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Haelbarde's Photo Haelbarde 18 Feb 2014

Would there be anyway of being able to display the latest pots/threads made across the whole site? So you can quickly check what has changed since you were last on, rather than scrolling down and checking all subforums which have a new post just to make sure you didn't miss a post before the absolute last one?

Tal Spektor's Photo Tal Spektor 18 Feb 2014

There is a somewhat roundabout way of doing this, but it is the only way I know of.

Go to the bottom of the page. There is a "change theme" button. Click it and choose the other theme. On the right of the top blue banner, there will be a button which looks like four squares. Click it. One of the options (left one of second row) will be "new content", click it.

Now, if you wish to, you can get back to the main theme. On the bottom of the page, there will be a "change theme" button. Use it again.


Haelbarde's Photo Haelbarde 18 Feb 2014

ie this page

Okay thanks, that's useful. Now bookmarked.

Is it possible to have a handy link somewhere on the site for this?
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Guest_Kamnutty_* 08 Aug 2019

Is there any way to prevent the For sale and wanted threads from going into the Latest discussion box on the home page? All i see in that box, lately is items for sale. Its annoying to not be able to just log on for a couple mins to check out the latest, and have to see all the btt bumps, and multiple posts for the same lug nut.