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Mistborn: The Inquisition


Take the Dice Roll Character Creation Chal...

KChan's Photo KChan 03 Jan 2015

UPDATE: Check the initial post of this topic for a neat prize. :D

Haelbarde's Photo Haelbarde 03 Jan 2015

Just a suggestion. Put the code like has been done for character apps in the original post for the badge, plus the attributes (should people want them).

[b][u]Rolled Attributes[/u][/b]
[b]Type: [/b][i](Noble/Skaa Misting/Mistborn (If applicable) [Type of Dice rolled {d8/D10/D12}[/i]
[b]Gender: [/b][i]Male/Female[/i]
[b]Social Skills: [/b][i]Weak/Underdeveloped/Typical/Improved/Superior/Maximum[/i]
[b]Combat Ability: [/b][i]Weak/Underdeveloped/Typical/Improved/Superior/Maximum[/i]
[b]Resources: [/b][i]Weak/Underdeveloped/Typical/Improved/Superior/Maximum[/i]
[b]Allomantic Skill: [/b][i]Weak/Underdeveloped/Typical/Improved/Superior/Maximum[/i][/center]
<p>[b]Friend/Foe: [/b][i](name of relevant character)[/i]

For example, for Cecille, I've put this at the bottom of the app:

Posted Image
Rolled Attributes
Type: Noble Soother (d10)
Gender: Female
Social Skills: Maximum
Combat Ability: Typical
Resources: Underdeveloped
Allomantic Skill: Superior

I guess alternatively you could give people it in that format, and put the code in a codebox should they want to include it in their app.
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Waxlux's Photo Waxlux 09 Jan 2015

Hey KChan :) Can you give me just an allomancy skill level roll for a character I'm making :) Thanks :)

KChan's Photo KChan 09 Jan 2015

Sure! :) You got Improved.

Waxlux's Photo Waxlux 09 Jan 2015

Thanks :)

Haelbarde's Photo Haelbarde 15 May 2015

KChan, could I get a roll for gender? Last time I was here, got three rolls from you, and I've used the second two. Time to use the first.

Also, could I get a d10 roll with a set of attribute rolls, with a gender roll on the side?

EDIT: And could I get a d12 roll with the lot? Might as well get one for an obligator. And for the friend/foe bit, will make it with a fellow obligator. Either DeMaiste's, if they write one, or for someone else's, if they don't.

Hmmm, though are there female obligators? Presumes there are if there are female inquisitors.
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Haelbarde's Photo Haelbarde 10 Aug 2015

If you've got your house in order, I'd like to add a Friend/Foe roll for how the character feels about Tabs (Quiver's WIP skaa freerunner). The roll will be used along side the first gender role from above, and from one of the rolls you gave me previously (Non-Allomancer with Typical Social Skills, Superior Combat Ability, and Underdeveloped Resources).

KChan's Photo KChan 10 Aug 2015

There are in fact female obligators. One of my many in-progress characters is one, actually. :) Anyways, here are your results!

Roll #1, Gender: Female

Roll #2, D10 Set


Social Skills: Maximum

Combat Ability: Improved

Resources: Superior

Gender: Female

Roll #3, D102 Set


Social Skills: Weak

Combat Ability: Improved

Resources: Superior

Allomantic Skill: Improved

Gender: Female

This character is a FRIEND of the players' choice of character.

Roll #4, Friend/Foe

This character is a FOE of Tabs.

I think that's everything! The dice seem to like women today. XD

Haelbarde's Photo Haelbarde 18 Nov 2015

May I trouble you for an 'Allomantic Skill' role?

Eternum's Photo Eternum 17 Jul 2017

Hey, I guess I'll take this, if it's still a thing lol. D10.
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KChan's Photo KChan 18 Jul 2017

Eternum, you are a Seeker!

Social Skills: Typical

Combat Ability: Improved

Resources: Maximum

Happy writing!