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Mistborn: The Inquisition


In Which Apologies are Given


Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 13 Feb 2014

What. No. This was bad, he mustn't stare. That was key, he had to observe her without looking at her as a woman, it wasn't like she was wearing trousers that showed the exact shape of her legs or anything. But no, he was better then this, he was not some teenaged boy who couldn't control himself around women, but it was still so tempting...

He glared at her feet, it wasn't like she was that attractive anyway! Even if he wondered how he'd mistaken her fine boned face with that of a boy, the mists had been the reason, surely. Ugh this was idiotic, he was idiotic. Why did he care if she saw him looking at her, he could do what he bloody well pleased. With that thought in mind his eyes inched up her form until he met her gaze. She was glaring at him, murder in her eyes.

"To the right." He said quickly, glad he'd stared so hard at her feet, they were angled slightly to the right, her weight shifted slightly in that direction. "And. Umm..." He felt bad, suddenly, what was he doing acting like such a git, he was going to make her punch him and leave again and then where would he be? Without a teacher, without a fellow Mistborn, and another bruise. "Yeah... sorry." He glanced away.
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Lysette Hasting's Photo Lysette Hasting 19 Feb 2014

He. was staring at her. He checked her out. This was one of the many reasons that she usually wore baggy clothing and tried not to be noticed by anyone. She didn't want wandering eyes sizing her up... but this useless excuse for a Mistborn just used her instruction as an excuse to gape at her.

She felt her face turn red as she blushed, but she hoped it wasn't too obvious. To hide it she glared at him until he finally went back to what they were trying to do. She barely knew him... and he was lucky she set her daggers down away from her.

"If you're quite through drooling, why do you think I'll move right?" she asked.

Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 20 Feb 2014

Jasun had to salvage this somehow, she looked like she wanted to stab him. It wasn't an altogether unfamiliar look to Jasun, but he didn't usually get it this quickly, "I find that extremely offensive. I'll have you know that I do not drool, I leer, classily." He waved his hand, "Either way I apologize, it was ill done of me."

Better to not bring anymore attention to his... attentions, "I knew you were going right because your feet were angled in that direction."

Lysette Hasting's Photo Lysette Hasting 04 Mar 2014

She smirked, flared pewter and dashed left. She brought her open hand around to his arm and dashed away as quickly as she had come. This was beginning to amuse her. She was just toying with him now, rather than actually helping him. He was far too easy to play with.

"You said my feet were pointed that way. That's the key word. They moved. You saw them once and assumed my movement from it. You can't get distracted from your target, or you'll likely end up bloody and beaten on the ground." she said smiling.

"Now, watch my feet. Watch my posture. If I'm going to move right, this is what it will look like." She showed him a few times by moving around him to the right circling around him until she was back where she started.

Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 04 Mar 2014

Jasun's mouth quirked at her treatment of him. He wasn't sure whether to be amused or annoyed, "You know Lyn, most people consider it bad manners to play with one's food." He said with a crooked grin, then sat back to let her instruct him, like a good student.

"Alright, my turn," he said when she finished prowling around him. He stood with his legs shoulder length apart and tried his very best not to signal in any way that he wanted to go to the left. "Which way do I want to go, dear teacher?"

Lysette Hasting's Photo Lysette Hasting 02 Oct 2014

Lysette let her head tilt to the side, a habit when she was thinking. Slowly, without saying anything she started sidestepping to her right -- Jasun's left. She let a playful grin dance across her face

"Better, but your footing needs work, but I'm sure it'll get better if you practice." She said, in the most condescending way she could manage.

"I had to do this with my instructor for almost six months before he let me learn anything else," she added gently. "Doubt you want to spend half that long being bested by a girl half your size."

Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 02 Oct 2014

Jasun rolled his eyes at her condescending tone. He would really like to put her in her place right now. Just a little. He'd only have to toss her off the building, or knock her to the ground, or trip her or something. He looked at the amused expression on her face, the utter lack of fear in her bearing and it rankled him.

Realistically though he knew he could do none of those things, and he could not help being amused by her lack of fear while also being annoyed at it. He wasn't exactly sure why. Perhaps because she seemed more alive now? Less... deadly? Although he could not help but see the predatory grace in her movements, so perhaps that was incorrect.

"You are too kind, teacher." He said, turning his head to keep his eyes on her, "And while I would rather not spend six months doing this..." He shrugged goodnaturedly, "I have found that what I want and reality rarely look eye to eye. So please, continue with you... "instruction"." He let some sarcasm drip into his last words, she was playing with him now, after all.

Lysette Hasting's Photo Lysette Hasting 08 Oct 2014

The banter continued back and forth insulting one another while Lysette tried to teach him how to fight. They circled around each other for hours. It was the most fun Lysette had... in months.

The sun was beginning to come up and she realized exactly how late it had gotten. When she noticed, she went pale.

"I have to go. I'll be missed." She paused looking back over her shoulder. "Don't follow me when I go, and I'll come back to this spot on my rounds every few nights."

She dropped a coin onto the roof and waited for his response before she shot off into the morning.

Jasun Vallace's Photo Jasun Vallace 08 Oct 2014

Jasun had noticed the mists lightening, and the blackness of the night turning into gray. He didn't say anything because he had the distinct impression that Lyn had not noticed how long they'd been at it. Didn't she have duties? He could just crash at his hideout and tell his crew to stuff it for a day. They were in between jobs at the moment so it was not like it would matter. If anyone asked where he'd been all night he could honestly say he'd been with a woman. Somehow he doubted Lyn could admit where she'd spent her time.

He could not help but chuckle when she finally noticed, her reaction was just a little bit priceless. "Of course, and don't worry about me following you. I rather like living."

He bowed, waving her off ostentatiously, "See you 'round." His speech dipped into his normal vocabulary for a moment, the drawl and poorly pronounced words of skaa, he hoped she hadn't noticed.