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So, ignore everything until this annoyingly yellow text is gone, unless you see me do something weird and crazy, like list his gender as "Spaghetti"

Raulf Valcier
Noble Chronically Experienced Coppercloud

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Name/Handle: Lord Pifferdoo
Contact: PM, Skype in emergencies

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Name: Raulf Vacier
Type: Noble
Age: 67
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Urteau
Occupation: Retired Lawyer
Relationship Status: Widower

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Type of Powers: Allomancy
Metals Used: Copper
Degree of Skill: Advanced
Status: Known

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While tall in his youth, Raulf's old age has caused quite a slouch. Standing straight, he stands 5'10". He is quite frail, as the most physically laborious thing he's accomplished in the past 7 years is hold a full tea cup. His face is wrinkled and leathery, but his storm-colored eyes show a cold logic about them. His hair is white and long, as he forgets to tell his servants to cut it.

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Raulf is very logical and analytic. His years as a lawyer have made him believe only hard facts backed by evidence. He sees the law as the constant by which everyone should live, and that it stems from the word of the Lord Ruler. He used to have an amazing memory, known to recite entire transcripts from his own mind. This is why he was so terrified when his book of a brain started to fade away. Raulf still loves a clever joke, and in fact has maintained a repertoire of riddles. Indeed,that may be the one thing keeping him from forgetting everything. Raulf is closed off to most people, as he is very ashamed of his memory loss. Because he seems himself as failing his own mind, he has a very defeatist attitude towards himself and those he sees as equals. To skaa or other noblemen, however, he still acts proud. The only person he really opens up to nowadays is his Terrisman, Meminom, or Mems for short.

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Special Skills: Riddles, Lie-detecting, great at eyebrow manipulation and doodling.

Strengths: Logical, Intelligent, Bold, Proud, Excellent at finding loopholes

Weaknesses: Forgetful, Cold, God-Fearing. Gets bored easily.

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Raulf Valcier was born in 851 as the first child of Quitreg and Maquin Vaudin. He had a relatively normal childhood for a nobleman, beatings and all. His parents were thrilled to have a Coppercloud son, as men who burn copper make excellent judges. Avanti had 2 brothers: Betis, who became involved with the military, and Trieno, who became an obligator. Avanti, wanting to make his father proud, joined the family business and studied devoutly. However, he was always looking for loopholes, places where the law didn't reach. This came naturally to Avanti, and he used that knowledge to do everything from getting away with skipping Steel Ministry sessions to shipping several pounds of illicit materials to his manor for "case purposes."

When Avanti was 18 his father married him to Conilia Fyona, who he met while employed to her father, Jaylon. Avanti was his happiest with Conilia, and truly loved her. However, Quitreg felt that Conilia distracted Avanti from his work, and though he allowed the marriage, he forced her to live in the Vaudin Countryside Estate, a two day trip from Urteau. Avanti resented his father for the years to come, and nearly broke from the house entirely. But when his father came down with fever, his final request was that Avanti take his place in house Vaudin. Just so he could make his father proud one last time, Avanti accepted and assumed the role of patriarch.

Avanti was a very good lawyer, the best in Urteau, living and breathing the indomitable rules set forth by the Lord Ruler. He never had any clashes with the law (he knew it too well) and wasn't too cruel to his skaa, except for the mock trials with real executions. He didn't particularly like skaa mistresses, and only had one over his lifetime. He was quite lonely after a long trial in Luthadel, and decided to visit a brothel. His wrote a note to one of his guards to execute the prostitute, but may or may not have not told the guard exactly which one to kill.

When Avanti was 24, his only child, Bradford, was born. Still in the peak of his career, Avanti paid little heed to Bradford. Indeed, he was more concerned that his wife was not having any more children then with the child that was already there. Avanti deeply regrets this today, and still wishes to make it up to Bradford.

In 884, Avanti's brother Trieno went missing while on assignment in Vennias. No-one knows what happened to him, although Avanti assumes he couldn't take the pressure and ran, as there have been sightings of him over the years.

In 892 his mother, Mauquin, died of old age. He was never particularly close to his mother, but this still hurt Avanti, as he saw her as his last connection to his father.

In 897 his grandson, Daeric was born. Avanti was not too involved in Daeric's early years, but did occasionally take him on the job. Daeric is seen as Avanti's chance to redeem himself for his actions towards Bradford. Avanti was always deeply invested in Daeric's education and upbringing, and taught him valuable lessons for his eventual work in law.

In 902, his brother Betis was killed when his training patrol came across a band of koloss and, believing it was a band of skaa rebels, attacked it. This led to Avanti brief stint into politics, in which he tried fervantly to ban koloss in all but the Remote and Terris Dominances. He was unsucessful, but he did cause more than a little resentment against the creatures among the noble community.

In 905, his wife, Conilia, died of fever. Avanti had become distant to her over the years, but when Conilia came down with sickness, Avanti's feelings for her re-awakened. He stayed by her side for two weeks until she passed away on a sunny morning late in the year. Avanti was the most hurt by this loss by far. Conilia was his connection to home, to humanity. After Conilia's death, Avanti buried himself in his work. While this certainly helped the House as a whole, with a record 86 straight wins, the constant number jumbling and fact checking more than likely contributed to his memory loss.

When Avanti was 58, in 909, he began to forget things. Little things at first, like "Where did I put my walking stick" or "Oh darn, I forgot which skaa got ash on my coat. Better just beat them all." But pretty soon it became apparent that the memory would only worsen. For two years Avanti searched for anything to help his memory. He tried herbs, rituals, talismans. But nothing helped.

Hopeless, at age 60, Avanti retired, and has stayed at the Vaudin ancestral mansion in Urteau ever since. He occasionally helps with cases for his son or grandsons, but spends most of his time writing his autobiography, in the hopes that he may read it each time he forgets. Avanti's condition has worsened to the point that he cannot remember his mothers face at times.

As for him going to Luthadel, there was some important news that had been sent to him that he had torn and burned immediately after reading it. Something so terrible it uprooted him from his comfortable retirement and sent him to the Lord Ruler's city.

He can't remember what that was though. Something about a grandson. Or cake.

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(Hopefully) On it's way

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Hi, Piff.

First, it looks like you got the formatting on the app messed up somehow. Next time you post a character, make sure you turn the rich text editor off (click the light switch icon on the top left of the text editor) before pasting your app.

Second, I think we've had a bit of a misunderstanding when it comes to your character's identity. While I got your latest reply to our PM conversation, I never actually okayed anything; I needed to take a couple days and think over whether or not I wanted to even allow this. I was actually just about to PM you back with my decision when you posted this.

Given that the Vaudins are based in Urteau, and I had no plans to involve any of them other than Daeric in happenings in Luthadel, and this point is kind of vital to Daeric's own plotline. For that reason, I think it would be best if you switched to a different house. Sorry for the confusion.

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Sorry, I guess I should've waited until I had definites.

Well thanks anyway, and thanks for the help with the coding.

I suppose you'll move this to pending while I organize a new house? Do you know any other houses that are involved in laweryey stuff? I'd rather not change his story too much.

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Sorry Piff, to quote:


The Pending Characters forum is for long time members of MBI who, for whatever reason, haven't written an RP sample for their new character yet. The character will be evaluated by the staff just like any other character, and if the character receives approval, they'll be moved into Pending. A character in Pending may then begin posting in the In Character boards just like any other character. The only difference is that the RP sample isn't immediately needed to begin. (We would like it eventually, but there's no rush)

Our new policy is that to use Pending, you must have three characters already fully accepted. After that, we trust in your RPing ability that everything will be fine.

Pending characters are basically accepted characters without an RP sample, to be moved into pending you'd first need to have had 3 characters accepted and two approval votes, since pending characters can be posted on the RP just like normal characters, sorry!

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That's fine, I just didn't fully understand what Pending Characters meant
Thanks for clearing that up for me