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In Which Apologies are Given


Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 30 Dec 2013

Jasun stood among the mists, burning steel. He didn’t do anything, just let himself stand, staring out into the mists. He was a beacon of allomantic pulses to anyone who wished to find him. Not that anyone did, as far as he knew. He gave a long suffering sigh and sat down at the edge of the roof he was on, kicking his heels idly against the side of the building like a child. He had botched it, he knew. That girl had been the first Mistborn he’d ever met and he’d botched it.

"Well it seems I've been beaten by a girl," he twirled the hat around with his fingers, "I don't know how to feel about that."

Stupid, stupid, stupid. He knew better than to belittle female allomancers, more than one had taught him to respect their skills regardless of their gender. It was his pride, he knew. It had hurt to know how much a young girl outclassed him, so he’d tried to hurt her in turn, and considering how hard she’d punched him he’d succeeded.

Yes I’ve gotten exactly what I wanted, so why am I out in the mists trying to find her? He didn’t really know what he was doing. The girl was unlikely to reappear and he had absolutely no idea who she was. All he could do was go to roughly the last spot he’d seen her and burn steel. That was the only way he could think of to catch her attention, do the same exact thing she’d done to catch his.

Another ten minutes, and then I go home, he decided, and started playing with one of his jumping clips, making it dance along his knuckles and between his fingers. He had little hope she would turn up, but if she did best to look unintimidating, not that she really had anything to be scared of.
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Lysette Hasting's Photo Lysette Hasting 31 Dec 2013

The city was as it had been every night for a week. Lysette had stayed close to home since her meeting with that Mistborn in the night. He wasn't supposed to know she was a girl. Now he would hold back if they ever fought again. Not that he had much in the way of skill.

He was still charming.

What is wrong with you?

Lysette bound her chest as the mists formed, and threw her mistcloak on, letting herself get more adventurous than she had since the encounter with him. She didn't even know his name... or who he was. She didn't want to. She wanted to forget he existed, but she couldn't get him out of her mind.

She did her rounds of the city as usual, stopping in the normal places, but she was drawn to the place she met the Mistborn. She decided to pay the rooftop a visit... Perhaps going there would clear her mind.

Instead when she landed on the same rooftop they fought on, she couldn't get him off her mind. It was worse. She replayed the evening over and over again in her head. Even her tutors knew she was distracted. She stood in the middle of the roof, trying to see...

What was she there for? Her eyebrows furrowed.

"Why do you want to see him again, you idiot?" she asked herself under her breath as she burned bronze and felt several pulses nearby. She wasn't as adept as some Mistborn claimed to be, she had no idea which metal was being burned, but there was someone nearby.

She extinguished bronze, and threw up a coppercloud, as a precaution. She was ready for whatever her mysterious companion might throw at her.

Maybe it was him...

Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 31 Dec 2013

Ten minutes had come and gone, and Jasun had to admit defeat. He really needed to stop doing this, the girl wasn't going to turn up. He sighed and got up, he was moping now, this wouldn't do at all. He flared tin to give himself a wake up call, and saw a figure on the building next to him.

Jasun froze, he couldn't make out the person's face, indeed they were facing away from him. But he could see that they were wearing a mistcloak. And they were standing around where he'd fought the girl, just standing too, as if they were... searching for someone?

Well it seems I'll get to apologize after all, he thought with a grin and then called across to her, "Hello, is that you? It's me, the chauvinistic bastard. Nice to see you again." Self deprecation was the way to a woman's heart, after all.

Lysette Hasting's Photo Lysette Hasting 31 Dec 2013

Lysette was lost in thought on the roof, still ready for an oncoming attack. She was not expecting it to be him. What could he possibly hope to gain by finding her here again? Then again, what was it that drew her back to this spot? She should have avoided it at all costs, but here she was being talked to by the man who unmasked her.

Lysette's face was stone as she turned to him. She didn't want to let him know how she was feeling... what she was thinking. Her coppercloud would prevent him from meddling with her emotions and that was a blessing. She was never so grateful she was Mistborn.

"I wouldn't exactly call it nice." she grumbled. "What do you want?" Lysette rested her hand on the familiar and comforting handles of her daggers. She felt safer knowing she was armed this time.

Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 31 Dec 2013

Jasun decided against conversing on neighboring buildings, he didn't want to shout his apology across the rooftops, after all. Taking a few steps back he flared pewter and ran to the edge of the roof, leaping out with allomancy fueled strength. The mists swirled around him as he flew through the air and then landed on the same building as her. Belatedly he thought he should have asked her permission to come over, she could decide to stab him or shoot him full of coins after all, but it was too late for that. To try to keep her from doing anything too drastic he held his hands above his head, showing he was unarmed.

"What I want," he told her, arms still raised above his head, "is to apologize. You're the first Mistborn who's been more then a shadowy shape in the mists and I rewarded you by being an ass. So, for what it's worth I am truly sorry."
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Lysette Hasting's Photo Lysette Hasting 03 Jan 2014

Lysette tensed up as she saw her rival Mistborn jump onto the roof. She readied one of her daggers, keeping it hidden beneath her mistcloak. It was her safety. She was as good with her glass daggers as she was with unarmed combat. Lysette knew she was better than this Mistborn, whether he wanted to admit it or not. He must not have had the same physical training that she has had. She wondered what house he was from. Most Mistborn avoided one another to keep their anonymity, but this one didn't seem to care. Why did he come back here?
To apologise? That was it. He wanted to make amends for taking her hat and ruining a perfectly good fight. He ruined everything. All she wanted was someone to spar with. She didn't want them to take her hat and ruin it.

But why should she not accept. He was the only Mistborn to ever approach her in the mists. And he wasn't likely to underestimate her. Even he knew she could best him in an actual fight.

But she wasn't going to give up that easily. She slid her dagger back into her sheath and crossed her arms. "Why should I forgive you?" she asked, doing her best to keep her face as unconvinced as possible. She didn't want him to know he had won just yet.

Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 04 Jan 2014

Jasun was surprised she was actually considering forgiving him. He shouldn'tve been, he was Jasun. He could charm an obligator, male or female. Surely he shouldn't be surprised he could change the mind of this slip of a girl.

This slip of a girl could kill you, he had to resist shivering. Yes, he really shouldn't underestimate her just because she was smaller then him, especially after she'd already proven she could kick his ass. Plus underestimating her was what had gotten him into this mess in the first place.

Still he wasn't quite sure what he could do to convince her, what could he say that would change her mind? Except maybe... no that was a stupid idea, dangerous, foolhardy. In other words perfect.

"I give you my name," he said, bowing, "as a sign of trust, Jasun, at your service." He looked up from his bow and gave her his most charming smile, "Surely you will give me your forgiveness now that I am not some nameless stranger."

Lysette Hasting's Photo Lysette Hasting 04 Jan 2014

Jasun. Lysette didn't recognize the name as any of the nobles she had met during the day. Lysette spent a lot of time training, and not as much time as she would like socializing, however. She kept up her reputation, of course... her hangers-on were very loyal. Just because she hadn't heard his name didn't mean he hadn't given her his true one.

It was easier to forgive him now that he wasn't infuriating her by taking her hat and making it harder for her to hide in the mists. She didn't want anyone to know who she was -- or who her family was. Including this stranger.

She considered a few moments, leaving him waiting in silence... before she nodded.

"I suppose you can be forgiven, but you won't be getting my name in return." she said. "You can call me Lyn." she added. She was very bad at coming up with an alias for herself. Lissie, her childhood nickname, was too close to Lysette to be safe enough... Lyn would work for the moment, and if all went well, he would never learn the real one.

"You really don't have much combat experience, do you?" she asked, smiling.

Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 04 Jan 2014

"I wasn't expecting it, indeed I'm surprised you've forgiven me at all. But I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth," Jasun said and nearly kicked himself. What was he doing giving so much away? He was charming, suave, not honest, never honest. But he'd said it and it couldn't take it back, better to just roll with it and hope she didn't see what he'd done, "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lyn." He didn't say lady, he had a feeling that this girl didn't want him to look at her as such, it was the degree she'd gone to hide her gender. It made sense, indeed Jasun himself had underestimated her because of her gender, he decided to not do that again.

He gave a theatrical sigh at her next comment, "I'll have you know there's other uses for our powers besides combat." he rolled his eyes, "It's not as if we're just weapons, we're people... with a few extra powers thrown into the mix." He was deflecting he knew, and for some reason he decided to stop, "But no, to answer your question, I'm not very good at combat. Think of it as part of my charm, a Mistborn who couldn't hurt a fly."
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Lysette Hasting's Photo Lysette Hasting 21 Jan 2014

"What good is a Mistborn who can't hurt a fly?" Lysette said under her breath. She had been taught since she Snapped that she was a weapon for her house to be honed and used as necessary. All noble houses did it, everyone used their Misborns as weapons. Many of them were even well-adjusted members of society... not that Lysette considered herself as such.

She shrugged. "I suppose you focus more on your tin and brass and zinc than anything else," Lysette said. She had never been completely comfortable with the more mental metals. She was better at dealing with her problems with her fists.

"Also, I know where every one of your punches were going before you threw them," she boasted, smirking. She might have been trying to get under his skin a little... maybe a lot. It was the first time she got to interact with someone she knew was a Mistborn. She didn't want to alienate him immediately, but she couldn't help but have a little fun.

Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 21 Jan 2014

Jasun grinned, "Plenty, because I am still alive, after thirty long years no ones murdered me gruesomely, so I must be doing something right!" Wait, why had he told her how old he was, "And you should probably replace the word 'fly' with 'Mistborn', I've managed to take down quite a few Mistings and normal people in my time. Although it's not as if those fights were fair." He didn't want her to think he was completely useless, after all. He had some pride.

Zinc and brass mostly, he thought, but managed not to blurt out, what was wrong with him today? He was being so loose with information about himself. It had to be because she already knew he was a Mistborn, that secret he kept to everyone but Gil, it was a constant weight on his mind and it was gone, of course that had loosened his tongue. But he had to get it under control, he couldn't blurt out anymore secrets to this girl, what if she saw him while he was impersonating a noble and realized what he was? Luthadel was a big place but they had already met each other once, what was to say they wouldn't again? Still the things she said afterwards... he couldn't help but be intrigued.

"Really?" He wasn't annoyed, merely surprised, he hadn't known he telegraphed his moves that much, but then again he'd been taught by street toughs, not formally trained Pewterarms. "How? What was I doing wrong, if you don't mind me asking." She might even tell him too, this was turning out amazingly, most Mistborn would have just avoided him, the ones who would have fought him might have just killed him, but this one, this Lyn, she might actually teach him. That was something Jasun could not pass up, to actually get to spar with another Mistborn was an amazing prospect. It was a pity the last one had ended so badly.

Lysette Hasting's Photo Lysette Hasting 23 Jan 2014

From what little Lysette had seen so far, she wasn't impressed with any of Jasun's training. Not only was he a poor combattant, he was giving away far too much information about himself. She wondered if there was a reason for it. Although, it wasn't often that two Mistborn actually talked to one another. She wondered idly if that had something to do with it.

"Well, first the way you stood when we fought told me exactly which way you'd move next, and you drop your shoulder before you punch," Lysette said, shrugging. "It's correctable, but it takes practice." She didn't mean that she would help him to learn, just that he would need to if he really wanted to have more training.

Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 23 Jan 2014

"Hmm," Jasun said, the girl was trying to seem disinterested, but she was the one who had attracted him, who had toyed with him, who had chased and fought him, surely she wanted something out of it, but what?

"Why don't we spar again, then." He suggested, falling into his fighting stance, "I promise not to take your hat if you promise not to punch me in the stomach again, deal?" He readied himself, holding his fists near his face, "And try not to push me off the building this time if you please." He added hopefully.

Lysette Hasting's Photo Lysette Hasting 26 Jan 2014

Lysette had been hoping they could spar again, deep down. She didn't often get to spar with other Mistborns. Actually it was rare for her to talk to many of them. And when she did, she already knew everything about their fighting style, after having practiced with them for years. It was hard to change things up and keep her on her toes. She spent too much time observing and training for that to work.

Lysette managed a small bow. "I'm not giving you any promises, but you'll take it and fight me anyway." She smirked. "No pewter. No iron. No steel." she said firmly. "If your skills are going to improve you have to have them first. Too many people rely on their metals to make them good." She said, practically quoting her teacher.

"I'll know if you burn them... even with your coppercloud that I'm positive you have up," Lysette turned to complete business when she was training. The new look of concentration creased her forehead ever so slightly. "When you're ready, come at me as if you were going to attack... and I'll show you just how predictable you are."

Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 30 Jan 2014

What, no pewter? This was going to suck. Obviously Lyn didn't realize how important pewter actually was. Jasun didn't have a particularly high tolerance for pain, after all he'd almost always had pewter to dull it, why would he need to learn to cope with it?

For situations like these, he thought, then had to resist snorting. Yes he should definitely be prepared for instructive spars with a Mistborn in the dead of night. That was something that was going to happen often, for sure.

"You could at least pretend this was going to be difficult," he said wryly, "You know, to soothe my fragile male ego?" He shrugged and started stalking up to her, trying to move as he did with pewter, with the ease of a predator on the prowl. He body felt unwieldy without the metal burning, weak, fragile, breakable. This was really going to suck wasn't it?

A few steps away from her he picked up the pace. He was going to be a gentleman and go for the shoulder, but he felt that might just insult her, so he aimed somewhere a bit more vital. It took more effort than it should have to not burn pewter, and focusing on that and keeping his shoulder up meant Jasun wasn't paying as much attention as he should've been when he swung his right fist towards Lyn's stomach.
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Lysette Hasting's Photo Lysette Hasting 03 Feb 2014

"You'd need to extinguish more than pewter for me to Soothe your ego, Jasun," she said pointedly. "But I won't make you take down all your defenses."

Lysette watched Jasun move around the roof, coming closer... picking up speed. She smirked and readied herself for his attack. She extinguished all of her metals except copper and tin, and waited. As he came at her she saw him try to not to drop his shoulder before he swung, and she managed to keep herself from grinning.

She blocked his punch with ease, spinning around him. She was going to try flipping him onto the roof, but there wasn't enough speed... or room up here to safely flip him over. Instead she went for the easier dance around to his back. Even without pewter she was graceful, lithe, and obviously practiced. With one hand she wrenched his arm behind his back and out her knife with the other. She put it at his neck.

"If we were fighting for real, you'd be dead." She lowered her knife and put it away. She allowed him back his wrist and took a few steps back. "Again."

Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 03 Feb 2014

It went exactly as Jasun expected, she whirled away from him like so much mist and was behind him in an instant, wrenching his arm up in a painful hold. He hadn't expected the knife however, when he felt the blade against his throat he froze completely.

This is a very undignified way to die. Jasun thought, and then the blade was retracted and he could breathe again. He spun around and glared at her, he wasn't angry she had beaten him, just that she had held a knife to his throat.

"Ok. Ground rules." He said, gesturing wildly, "The rule about no knives from our last fight stays in effect. I only have so many pairs of brown pants, dear Lyn." He held a hand to his throat, as if to make sure it was still perfectly fine and unslit, "You can flip me or throw me or put me in a hold but no holding knives to any part of me. Alright?"

Lord Ruler what had he gotten himself into, there was something wrong with the girl if she could do that so casually. Jasun could count on one hand the times he held a man at knife point, and he had at least had a reason to. The way she'd spoken, so calm, so collected as she'd told him he would be dead if they weren't sparring, as if she was just instructing and nothing more, it was unsettling as all hell.
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Lysette Hasting's Photo Lysette Hasting 06 Feb 2014

"I just wanted to prove a point." she said, smirking. "You can't be that afraid of a little girl with a couple knives..." She wasn't serious, however. She pulled the knives out and set them down on the rooftop several paces from where she had been standing.

"As you wish," she said, moving away from the knives. "Are you ready to actually learn something? I haven't got all night, you know."

She wanted to teach. She knew that would be her duty in her house eventually... if she lived long enough. Lysette had a wanton attitude toward life in general. She could die tomorrow, or in fifty years. She didn't seem to care one way or the other, as long as she died doing her duty to her house... and eventually whatever family she might have. Lysette knew she would never get a normal life... but she didn't actually think she could live with being normal. She was happy to be Mistborn, happy to be the knife in the dark for Hasting.

Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 06 Feb 2014

"I can and will, thank you," Jasun said stiffly, "And you're not that little." Still she had put the knives completely away. Jasun was actually a bit amazed at that, the best he'd been hoping for was she kept her knives sheathed, not put them out of reach. What if he had atium, and tried to use the few precious seconds it would take her to get to the knives to pull a weapon on her try to kill her? Sure, he wasn't going to do anything of the sort but it was still a surprise that she was putting that much trust in a stranger. Then again he had put a lot of trust in her when he'd attacked her, she could have killed him then, but hadn't; she could have killed him a week ago, and hadn't. Maybe he wasn't the only one who wanted to meet a fellow Mistborn? That was the only thing that seemed to explain her behavior.

"I think..." he said, pondering for a moment, "I think we're not going to make any progress this way, here why don't we do this," he fell into his fighting stance, feet shoulder length apart, slightly crouched with his fists held up to protect his face, "Tell me what I'm doing wrong."

Lysette Hasting's Photo Lysette Hasting 11 Feb 2014

"Are you the teacher?" she quipped as she took a sidestep. He fell into his fighting stance and she looked at his feet. "You are angling your feet. You're going to move left from there." Lysette said. "And you bend your knees too much. You want to be loose but not squatting."

Lysette came closer to him and corrected her stance. She didn't need her knives to hurt him -- she knew she was protected, even without the weapons, but she did keep her eye on them where she had left them. She wouldn't want to forget them when she left. Nor would she want to allow Jasun to somehow get ahold of them. They had been a gift. The only thing other than bruises and criticism her instructor gave her.

She showed him how to move left and right when fighting without letting him know which way she was going. "Here. I'll stand the way you are and show you what you're doing. Your job is to guess which way I'm going to go next."

She mimicked his stance, trying not to over exaggerate it. It was hard to pretend to be awful at this.