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Mistborn: The Inquisition


The Lady's Arrival

Cora Fathvell's Photo Cora Fathvell 03 Jul 2014

"That sounds like a wonderful idea," Cora said.

As they walked, Cora subtly looked Eliza over. She's suspicious. Hidden, but she was quite nervous. Cora hadn't interacted with Eliza a great deal through her life, so Cora would need to dig her way past Eliza's defenses.

"I'm sorry I couldn't join you at the Casuana Ball," Cora sighed. "My barge was... delayed. Regardless of the joys of punching a Casuana--which is one of my favorite pasttimes--escaping during an attack is not exactly a fun thing. Are you all right?"

They entered the gardens, which were in another open-air courtyard, though much smaller than the lake.

"Yes, I know, you can take care of yourself," Cora said. "I'm not implying you couldn't. But I wish I had been there to protect you, should the worst happen."

Eliza Fathvell's Photo Eliza Fathvell 03 Jul 2014

"It actually wasn't that bad," Eliza said with a shrug, her nervousness temporarily forgotten. "For whatever reason, the skaa seemed more interested in fighting Inquisitors than in slaughtering us, at least where we were. The hardest part was keeping Colette's flock of magpies from running off in a panic and getting trampled. And getting Colette to shut up and listen for once." Eliza was paying for that last part now though, no matter how gratifying it had been at the time.

"The worst that happened was we all smelled a little like smoke the rest of the night. But overall, a little fire and a panicked crowd are nothing compared to a shipful of angry pirates."

Cora Fathvell's Photo Cora Fathvell 04 Jul 2014

Cora laughed. "Worrying about smelling like smoke, hah! You remind me so much of myself. You know what I said to Elliot after the attack on my barge? 'It's going to be so hard to get the blood out of this rug.' He was a little less amused.

"And you got Lady Colette to listen? My my. That is a nontrivial task. Do you think that increased your favor with her?"

The succession struggle in Hasting was a delicate situation, and Eliza was right at the center of it. Cora wondered if Eliza knew how much effect she could have on everything.

Eliza Fathvell's Photo Eliza Fathvell 05 Jul 2014

Eliza was going to make some sort of quip about getting blood out of things because of her dealings with pirates, but Aunt Cora's question about Colette drove it from her mind.

"Of course it didn't. Not that I was really successful in making her listen, either. Colette doesn't listen to anybody; the sound of someone's voice reaches her ears and she sometimes deigns to acknowledge it. So instead I encouraged Lord Caden to just take the bloody lead already and left Colette and her magpies to either follow or get lost in the crowd. And then I paid for it the next day. Probably will be paying for it for a while; those girls are brutal.

"Which is why Lord Caden approached me in the first place," she continued. There was a row of stones separating the garden path; without thinking, Eliza hopped onto it and began balancing on the edge as they walked along. "He noticed I'm unhappy with Colette's group and approached me about switching to his side. He gets good intel on what Colette's group is up to - not that she shares much with me, but I'm sure he knows that - and in return, he gets me away from her. It's a pretty tempting offer. Father doesn't like it, but he doesn't know what Colette and those girls are like. I'm not sure I can take much more of them."