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Mustache Emoticons

Haelbarde's Photo Haelbarde 18 Feb 2014

If a set of emoticons were modeled off the basic set of emotes, 'cept with mustache's, is it feasible to have them added for general use on the forum? This seems to imply that it wouldn't be too difficult. 'Twould mean Mozy could use her mustached emotes with actual icons.

Plus, we should get Mistborn/Cosmere emoticons!

Pretty much, if I turned up with a folder of emoticons, would they be able to be added to the forums?

EDIT: Actually, here's the forum emoticons with facial hair: Link to .zip

And here's a few examples:
Original - Mustache
:P/>/> - Posted Image
^_^/>/> - Posted Image
:(/>/> - Posted Image

Cosmere related ones would be cool, but I'd need to think about those


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Tal Spektor's Photo Tal Spektor 18 Feb 2014

She's been unsuccessfully staching me for weeks now! How'd you make it work in this post?

Also, the first Cosmere emoticon that should happen is Hoid. Whom, by the way, I believe will appear as a woman sooner or later. I mean, he has got lightweaving, he could actually have been one all along!

Haelbarde's Photo Haelbarde 19 Feb 2014

I inserted the images manually with [img ] tags. Posted Image

For Hoid, I was thinking of trying get get him to throw dust, and something appear - a boat perhaps (from the Kaladin conversation). I'd need to work out exactly how animated emoticons work first (are they .gif files, or .png with layers?), and then I'd have to work out how to make it look nice. I'm not so great at animations, and the pixel art would be a bit harder than just adding mustaches. We'll see if I can come up with something.

MozytheHealer's Photo MozytheHealer 19 Feb 2014

:{D 'Stacheman Approved

This is truly the best. You are the coolest.

Haelbarde's Photo Haelbarde 19 Feb 2014

Behold, the Hoid: Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image


And yeh, Admins? Does that link in the OP to the IP.Board documentation work for the version you're running? Reckon we could add new emoticons?


And Sylphrena: Posted Image
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MozytheHealer's Photo MozytheHealer 22 Feb 2014

You are officially my new favorite person. I hope that these get added as emoticons. I would use them ALLTHETIMEEEEE. Posted Image

KChan's Photo KChan 23 Feb 2014

I do intend to add them. The process of doing so is kind of obnoxious though, so I've been trying to get other stuff done first. XD

Haelbarde's Photo Haelbarde 24 Feb 2014

Awesome! I'll upload an updated zip, as I've fixed a few things (such as the whiteness round the edges of the rolleyes and the sleep) and the original zip doesn't have the rolleyes as a gif even I don't think. If there's any other changes you think I should make, let me know. I might go through and see if i can make a few a bit more obvious. And if there were any other emotes you think we really ought to have, I'll see if I can make some more.

EDIT: KChan dice roll emote :D -> Posted Image

Typewriter => Posted Image

EDIT 2: Words of Radiance emote - Posted Image

EDIT 3: Way of Kings and Steelheart emotes -> Posted Image Posted Image

EDIT 4: Here's the link to a zip with all of the emoticons I've done at time of posting: Zip

EDIT 5: Here's something else I made: Posted Image

EDIT 6: And one I posted previously:

Posted Image

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Haelbarde's Photo Haelbarde 12 Jan 2015

And now, I have a WIP Cat Emote: Posted Image

It's maybe a bit hard to see on a dark background, so try open it in a new tab.

Now it's ginger. And bigger. And there's a big version.

Emoticon Size: Posted Image

Giant Size: Posted Image

It still needs work. It'll get updated in the next few days probably.

Also, random octopus: Posted Image

This time I consulted my sister on drawing cats, and this is the result: Posted Image
Big Size: Posted Image
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Haelbarde's Photo Haelbarde 17 Feb 2015

To celebrate being a member here for a year I baked me a cake out of pixels. Feel free to have a slice!

Small: Posted Image Posted Image
Medium: Posted Image Posted Image
Big: Posted Image
Posted Image
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Waxlux's Photo Waxlux 25 Feb 2015

But if gingers have no souls, do ginger cats?