble because it's less conspicuous that way(unless you have some other ideas, which I am definitely willing to listen to). One way I thought they could keep it inconspicuous would be if the two of them were courting, because then it would make sense for them to be out in public together. However, if you don't want this character to be a noble, you will also have to come up with another way for them to be inconspicuous.

Approve Before Accepting?: Yes. I'm giving you a lot of free-reign already.


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Issa Calomine, Randall Scanlan

#2 Tal Spektor


Posted 25 December 2013 - 07:42 PM

Not near complete, but it is a concept, at least.

Melaine Wairyn

the Coffee Bodyguard

Posted Image

Name: Tal
Contact: Whatever you do, don't bother KChan. She has enough on her mind.

Posted Image
Name: Melaine Wairyn
Type: Smoker
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Southern Isles
Occupation: Officially, bodyguard. In secret, smoker.
Relationship Status: Secret love of his employer, Zella.

Posted Image

Type of Powers: Allomancer
Metals Used: Copper
Degree of Skill: How would you judge skill with copper?
Status: Hidden.

Posted Image

(First History)

His first day really was confusing.

He woke up in a bed he did not know, surrounded with people he did not recognize, not knowing who he is. He was congartulated and cheered for by these people, but only after it subsided, did he tell someone he had no idea what was going on.

Everyone had gone already, and only she - a sleight woman with auburn hair and an owl's eyes, just a bit older than him - stayed by the bed he was lying in. Melaine confided in her, telling her that he did not know who anyone was, including himself. She answered with a description of him, and the little detail that she is his sister. It seemed they had been close, but Melaine did not know how to respond.

The news spread. But as more came to see Melaine, not only did it become obvious that he did not know them, his supposed past friends reported that he was completely different. They said he acted less politely, less reliably than ever before. He used to be "the best politician in the Isles", as they had put it, and did what he should. Now, he was bolder, warmer - in short, lost his touch.

Only his habits stayed, as well as his instincts and ingrained knowledge. That meant he still knew how to talk and write, and that his voice and handwriting stayed the same, but it also meant that he innately knew things from before, mostly techniques and other "thoughtless" actions performed automatically by the body (listed in Personality)

Not two weeks passed, and his fiancée left him. It was not his fault that he did not remember he had one, and he became such an awful flirt. Oh, how she was upset. And many friends left, as well. The only thing she left with him was his wedding ring.

Seeing how his family was affected by his change, he proposed he be sent away to smoke a different, allied, house. The Calomines were a small house he has not heard of in his two months, but they fit the bill perfectly.

They agreed on a contract conference, and settled on a contract. The instant Melaine started working for the two, he almost blew it up with innocent flirting. Silvan was so agitated, cardiac arrest came to mind.

Somehow, they'd all survived that day. Melaine continued working for the Calomines, and trained with Zella. They never stopped flirting, although Silvan showed his opposition to the idea not once. Life went on, without affecting Mel much.

Posted Image

Well built from his training with Zella, but still within the normal range in that regard, he stands 1.73 meters tall, but is is well-proportioned that looking at him from a distance, you would never know it.

His face sports a diamond-shaped chin and light, unruly hair. His eyes seem like some dark metal or ore, very dark grey and reflective, but not silver or black. His eyebrows are thick in width, but the opposite of bushy.

(for me)
How I see him: http://hollywoodhate...tin-freeman.png

Posted Image

Melaine is light-sensitive. Too much of it gives him a headache, and he always prefers the dark. Relatedly, but from other reasons, he enjoys the quiet, the cold and the night much more than their opposites.

Ever since he awoke, his memory was impaired. He does not have the best memory, regarding events both before it (which he does not remember) and after (which he has difficulty remembering).

Because of his memory, he is relatively uncultured, for he does not remember any of the essentials. Similarly, he is somewhat oblivious o Luthadel politics.

An additional effect of the blow which wiped his memory is that he suffers from speech arrest.

He is unable to concentrate with only one stimulus - his mind grasps this as being unaware of the world. Normally, he constantly has three to eight or so things he is actively aware of and that reside in his mind and consciousness actively, only one (or, with effort, two) of which he concentrates upon actively.

When there are too many demanding events, he has a very hard time concentrating, and when there is only one stimulus (unless it is very absorbing or highly taxing concentration-wise), he might not give it the attention he would, because he will either be searching for stimuli or be creating those. He might concentrate too much on one (less important) stimulus and lose what he was doing (e.g. the thread of a conversation), which seems to outsiders like a limited attention span.

One of the things he does with his awareness is listen to footsteps, doors, voices and the like to place everything and everyone spatially. He automatically aligns himself so that his back is "safest", and he can always tell the exact direction and distance people are in, if not necessarily who they are. This has developed his attention to auditory detail so much he can hear what the face of the person talking is.

The first few weeks of his life and the fact he had to socialize with people he did not know, with friends he never met, with Ventures he'd never heard of, allthewhile maintaining basic interpersonal diplomacy, made him be innately wary and analyze people constantly.

This wariness, as well as his contract, ensure he is always prepared. This means two sharpened make up pencils, to write on any surface (including notes on the arm), and a few obsidian knives, kunai-shaped, thin as the pencils, with a minimal blade and full handle.

Mel is something of an Unfazed Everyman - what others deem very strange, he can take easily, and this applies almost everywhere, in every situation.

There is knowledge he knows, not having learned it. Things he knows from then. Mel hates thinking about before, and tries to forget about it.

First and foremost, Melaine has a proficiency at protecting himself and others that cannot be explained away, and does not match the amount of training he had gone through. It is not the same level of mastery as predesignated bodyguards have, not close, but it still is on a quite good level. Melaine has neither an idea as of how come he knows these things (having been a diplomat), nor why it is he who knows them, but still counts on them just as much.

Melaine could also always play the guitar, from when he first picked her up. He treats playing and the playing of some (specific) songs as an act of relaxation of the mind, the same as a hot bath is to the body. It takes away some of his tracks.

Posted Image

Special Skills: Writing, reading.
Strengths: Always more aware of the world than both the average person and most others, left handed.
Weaknesses: He can have problems concentrating in certain cases, for example when two people talk to him simultaneously. Having more things that reside in his mind, he may concentrate too much on a rather unimportant thing, which will cause him to lose concentration.

Posted Image
Short Version

His fiancée was not here. That was, of course, good. Melaine wouldn't want to taunt her so. After all, she already had left - it would be cruel to force her to see Melaine flirting again. And it certainly looked like he would be.

"Nice to meet you, Zella. Where should I put these cases?"

Zella frowned slightly. Just 'Zella'? He certainly moved quickly. She gestured around her. "Anywhere. We have servants who can take them for you. I am assuming that you won't need any more than one room?" She didn't want to give the impression that she was irritated, but she didn't want to let herself get sucked into his casual aura. One always had to be careful around these types of people.

She focused on inspecting his appearance while they spoke. Noticing any wear on his clothing or odd mannerisms he might have. It would all be important for her later, she was sure.

A rustling from behind, a breeze to the left, warm. The guitar was not very heavy, but the case's straps were thin. His right hand was strained with the suitcase. Zella's bun was casual, free, well cared for. A small frown on Zella's face. Her grissleaf yellow sleeve twitched slightly in response to something he said. What was that?

"Of course the one is fine. Though, I would rather handle my guitar by myself, if I may. Could I do so?" He asked, trying, for the thousandth time, to make himself act politically correct.

Zella shook her head. She knew how touchy musicians were about their instruments, but she didn't want him to disappear to his room quite yet. "I would rather one of the servants take it. We have things we need to discuss." She gestured to the sitting room on her right. "And then you can be shown to your room. I'm afraid that it isn't the most welcoming, but Silvan thought that we could talk over dinner, so this is the way that it will have to be." She was not afraid to show her rebelliousness in front of Melaine, as he was going to have to know a lot about her already.

"I just want to make sure my guitar is taken with care, and that she is either leaned against the corner or laid on the bed."

He put down the suitcase, then set the cased instrument propped against the wall. The sun's heat cut off when he entered slightly deeper into the corridor.

"The servants will take care of it." Zella said, gesturing once more to the sitting room. The windows of the sitting room were large, and she was unhappy with the amount of light in the entryway. She would have to talk to Sed about that later.

Melaine followed her into the sitting room. Merriachi De Voux's "Slaying of the Deepness" hung on one wall. The only reason he recognised it was that there was a reproduction of it back at the Wairyn manor. In the middle of the room, four couches formed a perfect pentagon with one open side, which faced the entrance, set around a dark wooden table of the same shape.

The blue cushions sank under Zella when she sat, seeming violet as per the sunlight. Melaine sat on the couch next to her's, feeling the soft upholstering give way.

"Before we start new business - I assume being prepared applies now, as well? I was not sure, so I came armed with a few viles for each of us and minimal obsidian daggers that are easily concealed. You see, you are my first - I have no experience with this, only the requirements." He teased "I certainly do hope, though, that you will be my last, that I will not have to find someone who will substitute you." This was not really accepted by society, but Melaine had a hunch Zella will be more open-minded about teasing.

"So, what are we to discuss?"

Posted Image

(Second History)

(for the overly curious)

(This is a rough draft)

Melaine's story starts not at his birth, but before. It starts with his mother.

Belle Beaurux was born on the fifth of Brass, 870 to the most conservative of parents - they believed that marrying low is like marrying skaa. Her whole childhood, she was an outcast from society because of what her parents believed. They taught her time and time again how treacherous all skaa are - the first ones they have trusted, who were bodyguards for their two children, turned on their betters and murdered them. They were never to be trusted.

When Belle was snapped to be a mistborn, they became her admirers and loved her so much they were almost her servants. Spoiled by that love, she was disappointed when her balls were filled with people indifferent towards her. She tried to charm them and ensnare them with her beauty, she tried to captivate them with wit and even lure them with allomancy, but her attempts ultimately failed.

Then came Telerrin Wairyn. He was not indifferent, but warm, from the very beginning. Their love was meant to be.

But he was so lowly! A family of the lowest rank, they were bodyguards, and were not even devoted to one house, they would serve anyone who could pay!

Belle was not going to let it ruin anything, though. She was in love.

They married and she ran away for a year, until her parents' anger subsided somewhat. She joined his family, substituting an accountant, having been raised with a superior education that stressed intelligence much more.

When Belle returned to her family, to repair the relationship, they were distant to her. They felt what it would be like to lose their only daughter and accepted her back, but never quite accepted it all. It looked, to them, that she had thrown her life away, as well as her children's opportunities (namely, allomantic ones) for a skaa-class novle who was not even cultured enough to keep his face straight.

At 20, she gave birth to Felicity and Rhys, energetic twins who made her as happy as a flying fish, jumping around excitedly. Five years later, she gave birth to a boy. Because she hoped for a girl and thought of names she could have, the boy was named Melaine. He was much more thoughtful, prone to staring into empty air, listening.

Their whole lives, the children were in between the elderly hammer and the middle-age anvil, and have developed quite a reliance on political action from an early age.

When Felicity and Rhys were snapped, this was intensified, as it provided evidence to the weaker blood. Weeks they were in bed, and despite the best care available, Rhys, who had snapped a rioter, died. The whole time, Felicity tried to cheer him up from the bed beside his, but it did not help his health. Felicity only survived because she was a thug, and that gave her a survivor complex.

Following that series of events, she and Melaine became much more closed and quiet. While Melaine was affected, he was young enough that it did not mark him permanently. Felicity, however, who was so close to Rhys, she became mute for a few months. The next time she talked, her voice was lower and slower, filled with grief.

One day, his sister tried to sneak up on him using pewter, but he, aware of the world like no one they had known, happened to hear her. This developed into a game similar to tag, but with Felicity always being it. Every day, she would try to sneak up on him at least once on an unexpected time, and he would try and detect her. This game continued their whole lives, only becoming a less common occurrence when Felicity reached her twenties.

Five years later came Melaine's turn. He was beaten much less severely, and became a smoker. His training was minimal - he only recieved two or three lessons, all of them theoretical, but they did include how to reduce the size. His experience came from smoking for his sister.

At eleven, he was recognized to be capable beyond his years in plotting manipulation, and started training as the head politician and plotter in the house. Slowly, he was allowed to use his sister to manipulate other people for the good of the house.

Before he started attending balls, which was around sixteen, he was trained in basic self defense.

At eighteen, Melaine was put in charge of all house politics and governing, as his father's health declined steadily. He barely had the time to socialize, much less train. He lived to work.

Two years later, the pressure suddenly lifted as he had been able to secure a few good contracts. He started courting and training again. It only took a year for him to find the woman he loved - Adriane. She could also progress Wairyn forward. But a few more months later, he was exposed as the one to plot and manipulate. Adriane stood by him, and encouraged him to get back into shape, in case anything happens.

Not only did he do that, but he had also hired a bodyguard from the house. The bodyguard, however, who was a cousin, was jealous of Melaine, and considered his position to have covered from favouritism towards the richer blood. The man planned on "getting him out of the way". Luckily, when this was attempted, Felicity just happened to walk in, and had saved him from certain death. He would suffer some brain damage, though.

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Posted 23 January 2014 - 02:43 AM

Hey admins. You can move this thread to the discussiony place now. Sorry I forgot to mention it when Tal first picked up the character.


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