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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Isabelle Sureau

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#1 Isabelle Sureau

  • The Snarkiest Duelist Ever

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  • Age23

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  • OriginLuthadel

  • Allomantic StatusHidden

Posted 15 April 2014 - 02:52 AM


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Name/Handle: Mozy! :{D
Contact: PM

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Name: Isabelle Sureau
Type: Noble
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Occupation: Snarky Duelist
Relationship Status: Single

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Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Steel
Degree of Skill: Intermediate
Status: Hidden

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Isabelle is tall, almost 5’8”, but slight. She has dark features and high cheekbones, like her mother. Her dark, wavy hair hangs halfway down her back, though she likes to wear it up. Isabelle has a dark olive skin tone, and is always in perfect control of her body language and facial reactions. She is not as good at keeping her emotion out of her tone of voice, but it is rarely noticeable since she keeps her face so perfect. She will often react with something subtle, if she really wants someone to notice something.

Isabelle is found of looking dramatic. It suits her. She always wears dark eyeshadow and deep shades of lipstick. Her dresses are equally dramatic. To someone she has not met, her attention to her state of dress does not indicate someone who is as fond of dueling as Isabelle is. She seems to look perfectly demure and feminine, but with just a pinch of spunk. She holds herself similarly. Tall, demure, and beautiful. To some it would almost seem a shame that someone so lovely would have such disinterest towards marriage and courting.

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Isabelle isn’t incredibly extroverted, but she is nice. She prefers books to human interaction, even though she knows how to conduct herself in public. When in private, with people she knows, she is openly excited about dueling, books, and Allomancy. She’s sassy, and her delivery of dry jokes is beautiful. Her public face is much different. It is more polite, quiet, and reserved. She’s oblivious to romance, and romantic feelings of all kinds, which has resulted in a few broken hearts, and she has no intentions to marry soon. She figures that she has until at least twenty-five.

For Isabelle, dueling is the other half of her life. When she has free time, she duels, or watches duels. She is good at it, too, which is why she continues. In a life where she struggles with Allomancy, and has to be so polite and demure in society, she loves that dueling gives her more freedom to express herself, especially when she’s had a bad day. Isabelle is by no means a rebel, but she does enjoy doing stuff that she’s good at.

Isabelle, for all her virtues, is also stubborn and moody. She gets it from her mother. She has sass, when she’s defiant, but the only person she is likely to give into is Gisela, because Isabelle realizes that Gisela is even more stubborn. She is a hard-worker, but is self-conscious about many things. For her, if she does not look perfect, she has let herself down. If she gets moody or irritated in public, that is a similar fault. If she cannot keep up to her peers with Allomancy, that is even worse.

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Special Skills: Reading, dueling, stubbornness, ability to keep a straight face in both terrible and hilarious situations.

Strengths: Isabelle is a lovely young woman with a lovely personality. In public she is perfectly reserved and composed, yet quirky. In private she is infectiously excited about everything. She makes friends easily, even though she is introverted.

Weaknesses: Isabelle is also moody, stubborn, and oblivious. A man could say that he loved her and she wouldn’t think anything special of it, until afterwards. She doesn’t show much of her self-consciousness to even her friends, as that would make her feel vulnerable. If she got mad at them, she could drive them away. Her Allomancy, and her personality, are both things that she feels she needs to make better, and that makes her constantly worried about how she will be perceived, and how much people will like her.

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Isabelle is the only child of Gareth and Gisela Sureau. She was born in 895. Her parents were struggling with separate emotional things, and so Gisela immediately became the first person Isabelle remembers talking to. Gisela would just take Isabelle to the library, and was an actual mother to her daughter while Isabelle was young, instead of letting the nurse take care of everything. Gareth would sometimes join them when they could be found, but Gisela sat in the depths of the library with Isabelle, sometimes reading out-loud and sometimes just reading with Isabelle sitting on her lap.

When Isabelle was three, Gisela started teaching her to read, and by four she could read, with some help. She began to notice that her parents didn’t spend that much time around each other, and that they didn’t seem to get along well. So she brought it up. “Mama, why do you and father never talk?”

Her mother looked up from her book, a slight frown on her face. “We do talk to each other, but your father is a busy man.” Isabelle didn’t believe her.

“I never see it.” She argued back.

“We talk at night. That’s why you don’t see it.” Gisela pulled Isabelle onto her lap and wrapped her arms around her. Isabelle wasn’t happy with the response, but she fell quiet. Gisela was already teaching her when to speak and not speak, and though it was difficult, she seemed to be getting the hang of it.

Isabelle grew up quickly, and was more attached to her mother than her father, due to the amount of time they spent together. Her early life was uninteresting, as lives go. Nothing spectacular happened to her, though she does remember her mother and father not always showing the amount of affection that she expected from a married couple.

The day before her eighth birthday Gisela took her to the library, looking more worried than Isabelle ever remembered seeing her. Gisela glanced around and Isabelle’s eyebrows drew together. “What’s wrong, mama?” She asked, pulling herself into an armchair.

“Gareth didn’t want me to talk to you about this. He thought it would scare you. I am trying to avoid that.” Gisela explained, and Isabelle bit her lip. “Do not do that, Belle. It is not proper to bite your lip like that.” Gisela said, apparently momentarily distracted. She was silent for a moment, as if trying to remember what she had been saying. “You do know about Allomancers, correct?” Isabelle nodded and Gisela went on, “Well, tomorrow, on your eighth birthday, we do something that is...terrible, but necessary. They have to beat you to find out if you are an Allomancer or not. I just want you to be prepared. I will be there the whole time.”

Isabelle’s eyes widened in terror. “And Father is okay with this? You mean that he did not want me to know about this?” Her thoughts were not making sense.

“I am not okay with it, but I understand the need, and your father is just trying to keep you from worrying about it.”

“Why do they need to do this? If you understand it, why can you not explain it to me?” Isabelle hated the idea of pain.

“They need to know if you are an Allomancer. This is the only way to find that out. This or wait for you to suffer some other traumatic event, but that would be too unpredictable.” Isabelle was amazed by how controlled her mother seemed, even when explaining why Isabelle had to be beaten.

However, Isabelle nodded in understanding. She trusted her mother.

The next day, though she was prepared, Isabelle was still a mess. She had not slept, she hadn’t eaten, and she was terrified. Her trust in her mother did nothing to keep her fears at bay. When she was taken from her room, where she was hiding, she saw Gisela and Gareth standing by the wall. Gisela’s face was controlled as Isabelle forced down a vial of something that looked like metal flakes, but when she locked eyes with Isabelle, her daughter could tell that she was not okay.

The first blow fell. It hurt more than Isabelle had anticipated it would. Another blow fell and Isabelle glanced at her mother. Gisela could be strong, so Isabelle could as well. But the beating didn’t stop. Isabelle could tell that the stuff she had been forced to drink was in her stomach. She could almost feel it. She screamed and pleaded for them to stop. Why did they keep going when she had Snapped? Why couldn’t she get the stuff to work?

Isabelle curled up on the floor and held her breath, trying to not scream anymore. Why wouldn’t it stop? Why wouldn’t it all just stop? Then the world was engulfed in darkness and pain as she passed out.

When Isabelle woke up she saw her parents next to her and her first words out of her mouth were an apology. “Mama. Mama what happened? There was so much pain and I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work.”

“Get what to work?” Gisela asked, her voice soft. Isabelle could feel Gisela take her hand, but it didn’t quite register. Isabelle was too preoccupied.

“The thing you told me about. There was something inside me and I couldn’t make it work because the pain was terrible. But it’s gone now.” Isabelle noticed that her voice was hoarse, and she couldn’t take deep breaths. It hurt too much.

“Gareth! Get the Seekers.” Gisela called into the other room. Isabelle wondered what was wrong. One of the men who had been in the room for her beating came in and Isabelle flinched, not wanting to go through that again. However, she didn’t complain as she was handed another vial. “Is it there now?” Gisela asked, and Isabelle nodded, but said nothing. She was concentrating on getting the stuff to work. Finally she figured it out and the Seeker spoke up.

“She is a Coinshot.” He said, and Isabelle could see her mother relax. Isabelle herself was much too interested in what had just happened to say anything. Blue lines had appeared in her vision, though she couldn’t figure out what they went too.

After that day, Isabelle thought it was her fault when her parents had a huge argument. Se knew that her struggle with Allomancy was stressful for herself and her parents, even though she worked hard. She wanted to be good at it, for her parent’s sake. She had known that something was wrong when Gisela came home early from a ball, and the next day Gisela shut herself up for the whole day. Gareth talked to Isabelle about her Allomancy over lunch, and she could tell that he was still angry. “Belle, I want you to spend more time on your Allomantic training. That means that you cannot read as much with your mother.”

Isabelle wanted to ask what was wrong, but she already knew that such a question would be improper. It was too personal. If her father wanted her to know, he would tell her. “Of course, father.”

“I know that you love reading, and I do not want to take it away from you completely, but you do know that you are struggling.” Gareth continued, and Isabelle nodded.

“I know, father. I understand.” She gave him a small smile and went back to her food. It was a disappointment, but she knew that it was necessary. Her mother seemed hurt when she found out, and Isabelle felt terrible about it.

They got over it, and Isabelle tried to forget about it. She didn’t, though. She always knew that her Allomancy was a stress for Gareth and Gisela. It made her work harder at it, and by the age of nine, she had developed her skill enough that she was allowed more free time. By ten, she had started learning how to use Steel in combat situations. It took her a long time, but she worked more than anyone else she trained with. She read books of strategy and Allomantic basics, and then Gisela started teaching her to duel. Finally, something she was good at.

She got the hang of dueling almost immediately. Steel was hard, reading had not been easy, but dueling came naturally. She started making Gisela take her to watch duels, when she didn’t have to train, and sometimes her father joined them. She noticed, however, that it was not a normal thing for a girl to do. When she bragged to her friends about it, she found out that girls weren’t good at dueling. At least, they weren’t supposed to be. However, she didn’t let that get in her way. Now that she was good at something, she wasn’t about to let it go.

Because of her dueling habits, and her bookish nature, she didn’t talk to her cousins much. She was introverted, and not as comfortable around the girls her age as she was around her books. Though she was a duelist, she was not a rebel either, so she just stayed away from the drama of the rest of her house.

She got to the age of fifteen without too much trouble. Then she debuted. She knew how to act, and her mother was with her for her first few balls. She learned to keep her dueling quiet, unless asked, and loved the opportunities to look fabulous. She met people, and especially other duelists. She hit it off wonderfully with a group of duelists. She couldn’t figure out if they actually liked her, or just thought her fascinating, but she didn’t mind it either way.

When she was seventeen, her mother confronted her about them. At first she thought that Gisela was just wanting to talk to her, but then she realized that Gisela had other motives when her mother asked if she was interested in any of the duelists.

“Interested? Romantically interested, you mean?” Isabelle said, frowning. “No. I mean, he is nice, but I do not intend to court anyone right now. I am still young. Should I not keep my options open?”

“Belle. You cannot keep on like that. You know that you will not be young forever, and as you get older, it will get harder to get you a husband.” Gisela said, and Isabelle rolled her eyes. Did her mother really want to talk about this? She was only seventeen!

“Maybe getting married just is not on my list of things to get around to.” Isabelle said, turning back to her book. She wished her mother would just understand. Just because she’d gotten married early didn’t mean that everyone had to.

Gisela stood up and took away Isabelle’s book. “The attitude you have is not okay. I am your mother, and you know that you will have to get married, even if you do not want to. I know that I have spoiled you, but you have to come to reality now.”

Isabelle stood as well, angrily. Couldn’t they talk about this later? “I do not want to get married and you cannot make me.”

“I can make you, I just have not chosen to yet. You have only been in society for two years. I am confident that you can find someone of your own choosing before your father and I have to find someone for you.” Gisela held the book away from Isabelle, who was trying to get it back, and caught her eye. “Now, I do not want you to give me that kind of attitude ever again. Understand?”

Isabelle glared and then nodded, breaking the eye contact. She understood, even if she didn’t like it. “Can I have my book back now?”

Gisela smiled, nodded, and handed the book back. Of course she’d be nice now. “I hope you have fun at the duels. I do not want to pressure you into getting engaged quickly, but I do worry sometimes. I would rather you got to choose who you spend the rest of your life with.”

Isabelle sighed and then smiled, giving up on the argument. No one was more stubborn than her mother. “I know, mama.”

However, she didn’t show any interest in romance over the next six years. She broke the heart of one of the duelists she hung out with, and then stated that she was really just not interested in courting anyone. After that it got awkward with her friends and she stopped talking with them as much. She moved around balls more often, and in her free time worked more on her dueling and Allomancy. She had been neglecting it, and didn’t want to disappoint her mother in two things.

Eventually her Venture cousin, Ulrich, debuted and Gisela pushed Isabelle over to him so that she could talk to Uncle Niklaus. Isabelle nodded politely to her uncle and approached Ulrich with grace, and just a bit of hesitance. Weren’t they supposed to not talk to Ventures? Ulrich was not far from his father, and Isabelle was mentally thankful that her mother was not far off. It had been a while since Isabelle had had to introduce herself. Usually someone did it for her.

"Lord Ulrich?" She said, not sure if he had been told about her or not. "I believe our parents have decided that we are to be excluded from their conversation." She extended her hand. "Isabelle Sureau. Lady Gisela, your father's sister, is my mother."

"Cousin Izzy!" He said brightly, bowing over her hand, "It is so good to finally meet you! Father has told me so much about you, is it true you like to duel?" He grinned at her and his face and words destroyed any decorum he had tried with the bow.

Isabelle was partially taken aback at first, and then she smiled. Cousin Izzy? She liked it much more than being called Belle. "I do duel. I was not aware that my uncle talked about me. I was not actually aware that mother talked about me nearly that much. She did give me the run-down on you earlier today, but I am afraid that I did not pay much attention. I would have thought up a witty excuse for that, except I was reading, and therefore did not have much time for witty excuses." She said it all with a completely straight face, the subtle hints of her joking only in her voice.

"Well I'll have you know you missed out!" Ulrich said happily, "I'm extremely interesting you see." He paused and Isabelle wondered why, "So interesting I can't put it into words. I'm sure Aunt Sela had trouble doing it, and to think! You missed the explanation." He shook his head, "For shame, Cousin, for shame."

"I am sure it was a lovely explanation. All I remember was her telling me not to joke around too much, as you were young and inexperienced in society. However, I made sure to ignore that part completely." Isabelle said, responding to his excitement with seriousness. "Apparently I give a bad impression of what society is like, although I just do not see that." She held out with the seriousness for a moment longer and then grinned.

"Neither can I!" He said, then bent in to whisper, "Perhaps it is all the men you've beaten trying to get back at you and sully your good name, you should beat them again, show them who's boss."

Someone was approaching them and Ulrich seemed to pretend that he didn’t see them. "Here, I want to show you something," he held out his arm, "I'm not sure how many Venture balls you've gone to so maybe you don't know about this."

Isabelle glanced at her mother and then nodded. She took Ulrich's arm. "I have not been to many Venture balls, no." She said with a smile. "Mother does not actually let me challenge people to duels. She says it would be too surprising for a woman to challenge someone to a duel."

"What? Really?" Ulrich asked as they walked, "That's no fun at all, I wanted to compare to see who had bested the most men, in a few months from now," he added, "Once I have gone and dueled ALL the men and trounced them." Isabelle gave him a look with her eyebrows raised slightly. "In a completely noble and impressive fashion of course." Ulrich grinned, "It's just a matter of convincing Father to let me do it, of course- Oh but here we are." Here they reached a hidden staircase and Ulrich pointed to it. "Come let me show you something magical.”

"Magical?" Isabelle asked, questioning his choice of words more than his statement. She was almost positive he was exaggerating, as that seemed to be his style. "And do not worry. I am sure I have still won more duels than you will have in a few months. Just because mother does not want me shocking anyone does not mean that I have not challenged anyone to a duel before. I just try not to make a habit of doing it in public." She did not usually brag, but she was returning his rather arrogant air with her own, though more joking.

"No not magical." He said, "Magical." He wiggled his fingers at her again and she made sure to look properly impressed. "Can you tell me who you've beaten? I will challenge them and then they can have been beaten by both of us." He laughed evilly and Isabelle shook her head.

They got to the top of the stairs soon enough, and they were met with the sight of a room lot only by a few dim, blue glassed lanterns. It was a balcony overlooking the great hall, giving a wonderful view of both the dancers and the stained glass windows, and not a soul seemed in sight.

"My father showed me this place when I was younger," Ulrich said as Isabelle looked around in amazement. "I imagined how pretty it would be when a ball was happening, so naturally I snuck up here one time to watch the dancers when I was... eleven, I think? It's beautiful to watch them dance from up here, the swirls of color..." He trailed off, watching far below them.

Isabelle composed her face again and leaned over the railing, looking down at all the people. From above the contrast between the colourful dresses and the sharp, dark suits was so much more noticeable. Especially on the dance floor. "The dancers are beautiful. I have always been jealous of those who seem so graceful when dancing."

Isabelle couldn't make out any faces, or any features at all, really, but she thought she could see Gisela, if she leaned over the railing far enough. Mother will probably be wondering where I got to. "Have you danced with anyone yet tonight?"

"What? What, oh Lord Ruler no." Ulrich shivered, "I'm the youngest one here, and even if they could it's not like many women can ask me to dance, I'm too high ranking." He went back to looking at the dancers far below, and Isabelle joined him. "Oh the obstacles I must overcome, being a Venture. Or rather, avoid like the plague."

Isabelle cracked a smile at his light tone. "Dancing is not as great as it seems. My first ball I went into it thinking I would be spectacular. I had read all the books about dancing, I had even gone to my lessons, but then I nearly tripped over my dress multiple times. It was really quite embarrassing."

"That reminds me," Ulrich said, turning to look at her, "Of a burning question I have always wanted to ask a woman," he paused, obviously for dramatic effect, "How do you get around in those dresses? Please tell me, it's a secret for the ages and I simply must know the answer."

Isabelle lifted her head, noting his innocent tone of voice. "With difficulty, at first, and then later with less difficulty." The smile was evident in Isabelle's voice, though she kept her face straight. "My dresses are tailored to not get in the way, but not everyone has that luxury. I shudder to think how they get on."

Ulrich pulled himself away from Isabelle and gestured grandly. "So you keep the secret to yourself then? You toy with my pure, maiden's heart by keeping vital knowledge from me." He hid his face in his hand, then peaked at her through a crack in his fingers, "But I see through your devilish plot. I will simply go downstairs and start asking women one by one the same question and you will officially be related to the oddest man in Luthadel, and my revenge shall be complete!"

"Ah well." Isabelle said with a mock sigh, turning back to watch the dancers. "As if I am not already one of the oddest people in Luthadel. It seems only natural that my Venture cousin would be more odd than I am. Perhaps you could try wearing a dress and find out yourself how to move around in it." She hoped he didn't take her seriously. If he did, she might actually be embarrassed to be related to him.

"I thought of that, actually," Ulrich said, "I know I'd look ravishing, what with all these womanly curves," When he motioned around his chest and waist, as if trying to make an hourglass on his straight figure, Isabelle laughed, "but somehow I find myself not wanting to go THAT far for mere curiousity.

"But what about you, Cousin Izzy? Do you have any burning questions for me?"

"None that are nearly as interesting as yours." Isabelle said, grinning for a moment. "Although...." She paused, not sure if the question was entirely appropriate, even if it was a joke. "Is Uncle Niklaus always as serious and brooding as he is when I see him?" She asked, hoping once more that the joke would come across. It was a constant worry of hers, as she had made jokes before that had been taken completely seriously.

Ulrich froze and Isabelle could tell that she had said the wrong thing. "Why no," He said, "Once a year, when the mists are especially thick and everything is dark he actually smiles." He grinned at her, though to Isabelle it seemed a little forced, "I snuck in and saw it one time you see. I've even heard him laugh. Well, chuckle, more like. But still, he can be mirthful, promise."

"Amazing." Was all Isabelle said in response, still joking, and hoping to change the subject. "I hope that mother is not wondering where I am. I am not supposed to make too good of friends with you, according to father, and mother told him that she would keep an eye on me. Father did not even want me to come, but mother insisted. Although, I doubt she would say anything." It was at least an attempt to change the subject, but it was also probably not the most proper thing to say. Gisela would be angry if Isabelle talked about the fights, as she had made it quite clear she didn't want Niklaus to think she was unhappy.

"Ah... Well," he offered his arm, "Let us get you back to her then, before we become as thick as thieves."

Isabelle nodded and took his arm. "I am certain that mother was lying, but she would still dislike it if I stole you away from your ball." Her tone had gone back to it's usual state of light, carefree joking. "If I remember my debut ball correctly, I must have met everyone my mother knows within the space of two hours. And besides, you have to ask about the dresses. How could I ever tear you away from making yourself the oddest person in Luthadel?"

"I would go ask them all," Ulrich said, "If I did not think that they would all give me answers as unhelpful as yours. Then where will I be? Alone, friendless, the oddest person in Luthadel, and still without an answer." He shook his head, "No, I will just wait until I have a wife or something and pester her until she gives up and tells me the answer." He shrugged, "I can be very convincing when I want to be, by which I mean I will annoy her into submission." The last part was whispered conspiratorially.

"See, the reason that you will never get an answer is because it is a secret known only to women and dress-wearers." Isabelle said seriously, nodding vigorously to accent her point. "We are sworn to never reveal our secrets."

"I knew it!" Ulrich said as they made their way down the stairs, "You're all part of some grand conspiracy to keep men in the dark, eh?

"I am sure whatever woman who steals my heart will be willing to tell me." He said grandly, "She will not let such petty things as a grand conspiracy get in the way of letting me in on the secret." Unlike SOME people, was the unsaid that Isabelle understood completely and smiled at.

"First you must gain the trust of enough people within the conspiracy. Only then do you get to know how we dance and move in all our skirts. However, I cannot give you the answer. I have my dresses made differently from everyone else." Isabelle replied to Ulrich with a shrug. "Perhaps the woman who steals your heart will be normal, though somehow I doubt that."

Isabelle was warming up to Ulrich quickly. She hadn't joked this much during a ball in years. She half-wished that she would be able to talk more freely with Ulrich someday, but knew it would be impossible, what with their families.

"Oh Lord Ruler, I hope she isn't!" Ulrich said, "I'd pity a normal woman falling in love with my most handsome self, she wouldn't know when I was serious and I'd spend so much time explaining my jokes that I'd just have to give up on it all together." Isabelle caught his look. It was almost as if it said that that would be a kind of special hell for him, "Imagine me being normal! It would take away all the charm I have!"

"I doubt a normal woman would be able to resist your charm, or your station." Isabelle said, matter-of-fact about it. Her eyes twinkled as she spoke, but her face remained composed. "However, I am sure that someday some quirky woman will find your charm irresistible as well. You might have to start dancing with ladies, though."

"I can only hope." Ulrich said, wincing at her mention of normal women being after his station, "What about you, Cousin? What kind of man are you looking for?"

"I am not, actually." Isabelle said with a small smile. "I have little interest in men, courting, or getting married. Right now I have friends, I duel, and am happy. Why should I mess that up by getting married?"

"Ah, so you're like Father." Ulrich said brightly, "He didn't court a woman until Mother and him were engaged. But you know you will have to marry eventually, right?" Isabelle sighed.

"I do. I never really saw the point of courting someone if I knew that father would really be the one to chose who I marry. All I can do is hope that whoever it is is a decent person." She smiled, though it was rather forced.

"I-I'm sure he will." Ulrich said, though Isabelle noticed that he had hesitated. She ignored it, though. It was only within the last three years that she had realized she didn’t get a choice. "Fathers look after their children."

"Yes, and mother will have a say in it as well. Mother would never marry me off to an unreasonable man."

"Of course, err..." Ulrich stopped and started looking around. Isabelle realized that he hadn’t been thinking about where they were going "Where are they?"

Isabelle looked around. Gisela was always so easy to find, but it was harder tonight for some reason. "Are they dancing, possibly?" She suggested, scanning the crowd.

"How does a six and a half foot tall man just up and disappear?" Ulrich said in exasperation, "Oh, there they are," He pointed to the dance floor, "But we'd better not interrupt them, they don't get to dance often, right?"

"Mother was so excited for tonight for that reason. I am not used to seeing her smile this much." Isabelle said softly, watching them. Gisela was laughing at something. "I have a feeling that she misses it here sometimes. Our ballroom is beautiful, but for some reason she never looks as happy there."

"What is the Sureau ballroom like? I've never been." Ulrich said, obviously trying to change the subject.

Isabelle paused for a moment. How was the best way to describe it... "Rich. Not tastefully rich, just...rich. As you have probably noticed, the keep is designed to show off the house's power and riches, and the ballroom is no different." She said, but wasn't sure what else to say about it. "I would say that it is hard to explain and you have to see it to know what I am talking about, but I doubt that you will ever get to, sadly."

"Why not?" Ulrich asked, "Surely if you can come to Keep Venture, I can go to Keep Sureau without any incident. Just, you know, the once. So I can see."

"I am with someone who was a Venture, once. They would not dare try to get rid of us. I cannot say the same for my family, or for father. Mostly father, actually." Isabelle said slowly, not sure how to say that her father held a deep grudge for anyone with the last name Venture without being improper.

"Fair point." Ulrich said, "Oh look, the music's winding down." He started waving his free hand to get his father's attention, and Isabelle raised an eyebrow, "Father, oi, Father over here!"

Isabelle actually laughed. "You do know that you would never have to ask questions to be deemed the oddest man in Luthadel." She said after a minute.

"A title I will wear with pride," Ulrich said as their parents started to walk over to them.

Isabelle laughed softly and smiled at her mother. "I see you two are getting along well." Gisela said as she drew nearer.

"Yes, while Father was monopolizing your time Aunt Gisela I showed Cousin Isabelle the balcony and she told me about the dress wearer's conspiracy." Ulrich said, and Niklaus merely rolled his eyes.

Gisela raised an eyebrow and exchanged a look with Niklaus. Isabelle smiled in a proper, demure way. "Dress wearer's conspiracy? You mean to tell me that Belle actually told you about it? How improper of her." Gisela said.

Isabelle noted the smile in her mother's voice, and it was hard to keep from laughing about it. Gisela played along so well.

Niklaus coughed, "Gisela you might not want to-"

"Yes!" Ulrich interrupted, "She told me all about it, including their secret, which you of course know, being a dress wearer yourself, or," he narrowed his eyes, "Are you just trying to find out the secret yourself, to better move around in your dress? Perhaps you should tell me it, so I know you're really part of the conspiracy."

"Oh no. I would not dare." Gisela said, and Isabelle grinned. "Especially if Belle thought it was not a good idea." She leaned closer to Niklaus and whispered something that Isabelle couldn't hear, laughing.

"It would be a terrible idea to reveal our secrets to someone who does not wear dresses." Isabelle said emphatically, ignoring the whispering.

"Then I see only one recourse remaining," Ulrich said, but Niklaus' interrupted him.

"Yes, for you to give up finding out the secret." He said.

"No actually, I meant-"

"I know what you meant, I'm telling you what's going to happen."

"Heartless! You're heartless, Father!" Ulrich turned to Isabelle, as if for support, "Isn't he heartless, Cousin, for denying me the answer?"

"You would just be too fabulous. The world would not be able to cope with it." Isabelle said with a sigh and a shrug. Gisela said something else underneath her breath and Isabelle really wished that she could tell what her mother was saying.

"Even you are against me?" Ulrich said, stricken. "Truly I am on my own, alas, alas poor Ulrich is on his own in this cruel world," He continued pontificating and Niklaus talked over him.

"We're just going to pretend this conversation never happened? Alright, alright. Now Ulrich, if you're done bemoaning over nothing I have a question for you."

"I might have an answer." Ulrich said, smiling.

Niklaus sighed, "Have you danced with anyone yet?"


"That's what I thought. Off with you, go find a dance partner."

"But Father they're all older than me, I couldn't possibly-"

"It's your debut, you're expected to dance with at least one girl. Go, shoo, shoo." He waved Ulrich away and Ulrich walked away, throwing his hands up as he left.

"What have I unleashed upon the world?" Niklaus asked as Isabelle’s cousin left.

Gisela chuckled. "Society could use more people like him." She said with a smile. "He has absolutely no shame." Isabelle smiled to herself and apparently her mother caught the glint in her eye. "Now, Belle, you are not allowed to buy your cousin a dress."

Isabelle rolled her eyes and then nodded. "Of course, mother."

"Of course he doesn't, he's Desidera's child." Niklaus said, with a smirk, "She was never one to let propriety get in the way of saying what she wanted, apparently it's genetic. Who knew."

Gisela smiled wider. "I would agree with that. He should have no problem finding a dance partner with that attitude."

Isabelle just smiled a little. She was perfectly content to let her mother take over the conversation now that Ulrich was gone.

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(A scene from this character's viewpoint. Take care in picking a scene. It could be a scene from the past or it could happen practically during current events. In any case, write something important to the character so everyone can truly feel the character)

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Lovely character! :D Izzy will be a great addition to the madhouse that is Sureau. ;) Also, I still think we need to get a ladies' dueling club going. With shirts of course.

Approved! One more to go!

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LOVE HER! Since Isabelle seems to have more male friends then female, I thought it would be fun if her and Aaron hung out sometimes. They have some similar interests, are the same age, and since they are second cousins, they wouldn't have to worry as much about romance. Since she's a Sureau, I'd also be interested to see how she interacts with Lex (Gisela too, since she and him are both 'foreigners' to the house). Let me know what you think :)

Like her mother, she's APPROVED, but into pending for now until the RP sample is ready.
Now back to studying, wish me luck guys!

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