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Mistborn: The Inquisition


A Confrontation

Adala Venture's Photo Adala Venture 29 Dec 2013

Adala had had a wonderful day. She'd spent almost the entirety of it with men, one of whom wasn't even related to her! And neither of them had tried to leave, or fake sick, or anything. Aaron and Broderick were true finds; men who appreciated (appreciated!) her witty remarks. She didn't care a whit that Aaron was an Elariel, men like that were too rare to shun just because their houses were having a spat. It was not as if she'd known Phyra. And Broderick... it would be good to have someone in the keep she could banter with. Good banter partners were so hard to find.

But even for how wonderful her day had been she had not forgotten what she'd been doing at the beginning. Dinner would not be for and hour or so and Mists was still in the library, waiting to be read. She'd be able to get through a few chapters in the mean time. She nearly skipped through the library, humming tunelessly to herself, only to stop dead when she turned a corner to see a familiar face (who's familiar feet were dangerously close to her stack of abandoned novels).

"ALDRIC?" her voice was far too loud for the quiet of the library, and her brother started from where he sat reading a book. "What in the Lord Ruler's name are you doing here brother?" she demanded.
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