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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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The Universal Continuity Thread, Week 2

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#1 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 18 January 2014 - 08:56 PM

Welcome to the Universal Continuity Thread for Week Two! This is where we keep track of who was where, with whom, and when, throughout the course of the second week of the storyline of the RP. "But wait!" you might say, "Where's Week One?" To which I would answer, good question, random member! As more people join, and create more characters and even more RP threads - and hooray for that! - the original Continuity Thread threatened to grow too big to manage, and the staff were having trouble keeping up with it. So from now on, each week of the RP will have its own thread. You can find Week One's topic here. In addition, after listening to feedback from you, the members, I've re-ordered the list. You will now find earlier threads at the top, with later threads at the bottom.

When you make a new topic, please try to keep in mind the continuity of the RP. We like knowing who is where, when, because many of our members put a great deal of time and effort into plotting intricate storylines that depend on details like these. And since the forum software upgrade introduced a convenient tagging functionality to threads (which replaces topic descriptions entirely), we have updated our chronological tagging system to allow maximum functionality. Click Here to read how it works. Keep in mind that if you're starting an open thread and aren't sure where to fit it, it's alright to hold off on tagging it right away, but please try to do so as soon as possible. Otherwise, we'll have to stick it in wherever we can fit it, or else risk letting it fall out out of continuity altogether if we can't find a suitable time slot. Also, remember that some players might not want to bring their characters into your open thread until they know for sure if their characters are free to join in. If you're not sure where to place your thread in the continuity, use the Plotting Forum to seek input from other members.

MBI's continuity is divided into Weeks, Days, and Times. (NOTE to newer members: Weeks used to be called Cycles. If you hear that word tossed around instead of Weeks, it means the same thing. Some of us tend to use them interchangeably, but when tagging, make sure you call them Weeks.) There are currently eleven time slots to choose from:
  • Pre-dawn (PD)
  • Early Morning (EM)
  • Midmorning (MM)
  • Late Morning (LM)
  • High Noon (HN)
  • Early Afternoon (EA)
  • Midafternoon (MA)
  • Late Afternoon (LA)
  • Evening (EV)
  • Nighttime (NT)
  • Late Night (LN)
To add a new topic here, please use the following template. Don't forget to turn the Rich Text Editor off before pasting the code into the post window! And for the Lord Ruler's sake, don't forget the code tags! Every time you make a submission without them, it just makes more work for us, and the continuity thread is already difficult to edit. Be nice to the staff, and use code tags. And now, the template:

[*][url=(insert thread url here)](Thread Name)[/url] ♦ (Place Name - This will be the forum the topic is posted in) ♦ (Characters involved in the thread) [list][i](Summary of what happened in the thread)[/i][/list]

You do not have to include a summary (especially if you yourself are discovering where the topic is going!), but it can be helpful to refresh everyone's memories after a long period of time. When the principal action of the thread is over, please submit a topic summary for the staff to add.

Again, his is the Continuity Thread for Week Two ONLY. Please note that even though the current storyline is in Week Two, you are still welcome to make Week One threads if you wish. Just make sure, when adding them to the continuity, that you submit them to the correct thread. Again, you can find Week One's topic here.

This list is sorted chronologically, in descending order. Newer items are at the bottom.

[C] denotes a closed topic. If a topic has been closed in error please contact a staff member.

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Day One

Early Morning:
  • After Death ♦ Keeps
    Daerra Elariel, Aaron Elariel, Andrew Elariel, Claudia Elariel, Viridian Demesne
      The Elariels adjust the the realities of Mikhail's death. Note: This thread brackets "Benevolence" with events happening before, during and after.
  • Damage Control ♦ Keeps
    Sheldon Hasting, Caden Hasting, Colette Hasting, Lysette Hasting, Averill Hasting.
      The Hastings react to an absent Kaylen's suspected involvement in the murder of Mikhail Elariel.
  • Benevolence ♦ Fountain Square
    The Lord Ruler, Ashriel Deveaux, Gethen Sureau, All Males in Luthadel, Mia Casuana, Aveline Sureau
      Due to the skaa attack on Keep Casuana, the Steel Ministry executes random skaa. All males are required to be here.
  • A New Arrival ♦ Keep Venture ♦ Rhea Venture, Adala Venture.
      Adala arrives at Keep Venture, and finds Rhea ready to greet her while the majority of the family are attending the executions.
  • Indifference ♦ Ahlstrom Square
    Sebastien Perrault, Garren Valoren
      Bored and fidgety after a long morning of executions, Sebastien Perrault looks for a way to clear his head.
  • The Inaugural Meeting of the Luthadel Book Club (Supposedly) ♦ Keeps
    Lucille Deveaux, Sanna Tekiel, Aaron Elariel, Delissia, Daeric Vaudin, Jalen Domaille, Frederin Damerell, Winchester Duchemin
      Lucille Deveaux hosts her book club's first meeting in Luthadel, with a few new additions.
  • Tea and Consequences ♦ Keep Hasting
    Colette Hasting, Ferrah Brehaut, Marceline Dumont, Celestine Belvieuux, Teresia Martel, Eliza Fathvell.
      The posse meets for tea and Marceline and Eliza face the consequences of their actions at the Casuana ball.
Late Afternoon:
  • Following Leads ♦ Palace District ♦ Emilia Hasting
      Emilia follows a second mysterious note to the library, hoping to discover the cause of her mother's disappearance.
  • Starting with 'Hello' ♦ Keeps ♦ Nevan Venture and Camille Deveaux
      In the aftermath of the Casuana ball, Nevan and Camille start with 'Hello'.
  • [C] Waiting ♦ Skaa Slums ♦ Khaelys, Klyde, Zincell
      Khaelys meets Klyde... and Zincell.
  • [C] Back from the Dead ♦ Palace District ♦ Gethen Sureau, Ashriel Deveaux.
      Gethen returns to the Canton of Orthodoxy for the first time since becoming an Inquisitor.
  • [C] Trust ♦ Southbridge Docks ♦ Nessa, Nathan, Datura
      Nessa wakes up in a new den and is taken to meet the crewleader.
Night Time:
  • Mistborn ♦ Keeps ♦ Viridian Demesne, Alexandre Aurelian
      Ordered to test out House Elariel's newest ally, Alexandre ambushes Viridian as she ventures out into the mists.
  • [C] Mistings ♦ Keeps ♦ Aaron Elariel, Lucille Deveaux
      Needing a confidante, Aaron turns to Lucille for help.
  • Gremlin Hunt ♦ Skaa Slums ♦ Klyde, Camille Deveaux, Zincell, Khaelys
      Klyde tells his new companions--Khaelys and Zincell--to stay back while he confront the tricksy gremlin informant, Cassi. Meanwhile, Zincell and Khaelys bond and Zincell reveals things that could get her into trouble.
Late Night:
  • Mutual Interests ♦ Silver Quarter ♦ Eliane Casuana, Camille Deveaux
      Two streetears swap a few stories about what really happened at the Casuana ball.
Day Two

Early Morning:
  • [C] Rematch ♦ Palace District ♦ Gervais Lekal, Lucille Deveaux
      Gervais Lekal and Lucille Deveaux continue their odd rivalry when they meet again in the Canton of Doctrine's library.
  • The Girl with Fire in Her Hair ♦ Hotel District
    Klyde, Delissia Arnell, Daeric Vaudin, Zincell, Cray Tindiel
      Klyde follows Cassi's information to Delissia, but their reunion does not go as planned.
  • [C] Shipping ♦ Keeps ♦ Damien Deveaux, Tamsin Landell
      Hoping to secure a contract with a Great House, Tamsin Landell arrives for her meeting with Damien Deveaux. Meanwhile, Damien discovers that his new business colleague is not what he expected.
Late Morning
  • [C] Special Delivery ♦ Keeps ♦ Lucille Deveaux, Gervais Lekal
      Lucille Deveaux tracks down Gervais Lekal in order to deliver something she wrote just for him. Gervais isn't amused.
  • [C] The Lady's Arrival ♦ Keeps ♦
      Cora Fathvell, Dastand Fathvell, Eliza Fathvell, Felix Fathvell.
      Cora arrives at Keep Fathvell, and is greeted by her family.
High Noon:
  • Pity Parade ♦ Keeps ♦ Riordan Casuana, Daerra Elariel
      After waking up at noon, Riordan decides to annoy Daerra Elariel, hiring skaa off the street to be members in his parade.
Early Afternoon:
  • A Matter of Taste ♦ Hotel District ♦ Eliza Fathvell, Felix Fathvell, Vaden Tremaine.
      Eliza and Felix attend a wine tasting, where they encounter Vaden Tremaine.
  • Wandering ♦ Skaa Slums ♦ Nessa, Ignas, Perrin
      Nessa, distraught by the previous night's events, decides to take a walk to clear her head, but is kidnapped by members of her old thieving crew, who believe she turned traitor. It is up to Ignas and Perrin to find her before it's too late.
  • [C] Mistaken ♦ Hotel District ♦ Daerra Elariel, Etienne Deveaux
      While on her way to an appointment, Daerra mistakes Etienne for his cousin Damien.
  • Questions ♦ The Brothel ♦ Liss, Ricket
      Liss takes some time outside to think, and meets someone new.
Late Afternoon:
  • Fathers and Daughters ♦ Hotel District
    Andrew Elariel, Daerra Elariel, Tamsin Landell, Jansten Landell
      Two fathers and two daughters meet to discuss a new business venture.
  • Mutual Assessments ♦ Keeps
    Aaron Elariel, Winston Elariel, Viridian Demesne
      Aaron is introduced to a new arrival to Luthadel from the Elariel estate in Tremredare.
  • Lace and Paper ♦ Commercial District ♦ Sanna Tekiel, Lucille Deveaux
      Sanna and Lucille, hoping to spend a pleasant afternoon together, go shopping.
  • Swashbucklers ♦ Keep Fathvell ♦ Eliza Fathvell, Felix Fathvell.
      The Black Corsair sets sail once more! Eliza begins her combat training with her Best Cousin, Felix.
  • [C] Of Skirts and Their Wearers ♦ Commercial District
    Kaled Valoren, Sanna Tekiel, Lucille Deveaux, Nell
  • The Children's Table ♦ Keeps
    Celia Elariel, Aaron Elariel, Daerra Elariel, Odairn
      The youngest generation of Elariels have dinner while thier parents discuss what to do about Vivian.
  • Quiet Night at the Bar ♦ Silver Quarter ♦ Eliane Casuana, (OPEN)
      A night like any other at the Wrath's Whisper, just waiting for something interesting to come along.
  • A State of Readiness ♦ Commercial District ♦ Felicity Arduenna, EruSaar
      Felicity awaits the return of one of her less experienced kandra from a failed contract, with a new mission in mind.
  • With a Smile and a Handshake ♦ Southbridge Docks ♦ Datura, Maks, Perrin
      Datura meets some new members of the rebellion when they drop by her base to visit.
  • Songs of Uncertainty ♦ Keep Elariel ♦ Celia Elariel, Aaron Elariel
      Unable to sleep, Celia tries to distract herself with music, but Aaron interrupts.
  • Strength and Shadows ♦ Keep Elariel ♦ Vivian Elariel, Daerra Elariel
      Vivian returns to her rooms after an exhausting day to find Daerra waiting for her. Daerra hopes to catch Vivian off balance before her cousin can re-establish herself.
Late Night:
  • Fun as Always ♦ Southbridge Docks ♦ Ryle, Delve
      Delve rescues Ryle from a rapist and takes her in.
Day Three

Early Morning:
  • Noted ♦ Ahlstrom Square ♦ Winston Elariel, Marisha Nathar
      Winston goes to Ahlstrom Square, and meets someone new.
  • [C]In Plain Sight♦ Ahlstrom Square ♦ Winston Elariel, Emilia Hasting
      Winston meets another lovely young lady.
  • New Home, New Friends♦ Ahlstrom Square
    Broderick Venture, Adala Venture, Aaron Elariel
      Aaron and Broderick show Adala around the city.
High Noon:
  • Messages in Chalk ♦ Ahlstrom Square ♦ Nadia Sureau, Sabine Amnell
      Nadia decides to continue her campaign against the silver quarter with another attempt at defacing Ahlstrom square. While there, she meets someone new.
  • Striving for Stability ♦ Ahlstrom Square ♦ Wyldin Sortell, Kaled Valoren
      House Sortell negotiates contract terms with House Valoren.
  • You Again? ♦ Luthadel Outskirts ♦ Rhea Venture, Andrew Elariel
      Andrew and Rhea meet again at a luncheon in Fellise and try to discover more about each other.
Early Afternoon:
  • New in Town ♦ Hotel District ♦ Warren Proulx, Zincell
      Warren arrives in Luthadel and while his steward arranges for lodging he goes off to meet the locals.
  • Relaxing ♦ Ahlstrom Square ♦ Riordan Casuana, Nadia Sureau
      Riordan goes to Ahlstrom Square to get his mind off things. However, his plan is foiled when a girl he scorned decides to talk to him. He departs, but not before meeting Nadia Sureau.
  • Journals and Metalminds ♦ Luthadel Outskirts
    Tamsin Landell, Vizar, Jansten Landell
      Tamsin learns things she might rather not have known, and Vizar's secrets and identity as a Feruchemist are revealed.
  • Lord of Hoodwink (and other impersonations) ♦ Hotel District
    Matthias, Kaled Valoren, Etienne Deveaux, Daeric Vaudin
      Matthias, in disguise, is meeting Kaled Valoren. What could go wrong?
Late Afternoon:
  • A Lesson in Respect ♦ Skaa Slums
    Vari, Valerre, Daphne
      Vari attempts to be recruited by the skaa rebellion.
  • A Confrontation ♦ Keeps ♦ Aldric Venture, Adala Venture Adala finds her brother has followed her to Luthadel
Night Time:
  • Meeting with Skaa ♦ Skaa Slums ♦ Wilor Zerrung, Delve
      Wilor meets Delve and she decides to help him meet the rebellion.
Late Night:
  • In the Darkness ♦ Skaa Slums
    Daerra Elariel, Zincell, Alexandre Aurelian.
      Under the cover of darkness, Daerra Elariel plans a shady encounter despite the danger she faces without the protection of her brother Aaron.
Day Four

Early Morning:
  • New House Smell ♦ Commercial District ♦ Zincell, Jonesi
      Jonesi shows Zincell to the River's Stop safe house.
  • Retrieving Records ♦ Southbridge Docks ♦ Winston Elariel, Zincell
      Winston retrieves his ledgers and finds someone else who appears to be interested in events.
  • Throwing Things ♦ Keep Fathvell
    Nadia Sureau, Eliza Fathvell, Caden Hasting
      Nadia encourages Eliza to hone her mischief making skills. Caden walks around the corner.
  • Tea and Other Things ♦ Keep Elariel
    Daerra Elariel, Isovel Elariel.
      Daerra visits her grandmother for a morning tea, with some ulterior motives regarding arrangements for the upcoming Elariel ball.
Late Morning:
  • Testing the Fit ♦ Lan's Shop ♦ Emilia Hasting, Winston Elariel
      Winston and Emilia meet again, and exchange information, both intentionally and unintentionally.
  • The Trouble With Hospital Food ♦ Silver Quarter ♦ Klyde, Zincell
      Klyde suffers in Cray's clinic. Zincell visits him.
  • Before the Ball ♦ Ahlstrom Square
    Sebatien Perrault, Aldric Venture, Adala Venture, Jasun Vallace, Zella Calomine, Silvan Calomine, Wilor Zerrung, Delissia, Nevan Venture, Broderick Venture, Aldwin Tekiel, Aaron Elariel
      Sebastien goes out for some last minute networking and ends up with more than he bargained for.
  • Research and Ridicule ♦ Keep Elariel ♦ Daerra Elariel, Odairn.
      Daerra begins researching the identity of the Mistborn she met the night before, but is interrupted by Odairn.
Early Afternoon:
  • Following You ♦ Keeps ♦ Eliza Fathvell, Caden Hasting, Colette Hasting.
      Eliza accepts Caden's invitation to visit a little bit earlier than he expected.
  • A Perfect Date ♦ Commercial District ♦ Eliza Fathvell, Caden Hasting
      Caden surprises Eliza with an impromptu date, and the evening isn't the only thing that's perfect in Eliza's eyes.
  • The First Rung ♦ The Silver Quarter ♦ Wylden Sortell, Daerra Elariel
      Wylden and Daerra meet, in the hopes of setting up a business agreement between their houses.
  • Within and Without ♦ The Wall
    Aaron Elariel, Winston Elariel, Marisha Nathar
      Aaron convinces Winston his lessons will be much more productive up on the wall. While up there, the two unexpectedly run into a mutual acquaintance. Not having spoken to Marisha since the Casuana ball, Aaron tries to explain himself and repair their damaged friendship, not knowing that Marisha has a new secret of her own.
  • A State of Anticipation ♦ Keeps ♦ Emilia Hasting, EruSaar
      EruSaar makes his first appearance as Lord Clemence Brehaut
  • A Meeting with the Boss ♦ Industrial District ♦ Datura, Ignas
      Datura and Ignas train with pewter.
Late Afternoon:
  • Running Out of Options ♦ Silver Quarter ♦ Delve, Klyde, Ryle
      Delve and Ryle meet Klyde and ask to join his crew.
  • Of Invalids and Orphans ♦ Lan's Workshop ♦ Nessa, Elle
      Elle runs into Nessa and they talk about Allomancy
Evening: Late Night:
  • Meeting with Rebels ♦ Skaa Slums
    Wilor Zerrung, Delve, Valerre, Daphne
      Wilor finally meets and joins the Rebellion
  • The Talk ♦ Keep Hasting ♦ Caden Hasting
      After the ball, Caden tells his mother about Eliza.
Day Five

Early Morning:
  • Sounding Depths ♦ Comercial District ♦ Pipes, Zincell
      Pipes teaches Zincell about the sewers and their workings.
  • Trading Blows ♦ Industrial District ♦ Datura, Nessa
      Nessa's training under Datura begins. But the crewleader wants to gossip about the boyfriend.
High Noon:
  • A Rocky First Date ♦ Luthadel Outskirts ♦ Etienne Deveaux, Daerra Elariel
      Daerra meets Etienne at the Geologist's Luncheon in Fellise.
  • Meetings with Meaning ♦ Southbridge Docks ♦ Valerre, Daphne, Wilor Zerrung, Delve.
      Daphne prepares to test Wilor and Delve's loyalty as they do a little work for the rebellion. Valerre is hungover.
Early Afternoon:
  • Crumbs ♦ Luthadel Outskirts ♦ Etienne Deveaux, Daerra Elariel
      Daerra and Etienne feed the Waterbirds and Daerra begins to question her plan.
Late Afternoon:
  • Against the Law ♦ Palace District ♦ Andrew Elariel, Daerra Elariel
      Daerra attempts to steal a ministry contact away from her father.

Edited by Comatose, 18 November 2017 - 11:25 PM.

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#2 Noelle


Posted 18 January 2014 - 09:05 PM

W2 D2 LN
[*][url="http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1204-fun-as-always"]Fun As Always[/url] ♦ Southbridge Docks ♦ Delve, Ryle [i]Delve rescues Ryle from a rapist and takes her in[/i]

W2 D3 EV
[*][url="http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1236-a-confrontation/"]A Confrontation[/url] ♦ Keeps ♦ Aldric Venture, Adala Venture [i]Adala finds her brother has followed her to Luthadel[/i]

W2 D3 NT
[*][url="http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1145-meeting-with-skaa//"]Meeting with Skaa[/url] ♦ Skaa Slums ♦ Wilor Zerrung, Delve
[i]Wilor meets Delve and she decides to help him meet the rebellion.[/i]

W2 D4 HN
[*][url="http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1232-before-the-ball/"]Before the Ball[/url] ♦ Ahlstrom Square ♦ Sebatien Perrault, Aldric Venture, Adala Venture, Jasun Vallace, Zella Calomine, Silvan Calomine, Wilor Zerrung, Delissia, Nevan Venture, Broderick Venture, Aldwin Tekiel, Aaron Elariel [i]Sebastien goes out for some last minute networking and ends up with more than he bargained for.[/i]

W2 D4 LA
[*][url="http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1249-running-out-of-options/"]Running Out of Options[/url] ♦ Silver Quarter ♦ Delve, Klyde, Ryle
[i]Delve and Ryle meet Klyde and ask to join his crew.[/i]

W2 D4 LA
[*][url="http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1233-of-invalids-and-orphans/"]Of Invalids and Orphans[/url] ♦ Lan's Workshop ♦ Nessa, Elle [i]Elle runs into Nessa and they talk about Allomancy[/i]

W2 D4 LN
[*][url="http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1174-meeting-with-rebels/"]Meeting with Rebels[/url] ♦ Skaa Slums ♦ Wilor Zerrung, Delve, Valerre, Daphne [i]Wilor finally meets and joins the Rebellion[/i]

Edited by Noelle, 18 January 2014 - 10:00 PM.

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#3 Lanscaper

Steward in Training

Posted 19 January 2014 - 04:05 AM

Not sure if this made it in since it was in the week 1 thread previously. If they already made it go ahead and delete this.

W2, D3, HN

[url=http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1253-ancients-whispering/]Ancients Whispering[/url] ♦ Commercial District - Old Wall Street ♦ Felicity Arduenna, Jonesi [list][i]Jonesi visits the Witch of Old Wall Street.  Two ancients gather knowledge to bring ruin to unsuspecting nobles.[/i][/list]

W2, D3, EV

[url=http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1254-a-fan-of-smoke/]A Fan of Smoke[/url] ♦ Keeps - Keep Elariel ♦ Winston Elariel, Lorena Elariel[list][i]Winston finally gets to meet a Smoker that is available.[/i][/list]

Player Characters:

Noblemen: Winston Elariel

Skaa: Jonesi | Pipes

Work in Progress: Martin Meson - De Facto House Lord, Marcus Meson - House Heir, Jimmi - Foreman in Training, NeeSun - Kandra of a Thousand Minds, Zulo - Keeper of Forgotten Foods

#4 MozytheHealer

Posse Member

Posted 20 February 2014 - 06:53 PM

I apologize for weird summaries/lack of summaries. I'm bad at describing things, and some of the threads I'm not sure about yet.

W2 D2 EA
[*][url=http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1225-meeting-the-family/]Meeting the Family[/url] ♦ (Keeps) ♦ Renette Deveaux, Lucille Deveaux, Damien Deveaux, Rosalie Deveaux, Renaud Deveaux [list][i]Renette arrives in Luthadel and shenanigans happen.[/i][/list]

W2 D2 LA
[*][url=http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1299-a-family-reunion/]A Family Reunion.[/url] ♦ Luthadel Outskirts ♦ Zella Calomine, Talyn Calomine[list][i](Summary of what happened in the thread)[/i][/list]

W2 D2 MA
[*][url=http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1211-questions/]Questions[/url] ♦ The Brothel ♦ Liss, Ricket [list][i](Summary of what happened in the thread)[/i][/list]


Delve, Silvan Calomine, Zella Calomine, Liss

Renette Deveaux, Marceline Dumont

Isabelle Sureau, Gisela Sureau,

Adalaide Getrue, Oliver Martel,

Grandell Tekiel, Yvette Valcier,

Katryn Domaille


Ranee, Delacey,

Theodoric Getrue, Kyl,

Vanessa Venture, Cedric Hallieau

Cordelia Morel, Kennith Fathvell


Issa Calomine, Randall Scanlan

#5 Haelbarde


Posted 30 March 2014 - 03:19 AM

W2 D3 MM

[*][url="http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1329-of-sights-and-suits/"]Of Sights and Suits[/url] ♦ (Commercial District ♦ Talyn Calomine, Zella Calomine [list][i]Zella shows Talyn Luthadel and they go clothes shopping.[/i][/list]

This second thread will involve a character who's not been completed yet. I'm not sure if Tal was going to change Melain Wairyn's name at all. I'll put it here anyway, and leave it up to you to decide if it's worth putting in now.

W2 D2 LA
[*][url="http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1299-a-family-reunion/"](Thread Name)[/url] ♦ Luthadel Outskirts ♦ Talyn Calomine, Zella Calomine, Melain Wairyn [list][i]Talyn arrives at the Calomine Manor, having come from Fadrex City. Zella gives him a tour, and a prank is played[/i][/list]

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#6 Elevin


Posted 26 April 2016 - 12:14 AM

So, my post, "Ministry Meddling" would probably be on Day 2, during the late night. Could you add it on?

#7 Comatose

  • Shard of Brain Inactivity

Looking Good in Red

Posted 14 May 2016 - 02:31 AM

Hey Elevin,

I moved your thread to the Workshop, where you can get some feedback on it until you have completed a character application. Please note that only characters that have been approved by the admins are allowed to post in the story threads.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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#8 FeatherWriter


Posted 19 July 2017 - 06:56 AM

W2 D1 EV
[*][url=http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1702-trust]Trust[/url] ♦ Southbridge Docks ♦ Nessa, Nathan, Datura [list][i]Nessa wakes up in a new den and is taken to meet the crewleader.[/i][/list]

W2 D4 MA
[*][url=http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1705-a-meeting-with-the-boss]A Meeting with the Boss[/url] ♦ Industrial District ♦ Datura, Ignas [list][i]Datura and Ignas train with pewter.[/i][/list]

W2 D2 EV
[*][url=http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1704-quiet-night-at-the-bar]Quiet Night at the Bar[/url] ♦ Silver Quarter ♦ Eliane Casuana, (OPEN) [list][i]A night like any other at the Wrath's Whisper, just waiting for something interesting to come along.[/i][/list]

Hopefully I'm doing this right. Have some threads!

Edited by FeatherWriter, 27 July 2017 - 12:33 AM.

#9 Comatose

  • Shard of Brain Inactivity

Looking Good in Red

Posted 20 July 2017 - 06:48 PM

Those are perfect. Updating the thread is a pain so I'll get to it later, but this is exactly how you do this.

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#10 FeatherWriter


Posted 27 July 2017 - 12:39 AM

And a few more for you:

W2 D1 LN
[*][url=http://mistbornrpg.17thshard.com/topic/1708-mutual-interests/]Mutual Interests[/url] ♦ Silver Quarter ♦ Eliane Casuana, Camille Deveaux [list][i]Two streetears swap a few stories about what really happened at the Casuana ball.[/i][/list]

W2 D2 NT
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W2 D5 MM
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Looking Good in Red

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