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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#1 Laurence

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  • Age24

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  • OriginLuthadel

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Posted 23 February 2014 - 01:34 AM


Skaa Smoker

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Name/Handle: Thoughtful Spurts
Contact: PM or skype.

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Name: Laurence, Laurie, "Lau", “Ears”
Type: Skaa
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Central dominance, Luthadel Outskirts
Occupation: Skaa forger, thief and planner.
Relationship Status: Single

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Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Copper
Degree of Skill: Intermediate
Status: Known to a few in the underground, largely hidden.

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Lau has a very easy time passing for a young man. She's short, though taller for a skaa woman, and tends to look like a boy some years younger than her would. She really got her looks from her mom, while her dad was a noble and very tall and blond, Lau's skin is darker than most people's, and her eyes are brown so dark it may as well be black. She'd have little difficulty hiding among dirt and ash-- which she's resorted to more than once. Her hair is usually not cared about, and it may be long or short, though she tends to get frustrated when it is long so she likes to keep it short.

Years of running away, climbing, hiding and carrying things have left her in good shape physically, she's very strong and sturdy, and looks that way. Also on her skin are tons of small scars. On her knees, shoulders, back, forearms, a few smaller ones on her face. From beatings, accidents, fights, and other things.

She's very much an outward person, even if she can't talk much—or maybe because of it, Lau always tries to say things with her actions. She's always nudging people or punching or shoving them like some men do. She very much talks with her hands, for obvious reasons.

Part of this was born out of her disliking to be touched after a few beatings, and consequent realization that she didn't want to be one of those small, fragile little skaa girls who flinch at everything. So she began doing things, being on the receiving and giving end of “friendly” punches, spreading her limbs further apart than most girls, grabbing and being grabbed. Part of it was out of being raised in an environment where her mom was the only girl in the area. She usually sits with her legs open outward and generally taking up more space than she otherwise could. She may be unable to speak, but her presence is noted.

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She values honesty and simplicity. Lau thinks actions speak louder than words, and doesn't care much for people's attempts at small talk. She got into fights when she was little, became very good at being on either end of a pummeling and at timing. Lau tends to endure or dodge until the right moment comes, and then punch in the right places to end the fight.

She knows that patience is a virtue and does her best to cultivate it. She is usually very controlled, businesslike, and self-aware. Lau is not particularly altruistic or friendly. She's gotten hurt because of other's needs and never held grudges about it. It's business. Lau has even showed her respect to those who stepped on her to get above if they did it in a particularly efficient or elegant way. Though she sees little value in showing showmanship herself, she admires it in others.

Lau thinks that the rebellion is doing necessary work and has wanted to join them for a while, but she keeps getting caught up in thieving crews and other things and has never gotten around to contacting them. Lau thinks all nobles are self-deluding thoughtless sadistic people, and the only good noble, is a dead noble. They disguise themselves with their fancy dresses and clothing and canes and jewelry, they lie and lie about everything, and they treat life as though it were a game. They deserve all that comes to them, and then some.

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Special Skills: Forging, Reading, Writing, Observation, stealing, taking a beating, listening, good memory, writing very fast and with very legible handwriting, and pickpocketing.

Strengths: She's very strong, physically speaking. She's also very fast and good at hiding. People tend to underestimate her. She has a good memory and is a great whistler. She is good at planning and waiting, and can have a nearly infinite patience for things. Laurence is also a great listener-- she has a lot of practice.

Weaknesses: Lau can't speak. She's not particularly good at lying, she can't manipulate people into doing things for her very well. Lau has no vision or ambition about more than having a roof over her head, air to breathe and meals every now and then. She can never take charge of anything, and is not good at leading or being charismatic. She has no manners, which contributes to her being overall unladylike and “one of the men”, is not particularly good-looking, and lacks subtlety. She can't pretend to be a noblewoman to save her life, not that she could ever even look the part. Lau is not charismatic in the least and she has a fear of being weak or being seen as weak that makes her overcompensate to seem tough and strong. She is arrogant, and often overestimates her own abilities, leading to some near-death experiences.

Posted Image

Lau was born in the year 894 to a couple of thieves, who named her after her grandfather on her mother's side before they found out she was a girl. Her father was an impoverished nobleman who turned to thievery, and her mother had been a con woman. She was raised among thieves, thinking that if you want something-- you take it. In her head, life always went through an easily understandable pattern: Want, take, then have.

She became part of her father's crew since she could walk and talk, cleaning and carrying things to different places and listening to the grownups talk. Her dad taught her to read and write as soon as he could and she loved it. Sometimes she'd sneak into bookstores and steal the smaller books. She never got caught. She was good at hiding, and at finding hiding places, and she noticed things that others didn't. Lau was always good with the little details.

Her dad talked the resident thug, a wonderful and really fun man by the name of Trev, into teaching her to fight after she got beaten up by a skaa boy on the street one time. He taught her how to fight enemies who were bigger and stronger than her, and she liked it. She liked being able to fight and follow through with threats if she needed to. After some months, no one even thought about messing with her.

She was a bright child, and loved reading. After a few years she also began getting into forgery, though it started because she really really liked the forger of the group, who was also the youngest in her dad's crew. Still after her crush wore off (and she was a child, he'd never look at her that way), she was still interested in forging, and loved to practice signatures and help with documents. For a while things were great.

By the time she was sixteen she knew a lot about how the underworld worked, and was a very good forger. She knew many people's names and faces and dozens of tricks like picking locks and hiding things inside baggy clothes. Their lives were dangerous, but her father knew what he was doing. Even if it got scary sometimes, he always knew what he was doing.

Until he didn't.

In the underworld, you only have to screw up once. He was found out and killed while on a job passing as a noble. The whole crew was attacked by a member of the house they were scamming. The probably a Coinshot, possibly a Mistborn, she was never really sure. The attacker shot dozens upon dozens of coins at her father's crew, killing most of them easily. The Coinshot of the group fought him, and told her to run when she was standing there, frozen in fear.

Sadly, that alerted the attacker she was there, and he shot some scraps of metal laying on the floor at her. Fragments of nails and other small objects laying around. She was bleeding a lot. He paid no attention to her, she was just some girl, she wouldn't survive another minute with a wound to the neck like that.

Lau pressed her hand against her neck, trying to slow the bleeding, and ran. After a while she found Cray Tindiel's clinic. She was a doctor. She'd cure her. After Cray started saying things about the carotid artery and a miracle and something to do with surgery, she passed out. She never found out that the metal had just barely missed her artery, providing her with a wound that Cray could treat with surgery. When she woke up, though, she discovered she couldn’t speak. Her throat had been damaged by her attacker, or the surgery, or both. She could barely make any sounds with it.

It was a shock to everyone who had met her before. She used to never shut up, as they so tastefully put it.

Still, she got into her dad's friends' thieving crews, usually cleaning and tending to the wounded, forging signatures. Being her father's daughter, entering the world of skaa thieving crews was not as hard as it would have been for other people, though she was still mostly an assistant and maid until she proved herself to them. She even inherited one of her dad's forger's jobs when the skaa man that had hired him found she was competent, earning her some relatively stable income. Most people didn't talk to her, some even thought she couldn't hear because she was unable to speak. Once in a while she'd point out something to help with the planning, and they'd all be surprised that she actually thought about things.

One day, one of the men on the crew got drunk and broke into her room. He started grabbing her and telling her things—and she didn't like it. She didn't like him, and she made that clear... with her fist, her elbow, and her knee. He was a bigger and a better fighter than she was of course, he was one of the crew's muscle guys, but he was drunk and she was faster. It didn't take long, and some of the other members were woken up by screaming. By the time anyone got to her room, they saw a thug who was working hard at crawling out of her room and nursing a dislocated knee while she sat on her bed rubbing her bruised knuckles. From then on, no one ever tried anything on her. To them, she was just another man.

Once, a beautiful young woman joined the crew she was forging for.

"Good to have a woman in the fold." The crewleader had said. Lau tapped the wall with her knuckles and gave him a look. "One who can sweetalk me, Ears."

Lau's eyes narrowed before groaned and rolled them. She had talent, though. Despite being dismissed so often. She needed experience and hard work and people with whom to work-- but she had talent. She stole, and later on bought notebooks to try to communicate through the written word, though then she found many of her crewmates couldn't read. Afte a while, she would be acknowledged, she had a presence to her that told people she was not to be trifled with, and most thought she was smarter than she seemed, but she never really interacted with many people.

Then one day, one of the younger members of one of the crews (Rand's crew), came to talk to her about something as she was cleaning, and he talked and talked, and of course she just listened, and then he said he felt better and left. Sometime later another member of the crew did the same. They talked to her about their problems and their lives and things like that. They all needed people to just listen to them, and be there, even if they couldn't say anything back. They told her their secrets and their hopes and dreams. One of them had always wanted to become a wood carver and earn an honest living, but never got the chance. Another had lost the woman he loved to a noble, who murdered her after a few weeks to avoid any halfbreeds. Another one was a Pewterarm who snapped when his wife was killed in front of him.

They needed someone to listen, and she could be that someone. After months of it she became people's go-to person to talk to. She learned secrets that others didn't know, and she never told anyone about them. Most people hadn't liked her much before, she wasn't a particularly friendly person, but when they realized she was unable to interrupt them or tell them off or tell other people their secrets, it became a trend in the thieving crews where she was for people to talk to her for long periods of time.

After a while, Lau began earning herself a sort of reputation for a good forger, great listener, and someone not to be messed with. Lau never became a crewleader, she never wanted to and no one would have wanted her to either, and she was very rarely an aid in strategy, but she was known as a great member and a good assistant who could do a little of everything if it was required. She discovered she'd Snapped in the attack that killed her father's crew in one of their jobs-- she was a smoker. It's not particularly easy to tell people things when you can't speak and they couldn't read, so her status as a Coppercloud is not too widely known even in the underground.

Soon after a few jobs were done some of the crew members left. Lately, Lau has been doing most of Kindle's forging, as well as some other jobs.

Now Lau is looking for another crew to join. She heard Klyde was back, the man was noteworthy in her circles, and he probably needed someone with a bit more experience than those two kids she heard he was seen with.

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Lau resisted the urge to sigh in frustration. She had thought, that given how she was a known forger, and mildly rumoured Coppercloud, and not too bad a strategist, that when Tiffany came to her, offering to pay for a night's drinks and food... that he had some sort of plan or scheme or mark or... anything. She had thought that he wanted her to draw something or write something (his penmanship was horrible most of the time), or to bounce ideas off her.

She had thought wrong.

They were now one hour into a conversation (though monologue was probably a better word for it) regarding his long lost looks. Again. He knew she wouldn't pass up a free meal. He was taking advantage of that.

"--and then she turned, and... and she saw me..." Tiffany brought his hand to the scarred part of his jaw. Was that guy eavesdropping? She tilted her head to look at a man who had been sitting near them for some time now, alone, drinking only water.

"It killed it right there. I can't even get noblewomen to look at me twice now. I can't." He said with an astonishing level of self-pity. Couldn't he be a happy drunk?

"I'm getting old and... they seem to be getting younger every year too...I mean I'm charming, aren't I? I can charm." He more asked than said. Lau frowned as she tried to figure out if the man behind Tiffany was eavesdropping or not.

He frowned. "Are you even listening?"

Without delay, Lau nodded, drank what was left in her glass, and made a circular motion with her hand to say 'pleaste, go on'.

"Yes, so where was I..?"

"You were drowning in a pit of your own insecurities, and taking me down with you." She didn't say, but not for lack of wanting.

He was going to drink himself under the table. He was going to drink himself into an enormous mess that she would have to clean up. The potential eavesdropper left. And she would have to talk to the manager, who thankfully could actually read words, and she would have to deal with mopping the floor of vomit, and she--

"I was at the part where my tail just left."

Lau gave him a look of exasperation. He could have said something about a tail. She'd been so busy paying attention to his stupid rant she barely noticed the tail until moments ago.

"Don't look at me like that, what was I supposed to do?"

She sighed and nodded. So now would he get to the good stuff?

"So I need some muscle."

She gave him an expression of incredulity, a scoff, and gestured to herself.

"Well, you're the strongest person I know who doesn't use pewter. Or to whom I don't owe money." Did he owe money to that many people?

She mouthed "Okay..." and expected him to continue.

"So I need you to scare this kid. He's a halfbreed Coinshot who--"

She extended her palms to him. Wait wait wait.


She took a coin from her pocket, and threw it at her own head, and when it bounced, she acted as though it had gone through, tilting her head to the side, and sticking out her tongue in a theatrical fashion, and then using her hand to mimic blood or perhaps brains falling out the other side of her head.

"Please, he's just a Coinshot, they're not that--"

She paused him again, then pressed on the scar on her neck emphatically. Not that what? Not that WHAT?

He cringed and inched back. "Deepness, man, he's just a kid that's been screwing with my establishment--"

She waved her finger side to side. No. No way.

"You're pretty tough, if you could just--"

She took the coin and made a slitting motion in front of her throat. No. The reason she was still alive was that she did not take unnecessary risks with people who could kill you from afar.

"Okay. Fine. Forget I ever said anything." He said with annoyance.

She gave him a single, clear nod and made a sound that was somewhat like a "hmph". She wouldn't be hearing any more of that. And that was that. A few quiet moments passed.

Lau took her drink and mentioned for the bartender to refill it. Tiffany would have to find some other person who knew how to fight. Which meant he could really just ask anyone who wasn't him inside this bar...

"So any chance you could hook me up with Kindle's Pewterarm?" He asked.

Lau scoffed at that and shook her head.

"Well shit..."

#2 Comatose

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Looking Good in Red

Posted 03 March 2014 - 07:23 PM

I like her a lot! Sorry it took be so long to get around to reading this again! Lau has come a long way, and I love how you've shown her ability to interact with other characters despite not being able to speak. I originally considered making Nell mute and decided against it, but it's nice to see another writer was up to the challenge.

Provided that you have Borborygmus's approval to use Trev and Cray, and the approval of Khaelys's player (if Khaelys is the coinshot you are talking about in the sample; if not, nevermind), then I would say you are approved. Please confirm you have the proper permission, and good luck getting your second vote :)/>.

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#3 Moru


Posted 04 March 2014 - 04:46 AM

I don't remember if I ever said it aloud or gave you help in the workshop when Laurence was first posted, but I remember reading her, and she has really come a long way and I have to say probably one of my favorite characters that you've written.

Even mute, you've shown her interacting with other people... and you've done a stellar job. I approve of Laurence. (provided you have the permission to use the characters Coma mentioned.)

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