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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Oliver Martel

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#1 Oliver Martel

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Posted 09 June 2014 - 02:48 AM


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Name/Handle: Mistborn
Contact: Character App #15. I ran out of funny things for PM to stand for.

Posted Image

Name: Oliver Martel
Type: Noble
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Urteau
Occupation: In Love with Adala Venture
Relationship Status: Single

Posted Image

Type of Powers: Mistborn
Metals Used: All
Degree of Skill: Zinc, brass, tin-advanced
All other metals-intermediate
Status: Hidden

Posted Image

Oliver Martel is really quite attractive. He’s built, with a strong jaw and multiple scars. He has intense, light blue eyes, and dark ash blond hair. However, he still fits the description of tall, dark, and brooding, standing at nearly 6’4”. His appearance combined with his shyness tends to make people think he looks unnerving and be uncomfortable with his presence. He always holds himself with perfect posture, and even through his perfectly tailored suits(though they are not the most fancy) it is clear that he works out, at least. Women tend to believe that if he was warmer, and his eyes were less intense and piercing, he would be a desirable match.

Posted Image

Oliver Martel is a little shy, and socially inept in some cases. He stands, or sits, in corners and watches people, mostly. He rarely talks, and no one really wants to talk to him. He has an air about him that is unnerving. He doesn’t understand why people don’t seem to like him. In fact, he believes that everyone hates him. This is something that he occasionally would play up when he was younger to gain his parent’s sympathy.

Oliver has a tendency to obsess over things, such as a certain target, or even just a certain event. He has been long since desensitized to killing and violence, but it has changed him and made him a little more unhinged. He has grown more isolated as he has gotten older, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He’s fallen in love with Adala Venture and he doesn’t need anyone else.

His personality around Adala is… more extreme, to say the least. He feels a need to protect her, to help her, to comfort her, to be near her, and yet he’s only talked to her twice in his life. He believes that it was love at first sight and she had become the thing that keeps him going. He has lost a lot of people, even though they never knew that they were his in the first place, and when he focuses on his love for Adala, it is easier for him to keep going. He wishes that she would notice him more, and his love for her has driven him to follow her all the way to Luthadel. He hopes that out of the gaze of people who know them he will be able to talk to her. He is afraid that his family will take him away from her if they knew about his love.

There was a time in which Oliver had some kindness in his heart, but now every particle of his being and all his energy is directed at winning Adala. It has proven difficult as every time he’s talked to her she runs away. However, the understanding of other people and the wish to be friends with anyone and the wish to be likable and every lonely feeling that made him a decent person left with Oliver’s sanity. Now he is just ruthlessness and obsession.

Posted Image

Special Skills: Allomantic manipulation, spying, combat, sneaking

Strengths: Oliver is wonderful at detaching his emotions from his missions and his duty. He is a skilled Mistborn, and has had many chances to refine his use of tin, and his touch with emotional Allomancy is subtle.

Weaknesses: Oliver is unused to socializing, as people have had a tendency to avoid him. He can be unhinged sometimes, as a result of the stresses of being a Mistborn, though he doesn’t always realize it.

Posted Image

Oliver Martel is the only child of Julien and Neva Martel and he was born in the year 895, just a few months before his cousin, Stephan, was born. They were basically friends from birth because their parents were close. Oliver was terribly spoiled by his parents, and as he got older he grew closer to Stephan. It got to the point that if you saw one of them, the other was not far behind. However, Oliver was not a social child, and he thought that people hated him because they never wanted to talk to him. He complained to his parents about it, slightly over-selling it a bit and acting like he was being bullied. He thought that maybe he would end up being a Mistborn and then perhaps people wouldn’t hate him so much.

At eight, Oliver Snapped. He doesn’t remember it well. Just flashes of pain. He does remember when he woke up, though, and was told that he was a Mistborn. He was so happy. Maybe now he wouldn’t be hated. Maybe now he could make people like him. His excitement was crushed a little when he was told that he had to keep it secret, but he didn’t care right now. He was a Mistborn. This was awesome.

When he finally saw Stephan after he Snapped he found out that the same thing had happened to Stephan, except Stephan wasn’t an Allomancer. Oliver didn’t realize this at first, and so he was showing off when he finally asked what Stephan was.

“I’m not. I didn’t Snap.” Stephan said, his face falling.

“That’s terrible!” Oliver said, though he was a little pleased that he was special.

“It’s not that bad. But it’s so cool that you’re a Mistborn, Oliver!” Stephan seemed like he wanted to change the subject, but Oliver couldn’t move on. He was fixed on this one thing.

“But why aren’t you an Allomancer? We should both be Allomancers.”

Stephan rolled his eyes. “Not everyone is an Allomancer, Oliver. Stop talking about it. Can we just move on?” Oliver frowned and shook his head. Stephan rolled his eyes again. “Fine. Then I’m leaving.” Oliver almost made his friend stay, but Stephan was gone before he could react.

After he Snapped, everything changed for Oliver. He didn’t have enough time to fool around with Stephan anymore, or so his father said. This disturbed him even more than the fact that Stephan hadn’t Snapped. He focused on it, and complained, and eventually his parents gave in. Oliver grinned when he told Stephan that he’d gotten permission to play with him. Oliver knew that his parents would give him anything he wanted. Despite that, though, he started to fall apart from them, only going to them when he needed something.

Even though he was a Mistborn, he still felt like everyone hated him. As he grew older he began to get this intense look in his eyes, and he rarely smiled. He knew that he was just quiet, but people seemed to hate him for it. The hate he believed people felt for him began to consume him and he started to see people’s criticisms of him as bullying. He just sat in corners and brooded when there were people around. He would watch some people, wishing that he had the courage to talk to them, but surely they would also hate him, so it wasn’t worth it. Stephan, on the other hand, was already very social and Oliver almost resented his friend for it.

But that wasn’t all Oliver struggled with. He had never realized how hard it would be to be a Mistborn. Not only was the physical training gruelling, but his mental state became more cold. He started to be more reserved, less likely to talk to people or make friends. He was afraid that they would see him as a monster, even though no one but his House knew he was a Mistborn. However, despite the fact that he never talked to people, he knew how to read them and excelled with the emotional metals. Just because he was antisocial didn’t mean he was incompetent. Other metals were harder for Oliver, but he quickly learned how to focus with tin, and his training in combat advanced at a decent rate. Once he got the hang of it, he picked up on all of it very quickly.

When both Oliver and Stephan were fifteen, they debuted. Stephan did wonderfully. He charmed ladies and promised to be Oliver’s wingman. But Oliver didn’t want that. He didn’t like the women that Stephan did. He struggled and couldn’t seem to talk to anyone. Eventually he found a small group of really pretty women that he would watch at balls. They were all so gorgeous… He never found the courage to talk to any of them, but they were really, really pretty.

There was Katryn Deveaux. She was by far the most desirable and lovely of the group. He noticed her for the first time at his fifth ball. She was the leader of a small group of extremely lovely girls, all Oliver’s own age, and from what he heard when he listened into their conversations, was that she was commanding and ambitious and demure and perfect. She was tall, dark haired, and was also, unfortunately, so perfect that she was the first among the group to begin courting men.

Her group was not large, but not very small either. Bianca Domaille was ditzy, but for some reason also seemed rather clever. Oliver could never get a good read on her, but she was such a flirt. She was one of the most beautiful in the group. Adeline Vaudin, who had bright red hair and was definitely a little shorter than the rest of them, tended to flirt as well. She and Bianca gossiped about everything, especially men. Liliane Damerell was innocent, pure, even, and a romantic. Whenever they gossiped about men she always sighed about how attractive the man in question was, or how romantic he was.

And then there was Jeyne Duchemin. Oliver loved watching her. She had such lovely blond hair, and was on the tall side, and was such an interesting person. And then, almost a whole year after he debuted, she had her heart broken. She had always been feisty, but after the breakup, her attitude turned more bitter. Oliver couldn’t bear to see her in such pain, and so he tracked down the man who had done it and beat him up.

Even through his struggle with killing, he was able to always go out and watch these girls and they kept him focused in a time when he was still struggling to be desensitized to killing. Being a Mistborn was not as fun as he had originally thought it would be, and it did not help that people hated him. But these girls… Despite the fact that he had never talked to any of them, he saw them as some of his best friends, and he had quite the crush on Katryn.

Even after two years, Oliver couldn’t seem to get his bearings in society. He got much taller, and broad. The intense look in his eyes had deepened and even though he really was just shy, he was almost turning into a perfect description of tall, dark, and brooding. He couldn’t help it, of course, and the hate he saw in people’s eyes was getting worse. Stephan stuck with him, though. Oliver was happy about that. At least he had one friend. Even if he felt like he was slowly losing Stephan. Stephan was courting a beautiful young woman and Oliver was both jealous of him and angry at the woman for stealing his only friend. That was understandable, though. What with his inability to talk to people and his lack of friends, it was understandable to be disappointed when the friend started having better things to do.

The lovely Katryn and her friends had, by this point, grown into even lovelier young women. Men had always been joining the group occasionally. Oliver got jealous of the men. But eventually, one day when he was nineteen, he saw an engagement ring on Katryn’s finger and Stephan had to talk him out of confronting them. “Oliver, listen to me! Don’t anger anyone. I thought you’d talked to those women. You should have, by now.”

“I could never get up the courage! You know I’m shy! If you’d wanted me to talk to them, maybe you should have helped.” Oliver said angrily.

“What is wrong with you, Oliver? You’re acting unhinged. You don’t even know that woman and you’re angry that she’s engaged?” Stephan took a step back and Oliver glared at him.

“It’s easy for you to say that. You’ve got your own girl. I have no one! I’m totally alone! Or did you not notice that everyone hates me?”

Stephan rolled his eyes. “No one hates you, Oliver. You scare them. Have you never noticed that? Or were you to busy wallowing in your own, fake despair?”

“I scare them? Me?” Oliver said incredulously. “How in the world do I scare them?”

“You glare at everyone all the time, and you never talk to anyone. Sometimes you even scare me, Oliver.” Stephan shook his head. “You know what, you go do whatever you want. Believe whatever it is you want to believe. I’m done with this.” He left and Oliver punched the wall, flaring pewter.

It didn’t stop there. After another three years, all five of the women were engaged or married. Even Jeyne, who had always been so bitter, was engaged. Oliver had tried to watch other women. He needed to find someone else to keep his mind off of his duties. Katryn’s cousin, Lucille Deveaux, was definitely gorgeous enough, but she wasn’t as perfect and demure as Katryn. And besides, she was always around the same four men and Oliver disliked it. Finally, when Oliver was almost twenty-three, his eyes lighted on Lady Adala Venture.

Adala Venture was one of the loveliest women he had ever seen. But there was something else as well. She was alone, like he was, and he felt for her. The more he watched her the more he identified with her and the more beautiful she appeared to him. There was only one problem. She had a man with her most of the time. He never caught the man’s name, but he was jealous of this man. But it didn’t matter. Katryn and her group had ceased to become Oliver’s solace within a tortured life, but now he had Adala, and unlike Katryn, he actually got to talk to her.

He had spotted her in the street when out shopping. Apparently he needed new suits, but as soon as he saw Adala he didn’t care about that. He followed her into a bookstore and then paused. Where had she gone? He had wanted to talk to her… He found himself thinking about her and her lovely, dark hair and as he was lost in thought someone ran into him, dropping books everywhere. Oliver was startled out of his thoughts and turned to see Adala right in front of him, looking shocked. She was even prettier up close.

"Ahh! I'm so sorry! Are you alright?" She said, frantically bending down to pick up books.

"I--" What should he say? Oliver had never talked to a woman before, and definitely no one as beautiful as Adala. He bent down to help her pick up her books and found his voice. "I'm fine. Don't worry."

"Don't worry you don't need to help me, I ran into you after all!” Adala laughed weakly as she spoke and Oliver felt terrible for her.

"That's okay. I do not mind helping you." Oliver said, inching closer to her as he picked up a book. "It would be ungentlemanly to not help a lady."

"That is very kind. But it really isn't necessary." Adala said, still looking worried, though she smiled a little bit.

Oliver glanced at the book he was holding and stood, holding out his hand to help Adala to her feet. "Romance novels, my lady?" He sighed inwardly as she smiled and hoped beyond everything she’d take his hand. She was so pretty… "Are they interesting? I enjoy reading, but I have never tried reading one."

"They're aimed more for a female audience I'm afraid." As she spoke Adala smiled again and took Oliver’s hand. Oliver berated himself for not talking to her earlier. She was so amazing and beautiful and maybe now she’d notice him…

"Ah, how disappointing." Oliver said as he helped her up. "I am afraid I have not introduced myself. Oliver Martel, my lady."

"Oh! Forgive me, I haven't introduced myself either! Forgive my manners! Adala Venture, it is nice to meet you Lord Oliver."

Oliver smiled just a little bit. He knew who she was. She was the most gorgeous woman he’d ever met. Maybe...would she be more interested in him if he Rioted her desire just a little bit…? "It is alright, Lady Adala. Books are definitely more important than introductions." That was the right thing to say in this situation, right?

Adala took the book he was still holding and chuckled. "I agree but most people don't." She smiled, still looking worried and Oliver Soothed her nerves just a little as well. He was subtle, of course, but he wanted her to be comfortable.

"Ah, well, that is their own fault." He smiled at her, "Do you read anything else, my lady?"

"Just some adventure novels my brother recommended to me! Anyways these books are awfully heavy I should go set them down! Good-bye!" She smiled and Oliver was surprised at how she was reacting. Perhaps she was just scared? Why would she be? He wanted to kiss her hand, but she had too many books.

"But of course, my lady. Would you like help with your books?" Oliver offered. It was worth it to offer, even if she didn’t accept.

Adala only seemed to be more nervous. "No no, thank you! I have it, just hopefully I won't run into anyone else." She smiled again. Her smile was so pretty and sweet.

"I will see you around, Lady Adala." Oliver caressed her name as he said it. Adala. Lovely, lovely Adala. Her name was almost as gorgeous as she was.

"And you, Lord Oliver!" Adala said and with that she hurried away.

After he met Adala, Oliver began to watch her more earnestly. He would sit near her table at balls and he always kept a subtle hand on her emotions, trying to get her to notice him. After only a few days he found out that the man who was always with Adala was just her brother. So maybe if she noticed Oliver again, she’d fall in love, right? That was what Oliver hoped, because he had fallen so deeply in love with her. She was all he wanted now. She was all he cared about. He obsessed over her and wished that she would someday be his.

It didn’t take long for Stephan to approach him again, worried that Oliver was unhealthily obsessed with Adala. She wasn’t worth it, was what Stephan said. When Oliver brushed his worries aside, explaining that he loved her, Stephan apparently took matters into his own hands. He told Oliver that the girl was not worth Oliver’s affection and went to prove it. At the next ball he approached Adala and gave her every opening he could give her to say something snarky, or impolite. She took the openings without thinking and he berated her for it. When Oliver realized what was going on, and saw the look on Adala’s face, he marched up to Stephan and pulled him away, furious. How dare Stephan make fun of Adala? She was the kindest, sweetest person that Oliver had ever met! How dare anyone make fun of his Adala!

Oliver didn’t speak to anyone else for the remainder of the ball. Stephan. Oliver’s oldest friend. Had made his Adala sad. This was unacceptable. Oliver left the ball shortly after Adala did and waited in Stephan’s room for him to get back. He would pay for how he had treated Adala.

When Stephan finally did get to his room, he rolled his eyes. “What? Are you still angry? I only showed you that the girl can’t even keep a polite tongue in her head!” Oliver approached Stephan slowly, a knife hidden behind his back. “You may think she’s perfect, but she’s not. She’s a snarky giantess bitch. You need to stop--” Stephan’s words were cut off as Oliver stabbed him.

“Adala is not a bitch! Adala is perfect and kind!” Oliver stabbed Stephan on every other word, his anger getting the better of him. “You had no right to make her feel terrible! Did you even see her face as you mocked her?! Bastard.” He held Stephan upright and stabbed him again, though he was already dead. Oliver dropped the body and knife and then jumped out of Stephan’s window. No one would even know it had been him.

Stephan’s body wasn’t found until the morning and Oliver feigned sadness. The next week was chaos and everyone was so sad. Especially Stephan’s betrothed. She was a wreck. Oliver didn’t understand why, though. Stephan had been a terrible person. His thoughts of Adala were the only things that got him through the torture of having to console someone who was so torn up over the death of an idiot. His parents tried to console him as well, but Oliver just told them that he wanted to be alone and they left him to it.

Unfortunately, his Adala didn’t show up to the next ball. Had Stephan’s words affected her that badly? Oliver felt terrible for her, and the more he thought about her the more he loved her. The more he wanted her.

Oliver followed Adala home when she finally attended a ball again. He hadn’t realized that she lived on a plantation, but it was all the better for him. Her window was easy to find. It was the only open window in the manor, and Adala was standing at it. Oliver perched in a tree near it, flaring tin to see her better. The mists swirled around her, a small breeze shifting her nightgown. As he looked closer he noticed that her nightgown was sheer and actually blushed a little. He had never seen a woman wearing such little clothing until now. He crept to a branch that was slightly closer to the window and smiled. Adala was so beautiful…

“It's not like I'll be asked to dance by anyone debuting.” He heard her say to the mists and he felt terrible for her. Maybe he should ask her to dance… “That's probably the first thing they're warned about. 'Don't talk to that Venture girl. Don't make eye contact. She'll just make fun of you.'" Adala sighed and Oliver wanted to comfort her. Her mere presence was a comfort to him and he wanted to express his love by helping her. But to do that would mean giving himself away. It would be worth it, but he couldn’t get up the courage. "Why must it be so hard to be polite?"

With that Adala turned away from the window and got into her bed, pulling the blankets up over her. How disappointing… Oliver stayed where he was for most of the night, watching Adala sleep and only left when it began to get light out.

The next night Oliver watched Adala again, and when she was asleep he snuck into the manor library and left a love letter in the book he had seen her reading that day. This continued every night for over two months. He would sit in the tree and watch her, sometimes before she went to sleep, but some nights he had his own duties to attend to. They were inconvenient and horrible, but he couldn’t ignore them without giving away the fact that he left the manor every night to watch Adala sleep. After everyone in the manor was asleep he would sneak into the library and leave a love letter in her book. Maybe she would figure out that it was him and talk to him….

Finally Oliver got up the nerve to talk to Adala at a ball. He approached her nervously, taking deep breaths and wishing that her brother wasn’t there. "Lady Adala?" He said slowly, hoping to get her attention.

"Hello!” Adala said, and Oliver smiled a little bit as she spoke. She had the loveliest voice. “I'm sorry I don't know your name, you are?"

Oliver froze for a moment. She didn’t remember? How could she not remember him? "You don't remember?"

"Remember? I'm sorry, have we met before?"

She really didn’t remember, and she was genuinely confused and Oliver was so disappointed! His Adala didn’t remember him? "We have, Lady Adala. I was very...taken with you, and I wanted to know if you would grace me with your presence for a dance." He Rioted her desire and hoped that she’d remember, or at least accept the dance.

“Who are you, exactly?” Aldric put in with a bit of a glare and Oliver tried his hardest to keep his face civil.

"You must be...Lady Adala's brother, correct? I met her in a bookstore. I just wanted a dance..." His intentions were pure. He didn’t want anything but a conversation and a dance. At least, not right now. This was entirely the wrong place for the other things he wanted.

“Yes this is Aldric.” Adala said with a smile, “But may I know your name?”

“Oliver, my lady.” Oliver replied, and then his face fell, “You really do not remember?”

“Oliverrrr?” Adala said, almost questioningly and Oliver’s face brightened.

“You remember now?” Oliver said as he Rioted her desire and Soothed her confusion.

“No, I was asking after your last name.” Adala said, still looking confused.

“You really don't remember?” Oliver was too focused on that point to actually reply to Adala’s words, “But my Lady Adala--” He glanced at Aldric and his face fell again. However, he kept his Allomancy focused on Adala. She was more important than her stupid brother.

“I really am quite sorry.” Adala said and Oliver believed her. Why would she lie about that? “I'm even more sorry because I cannot dance with you, Lord Oliver. Me and Aldric were just about to leave.”

“Oh… Um....” She was leaving? That was disappointing, but he knew that he would see her again tonight. He held out his hand to her. “I am disappointed that you must take your leave so quickly. I was looking forward to getting to speak with you again.”

“Of course, Lord Oliver.” Adala offered him her hand and he took it, kissing it slowly. He didn’t want to let it go. As he looked into her eyes he Rioted her desire more.

“I hope to speak with you again some other time, Lady Adala.” He said, holding her eyes and smiling at her.

“It was nice meeting you. Good-bye!” Once more, Oliver watched his love hurry away from him and sighed. That had gone terribly. How had she forgotten him? He caught Aldric’s glare and almost returned it. However, he had made a bad enough impression on Aldric already. Maybe Adala would talk about this encounter at her window…

That night Oliver got to Adala’s window after she had fallen asleep and sighed. He had wanted to know what she had been thinking… He resolved to talk to her again, when her brother wasn’t around, but before he got the chance to, he found out that she was leaving.

Like most things in Adala’s life, Oliver found out about it by watching her. One night he overheard her talking to the mists and flared his tin to listen. He liked to pretend that she was talking to him sometimes, but tonight he got terrible news.

"Father said I am going to Luthadel to find a proper marriage.” Adala said softly, and Oliver crept closer to the end of his branch. “Apparently no one in Urteau wants anything to do with me.” That’s not true… I would gladly marry you, my Adala “Joy. Luthadel is going to be just like Urteau though! Going to a different city won't make me a different person! I'm just going to fail again." She sighed and Oliver felt bad for her. He would, of course, follow her. Perhaps he could even convince her to marry him... "I'll probably just be married off as soon as possible, before I can embarrass myself too much. Ugh... I guess it's better than being an old maid? I don't even know anymore..."

Oliver was already devising plans as Adala fell asleep that night. Obviously he would have to find out when exactly she was leaving, and get the money to buy a house in Luthadel. And then there was the matter of transportation. No one could know he was leaving or they would stop him. He could always pewterdrag to Luthadel… By the morning Oliver knew exactly what he would do, and as soon as he knew Adala’s departure date he started to gather what he would need. He hoarded pewter, but he planned to steal most of what he needed.

Finally the night came for him to run away. He stole as many boxings as he could, and took as many vials as he could possibly carry before running off into the night. He could rest when he got to Luthadel but for now he just needed to catch up to his Adala. He needed her, and he would not rest until she knew that she was his forever.

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I like him! Though Kerry may have some comments regarding Deveaux-Martel animosity.

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