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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Celestine Beliveaux

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#1 Celestine Beliveaux

  • Member of Colette's Posee

5th Tier Elariel
  • Age19

  • Relationship StatusSingle

  • OriginAustrex

  • Allomantic StatusHidden

Posted 03 March 2014 - 05:16 PM

Celestine Beliveaux
Member of Colette’s Posse

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Name/Handle: Eclipse
Contact: PM, Email

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Name: Celestine Beliveaux
Type: Noble
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Relationship Status: Single

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Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Bronze
Degree of Skill: Intermediate
Status: Hidden

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Celestine is above average in height, almost willowy in build, though not so tall as to intimidate possible suitors, and has bright blue eyes. While she is skilled at controlling her tone and body language to be proper, her eyes often give away her true emotions, which she is always conscious of, as it allowed the Austrex clique to know exactly how well their torment was getting to her. She is quite graceful, and enjoys dancing, but is always reluctant to actually do so as she is afraid of making a fool of herself. She dresses as she acts, extremely well put together, but never trying to draw more than the average amount of attention to herself. Celestine’s makeup follows the same mold, covering up her flaws, but not accentuating her strong points, making her seem attractive, but not breathtaking. Her hair is a light blonde, long and wavy, and falls to the small of her back.

Posted Image

Celestine could be described as easy to get along with, and seems relatively confident, she is actually extremely insecure, a product of the abuse directed towards her by a posse very similar to Colette’s back in Austrex. Since she knows the pain of intentional exclusion and mockery, she is fiercely loyal to the Posse, and even more so to Colette. While she used to feel guilty whenever the posse targeted someone, the rush of being included quickly overshadowed the small amount of guilt she found at passing on the pain she felt onto others.

She is very self-conscious, rarely dancing despite her skill at it, and never drawing too much attention to herself when not with the Posse. When with the Posse, she is much more confident, being very vocal in following the will of Colette.

She is desperate to be included, and so never disagrees with Colette, never even questioning her. Her relationship with her family is actually very similar to Colette’s, making her even more sympathetic to Colette’s cause, and therefore even more loyal.

Celestine’s insecurity also stems from the fact that she has been passed over for inheritance, because her father would rather her cousin be heir than her. This has made her extremely ambitious, wanting to prove to her father that she is important, either by manipulating her way to getting inheritance, or by marrying into a Great House. When not with the clique, Celestine is very uncomfortable, becoming stiff and formal and not talking much.

Posted Image

Special Skills: Planning, reading, writing, dancing

Strengths: Easy to get along with, relatively smart, ambitious,

Weaknesses: Insecure and self-conscious, loyal to a fault(to Colette)

Posted Image

Celestine was born in Austrex in 899 to Fabien and Estelle Beliveaux. She was raised to be the perfect noblewoman, and she took to her lessons quickly, becoming skilled at traversing the social and political world of the Final Empire. Her parents were proud as can be, and spoiled her every chance they could to reward her for he successes. When she was beaten at age 8, she was found to be a Seeker, and learned that knowing who was what type of allomancer was an extremely useful skill for advancing the fortunes of House Beliveaux. Since neither her father nor mother were allomancers, it made her even more important.

But her allomantic and social training could only teach her so much without hands-on experience, and so she made her debut in the Austrex social scene at 15. Her first few balls were whirlwinds of beautiful dresses, graceful dancing, and wonderful people, and this happiness bloomed within Celestine. She had the world at her fingertips: many friends, balls and parties almost every night, and she would likely be the heir to the house.

But things quickly began to change. Within a month or two of her debut, however, she became the target of the most important clique in Austrex. No matter how well she conducted her self, no matter how many compliments her dates gave her, the clique made her feel small, unimportant, ugly and unwanted.

The confidence she showed at home and during her training vanished gradually, making her miserable whenever she went out to balls. Eventually, she started to have to look harder and harder to find dates, and was rarely talked to at balls. All of her “friends” abandoned her, and the compliments that had once flowed unceasing, now were seldom heard. She expected her sixteenth birthday was to be a bright light in this darkness, as she expected she would be officially named heir to House Beliveaux that night.

However, that announcement never came. Concerned about Celestine’s lack of noble friends and potential suitors, and the bullying she told her steward about(which he told her parents), they decided that the announcement would have to wait, and Celestine was not guaranteed to be the heir. Celestine was devastated. She confronted her parents about it, but as she was going to their room to do so, she overhead them talking about her:

“Estelle, I know this is hard for you to hear, but I have to be honest with you. If we put House Beliveaux’s future on the shoulders of Celestine, we will take an enormous hit. She’s earned the enmity of some clique of women that will harass her for the rest of her life if she doesn’t do something, and they’re some of the most powerful young women in Austrex.”

“But husband, we can’t just deny the inheritance to our only child.” Estelle was pleading at this point.

“It’s not a discussion, Estelle. I will withhold my decision until either Celestine can prove she can deal with that clique and cement her status in Austrex, or she fails for long enough that I lose all confidence that she could be heir.”

Estelle was beginning to cry, one tear tracking its way down her face. “But who will take her place?”

“Possibly Mathieu, my brother’s son.”

Celestine turned, holding back tears, and quickly took off to her rooms.

Celestine, instead of confronting her parents, went to her Terris steward, he most trusted confidante, and told him everything she’d heard, and told him that she needed to get away from it all. He suggested she become the Beliveaux ambassador to Luthadel, because that had been in discussion for a long time, and she could prove herself as a valid heiress by increasing Beliveaux interests in Luthadel, or at least marrying up in rank to prove to her family and herself that she is important and special.

She volunteered to go as the Beliveaux ambassador to Luthadel, and while her father was at first reluctant to send her, Celestine’s mother, Estelle, persuaded him to let her go. She and her Terris steward Ronyl traveled to Luthadel to improve Beliveaux relations with high ranking houses, with the ulterior motives of proving herself worthy of the inheritance, and possibly marrying into a higher ranking house should her first goal fail.

The travel was relatively uneventful, just Celestine and her Terris steward on a barge, studying Luthadel’s political situation, the important people, and thinking of strategies. Celestine began to deeply trust Ronyl, and they have an extremely close relationship. There is virtually nothing that Celestine has kept from Ronyl. Within a month, she found Colette at a Hasting Ball. She was sitting alone, something she was used to after years of abuse in Austrex, when Colette and her posse approached her. Originally, she was reluctant to associate with the posse because she remembered the abuse directed at her by a similar group. After some coaxing by Colette, however, she caved and joined. Colette took her under her wing, helping her adjust to Luthadel politics and giving her a place to fit in.

Once she gave in and joined, she found the newfound acceptance addicting, developing a strong loyalty to Colette. To rationalize joining the posse instead of relying on herself to improve the standing of House Beliveaux, she told herself that House Hasting would be the house she would work with to increase the standing of House Beliveaux. This is also what she wrote in her letters to her family in Austrex.

Of course, while being in the posse did improve her house’s status, it didn’t do so as substantially as she needed to in order to be declared heir. So while Mathieu, her cousin and biggest competitor for the inheritance, keeps spies watching her just in case she makes a big move, her insecurity and loyalty to the posse will keep her from earning the inheritance she believes she deserves until her confidence and assertiveness can grow. Therefore, Mathieu doesn’t feel worried enough to come to Luthadel any time soon to really fight for the inheritance, because in his eyes, Celestine is harmless, simply an air-headed girl who will never be good enough to get the inheritance.

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Celesine was alone, and the keep was on fire. Why did I have to leave Colette to talk to Ronyl? I need to get back to Colette, she’ll know what to do. Celestine looked around, eyes wide with panic, but her body language showed none of this.

“Ronyl, we need to find Colette.”

“Yes, mistress, I believe she was over in this direction,” Ronyl replied, pointing over towards one of the side exits.

Before they could go three steps, there was a crashing sound, and suddenly a skaa had fallen through the ceiling. Was he declaring himself a mistborn? Since when have there been skaa allomancers? Her bronze was pounding too many different beats for her to differentiate between them or discern their sources, and it was giving her a headache, so she extinguished it. As she did so, doubt began to gnaw at her mind.

Ronyl took Celestine by the arm, and began to lightly pull her towards Colette. But Celestine was frozen.

I’m alone. Colette left me. She didn’t come to find me. She just left. What did I do to deserve that? Celestine was beginning to fall apart. Oh, Lord Ruler it’s Austrex all over again.

Ronyl’s voice cut in to stop her before she fell even further apart. “Celestine, we need to go. Now.

Celestine refocused, and let Ronyl lead her towards an exit. But her mind was still spinning. I need to prove myself again. I need to find her, and beg her to take me back. I can’t let myself become a pariah again. Father would never give me the inheritance then!

As they neared the exit, Celestine caught a glimpse of Colette in the crowd, and, pulling Ronyl with her, changed course.

Oh, please, please let me rejoin the Posse.

She arrived to where Eliza, Marceline, Ferrah, Colette, and is that a shirtless Caden? He is quite muscular, but he’s Colette’s cousin. And he’s too much like Mathieu. My conniving inheritance thief of a cousin. Celestine allowed herself a moment to mentally rail against Mathieu and his inheritance-stealing ways, then approached Colette. As she did, she heard Caden speaking:

We need to stick together. If we keep our heads about us we should be fine.

“Colette, I’m so sorry I lost you! Are we following Caden to get out of here?”

Celestine was uncertain what would come next. Will Colette scold me for losing the group, or for interrupting? Please let her allow me to keep my place in the group. Her eyes flicked wildly from Colette, to Ferrah, to Caden, to Marceline, who was ogling Caden’s shirtless chest, will she learn to hide that?, and back to Colette. There they stayed, waiting for a response.

Edited by Eclipse, 03 March 2014 - 07:36 PM.

#2 Comatose

  • Shard of Brain Inactivity

Looking Good in Red

Posted 03 March 2014 - 07:34 PM

Approved Excellent work! I'll stop posting in the ball thread so Celestine can jump in once she is accepted ;).

I'm going to say the KChan should be the other vote of approval, since she plays Colette, so good luck as you wait for her vote.

I'm really loving how all of the girls are turning out, and can't wait to see more of them interacting with each other :).

One other thing I noticed, is that this application should be posted from Celestine's character profile. If you have not created a character for her yet, once you do that, you just need to edit the post and then change who the poster is.

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#3 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 06 March 2014 - 07:41 PM

I love Celestine! I can't wait for her to join the group in the thread. :D You're Approved!

One thing, though. Could you please size down her sig? The rules state that banners are to be no wider than 530 pixels so as not to do awkward things like stretching the forum or hanging off the page. Thanks! ^^

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