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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Grandell Tekiel

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#1 Grandell Tekiel

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Posted 02 July 2014 - 07:33 PM

Brass Dancer

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Name/Handle: Mozy
Contact: PM(which, honestly, could stand for a lot of things…)

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Name: Grandell ‘Ell’ Tekiel
Type: Noble
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Klessium
Occupation: Dance tutor, choreographer. Works with her twin, Lysentella. She specializes in dance theory and history.
Relationship Status: Engaged to Cyril Hallieau

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Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Brass
Degree of Skill: Intermediate
Status: Rumoured

The twins have a signalling system that is based on allomancy. This involves Grandell flaring her Brass and calming it, making signals which can be deciphered by Lyssentella. These include:

Flare, none, none, flare flare - I need help/someone’s talking to me
Two short flares - Emergency

However, this system has been largely ineffective since Grandell began to court Cyril, as he is a Smoker.

Posted Image

Grandell has the distinct body of a life-long dancer. She has little figure, which is only one of the results of the dancing. The muscles she'd developed over the ages are quite visible, but occasionally hidden by her dresses. However, some of her dresses are built specifically to get out of the way when she’s dancing, which reveals the tree-trunk like muscles in her legs, and her tighter bodices and sleeves occasionally reveal her abs and shoulder muscles.

Her nose is narrow, and her face is long and thin. In fact, her whole body looks as if it has been stretched. Grandell is tall, 6’ even, and can be found intimidating per her stature. Due to her dancing background she never slouches and always has the best posture, which accents her height. Her hair is long, and wavy. It grows curlier at the ends, and frames her face beautifully. Her eyes are dark and big, and she uses her makeup to bring them out. She is left-handed.

Posted Image

Grandell is primarily a shy person, due to social anxiety, and people often forget about her. She enjoys watching conversations, but has a hard time finding things to say when people talk to her. However, though she is shy, when she becomes comfortable with a certain group of people, or a certain person, she can talk/snark their ears off. Because she is so quiet, she is often overlooked, despite her intelligence. Grandell takes it personally when people make promises, or joke about ideas, and never go through with them. It bothers her that some people can talk so much, and then never act, which only makes her anxiety worse.

Grandell has a photographic memory, and is a lightening fast reader. Though she is a dancer, she wishes that she could be a scholar instead. She has always been more interested in inhaling books than she has been in dancing, as she is curious about everything. She has all of the books in the Tekiel library memorized, and can visualize almost every page.

Grandell dislikes fighting and chaos. In fact, she just dislikes conflict of all kinds. However, she finds it unsettling to think that parts of the empire could be so consumed in pain and struggling, but she is an adept fighter. Having grown up in Klessium resulted in her being both exposed to the harshness of the Final Empire and sheltered at the same time, due to her anxiety.

She has quite a few coping mechanisms in place to help with her anxiety. One of them is the alert system she has set up with Lyssentella. The other is her habit of soothing young men to get them to not want to dance with her. This one was developed earlier than the alert system, as it worked for a while. It didn’t stop people from talking to her, however, which is why she suggested the alert system.

Posted Image

Special Skills: Flexible fighting style, reading, writing, memory.

Strengths: Grandell is incredibly intelligent, and remembers anything that she’s ever read. She’s an adept dancer, having trained at it for most of her life, as well as a scholar. She is also a rather good fighter, when she has to be.

Weaknesses: Grandell is extremely shy, has terrible social anxiety, and feels awkward without Lysentella, who has always been the one who initiates conversation with people they don’t know.

Posted Image

Grandell Tekiel was born in 893, almost a full hour after her older sister, Lyssentella. Her parents, Mathis and Keren Tekiel were excited to have them, even though they were both girls. It became apparent quickly that they were also both incredibly intelligent girls. Lyssie was more outgoing as a young child, but Grandell was always easily overwhelmed.

As she grew older, Grandell became more articulate. She was more talkative, and less afraid of people than she would grow up to be. She was also bossy. She learned how to read at four, forcing the family steward to teach her by shoving a book in his face and demanding that he show her how. At that point she spoke better than most four year olds, but still had some trouble with making her words make sense, so it took him a minute to figure out what she wanted. “How does a book work?” She asked him. He had frowned a little. She had noticed it, but had not thought it odd. “How does a book work? I wanna know what a book does.” She pulled herself onto his lap and pushed a book in his face. “Show me.”

Voren twitched an eyebrow, as if amused, and picked her up so that he could pull a different book off the shelf. “I doubt I can show you with that book.”

Grandell frowned at him. “Show me with the book I want. I don’t want your book.”

The book that Grandell has picked out was a large, dense philosophical text full of huge words and phrases that she had never heard before and after half-an-hour of trying to decipher it, Grandell got frustrated. She expressed her frustration silently, refusing to stop trying to read, until she finally gave in. “I don’t like this book. Get me another one.”

Voren picked her up, off his lap, again, and selected a book that was more the level of someone wishing to learn how to read. That went much better, and when the family finally found Grandell, she had gotten through about ten pages of the book without any abnormal difficulty.

Through Voren’s teaching, Grandell developed a basic knowledge of mathematics, philosophical theory, and some knowledge of rhetoric. She was an incredibly talented, and intelligent child, but all that was overshadowed by her growing fear of social interaction. Her parents tried to get her to become more confident by teaching her self-defense, but it didn’t work. She did continue to learn, as her parents knew that Klessium was dangerous, but she hated it.

Now that they were beginning to grow up, Grandell was forced to spend less time with Lyssie, but it was not that bad until they Snapped. For the first time in her life, Grandell was so scared she couldn’t think. She had anxiety, but she was always able to form a complete thought. But when she was taken to be Snapped her mind almost froze. She curled up during the beating and screamed for Lyssie until her voice was hoarse and she could no longer scream. And then something happened. The men stopped beating her, a power she had not noticed until then evaporated, and she curled up, trying to not think of the pain.

Grandell woke up next to her sister, and it was all explained to her. She had Snapped a Soother and Lyssie had Snapped a Seeker. Now everything changed forever. Until now, she had been used to being able to pull her sister to the library whenever she wanted, but now that Lyssie had to train as a Seeker, and they were both starting to have their own lessons, it became harder. Lyssie had picked up dancing, and, in order to spend more time with Lyssie, she joined her sister with dance. She still stayed with her bookishness, and read up on dance theory and the history of dance.

Dance was not as enjoyable for her as reading was, but she got to spend time with Lyssie, which made her happy. Lyssie was the one person Grandell was completely open with, and she could completely be herself when she practiced dancing, unless their teacher was there. Then Grandell would once more become reserved and quiet. Her anxiety had become worse, and she was not comfortable around her dance instructor enough to be able to speak openly with Lyssie. In addition to the dance lessons, Grandell continued to struggle through lessons on self-defense. She was a terrible fighter, compared to her sister, but she had been told how necessary it was that they knew how to defend themselves.

They debuted at fifteen, like all other young nobles. Grandell could tell that this social scene would be where Lyssie was the most comfortable, but for Grandell it was one of the scariest things she’d ever done. However, she lived through it and seemed to be doing well.

One night after a ball, when Lyssie and Grandell were seventeen, Grandell was riding home with her parents, and Lyssie had fallen asleep on Grandell’s shoulder. Grandell was confused. They couldn’t be back home yet. Her father stood up and climbed out of the carriage, muttering something about the driver that Grandell didn’t catch. She sat with her mother, feeling scared. What if something was wrong?

Her father didn’t come back, but someone appeared in the carriage door. “Out. Both of you.”

Keren looked terrified, but Grandell kept her face hard. She had enough experience keeping the look of pure terror out of her face, though her eyes betrayed how scared she was. She followed her mother out of the carriage, carefully making sure that Lyssie was still asleep, and saw her father’s body lying in the street. Her mother screamed and moved towards the corpse. In a split second a coin had been Pushed through her head and Grandell’s eyes went wide. She spun as a coin came at her, and it ran across her stomach before embedding itself in her side. She screamed, but it didn’t stop her from positioning herself in front of the carriage door.

“Ell? What’s going on?” Lyssie’s voice came from the other side of the door, sounding terrified.

“I don’t know, Lyssie. Just stay in there, okay?” Grandell’s voice was shaking and she had her arm held across her wound, trying to stay focused.

“There someone else in there, girl?” One of the men, the one who had shot the coins, said roughly, advancing on her. “Who else is in there?” He demanded, pulling Grandell away from the door by her hair.

“It’s no one! I promise!” Grandell cried, her face wet with tears now, and her breathing ragged.

“No one? I doubt it.” The man forced Grandell against a wall and rammed his knife into her ribcage and Grandell screamed. “You don’t tell me who’s in there and she’ll just be taken with the carriage. I bet you’d probably prefer her dead than at the mercy of my crew.”

“My sister…She’s in there. Please don’t kill her. Please.” Grandell begged, Soothing his anger and his ruthlessness, and leaving anything that would make him more merciful. When he ripped the dagger out of her ribcage she screamed again and Soothed all his emotions, flaring brass. She took his moment of pause to grab his arm and twist it behind him roughly, hoping it did something. Her brass ran out and she fell to her knees, her breathing ragged and her energy gone.

“Ell?!” Lyssie’s voice cried, and Grandell barely registered it when Lyssie stood protectively in front of her. “Leave her alone!”

There was a snort and Lyssie screamed, but Grandell didn’t see anyone come near them. “Loot the bodies. Leave the carriage. We don't need it.” The man called to his crew before holding a hand out to Lyssie. “Then perhaps you can hand me all your valuables? You do it nicely and you won’t end up dying next to your precious sister.”

Lyssie was silent, but Grandell cried out as she was moved. “Lyssie? Lyssie, what’s going on?” She grabbed Lyssie’s hand and slid into a seated position.

“Don’t worry about it, Ell. I’ve got it under control.” Lyssie said softly, pulling her hand away from Grandell’s to stand up again. Grandell stopped paying attention to what was going on, but she could hear Lyssie talking. Finally there was silence and Grandell looked up, her vision a little fuzzy.

"Lyssie?" Grandell winced as she spoke and collapsed against the wall. She was lightheaded from bloodloss now. I'm going to die. I'm really going to die. "We have the carriage still, right? Because I need help." Grandell tried to keep the pain out of her voice, but failed terribly. "Did they leave the bodies?"

"Yes. Ell...are you sure you can walk?"

Grandell held out a hand, the one not covering the cut, and smiled a little bit in an attempt to reassure her sister. "Sure I can, with help." Lyssie pulled her up and helped her to the carriage, and then shook her head.

"We have no driver. How is this going to work?" She sounded desperate as Grandell curled up on the floor of the carriage, desperately trying to stay conscious.

"I don't know, Lyssie. I'm bleeding to death. I can't think. I just don't want to die." She mumbled before passing out.

When she woke up it was only for a few minutes. It was dark in her room, and she thought for a moment that she was dead, and then her mind registered the pain and she started to cry. Everything that had happened was real. All of it. Her parents were dead. She wanted to stop sobbing. It hurt too much and every breath she took plunged her farther into an abyss of pain. Someone moved next to her and her eyes widened in terror, but it was just Lyssie. She curled up next to Grandell, asleep, and Grandell relaxed, falling back into unconsciousness.

When she woke up a second time it was the middle of the day and Lyssie was sitting next to her bed. “You’re awake!” Lyssie cried happily, moving to sit on the bed. “It’s been days.”

Grandell winced and moved a little bit so that she could see Lyssie better. “Has it really? Damn.” She muttered, trying to keep her mind off of her memories of the incident.

“People were starting to worry that you were still going to die.” There was an edge behind Lyssie’s happiness and Grandell winced again.

“What is it, Lyssie? I can tell something is wrong, other than the obvious.” Grandell asked slowly.

“What’s wrong is that you tried to take those men on by yourself. If you’d woken me up, maybe mother wouldn’t have died.” Lyssie said, the bitterness in her voice very clear. “You know I’m the better fighter.”

Grandell tried to curl up in a ball and it proved much too painful, so she just drew her arms in and tried to not start crying again. “You couldn’t have saved mother, or father. The minute she moved towards father’s body she was dead.” She said softly, not really wanting to talk about it.

“But I could have at least protected you.”

“You really think you could have fought them all off? For all I knew when you got out of the carriage, they could have shot you as well!” Grandell tried to start yelling but winced and lowered her voice. “They didn’t kill us. I did something helpful, and you did protect me.”

“I didn’t! By the time I was out of the carriage you were half dead!”

“And then you protected me. Lyssie, please, don’t feel bad. You weren’t the only person who wanted to protect someone.” Grandell held Lyssie’s hand tightly and Lyssie sighed.

“I know. I’m sorry.” Lyssie said after a minute. “It’s hard.”

“I know it is, Lyssie. I do. I don’t think it will ever stop being hard…” Grandell pulled Lyssie closer and put her head on her sister’s lap. “You’re going to stay here, right?” Lyssie nodded and Grandell closed her eyes. “Good, because I need to sleep again…” She was asleep within moments.

It was almost a full month before Grandell was on her feet again. After two weeks they forced her to get up for meals, but it was a month before she could do so without help. She was in a state of shock and rarely spoke to anyone. Not that anyone else thought that very different, but Grandell could tell that Lyssie was worried about her. Finally Lyssie came to her, two months after the incident, with news that was obviously supposed to make Grandell feel better, but it just made her more scared. “Apparently mother and father were making plans to send us to Luthadel.” She said, and Grandell curled up, shaking her head. “And now the House thinks it would still be a good idea. A change of pace, a different society, and so on. They also think it would be good for your training to go there.”

“And when would we leave? Surely not soon.” Grandell said, determined to keep her voice calm, even if she was beginning to have a panic attack.

“In two weeks. They apparently solidified the plans while you were recovering, but I only knew about it yesterday.” Lyssie shrugged, almost looking excited and Grandell attempted a smile.

“I… okay…” She chewed on her bottom lip and focused on keeping her breath steady.

“I know this is hard for you. But I promise that I will help you readjust. Don’t worry, little sister. We’ll be fine.” Lyssie squeezed Grandell’s hand and Grandell smiled a little bit.

“I know. There’s just...Luthadel is a big place and its got a lot of people in it and I don’t want to have to meet new people right after going through something terrible, and I don’t think I’ll really be able to deal with my anxiety very well, in fact I don’t actually know how I’ll deal with it because I haven’t gone to a ball since--”

Lyssie cut her off with a look. “Stop. You’re only going to make it worse. Just stop thinking about it. We’re going to be fine.”

When they finally arrived in Luthadel, Grandell was terrified. It was even bigger than she had imagined it being. Just imagining the amount of people in the city made her have a panic attack. However, after a few days of hiding in the amazing Tekiel library she finally met some of her cousins, who were actually quite nice and she thought that maybe this wouldn’t be terrible. It didn’t make the adjustment much easier, but it did help a little bit.

Her first ball in Luthadel was terrifying, and she had to keep herself from fainting because of her social anxiety. She told Lyssie to keep an eye on her, and seemed to do fairly well, until she was asked to dance. Lyssie was off dancing with someone else, and Grandell had been sitting by herself at their table, when a young blonde man who had been talking to Lyssie approached. She knew that they’d been introduced, but in her panic she couldn’t remember who he was. Her eyes widened visibly and she nodded slowly, not speaking. And then she fainted.

Thankfully for her, the young man, whose name she still couldn’t remember, had caught her. When she came to her senses again, she had been carried to a corner of the ballroom, for a little more privacy, and Lyssie was back. Grandell didn’t understand what had happened at first, and Lyssie said that she would explain when they got to the carriage. Grandell nodded, still feeling a little dizzy, and it only barely registered that Lyssie was thanking the young man for helping her sister.

She attempted a smile and a muttered ‘thank you’ to the man, who then kissed both their hands and retreated into the crowd, letting Lyssie help her sister out of the room. She thought people would talk about that evening for weeks. When they had gotten to the carriage Grandell realized that she was crying, and never wanted to go to another ball ever again.

“Hey, hey, sis. No need to be so upset. These things happen." Lyssie told her, "At least you did not throw up on the man, right?" she cracked a smile, obviously trying to soften the ordeal as much as she could.

Grandell took a deep breath, attempting to get herself back under control. “I just fainted. In a ball. He only asked to dance, and I couldn’t even remember his name.”

Lyssentella held her close, and Grandell suddenly realized that she was shaking. "Poor Lord Cyril. He was absolutely terrified. Thought he gave you a heart attack, or some such thing."

That only made Grandell more anxious. “Is that who that was? Oh, Lord Ruler. Ashes.” She buried her head into Lyssie’s shoulder and took a few more breaths. “Do I have to keep going to these? I will only be more embarrassing. Imagine if I fainted every time I was asked to dance.”

"Nah, you’ll grow out of it. And do not worry, I heard that Lord Cyril is a really understanding guy and all." her face was just a bit too distant and the smile just a bit too wide. Then she snapped back to reality.

“Understanding? I practically fainted on top of him! He might be understanding, but this was an important ball for us, and I fainted!”

"Nah." Lyssentella dismissed this, "I bet this happened to Ventures, as well. And maybe an heiress or two."

After another deep breath, Grandell sat up straighter. “But what if this keeps happening to me?”

"Of course it won't." Lyssie soothed, "and even if it will, we will learn how to deal with it."

“Deal with it? How can we deal with it? I didn’t even know I was going to faint until I did.” Grandell was still worked up, but was starting to calm down a little bit.

"Oh, you know. Learn the boundaries. Avoid triggers."

That wasn’t making Grandell feel much better. She didn’t like the idea of having to test how long it would take until she fainted. “Can’t I just...not dance? I could Soothe them and make them not want to dance with me, or have them second-guess their desire to dance with me or something.”

"You know it is not my decision to make, little sister." Lyssie smiled apologetically.

“Do you think that anyone will be mad if I don’t talk to people?” Grandell asked, wishing she could just not. She didn’t want to talk to people, much less talk to men. They were all judging her, and she knew that she was tall and lanky and not at all how a noblewoman should be.

Lyssie almost laughed. "You can’t just not talk to people, Ell. But I doubt anyone would be terribly angry.”

“I want to disappear. You know we have to start courting at some point. I don’t want to court someone, and every time a man talked to me I had this sinking feeling that I wasn’t performing to expectations. I don’t want to have to do this anymore…”

"You act as if you will be seventeen forever."

“You know my anxiety has only gotten worse with age, especially since...you know. The move was not good for it.” Grandell pointed out, her tone going more somber and closer to tears. “And what if it just keeps getting worse?”

"Then we will deal with it. Stop worrying yourself over the possible future - we will see whether this happens before we panic."

“I don’t want people to talk about me. I knew that this was a bad idea.” Grandell was already past ‘panic’ and onto full-blown emotional breakdown. She buried her head once more into her sister’s shoulder, slowly pulling out the pins that kept her hair up.

After a few more balls, Lyssie finally got tired of being practically chained to her sister and told Grandell that she was going to dance at the next ball, but that she'd make sure that Grandell had someone to keep the young men away. Grandell was thankful and didn't faint the next ball. She was asked to dance once, and was saved by Lyssie's friend.

Afterwards, however, Lyssie asked why Grandell had been periodically flaring brass. Grandell's answer was that she didn't want to dance, and that was how they came up with the newest coping mechanism. Lyssie had to point out that Grandell could not just sooth everyone to keep them from talking to her, even though she was doing better and beginning to actually speak to people when in public. Grandell's next few balls went without incident, flaring in a specific pattern when she needed Lyssie to come help her.

Once Grandell could manage on her own, Lyssie started courting someone. Grandell had avoided it, as she was too scared about how people saw her. She didn't want to be disappointed when she inevitably broke up, and she was much too scared about having to dance with someone.

She got through the next few months fairly well, only fainting once when Lyssie was preoccupied, and then Lyssie broke up with the man she was courting and it was terrible. Lyssie stopped coming with her to balls and Grandell had to harden the face she put on for social events. She fainted only once, in the beginning of her independence. She spent balls sitting on her own and avoiding dancing as much as she could. She convinced the family to let her take Voren to balls as her steward and that helped some, but she struggled.

When Lyssie started coming back, Grandell had gotten used to going to balls, though she still didn't have anyone who wanted to court her. They were almost twenty and she hadn't danced once in the three years she had been in Luthadel society.

Around her twenty-first birthday, she began writing. Though she loved reading philosophy, she didn’t write it, instead writing simple, short, rather fantastical stories. It helped her explore reality in a way that she hadn’t yet. She never shows her stories to anyone. Not even Lyssie. She is scared that they will seem childish, even if they deal with moral issues or situations that are more grown up.

That helped her not be so tired, as it helped her learn how to get to a mindset that was easier to maintain than her current face, and she did better at her Allomancy and dancing. Her anxiety had overwhelmed her to a point where she had wished she could just do nothing forever, but she had slowly gotten used to it, and her coping mechanisms were working.

Even though Grandell was doing much better with her anxiety, she still did not court anyone. When she was twenty-five, that was remedied by arranging a marriage between her and Cyril Hallieau. She was told that he was few years younger than her, and a Smoker. That worried her. She wouldn’t be able to call Lyssie for help, or Soothe him. Grandell made Lyssie tell her everything she knew about Lord Cyril and then added that to her own knowledge of the young man.

She successfully concluded that Lord Cyril Hallieau was a notorious playboy, and a Smoker. He dueled, apparently. All that worried Grandell. She didn’t want to have to marry anyone, much less a womanizer. According to Lyssie he was supposed to good kisser, which to her might seem good, but to Grandell was awful. It reminded her that she would actually have to kiss him, among...other things that she really didn’t want to have to think about. She hid in her room the days before their first meeting, only emerging for food and more books.

Her first meeting with Cyril made her remember the moment, eight years ago now, when she had accidentally fainted on him. She blundered through an introduction and then fainted on him again. It was the first time she had fainted in almost a year and she was more embarrassed than ever. They ended up hitting it off rather well, though Grandell was still paralyzed with fear whenever she thought about actually having to get married. It was one thing to be friends with someone. It was entirely something else to have to marry that person. Even though they have been engaged for over two months, and kissing turned out to not be nearly as scary as she thought it would be, she has yet to come to terms with the fact that she has to marry someone.

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#2 Chaos

Aaron Elariel's Math Skills

Posted 04 July 2014 - 08:57 PM

Oh Grandell, you are delightful. Accepted!

#3 Comatose

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Looking Good in Red

Posted 05 September 2014 - 10:34 PM

Lovely work! I love how she turned out. I especially like your sensitive treatment of her anxiety, and the interaction between the disorder and her use of soothing.

I'm interested to see how Lyssie managed to fend off the bandits that night the twins' parents were killed, but since that is the subject of another app, Grandell is Approved!

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