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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Ferrah Brehaut

Noble Soother Colettes Posse

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#1 Ferrah Brehaut

  • Clique Lieutenant

Looking Good in Red
  • Age20

  • Relationship StatusSingle

  • OriginAustrex

  • Allomantic StatusHidden

Posted 21 February 2014 - 08:56 PM


Noble Soother

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Name/Handle: Comatose
Contact: Passing notes in class.

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Name: Ferrah Brehaut
Type: Noble
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Austrex
Occupation: Socialite
Relationship Status: Single

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Type of Powers: Misting - Soother
Metals Used: Brass
Degree of Skill: Intermediate
Status: Hidden (Known within Colette’s Clique)

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Ferrah is of average height, standing about 5’5”, notably, one inch shorter than her closest friend Colette. Her face is just shy of being heart shaped and her cheekbones are high but not prominent. Her nose is dainty, and her lips are full. Her hazel eyes are quite wide, and are framed by her well groomed eye-brows, which are capable of arching just so to communicate her displeasure. Her head is connected to her delicate shoulders by a long, elegant neck. Ferrah’s hair is darker blond, though she often finds ways to lighten it to look more like her cousin, Colette. When worn down, her hair falls in loose ringlets just below her shoulders, however Ferrah usually chooses to pin it up.

When choosing gowns, Ferrah favors soft, feminine colors which compliment her coloring, her favorites being pastel blue, purple, or pink. She has excellent posture, and is capable of moving with an easy grace. Her figure can best be described as petite or slim, and is of the usually desirable sort for a young unmarried noblewoman. She is usually more relaxed and informal in the company of other women, but moves and speaks more formally in the company of men.

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Ferrah’s father emphasized the importance of knowing her place as a proper young noblewoman. In the presence of young men, she takes care to be charming, polite, and demure, while older men tend to bring out her more formal and respectful side. Often deprived of attention as a child, Ferrah is hopelessly insecure, and seeks to satiate her insecurities by any means, making her extremely susceptible to compliments, and vulnerable to critique. While she does try to maintain the proper boundaries expected of her as a young unmarried woman of high birth, sometimes her desire for a young man to like her will over power her better sense, causing Ferrah to succumb to his desires rather than stick to her own standards .She has difficulty saying ‘no’ to handsome young men who flatter her. She worries what they will say or think about her if she does refuse them, or that they will leave her. Ferrah always takes care that such incidents are kept quiet, as she is all too aware of the damage they could do to her reputation if known. At heart, Ferrah is a romantic, and dreams of the day the perfect man will come, whisk her off her feet, and ask for her hand in marriage.

Above all, Ferrah desires to marry into money and power, and hopes to one day be the bride of a prominent member of one of the Great Houses. Since debuting, she has had a string of boyfriends, but her relationships never seen to quite work out. Some men find the personality she presents dull or boring, while others see it for the act that it is. Others are more interested in her for her body, and move on when they have sated their desires. Others seem willing to go the distance, but when that happens, Ferrah inevitably finds something wrong with them and sends them on their way. While she finds herself left more often than she leaves, Ferrah is careful to spin the aftermath of every relationship to her advantage.

Ferrah’s personality undergoes a noticeable change when she is surrounded by other women. Among the female social scene, she is known to be ruthless, as she frequently puts other women down in order to make herself feel better. Her friendship with Colette has taught her all there is to know about the many social weapons in a woman’s arsenal, and Ferrah knows how to use them all. It is only among others of her own gender that Ferrah feels comfortable asserting her own power and dominance, and as such, she is constantly concerned with preserving and adding to what social power she has garnered among the other women of Luthadel. As a connoisseur of compliments, Ferrah knows the exact impact of every kindness and cruelty, giving the former out sparingly to her friends and allies based on their station, and the latter strategically to undermine and ruin her enemies. Ferrah grows paranoid whenever she is apart from her group of friends, fearing what they are saying to each other about her behind her back, knowing that if any of them are absent she often is unkind.

Ferrah treats her allomancy as a last resort only, and only uses it when directed to (usually by Colette), or if she can justify it being a benefit to her house. While she is naturally gifted, Ferrah has suppressed her allomantic potential, and fears her powers just as much as she values them.

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Special Skills: Dancing, flirting, flattery, gossip, preserving her reputation, ruining the reputations of others, insulting people with a smile.

Strengths: Ferrah is strongest in the social arena when put up against other women. When she is in her element, no upstart debutant or seasoned socialite can stand in her way. Ferrah is most adept at using compliments to maneuver her adversaries, only to finish them off with a devastating insult or hit to their reputation. She excels at discovering the flaws and insecurities of others, and using them against them. Sometimes she uses her allomancy to aid in this area, but she does so sparingly, and usually only in conjunction with her friend, Colette Hasting. Her touch is light and difficult to detect.

Weaknesses: Ferrah is frighteningly insecure. She is extremely aware of her own flaws, and every time she puts someone down, she fears they will return and do the same to her. Compliments and affirmation mean everything to her, and genuine insults can be devastating, which is why she works so hard to remain on the offensive. She is also all but incapable of asserting her own will or desires against those of any man she might be interacting with. Ferrah is also hesitant to use her allomancy in most situations, due to her father’s mistrust of it. In her efforts to be a perfect young noblewoman, Ferrah has been careful to quash any combat related skill that has arisen within her. This, combined with her pampered upbringing, has rendered her entirely helpless should she ever be involved in any sort of physical confrontation. Allomantically, because Ferrah is so hesitant to use her allomancy, her touch is sometimes so light as to not be felt at all. She is also used to working with a rioter when soothing, so she is used to getting better results than she gets on the rare times she soothes on her own.

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Ferrah was born in 898 to Lord Reynold Brehaut, and his wife Alissia Brehaut (nee Hasting). Her parents’ relationship was uneasy at the best of times, and turbulent at its worst. It had been a political match, meant to bring Brehaut and Hasting closer together, mirroring the marriage of Reynold’s sister, Merissa, to Lord Sheldon Hasting. Much of the turmoil in their relationship stemmed from Reynold’s control issues, and Alissia’s higher rank, and her talent for manipulating people, with allomancy and without. Alissia was one of the most gifted rioters House Hasting had seen in some time, and used her abilities in tandem with her considerable social skills to get whatever she wanted. She looked down on Reynold, seeing him as intellectually inferior, and trifling in station compared the the heavy-weights she was used to dealing with when at court in Luthadel. Reynold, in compensation, sought to control his wife and family in whatever way possible, going so far as to schedule out every minute of his wife’s day, and have her watched. Aside from their snapping, he never touched his children violently, but Ferrah remembers seeing her mother covering bruises with make-up earlier on in the marriage, likely as punishment for pushing her husband too far.

For the first four years of her life, Ferrah grew up a pampered only child of the Lord and Lady of a powerful up-and-coming High House. Its troubles in Fadrex and the western dominance were now largely in the past, and with its new headquarters in Austrex, and the alliance with House Hasting, House Brehaut was quickly beginning to stand out among the high houses of the south. Despite his domineering personality, Ferrah’s father enjoyed doting on ‘daddy’s little girl’, giving her everything she wanted, as long as she sat still, only spoke when spoken to, and didn’t bother ‘daddy’ when he was working, of course. It became a sort of competition between Reynold and Alissia for Ferrah’s love and affection, the two trying to one-up each other in spoiling their daughter.

Things changed when Ferrah was four years old, and her sister, Anabelle, was born. While their largely separate lives were not conducive to conceiving children, Reynold still took pleasure in his ability to force his wife into bed with him, while Alessia sometimes relished the challenged of bringing her husband to the brink of an outburst with her allomancy only to reel him back in again and force him to desire her. After watching the rivalry between her parents unfold for her entire life, up until that point, now Ferrah had a rival of her own. She played nice when Anabelle was a child, since her father enjoyed seeing his two girls getting along, as soon as Anabelle began talking and walking, Ferrah began to put her younger sister in her place, whenever her father wasn’t looking of course. Alissia, on the other hand, enjoyed the rivalry as another sign of Reynold’s inadequacy as a parent and as a human being, and enjoyed fueling the competition between the two little girls to spite her husband.

Things changed again for Ferrah when she turned eight years old, and was tested for allomancy. The Brehauts normally waited until ten, but Reynold was eager to see if his wife’s pure Hasting blood had been passed on to his firstborn. Down in the depths of their home in Austrex, she saw in full a side of her father she had only seen hints of previously. He beat her himself, unable to stand the thought of any but he laying hands on his own blood. While it was difficult at first for Reynold to beat his little girl, his darker side soon took over. Daughter or not, Ferrah became an outlet for his frustrations and an opportunity to assert his dominance. While she had always feared her father’s displeasure, their relationship was forever changed when she began to fear the man himself as well.

The result of the beating also changed Ferrah’s relationship with her father. She snapped, burning brass and soothing her father’s fury to protect herself. Reynold, already resentful of the power Alissia had over him because of her allomancy, could not bear the thought of his own daughter being able to manipulate him as well. As soon as Ferrah’s training began, her father emphasized that her soothing was a vile and evil thing, which was only to be used for the good of her house, and never against a member of her own family, unless he, in his role as her father and as head of house, ordered her to. While he feared his daughter’s new found power, Reynold also saw the opportunity to wield the power he had learned to respect and fear from his wife through his daughter. While Ferrah had a natural talent for soothing, likely inherited from her mother, her father’s lessons instilled a hesitance to use her power within her that prevented her from ever becoming great.

One year later, Ferrah’s mother received word from Luthadel that she was needed. Ferrah later discovered this was because Lord Sheldon’s daughter, Colette, had snapped as a rioter. Alissia, as the best rioter Hasting had seen for generations, was naturally the only choice to teach the Lord’s own daughter. While Reynold disliked the idea of someone other than himself ordering his wife to leave, he also welcomed the increased control he had of himself and of his life, now that Alissia was gone. He began to pour his energy into instructing Ferrah to match his ideal of a noblewoman, everything her mother was not.

Ferrah missed her mother dearly, and could not help but feel abandoned. Her sister Anabelle, who Ferrah had been ignoring whenever possible, was now five years old, and was siphoning off more and more of Ferrah’s attention every day. The little girl was far too clever for her age, already trading insults with Ferrah behind their father’s back. Lord Brehaut had high hopes for both them, and began making plans to send them to Luthadel to live with their mother, so that they might debut in the Luthadel social scene, and attract husbands from one of the Great Houses. While he feared the loss of control he would have over his daughter’s lives by sending them away, the potential benefits outweighed his fears, and he spent the year he had alone with his daughters trying to indoctrinate them into his way of thinking. His teachings held more traction with Ferrah, who was older and more capable of understanding, and a year later when she and Annabelle set out to Luthadel.

Ferrah quickly became close friends with her mother’s pupil, Colette, who was only one year younger than she was, and quickly took steps to insulate her companion from her younger sister, lest Anabelle intrude where she was not wanted. It seemed Colette had a similar relationship with her own cousin, Caden, so she seemed to understand Ferrah’s reasons for excluding Anabelle. Alissia could already see how the tensions between her two daughters would develop, and the danger it represented. While she had enjoyed their petty squabbles in Austrex, in Luthadel she knew the how damaging an in house conflict like that could become for a Great House. Alissia had her hands full tutoring Colette (and Ferrah, who began taking lessons along with her new friend whenever their training overlapped) and managing her newly rejuvenated social life in Luthadel, and was concerning herself with building a strong support base for her new protégé, Colette. In Ferrah, she saw potential to fashion a solid second-in-command to Colette, but not if Anabelle got in the way. In order to prevent the tension between the girls from growing, and to saddle a social rival with what Alissia saw as a burden, she arranged for Anabelle to be given into the care of Lady Darlene Hasting, who had a daughter of similar age. During their time in Luthadel, Ferrah took care to insulate her social circle and her life from Anabelle wherever possible, and often excluded Emilia as well as a result.

As she settled into her new life in Luthadel, Ferrah was quick to realize how much the year apart from her mother had changed. The year was enough time for some of her father’s teaching to sink in, changing both her behavior and her use of allomancy. One year was also enough time for Alissia to fall for the kindred spirit she had found in little Colette. Ferrah’s failure to produce similar allomantic results only cemented Colette’s status as Alessia’s favorite, leaving Ferrah to feel as if she was the mere student, and Colette was Alessia’s true daughter.

She never took any of her feelings out on Colette, for Colette was her first real and best friend. Colette seemed to naturally understand Ferrah like no one else could, and the two girls had so much in common. They both had grown up with parents who married for solely political reasons. Both had been snapped by their parents, and that snapping had changed how they felt about said parents. And, in Caden and Anabelle, both had relatives that they feared would take everything from them. Colette’s personality, and confidence in her power, even in the face of men, was captivating to Ferrah, and she was drawn to that power in the hopes of sharing it like a moth to a flame. Ferrah’s connection to Colette also served another purpose. After a life time of being caught between the control of her mother and father, with her father back in Austrex, and her mother’s attention occupied by Colette, Ferrah was finding herself lost without someone’s lead to follow. And dear, decisive, commanding, Colette fit the bill perfectly, especially since Allessia was maneuvering the two girls together behind the scenes.

Ferrah and Colette’s friendship was not without its flaws. Besides the obvious power dynamic, Ferrah also feared that her dynamic and popular cousin would tire of her, and leave her for a more exciting friend. In her eyes, her chief rival for Colette’s affections was Lysette Hasting, a cousin from Lansing City who had arrived a little before Ferrah. Lysette, Ferrah decided, had been sent, along with her parents, to Luthadel for the same reasons she had been: to marry well and do well in the social scene, but she could not see exactly what Colette saw in her. True, Lysette was pretty, and engaging in conversation. As the girls aged, she also developed a talent for gossip. On the other hand, while Ferrah was always there for Colette, no matter the hour, sometimes it seemed impossible to track Lysette down, or for her to make an appointment. And yet, in Ferrah’s view, Colette continued to favor her other cousin over her, no matter what she did or how she proved herself. The two Hasting girls seemed to share some secret emotional connection, which Ferrah could never intrude on. Nonetheless, the three soon became a trio within House Hasting, with Colette as the clear leader. Colette often told Ferrah not to be concerned, and that she really preferred her company to Lysette’s, but somehow those reassurances never quite did their job.

When Ferrah was thirteen, and Colette was twelve, Ferrah developed a crush Colette’s cousin Caden. The fact that he was her second cousin, or that he was Colette’s sworn enemy seemed to be frail arguments when contrasted with his handsome face and charming personality. However, Colette soon caught on, and told Ferrah in no uncertain words that any kiss with Caden would also be kissing their friendship good-bye. After that, Ferrah made certain to only see Caden as the scheming bastard Colette said he was, and remain utterly loyal to her only real friend, Colette. The two girls never spoke of Ferrah’s tears or Colette’s harsh words again, and soon it became as if the crush and resulting argument had never happened.

When Ferrah was fourteen, her sister was returned to Austrex for her snapping ritual. When Anabelle returned, it was with a secret message from her father explaining that Anabelle had failed to snap and was not an allomancer. He asked that Ferrah treat her sister no differently, and stressed that their lives should go on as if nothing had happened. The sentiments expressed in the note made Ferrah want to laugh, for she hadn’t given a second thought to Anabelle since she had made certain her sister would not be interfering with her friendship with Colette.

As the girls grew up and debuted into society, Ferrah served as Colette’s lieutenant in the clique that quickly formed around them. She became a disciplinarian within the group, taking care all of the girls knew what it took to be included, and that failure to perform would result in exclusion. While Ferrah tries to find a date to almost every ball, she always frees up significant time in her schedule to spend time with Colette and their other friends. When she found herself away from the group for one reason or another, she grew paranoid and worried about what the girls might be saying to each other—or worse, to Colette—behind her back. Her main concern, aside from maintaining her status within the clique, is finding a suitable husband to ensure a prominent place in Luthadel’s social scene, and thus at Colette’s side, in the years to come.

One year ago, after a decade of ignoring her sister, Anabelle showed up suddenly in Ferrah’s chambers. Ferrah, surprised and dismayed at her sister’s promptly told her she had no use for a scrawny little nobody, and told her sister to get out of her sight. To her surprise, Anabelle broke out into tears. Having never seen this side (or any side, for the teenager Anabelle had become was very different from the child Ferrah had known), of her sister before, Ferrah was taken aback. However, not wanting to seem weak, or to get taken in by what surely must have been some scheme of Anabelle’s, she’d merely dismissed her again, saying she wanted no part in whatever silly shenanigan her sister might be involved him.

“But Ferrah, I’m so scared. I think… Everything is out of control. All the lies and secrets, I can’t keep up with them anymore.” Anabelle sniffed and quelled her tears, giving Ferrah a bone-chilling look directly in the eyes. “I think Darlene is trying to have me killed.”

Ferrah only snorted. Killed, really? Did Anabelle think she was a complete idiot? Despite her efforts to ignore her sister whenever possible, Ferrah had been mildly aware of the rivalry her sister had been developing with Emilia, or perhaps with the mother, Darlene, but she hadn’t bothered to keep track of what was actually going on. All she knew was that the two girls were always whispering in corners together about some secret or another. She had decided to let them be so long as it wasn’t her or Colette’s door that was being snooped around.

“Please, you’ve got to believe…”

“No, I don’t,” Ferrah snapped. “I don’t have to believe anything that comes out of your thin-lipped mouth, Bella dearest. You’re a compulsive liar and a incurable snoop, and everyone in the keep knows it. Do you think people don’t notice the way you and your little stooge hover around doors listening all the time? When you were younger, people would dismiss it, thinking it’s cute, but now’s it’s gotten embarrassing. I know it must be difficult being a social nobody after a year of being out in society, but snooping into the business of more important people won’t help you with that. Nor will lusting after that foolish bastard Caden. I, on the other hand, have made real connections to some of the most powerful people in the city, and am making something of myself, and of our house, so I don’t have time for whatever stunt you are intending to pull. So why don’t you wipe that ugly smirk you always have off your audaciously boring face, and try to act like a proper young lady for once.”

Anabelle shook her head, as if not believing what Ferrah was saying. “You honestly have no idea how much of a hypocrite you are, do you? How completely ridiculous you are?”

Ferrah ignored the jibe, but inwardly it froze her blood cold. Anabelle was always listening in on things. Had she heard someone say something about Ferrah? Were the servants saying things behind or back? Or perhaps it was one of the other girls. She had said that awful thing about Marceline the other day. Could it be she was lashing out in revenge?

Taking Ferrah’s silence as the refusal it was, Anabelle left without another word, and Ferrah never saw her sister again. It wasn’t because Anabelle had learned to stay out of her way. No, that would be too convenient. Instead, the little brat had vanished, along with Darlene Hasting of all people, and no one had a clue where either one of them went. Accusations came flying, and Ferrah got several outraged letters from her father, but as the year passed, and no trace was found, things began to die down. Sometimes, Ferrah toyed with the idea of seeking out Emilia, and telling her about that night when Anabelle had come into her chambers crying, to see if her sister’s friend could lend some context to the incident. However, she had succeeded all too well in making Emilia, along with Anabelle, pariahs in the eyes of the group, and so, to seek her out now would result in a loss of face that Ferrah could not afford.

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#2 Chaos

High House Noble

Posted 22 February 2014 - 01:37 AM

I love Ferrah! Approved!

#3 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 22 February 2014 - 05:03 AM

The second of the Posse joins the ranks of the Approved! I love Ferrah and can't wait to RP with her. :D

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