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MozytheHealer's Photo MozytheHealer 01 Oct 2013

Name: Edarad Calomine
Gender: Male
Pertinent Information: Head of House Calomine, husband of Issa Calomine, son of Edre and Teral Calomine, father of Silren and Grynd(both deceased), grandfather of Silvan and Zella Calomine. Born in the year 822, married in 859.

Name: Issa Calomine (nee Alviren)
Gender: Female
Pertinent Information: Wife of Edarad Calomine, mother of Silren and Grynd(both deceased) grandmother of Silvan and Zella Calomine. Born in the year 839, married in 859.

Name: Sed
Gender: Male
Pertinent Information: Unmarried Skaa servant of the Calomine family. Age 34. Most of family dead.

Name: Eldi
Gender: Female
Pertinent Information: Widowed Skaa cook of the Calomine family. Age 26, married at 24, husband died a week later from a beating.

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Randall Scanlan's Photo Randall Scanlan 27 Jan 2015

Name: Randall Scanlan
Gender: Male
Pertinent Information: A Smoker who is contracted to work under House Pascal and was hired by House Calomine. He has a history of seducing his employers, although his house doesn't know it. His latest 'conquest' is his current employer, Zella Calomine.
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