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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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House Urvon

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#1 Eclipse

5th Tier Elariel

Posted 12 February 2014 - 01:53 AM

House Urvon
Major House

Player Leadership Information
Handle: Eclipse
OoC Account:Eclipse
Contact:PM, AIM,

General Information
House Name:
Classification: Major/Ascending House
Socioeconomic Rating: 6.6
Colors: Maroon and silver with gold trim
General Description: House Urvon is a House that specializes in Jewelry, Glassware(Everything from glass daggers to stained glass windows), and mining gems, but also has large businesses in mining metals, coal(as well as refining it into coke and coal tar, and quarrying stone. When noble houses want to show status or make the most awe-inspiring stained glass windows, they contact House Urvon.

Character Information
Head:Bernard Urvon
Heir: Astor Urvon
Player Members:
-Astor Urvon
-Bernard Urvon
NPC Members:
Katarina Urvon(nee Harvell, wife of Bernard)
Aurora Urvon(Sister of Astor)
Benedict Urvon(Bernard’s brother)
Gwyn Urvon(nee Reboux, wife of Benedict)
Bastian Urvon(Benedicts son)
Lewes Urvon (Head of Jewelers Branch)
Emassa Urvon(nee Ackroyal)
Trenton Urvon(Son of Lewes)
Xavier Urvon(Head of Mining Branch)
Antalia Urvon(nee Penrod, Bertrand’s wife)
Philip Urvon(Bertrand’s son)
Bertram Urvon(Bertrand’s son)
Dainius Demoux(Captain of House Guard)
Dominic Demoux(Brother of Dainius, head of Urvon spies)
Vendel(Terris Steward)

Inquisition Notes
[Leave this blank. The admins will fill it in.]

Home & Wealth
Current Location: Luthadel
Ancestral Home: Valtroux City, Central Dominance
Financial Avenue:
3 Branches:
1. Creating Stained Glass for manors and keeps

2. Sending designers to whatever house commissions them to design the stained glass, and then they ship the stained glass Luthadel

3. Making glass weaponry

4. Making glass cups, chandeliers, and basically anything glass


1. Creating custom pieces for nobles who commission them

2. Selling stock pieces in shops throughout the Central Dominance


1. Mining jewels for jewelry

2. Mining allomantic metals and selling them to Deveaux

3. Mining coal, and refining it into coke and coal tar

4. Quarrying stone.

-House Reboux – [Ally] – Transport house in Eastern dominance, connected with House Urvon through multiple marriages. Gwyn Urvon (Married Benedict) was originally a Reboux. Been allies since 860

-House Couvre – [Ally] They have been allies with Urvon since 850, connected by marriage. (Ariana Urvon(nee Couvre) married Alfred Urvon)

-House Demoux – [Ally] Vassal house of Urvon, provides all of their non-allomancer guards. They were saved from financial ruin by House Urvon in 886, and every since they have served Urvon faithfully to repay them.

-House Harvell – [Ally] Vassal of House Urvon. They have been allied since House Harvell moved to Valtroux City in 790, and House Urvon made all of the luxury items for their manor there, including some of the most complicated, beautiful stained glass seen up to that point, being their staunch ally throughout their hardships, and mutually supporting each other throughout the years. Vassalized by Urvon in 893. Members of Harvell who married important Urvons: Corinne Urvon married Randolph Urvon, and Katarina Urvon married Bernard Urvon.

-House Penrod – [Friendly] House Urvon has been friendly with House Penrod since near the beginning of House Urvon.

-House Deveaux – [Friendly] Major Contract, relations are steadily improving
-House Vautier– [Negative] Negative: Both houses make jewelery, their competition for contracts makes their relations negative.

-House Sureau – [Enemy] Sureau and Harvell have similar businesses, and this competition makes relations uneasy between them. Also since Urvon has sided with Deveaux, Sureau hates them.(This hinges on a reply to my PM to Chaos about this, but it seems likely that this would be the case)

-Hasting – [Unfriendly] Since Hasting is allied with Sureau and the Sureau Coalition, they are unfriendly with Urvon

-House Haught – [Negative] Competitors with Urvon ally Reboux, so they have negative relations

-House Jedue – [Enemy] See History

-House Lebroux: [Unfriendly] Competitors with Urvon's glassworking and jewelry branches, so relations are very tense.

House Reboux: Reboux Provides use of their barges to transport their wares to the Eastern Dominance in exchange for jewelry, a discount on the stained glass windows in their manor, and coal for miscellaneous uses.

House Couvre: They store all of Urvon’s wares in their warehouses, and help with the transfer from Reboux barges to their warehouses and vice versa in exchange for coal, jewelry, and and stained glass windows for their manor

House Harvell: Urvon has exclusive rights to adding all stained glass and other glass items to their buildings, as well as exchanging coal and stone in exchange for House Harvell giving Urvon a portion of their profits and building Urvon’s keep in Luthadel

House Ackroyal: House Ackroyal supplies textiles for House Urvon in exchange for coke that they refine into dyes.

House Winseldes: Winseldes supplies a majority of the foodstuffs for House Urvon in exchange for stone to build their buildings, Harvell architects to design their buildings, and coal for miscellaneous uses.

House Deveaux: House Urvon provides all allomantic metals they unearth in their mines to Deveaux as well as coal, and glass products when needed, in exchange for refined allomantic metals and some of the jewels Deveaux unearths in their mines.

Steel Ministry: House Urvon provides coal and coal by-products to the Steel Ministry in exchange for money and the financial stability gained by having a Ministry contract.

Governance & Customs
House Urvon is divided into 3 branches: The Jewelers, The Glassblowers, and the Miners. Each branch is responsible for the production of the material from which they get their name. The jewelers are trained in the making of jewelry, the glassblowers in the production of glass, and the miners branch are trained to be taskmasters and managers of the mines that produce the jewels, metals, coal, and stone. Each branch competes against the others for leadership of the house whenever the Head does not produce a suitable heir before his death.

The Glassblowers branch has been in control for the last 50 years, as there have been no unsuitable heirs, but the mining branch is on the rise as Urvon has expanded that portion of their business to include quarrying stone and mining coal, as well as refining coal into coke and coal tar.

With some Urvons believing that Astor Urvon, the current heir, is unsuitable, there may be a meeting of the Urvon branch heads to decide who will be the new heir. These meetings of the heads occur formally only when it has been decided by a majority of the branch heads that the original heir is unsuitable. When this occurs, the three heads meet, and each has to choose a different heir to support. The three will often argue for days, then put the candidates through many social, political, and business tests to determine who is the most suitable, and often do not arrive at a conclusion until months after the opening days of the selection process.

Isaac Urvon and his family founded House Urvon in 738 after he abandoned House Urov as it fell. He was a skilled glassblower, and started a small business in Valtroux City, selling glass products. After about a decade of work, he had gained enough notoriety from selling small, detailed stained glass windows and other decorative pieces that he was approached by a house making a bid for great house to design the giant stained glass windows that would be in their main ballroom. This contract catapulted him from an extremely skilled craftsman with a small, moderately successful business, to the head of a successful minor house (SE rating of 3.5).
His 3 boys married girls from other successful minor houses, and they continued the business. Each became a skilled glassblower/maker. His heir, Lucas, made the business even larger, and House Urvon became one of the most contracted glassblowing houses for houses building manors or keeps in Luthadel. Urvon became an extremely successful niche house.

House Jedue was the first ally of Urvon when they began to ship their glassware throughout the Central Dominance, and began to consolidate their power. However, things quickly went wrong when Necia Urvon(Sister of Rebor) married Bronne Jedue. As it turns out, Bronne beat Necia regularly, and when he lost control, ultimately beating her to death, Rebor Urvon was furious. He terminated their shipping contract, and sent his mistborn(His son, and future house head Marcel Urvon) to assassinate Bronne Jedue, who was currently the Head of House Jedue. His death triggered a back and forth of attacks that resulted in the deaths of many members of House Jedue and a few of House Urvon.

However, by 850, Lucas’s grandson, Rebor’s son, and a mistborn: Marcel Urvon(36 at the time) decided that House Urvon needed to become more than just a niche house. He used funds from decades of savings from contracts to open a mine a few miles outside of Valtroux City. They found precious jewels, and from there, decided to expand their glassblowing business to a business of luxury items, from detailed stained glass to jewelry. He had two sons and a daughter. His heir, Alfred, inherited the glassblowing business, while his second son, Anders, became the head of the Jeweler’s branch. His nephew Stefan was given the mining business.

These two brothers and their cousin were the first three heads of the three Urvon branches. The jewelry business was immensely successful, and set House Urvon on the path to becoming a major house. Stefan was the most skilled at business of the three heads, and expanded the original mine to also produce coal and allomantic metals, using the extra profit to open a mine outside of Holstep. About ten years later, he opened a quarry next to the mine, and opened a factory to refine coal into coke and coal tar. Since then, the two brothers and their cousin have grown their businesses(especially Stefan), and now own numerous mines, jewelry shops, and glassmaking enterprises. This success has put them in reach of ascendance, something Bernard Urvon believes he can do quite soon.

[b][b]Manor Description
Manor Urvon is a sprawling home, and is one of the most impressive manors in Fellise. It covers multiple acres, with a central, 3 story building built to seem on the outside like the exterior of a small keep. Four towers, each of which houses a small contingent of guards, surround it and each houses different servants (i.e. one houses the cooking staff, one houses the cleaning staff, one houses the stewards, etc.) The central building houses the heads of each branch, with the Jewelers head and family on the first floor, the Mining head on the second floor, and the Glassworkers head on the third floor. The higher the floor a head is on indicates a higher level of power among the branch heads. As the Head is of the Glassworker’s branch, they are on the highest floor.

(I have a few more contracts and diplomacy pieces to iron out, but this is complete enough that I feel relatively comfortable posting this app for approval. When the last few details are set, I’ll edit them in. )

Edited by Eclipse, 27 December 2014 - 01:09 AM.


Player Characters:


Votir Zerrung, Bernard Urvon, Celestine Beliveaux


Avyn, Turnol, Lock(WIP)


Bertram Urvon(WIP)

In the Works:

Bastian Urvon: Mistborn

Astor Urvon:Urvon Heir

Trenton Urvon

#2 Comatose

  • Shard of Brain Inactivity

Looking Good in Red

Posted 15 February 2014 - 11:02 PM

I'd encourage you to talk to Moru, about Urvon's relationship to Lebroux, since they are both stained glass houses, and there are some formatting issues in the application that could be ironed out. Check out some completed applications to see how they look.

Other than that though, things are looking good, so I'll give it my vote of approval, pending further changes.

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#3 Eclipse

5th Tier Elariel

Posted 19 February 2014 - 08:40 PM

Just for reference, I talked to moru and we decided on a diplomacy status of unfriendly, and that has been edited in to the app.


Player Characters:


Votir Zerrung, Bernard Urvon, Celestine Beliveaux


Avyn, Turnol, Lock(WIP)


Bertram Urvon(WIP)

In the Works:

Bastian Urvon: Mistborn

Astor Urvon:Urvon Heir

Trenton Urvon

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