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Mistborn: The Inquisition


Musical: Everything is happy

Cecille Lefevre's Photo Cecille Lefevre 01 Apr 2014

What on earth is the Final Empire coming to? I have it on good authority that Eliza Fathvel was singing and dancing in the middle of Ahlstrom Square, along with skaa! And not only that, there's been rumors of other high ranked lords and ladies doing the same. For all I know, the next thing to happen will be The Lord Ruler himself bursting into song as Inquistors dance and obligators play instruments...

Cecille was running an errand for Colette, going to the Commerical district to obtain a few items. But as she walked, she could help feeling happy. The sky was red, the ash fall light.

"Right, that does it. If Eliza Fathvell can sing, then so, can, I...!"

Starting to skip, she broke into song, though initially hesitant.

"The world is the oddest of places,
This city is a lark,
Though just a solo voice in a city of strangers,
I can't help but remark.

She was largely ignored, though she did get a few odd looks. This didn't deter her though, and now she was able to sing a bit stronger.

"A new face I bear, unseen to all,
And of no note at all,
But still I can sing, whenever I want,
There's no one who can stop me!

That last bit didn't quite work, she thought to herself.

More odd looks was all she got. She tried something different. She wanted people to join in, like she'd heard happening in other places.

"Come on now, everyone who hears,
Lets join together and bring joyful tears,
Singing as one, or many voices,
Expressing the joy of... rhyming verses?