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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Adalaide Getrue

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#1 Adalaide Getrue

  • Getrue Heir

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  • Age24

  • Relationship StatusSingle(for nooowwwww)

  • OriginKlessium

  • Allomantic StatusHidden

Posted 02 July 2014 - 08:00 PM


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Name/Handle: Mozy
Contact: PM

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Name: Adalaide ‘Ada’ Getrue
Type: Noble
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Klessium
Occupation: Heir to House Getrue, overseer of all business relations
Relationship Status: Single(in a secret affair with Delacey)

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Type of Powers: Mistborn
Metals Used: All
Degree of Skill: Bronze, Iron, Pewter, Zinc and Brass: Advanced
Steel, and Tinr: Intermediate
Copper, Gold and Atium: Novice
Status: Hidden(rumoured to be a Pewterarm by some, but not many)

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Adalaide has flaming red hair that comes down to her waist when she lets it hang loose. It is thick and has just a little bit of wave to it, and it stays in updos and will hold a style wonderfully. When she is out flying at night she braids it back and wears a hat, to hide the color. She knows that she would be easily recognized by anyone who knows her if she let her hair be seen. Her eyes are sometimes light blue and sometimes faintly green, depending on what she’s wearing.

Adalaide is about 5’6”, but muscular. Though she is not incredibly tall she still looks like she could take down basically anyone in a fight. When she is being a lady she will hold herself in a way that takes attention away from her muscles, but when in a fight, or when confronted, her stance becomes more grounded and more intimidating.

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Adalaide Getrue is, in spite of all her flaws, a loving, guilt-ridden young woman. The...interesting dynamic between her parents has left her scarred, but she is not incapable of feeling happiness or love. She strives to be better than she was when she was younger, as she knows that she has to continue taking care of her brothers, and she’s thrown herself into caring for them because it keeps her happy. She feels a duty to keep them sane and out of trouble because they don’t have anyone else to teach them how to think ethically and rationally. She has had to fill both the role of sister and mother to her siblings, which has stretched her and she struggles with it.

Adalaide has had trouble learning how to think through her plans and ideas before she does something. Some people would call her rash, or reckless, but often she will think through everything about a plan and fail to think of the consequences. She carries much guilt because of this, and though she has gotten much better at thinking before she speaks or acts, her past decisions haunt her. However, as she is Getrue’s only Mistborn, she has been able to get away with many things she wouldn’t have if she was only a Misting, or a non-allomancer, and this has given her a false sense that no matter what stupid thing she does, it will be fixed eventually because she’s too important to the House.

Even though she is important, Dimitar has controlled his daughter to an extent that is not healthy. She knows that he is scared of her, and when coupled with her guilt, it makes her feel like a monster. Even if she doesn’t want to, she must follow his orders to the letter no matter what, and his orders are always controlling and specific. She finds loopholes, but so does he, and when she makes a demand of him he always finds a way to turn it back on her.

Despite that aspect of her personality, Adalaide does make a decent business woman, though she would struggle at running a House. She has a face, or mask, she puts on when dealing with potential clients. One that will put them at ease, which is important when you are selling someone poisons. Lady Adalaide Getrue is much different than Ada, the young woman she is around her brothers. Lady Adalaide is demure, rational, and charming, whereas Ada is reckless, relaxed, and often a little off-putting. Lady Adalaide is manipulative, which is something she has learned from years of meetings with other nobles, both with her father and without him. This is something that Ada can also do, but she hates it.

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Special Skills: Knife combat, Allomantic manipulation, lying, doing stupid stuff, business

Strengths: Adalaide is a strong, confident young woman. She has a strong background in business, as well as combat, manipulation, and Allomancy. She is a strong fighter, especially with knives and hand-to-hand combat. She is not really the kind of person you want to piss off. In addition to that she is also capable of being a perfectly demure lady, should the situation prefer that.

Weaknesses: Adalaide is guilt-ridden, occasionally suicidal, and overly attached to her brothers. She has a hard time thinking through the consequences of her actions, especially when she’s in a bad mood. She is often quite reckless and blunt, although she doesn’t show that to society. She’s paranoid, angry at life, and carries so much unspoken guilt that there are some things that have haunted her for almost her entire life.

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Adalaide Getrue, eldest child of Alma and Dimitar Getrue, was born in the year 894. Her mother was, at that time, twenty-three and the Getrue Heir, and Adalaide’s father, Dimitar, had married into the House three years previously. It was not a match of love, but rather personal ambition on Dimitar’s part, and politics on Alma’s. Alma’s name had come from her mother’s family, but her personality she got from the Getrue side. Until Adalaide’s birth she was only a sociopath. Many of the Getrues were, really, but three and a half weeks after Adalaide’s birth, something else happened to Alma.

The mother that Adalaide knew was not the woman that Alma had been before the birth of her daughter. Alma suffered from delusions, hallucinations, and extreme mood swings, and only a few weeks after this started she tried to kill Dimitar. Instead of locking her up, or even trying to deal with it rationally, Dimitar responded in kind and a small war started between the two. Adalaide was, naturally, raised more by her nurse than her parents, and, in fact, Adalaide would never see much of her mother. Dimitar kept Alma away from the children, even when it was just Adalaide. Alma was, however, stripped of her title and when the Head of House died two years later, Dimitar was named Head in her place.

Once Adalaide was old enough to string a few words together, Dimitar started to pay more attention to her. He named her his heir, knowing that it was unlikely that Alma would bear any more children for him, as well as to go along with Getrue tradition. A female eldest child would not be skipped over, even if the second child was male.

When Adalaide was almost four she was sitting with her father, in his study, while he inquired as to how her lessons had gone, when her mother came it. It was natural, Adalaide had realized, for Alma to have intense mood swings, but this was a mood that Adalaide had never ever wanted to see. Alma walked in, without knocking, wearing an incredibly revealing dress that was not laced properly in the back. Dimitar stood up slowly as Alma approached him, obviously not noticing Adalaide, and put her arms around him, whispering something in his ear.

Adalaide stayed there, confused. She had absolutely no idea what was going on, especially when Alma kissed Dimitar. Was this affection? Adalaide had only ever seen her mother trying to kill Dimitar, so what was going on? Dimitar, however, had apparently not forgotten Adalaide because he broke the kiss to tell his daughter to leave. Adalaide tilted her head, still confused, but obeyed.

Obviously the next thing she did was inquire of her nurse what exactly was going on. Not only was this not a question the nurse wanted to hear a three year old asking, but Adalaide didn’t want the answer. At least, not the one she was given. Only a few months later her father told her that she would have a sibling. She was confused. Didn’t her parents hate each other? However, her father wouldn’t explain. It was irritating.

She barely saw her mother during the pregnancy, but Theodoric Geture was born and Adalaide was amazed that she had thought this would be terrible. He was the sweetest baby ever, and she was in love from the moment she laid eyes on him. He was her little brother. Hers. It felt wonderful and she, even at four, felt a need to protect him from her mother. However, she also realized that babies cry, and are generally quite annoying, and so she let the nurse take care of him. She did hang around him a lot, but only when she didn’t have anything else to do.

Theo was two when Adalaide snapped. She had been sitting with him, grinning and enjoying the few moments away from her responsibilities of lessons and her father and the chaos that was her family. It wasn’t like she was doing anything wrong. But then she was taken away from Theo and she was confused and she was forced to drink something and she could hear her father’s voice ordering people around and she tried to call out to him, but she was gagged. She heard her father say, “I don’t want Theodoric to hear her scream.”

Unable to speak, or move, or fight back in any way, Ada lay on the floor of the room she had been taken to, waiting for something to happen. When the first blow fell she wished that she had fought back more. She tried to scream, but the gag stopped the sound. She could see her father standing by a wall, his face a mask, but he looked almost hopeful. She didn’t understand. Why was he here. Why was he letting these men beat her like this? Why did it hurt so much? Her tears soaked the gag before something finally happened.

The world suddenly exploded in light and sound and at the same time as she felt that the pain was almost too much to bear it was also barely noticeable. Blue lines shot from her chest and all the metal in the room rattled as she Pushed and Pulled at the same time. The room went deathly silent from the whiplash of having every emotion simultaneously Soothed and Rioted and Adalaide collapsed.

When she woke up she was alone. The gag was gone, and everything hurt. She lay there by herself for a long time, afraid to call for anyone. What had happened? Why wasn’t anyone here to explain? Was it that she wasn’t supposed to know? Her father had been there. What was going on?

Finally she fell asleep again and when she woke up a second time Dimitar was there and she got her explanation. According to him, she was now a Mistborn. He seemed glad of it, and Adalaide didn’t really care very much. She loved it that she was now considered amazing, and being a Mistborn was bound to be cool, but she was in pain and that made it much less cool.

Adalaide’s recovery was quick, thanks to pewter, but it was intense. Her father had not been kidding when he told her that she would start training immediately. Within the first week of being awake she was already learning the basics of what her father called the ‘important’ metals. He largely ignored training her in copper for quite a few months. Once she was able to stand she started getting more training in pewter, steel, and iron, but the focus was still on tin, and the emotional metals. Her training also focused on bronze.

Josua was born just a few months after Adalaide Snapped. Again, it came as a surprise to her. Alma was just as volatile as she had always been, and had once more gone missing while pregnant. Adalaide still didn’t get to know where. Josua was less sweet and adorable than Theo had been, but Adalaide didn’t get to spend as much time with him as she had gotten to spend with Theo because now she had to focus on her training.

Her training went well. Apparently she had a lot of natural talent. However, that only meant that she was exposed to the more difficult parts of being a Mistborn earlier in life. It was nothing big, and nothing that she could screw up, but it was starting to happen. Her training had focused on keeping her emotional touch subtle more than anything. She wasn’t ordered to kill. Not yet. Josua and Theo remained constant joys for her, assuming they weren’t being irritating, but over time she learned to deal with that. Jos was still tiny, being two years younger than Theo and six years younger than Adalaide, but that didn’t mean that Adalaide didn’t treasure him less than she treasured Theo.

When Adalaide was ten Dimitar decided that it was time to test her skill with bronze. Adalaide had already learned from him that the better she was with bronze, the easier it would be for her to get the information they wanted. Theo had just turned six, he was to be taken to be tested for Allomancy and Adalaide was forced to watch. She already had four years of allomantic training under her belt by that point and all she knew was that she had to report to her father.

When she arrived in the room she had been ordered to go to she gasped and tried to run to her brother. Theo was curled up on the floor, blindfolded. Dimitar grabbed her and held her back, giving her a stern look. “Adalaide! Get a hold of yourself. You remember what will happen? We need someone to tell us if he starts burning any metals.”

“But father! Theo doesn’t deserve to be beaten! And what if I fail!?” Adalaide cried, balling her hands into fists. Almost as soon as she’d said that, Adalaide actually turned on her bronze and began to focus. She noticed someone else in the room who was burning something. Bronze? Maybe… But that would mean she wasn’t the only one in the room, and that calmed her slightly.

“Don’t Soothe him or you will mess this up. Just stand over there,” Dimitar pointed to a corner, “and burn bronze. Nothing else. No copper, no zinc, no brass. Nothing. Just bronze. Can you do that, Adalaide?”

The tone of his voice told Adalaide that this was not a request and so she nodded and moved to her corner. “Ada?” Theo called out, his fear oh so evident in his voice and Ada flinched. Dimitar cast her a glare to keep her quiet. “Ada?” Theo asked again and when the first blow fell, Adalaide screamed along with Theo. She had been trying to stay strong, but her baby brother being beaten was the last thing she had ever wanted to witness. “ADA! HELP ME, ADA!” Theo screamed and Adalaide closed her eyes, trying to stop her senses. She didn’t want to hear Theo screaming. She wanted to help him. She didn’t want him to hurt. She started to cry when his screams became more hoarse and choked and finally she screamed at the men to stop.

“FATHER STOP! FATHER PLEASE STOP THEM! THEY’RE GOING TO KILL THEO, FATHER! HE’S NOT GOING TO START BURNING ANYTHING, DADDY!” She screamed, opening her eyes and running towards Theo. She was dragged away from her brother but she flared pewter and finally got to Theo, throwing herself in front of him.

“Enough.” Dimitar spoke from his place along the wall. “If he was going to Snap, the weakling would have done so already.”

Adalaide relaxed, though she was still flaring pewter, and pulled Theo into her arms. “It’s okay, Theo. It’s okay.” She whispered, pulling off the blindfold.

“Ada?” Theo said quietly, and hoarsely. “Ada? Why were they beating me, Ada?”

“Shh. Don’t try to talk. They’re going to get a doctor now. Don’t worry.” Ada said, her voice shaking. Theo nodded a little and curled up, making a small noise of pain as he did so.

When Theo awoke, Adalaide made sure that she was by him. She remembered her fear when she had woken up alone, and she knew that even if she fell asleep, it would be better for Theo to know that she was still there. He didn’t talk much when he woke up. Mostly he just cuddled Adalaide and she tried to help him feel more comfortable even though she knew how much pain he was in right now. He didn’t say anything about the beating. Didn’t ask why it’d taken so long for her to help. Adalaide was partially glad about that, and was happy that she could help him now.

A mere year later Adalaide was given her first real mission. She was sent to assassinate one of their more shady clients who had tried to cheat them. Dimitar sent another Allomancer with her to make sure that the job was done, as she was still very young. Adalaide, however, didn't see why this man deserved to die, nor did she understand why she had to be the one to kill him, but her father had impressed upon her the importance of following his orders, so she couldn't fight him. Right? This all felt so wrong and she wanted to believe that it wasn't her fault that someone was going to die but at the same time she was the one shooting him with coins. She was the one doing the actual killing. Orders or not, it was still wrong. Why couldn't her father see that?

After that she did learn how to control her feelings better. Her father had learned of how she'd cried almost as much as her target had when she had to kill him. But it haunted her. She had dreams of the moment for years after. She found that the easiest way to deal with it was to not think, and so she didn't. She let herself be reckless and stupid, but it kept her from overthinking when killing someone. It was terrible, but it was the only thing that worked.

At twelve, Adalaide was once more called to watch one of her brothers getting beaten. She was more cold now, in a way. She had now killed and was learning how to keep herself detached from her work. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t terrible. She was already starting to hate her father for what he was doing. She clenched her hands into fists and stayed silent under her father’s gaze. She knew that she had disappointed him last time. Once more, Adalaide noticed the Seeker and said nothing. She was sure that these tests were meant to see if she could perform under pressure, and she didn’t want to make her father take more extreme measures.

When Jos was brought into the room Adalaide flinched and looked away. She didn’t have to look to be able to see him to know if he was burning anything. She bit the inside of her bottom lip to keep from crying out to him and ignored her father’s disapproving look. She flinched when she heard her brother cry out but kept her head, not letting her instincts prevail. She really wanted to help him. It was terrible. She wanted to help him and run to him and protect him and she couldn’t. It seemed like forever before a faint pulse began pulling towards Jos. She glanced at her father, who had just stopped the beating, and once she had reported what she had felt she was dismissed.

Adalaide went to sit by her brother. Jos woke in the late afternoon the next day, just as Ada was thinking that maybe she should extinguish her pewter and get some rest. “You’re awake!” She exclaimed as he groaned and opened his eyes.

“Ada? What.. what happened?”

Ada grinned, relieved that Josua was awake. She scooched her chair closer, being careful to not catch the hem of her dress under the chair legs and her grin faltered a bit. It was not super noticeable, but now that wouldn’t matter with Josua. He’d see everything now. Of course, that didn’t matter as much as the fact that he was okay did. “You Snapped. I’m sorry. It was terrible. I can’t believe father made me watch. He has other Seekers. He didn’t need to make me watch them beat you. It is so unfair!” She stamped her foot lightly and then took a deep breath. “But, I guess you’re a Tineye now. I think you got lucky. It’s one of my favorites.”

Josua shifted, and he looked uncomfortable. “It hurts Ada. All over. Is… does this happen to everyone? Did they do this to you? To Theo? Why?” He coughed and grimaced. Ada winced. She knew how much pain he was in right now. “Tineye? Is that how you can see in the dark well?”

“Try not to move, Jos.” Adalaide said, her voice quiet. “Yes, they do this to everyone. It’s awful. It’s the only way they have of...of knowing, really. I guess they can’t just wait for us to Snap from normal traumatic events.” She shrugged a little. “I was at Theo’s as well, though only as an observer. Apparently father is calling this part of my training… and yes, it’s the one where you can see in the dark well.”

“Can you show me how? I wanna try.” He tried to move, to sit up, but gave up quickly. Adalaide’s concern grew. Why’d this have to happen to her baby brothers? “Is it going to hurt for long? I don’t like it, Ada.”

“I can’t show you right now. It would hurt too much.” Ada bit her lip and drew her eyebrows together, her worry obvious. She hadn’t yet mastered the art of keeping her face composed. “You’ll recover, soon. It might take a while, but it won’t be like this forever. I don’t think they broke much…”

Josua yawned and grimaced again. “I’m tired Ada. If I go to sleep, will you be here when I wake up again?”

Ada smiled a little bit and nodded. “Of course I will, Jos. And maybe Theo will join me.” She hoped that was the case. She didn’t have that much to amuse herself with all by herself. She sighed a little and grinned, thought it was slightly forced. Sure, she had lessons to go to and all, but she was sure she could get out of them because Jos had just woken up.

Josua smiled and Adalaide tried to return the smile. “Thanks big sis…” He fell asleep quickly and Adalaide settled back in her chair, turning off pewter and letting herself fall asleep as well.

It only got worse for her. Adalaide started wondering why she continued to follow her father's orders and she stopped thinking as much about her actions. If she was out of line her father would tell her, right? Dimitar told her everything to do. No matter what. She wanted to rebel against him, a little bit. She wanted to subtlety use her metals on her own. She wanted to do what he didn't want her to. She wanted to stop following his orders and just do what she wanted to do.

Adalaide got better at her metals, and loved her brothers. Josua was working with his tin and she loved helping him. It was much of what kept her going. Theo was also growing up and when Josua had to leave for the factories, Theo was all that kept her from fighting her father. It wasn't worth it if it hurt her brothers.

Her mother, Alma, left for the Terris Dominance when Adalaide was fourteen. Adalaide was surprised, but didn't question it until a month later when Dimitar sat her and Theo down to explain that Alma had left him. When they tried to find out why he evaded their questions and Adalaide began to wonder if he was really telling the truth.

Once Adalaide was fifteen, she debuted. By this point she knew how to control her face, and her body language, and so she flirted and charmed her way through society, careful to never make herself seem too flirtatious. That would never do. The only downside was that Dimitar started dropping hints about finding her a good husband. “Someone who could run the House well” as he said to her one day. This made Adalaide furious. Run the House? Wasn’t she heir? She was perfectly capable of running the House! And so started Adalaide’s aversion to getting a husband.

However, just because she didn’t want to marry didn’t mean she wasn’t interested in men, and Adalaide got into her first affair when she was sixteen. She was curious, and her lover, who was nineteen, was really quite attractive. She could tell that he wanted to sleep with her, even if he never said so, and she wanted to see if she could make him comfortable enough around her that he’d try. He was part of a party that had travelled to one of the Getrue plantations so that they could show off their land. She waited until they were alone, casting him a glance as she left the room after dinner, while they were socializing, and Rioted his curiosity. She waited for him to leave as well and started talking to him, suggesting that they take a walk, still Rioting his curiosity, as well as his sense of ease, and Soothing any inhibitions he might have about being alone with her.

Keeping her touch on his emotions subtle, she linked arms with him and took him to the gardens. “I am sure they will not wonder. I have seen the way you look at me.”

He blushed and she Soothed his embarrassment as well. The sun was already going down. She had no doubts that she would succeed. “I was not aware it was obvious.” He said slowly, and Adalaide smiled, Soothing away whatever anxiety he might have in this moment.

“Not to most of them, but I heard my father saying that it would be wonderful if we spent more time together. I would dearly love to get to know you.” Still Rioting his curiosity, his ease, and barely, just barely, touching his own feelings for her, Adalaide sat on a bench, her thin shawl slipping off one shoulder. She stayed far away from his desire. She didn’t want to cheat. She wanted to see how far he would go without that being meddled with. He followed her.

“I was not aware that your father thought that way. I actually…” He trailed off and Adalaide quickly took care of his worries.

“You actually what? Do not worry. You can tell me.” She lightly touched his thigh and smiled sweetly again.

“I brought a handkerchief… my mother said it was a stupid idea, but I wanted to try…” He fumbled in his pocket and pulled a handkerchief out and handed it to her. She took it, folded it up carefully, and, her grip on his emotions firm, yet still subtle, held it to her chest.

“I will treasure it.” She said, watching his eyes. They did exactly what she had been hoping they would. She leaned in closer and kissed him on the cheek, making sure that his embarrassment and his worries stayed away.

His hand slid around her waist and he pulled her close, kissing her on the lips. She made sure it went farther than just an innocent kiss, running her hands into his hair and drawing as close as she could to him. When the kiss broke he was flushed. “I am sure they will be wondering where we are.”

“Go back in and when they are not going to notice it, my bedroom is up the stairs and the fifth door on the left. But do not tell anyone about us yet. I want to wait until I am sure my father will accept it.” Adalaide kissed him again, letting the kiss go until she was afraid that he would go too far. Then she smiled and let him go.

It was a lucky thing that he was one of the guests staying the night. It was not until he left her bedroom, however, and she lay alone in her room that she realized exactly it was she had done. It felt terrible. Her discarded dress still lay on the floor. She didn’t realize she was crying until she brought a hand to her face and felt the tears. She had just manipulated someone into sleeping with her. She felt like she had raped him. She curled up and tried to compose herself before her lady’s maid came to get her ready for the day. After a minute she pulled herself out of her bed and went about making the room look like it usually did in the morning.

And then it happened again. She continued to let him sneak into the house, and into her bed, for two weeks before she put an end to it. She apologized, and manipulated, and made up the excuse that she had shown her father the handkerchief and he had refused. She tried to ignore her feeling of guilt. She tried so so hard. Once he left she thought she would be free of it but she wasn’t and the next morning Theo walked in to confront her. He was twelve, but he could tell something was not right. He curled up next to the crying form of his sister and said, in his sweet, and then high-pitched voice, “Sis? Ada? Did you break up?”

Adalaide sighed and looked at her brother, blinking through her tears, and wiped her eyes on her nightgown. “I did. How did you find out?”

“I’m not stupid, Ada. I know what you were doing. I may be young, but I understand.” Theo snuggled closer to her and she wrapped him in her arms. “It was daddy wasn’t it? His stupid decisions made you feel like you had to do this.”

“I…a little…” She admitted it. Her father was driving her insane. That was the only explanation.

“I hate him. I hate him and I hated mother and I don’t see why he can’t just leave you alone.” Theo was rarely angry and it hurt Adalaide to see him like this.

“I am a Mistborn. It is my duty.”

“I don’t give a damn about your duty.” Theo said firmly and Adalaide was shocked. Where had he heard that?

“Theo, you know that you shouldn’t say words like that. They aren’t polite.”

“I don’t feel like being polite right now. Father is ruining you! I just want my big sister back!”

“She never left. Your big sister will always be here for you, Theo. No amount of father’s stupidity will ever change that. Now, you have lessons, don’t you? Should you not be getting ready for them?” Adalaide smiled and lightly pushed her brother out of the bed. He looked at her, his face betraying all his worry for her, and nodded.

“Okay, Ada….” He smiled and quietly left her room.

The next year was hard for Adalaide. She never struggled in society, but her social life was in constant rebellion against Dimitar. Never in her life had she realized that he would have such control over her, and yet it was almost as if he had set out to keep a hold of every aspect of her life. On top of constant passive-aggressive comments about how she should choose her future husband, he continued to give her increasingly difficult tasks, and began to require her to wait for his permission to use her emotional Allomancy. He was slowly controlling a part of her life she thought was safe from him and it made her want to kill him.

It was understandable for him to control who she killed and she would always do her duty to her House, but this was going past that. She only went flying when he let her. She could only manipulate emotions when he told her to. Every time she noticed something with tin or bronze, she had to tell him, and if she failed to do so, he would punish her. Once Jos left to see the factories for the first time Adalaide let her anger at Dimitar drive her over the edge. She knew that Jos would be gone for a while. There was no need for him to be here when she killed his father.

She waited in the empty room directly above his bedroom one night, with the window open. The mists curled around her and danced with the breeze through her mistcloak. She had turned off her tin. She didn’t want to hear him with his mistress. She fingered her dagger and the vial of poison. She hadn’t decided yet how she would kill him, just that she would, but she didn’t want it to be easy for him. She wanted him to be in pain. That was why she had the poison. It would paralyze him before it killed him. It was a while before she turned her tin back on and heard the breathing of two sleeping people. How disappointing. She had hoped he would be awake.

She jumped out of the window and flared pewter as she landed on his balcony. She walked into the room, pushing the doors open wide, and picked her father up off of his bed by the throat. She held her dagger underneath his chin and waited for him to realize what was happening. “Adalaide, darling. You definitely take after your mother, though she was always much more subtle.” He choked out as she tightened her hold on his throat.

His mistress woke up to the noise and screamed.

Adalaide couldn’t have cared less about her in that moment. She dropped her father and turned to the woman. “Shut it. You scream again and you won’t live either.” She turned to her father, “Now, would you rather die paralyzed next to your whore, or quickly with my knife in your chest.”

“I am afraid I will not be dying tonight, Adalaide. I have taken measures against assassination. Your mother taught me one thing, and that was that when someone is really intent on killing a person, they tend to forget other things, like listening for guards. Now, you can, of course, kill them all, but I have a feeling that you would rather not slaughter anyone else this week.” Her father was speaking hoarsely, but he still made her want to kill him.

“Or I could kill you now and get it over with before they take me.” She said, stepping up to him and pressing her knife against his bare chest. She could hear the guards now. Even if she got away she would still be taken when she came back to the manor. She smiled at her father and slammed her knife into his ribcage. When the guards arrived mere moments later she surrendered herself, sure that she had succeeded.

Adalaide spent the whole next day in her room. They had ‘confiscated’ all her vials, but she had hidden so many that she had a comfortable fire burning in her stomach, though she was only burning tin at the moment. She thought it was silly that they were doing all this. She was House Head now. Her father was dead.

Wasn’t he?

By now she should have had the news, but instead she’d heard nothing. Finally someone came to her door and entered quietly. There was only one person who ever entered her room without knocking. She looked away from the window and smiled at Theo, who stayed by the door, his eyes fixed on her one bloody hand. “So it’s true. You really tried to kill father.”

“What do you mean tried? I succeeded Theo. I stuck my knife in his chest. There is no way he survived that.” Adalaide said, coming closer to her brother. Theo shook his head silently. “No, please no. Please tell me you are joking, Theo! Oh Lord Ruler. I’m going to die now, aren’t I. That’s why you came to see me, isn’t it.”

Theo shook his head again and smiled a little. “Father is still scared of you. When he woke up his first words were ‘don’t kill the Mistborn’.”

Adalaide returned his smile and then collapsed onto her bed. “I was so sure I had him. How did he survive?”

Theo sat next to her and put an arm around her. She had already finished growing and he was quickly catching up to her. “I guess the knife got stuck in his ribs. It fractured his ribs, but didn’t hit anything fatal. I’m sorry.”

Adalaide closed her eyes and took a deep breath. What was left now? She couldn’t just keep being his slave. Being Mistborn was supposed to make a person feel free. Wasn’t that what everyone said? The freedom to fly through the skies. At one point she had thought she could do whatever she wanted to. Now she would never be free of her father.

She collapsed against Theo and buried her head in his shoulder.

The next week was one of the worst weeks of her life. Despite all Theo's attempts to keep her happy, all her smiles were forced and she stopped coming out of her room. She knew that Theo was worried about her but she didn't care as much. Dimitar had taken away her metals, and those he hadn’t taken away she had used up, but she still had a few vials of pewter that she had had Theo sneak to her. She hadn't used them, but they sat on her desk with the vial of poison she also hadn't used.

After a week, during which Dimitar was steadily recovering, Ada sat at her desk, staring at the vial of poison. It wouldn't make any difference if she was dead. She would be stuck being her father's puppet for the rest of her life. She was trapped and that vial was her only way out. She had tried to be sneaky, she had tried to get rid of her father, she had tried to just push through it. None of it had worked.

So now she sat at her desk, her window open. The mists curled into her room, only reminding her the freedom that had been stolen from her. She picked up the vial of poison and rolled it between her fingers. It would be so easy. She didn't have any metals. The only pewter she had was on the desk. It would be so, so easy to just drink the poison and let go. After a moment she pulled out the stopper and closed her eyes. It wasn't a fast acting poison. She would suffer. She knew it would be terrible, but then it would be over.

Adalaide drank the poison and could feel the effects immediately. It was a paralytic. She was now terrified. The vial fell through her shaking fingers and she opened her eyes, trying to get up. She didn't know where she was going to go, but she was too scared now. She looked at the vial on the floor and Theo's handwriting. Theo. He had made the poison. Or, at least, helped.

Bloody ashes.

She took a deep breath, at least as deep a breath as she could take, and reached out for the pewter vials with shaking hands. She couldn't do that to Theo. He would feel terrible. And Josua. He was only eleven. He had no mother. She couldn't leave her brothers. Not like that.

Flaring pewter, Adalaide pulled herself up and felt her strength returning. Theo would know what to do. Her mind barely registered the other people in the hallway. It was after dark, but the manor was a big place. She finally got to Theo's door and collapsed against it. "Theo! Theo! I need help!" She called, her cache of pewter rapidly burning away.

The door opened and Theo gasped audibly. "Ada? Oh no. No. Please don't have done that Ada. Please. Which one was it?" He knelt down next to her and held onto her tightly.

"It was a paralytic. I don't know which one. I'm sorry, Theo. The vial is on the floor of my room. I probably have enough pewter..." Adalaide held Theo's hand tightly. "It is slow acting, so even after I run out of pewter I should have a few minutes."

"Don't worry. I know which one you're talking about. It’s the only one I’ve ever been allowed to help make. Can you stand?" Theo's voice was shaking and Adalaide wanted to comfort him. She didn't have enough extra strength, though. The pewter was enough to keep the poison from taking complete effect, but she wasn't thinking straight from fear.

"Yes. I can." Adalaide pulled herself to her feet again, with Theo's help, and he helped her into his room. "You have the antidote here?"

"No. I’ll be right back. Just...stay strong, okay Ada?” Theo’s voice cracked and Ada nodded. She could hold out for long enough. It wouldn’t be that hard, right?

"I'll try, Theo. I promise." She collapsed onto his bed as he left, no doubt to also get someone else who knew more about the poison. However, she needed to stop thinking about that. Just breathe, Adalaide Getrue. Breathe. Theo will be back soon…

Finally, just before her pewter ran out, Theo’s arms closed around her again and he force-fed her what she assumed was the antidote. Her pewter reserve went out and Adalaide heard the sound of a glass vial hitting the floor. "Please tell me it worked. Please don't die, Ada." Theo whispered to her frantically, and Adalaide felt a tear fall onto her hand. The life was slowly returning to her body and she shook her head.

"It worked, Theo. Don't worry. Please don't worry about me." Theo relaxed and pulled the blankets over Adalaide.

"Good. Sleep, now. I will get you some pewter to help your body recover." Theo kissed her forehead and wiped his eyes. "Just...don't go anywhere."

Adalaide nodded and managed to smile at him before he left the room.

The physical recovery was the easy part. Pewter helped immensely and by the next morning Theo allowed her to leave his room. She could tell he was scared for her now. She was scared for herself. She had no idea what she had to do to get out of this suicidal mountain-range of emotions, but she knew that talking to her father would help. She had no doubt he knew about her attempted suicide. Maybe, just maybe, that would make him listen to her.

When she got to her father’s room, she almost turned back. Adalaide didn’t want to face him. She really didn’t. Not after trying to kill him. She took a deep breath and focused herself. All she had to do was make him give her more freedom. That was a step in the right direction, or it should be. More missions on her own, more Allomantic freedom. That was why she was here. This would go well. It had to. She wasn’t living her life being constantly controlled by Dimitar. She had already tried every other way out of this. If talking to him didn’t work, she would leave. She would run away and never look back. She couldn’t keep living like a monster that had to be chained up and controlled because of fear. Just because she was a Mistborn didn’t mean that she would kill uncontrollably if she wasn’t kept tamed and chained up like a wolf. She pushed open the door and walked in, sliding a knife out of her sleeve as she walked.

“Again, Adalaide? How many times are you going to try to kill me before you give up?” He asked, looking up from the papers he was pouring over.

Adalaide snorted. “I’m not here to kill you, father. I’m here to ask you something.” She threw the knife onto his desk and smiled insincerely. “I would like there to be peace between us.”

“Oh? And what is the catch? For such a good business woman you lack forethought. Until a week ago there was nothing but peace between us, and now I hear you tried to kill yourself as well. So come,” Dimitar returned her insincere smile. “What are your demands?”

He was just as unwilling to part with her as she thought he would be. It was apparent in his tone, and she could tell that he didn’t want to discard a weapon as good as she. Where was the use in that, to throw away a Mistborn just because you were unwilling to hear her demands? Adalaide seated herself at his desk, smoothing out her skirts. “I want you to send me to meetings by myself. No orders, just contracts. If you think me such a good business woman, you will, of course, agree. I also demand more freedom. I want to use my Allomancy the way I want to use it, and not the way that you think I should. I do not contest your right to send me on missions, but you controlling my powers when I use them for my own purposes is not going to happen anymore.”

“You mistake my intentions, my dear daughter.” Dimitar said with a smug smile. “I taught you better than that. I do not wish to be over-controlling, just to keep an eye on you. We both know the kinds of things our family has been through. Surely you must understand that it is natural for me to wish to have some measure of control.”

“Some measure of control is warranted, as you are House Head, however, the level of control you have instated is absurd. I should be allowed to use my metals whenever I want to. I will not betray my own House. See, control is understandable, but too much control and it begins to look like you do not trust me, and that makes me dangerous.” Adalaide nodded towards his chest, knowing that he was still healing. He might be sitting up and working, but she still knew how close she had come to killing him.

Dimitar snorted. “Perhaps I do not trust you because you are dangerous, Adalaide. However, I am willing to give into your demands. I expect you to use your Allomancy however I wish you to, but you will get the added freedom, as you called it, of using your Allomancy for your own purposes, as long as you do not betray the House or directly disobey my orders.” He considered for a moment, “As for your other demands, I accept them as well. You are old enough to be sent on your own, as long as they do not specifically ask for me.” Adalaide nodded and stood. “And, daughter, I do hope you do not mind I am putting up extra protection for you. You will have your metals confiscated and a guard set to watch you at all times. For ease, it would be best if you did not leave your room unless absolutely necessary. It would be terrible if you were to try to kill yourself again.” Dimitar looked up and smiled a smug smile.

Adalaide wanted to murder him again. “It is perfectly understandable, father.” Was all she said before she picked up her knife and left the room, fuming inwardly.

Josua got back from the factories almost directly after all this happened. Adalaide was afraid of seeing her youngest brother after everything that had happened. She was collapsed on her bed, as she had nothing to do right now and she was still trying to figure out how she would keep herself from trying to die again. Even though she didn’t want to leave Theo and Jos. Even though she had regretted it the first time. She didn’t want to keep killing and destroying her own mental health and doing terrible things for her father.

There was a knock on her door and Ada turned over, frowning. “Ada, are you there?” Called someone from the other side of the door and Adalaide froze. Jos? Was it really him? Why was he coming to see her?

“Who is it?” Adalaide called out in response, wondering if she really was right. She hated not having tin.

“It’s Jos…” Adalaide actually smiled, and then her face fell. What did he want to talk to her? “May I come in?”

“Jos? Of course!” She sat up and when Jos entered the room she forced a grin, “I didn’t know you were back!” When had he gotten so tall? Sometimes she forgot how old he’d gotten. He was now eleven, but still her adorable baby brother.

“I just got back.” Jos ran over and gave her a hug and Adalaide returned it tightly. Why did she ever, ever think it was a good idea to die and leave this? “It’s good to see you big sis.”

“I’m so glad you’re back, Jos.” Adalaide said softly, smiling a little and it was only slightly forced. She was glad he was back. Theo would be leaving in a year and she needed someone to remind her what she would be ruining if she attempted to kill herself again.

Jos smiled and Adalaide wondered if he knew what she had done. Surely he would not be so happy if he knew. Surely he would hate her for trying to kill Dimitar. “I’m happy to be home. I’ve missed you and Theo.” His smile faded and Adalaide knew exactly what he was going to say now. Of course he had had to report to Dimitar when he had gotten home, and he would have noticed. “Ada… Dimitar….he… he said you tried to kill him…”

Adalaide’s face darkened and she grew tense with anger. She was still bitter that it hadn’t worked. “I did. I was tired, Jos. I was tired of him controlling me. I wanted it to stop.”

“Couldn’t you just tell him to stop? Or… or… run away?” Jos’s voice betrayed all his feelings and Adalaide couldn’t figure out if he was sad that his father had almost died or because Adalaide had tried to murder someone.

Adalaide closed her eyes for a moment. She could have. Not that it would have done much good. “Run away? And do what, Jos? I can’t leave you and Theo, and he wasn’t going to stop. Not unless I had some kind of leverage against him.”

“I…” Jos gave her another hug, which she returned gratefully “I guess I wouldn’t have liked it if you had run away.”

“I would have always come back.” She said, feeling terribly guilty. How would he react if he knew she had attempted suicide? “I doubt I would have gotten very far before realizing how much I didn’t want to leave you two.”

There was a pause and then Jos spoke again. “Ada, why is that guy outside your door?

No. Damn. Why did he have to ask. It was best he find out from someone else. She really really didn’t want to talk about it. She didn’t want to see the disappointment and sadness in his face when he found out. Her tone was dry, and her face controlled as she answered him. “Father thinks I might try to kill myself.”

When Jos pulled away from her, Adalaide was worried, but it only seemed like it was concern that made him pull away. “But you wouldn’t do that! Would you?” He said, sounding shocked and afraid.

Adalaide hesitated, not sure how to answer him. “Well, I did fail…But yes, I tried.” She said finally, letting her guilt seep into her voice.

“But why!?” Jos started to tear up and she hugged him again. She was here now and that was what mattered.

“I wanted it to stop. I’m sorry Jos.” Adalaide said, even though she really didn’t know what to say. She knew that she had to explain now. “I didn’t want to leave you and Theo alone, in the end.”

“Don’t every leave, Ada. Not ever.” Jos returned her hug, holding her tight, and Adalaide again wondered why she had decided that death was the best option. She couldn’t leave the people who loved her, even if she forgot sometimes that not everyone knew she was a monster.

“I won’t.” Adalaide said with a smile, that was once more only a little forced.

After Josua was back, Adalaide immersed herself in her brother’s lives. She knew that Theo would be leaving the next year for his more specialized training in poisons, but until then she could just focus on them and try to find a reason to live. She didn’t want to leave them, though, and for now, that was enough.

As per her request, Dimitar started to send her to meetings on her own and he did grant her more Allomantic freedom, after he took her off suicide watch. Mainly, though, he sent her to some of their more shady meetings. The clients that Adalaide had only been in charge of assassinating until now. The ones who bought the street spice. It was awful and when she ventured out to those meetings she began to be open about the fact that she could burn pewter. It kept her safe from all potential attackers who wanted to live, and let her get rid of the ones who didn’t without too much trouble. But it was still awful. Even killing in self defense made her feel terrible.

Theo debuted when Adalaide was nineteen and Adalaide fell back into a more reckless state of mind. It was partially because she could not see Theo as much when she needed him, but also because of her own mental state.

The next year Theo had to go to the factories, and Jos debuted. She successfully got into her second affair and this time it was not nearly as bad a relationship. Adalaide actually found herself enjoying it for a while. Her lover was nice enough, though they rarely spoke when in public.

A year after that, when Adalaide was twenty one and he was sixteen, Jos left as well and Adalaide was left on her own with a father she hated and a lover she was beginning to grow tired of. Sneaking around was no fun, and they’d run out of things to talk about months ago. His family forced him into an engagement and Adalaide used that as a convenient excuse to get out. She did feel bad about it, but they had both understood the nature of their relationship. He seemed a little bit disappointed about it, but it was not like she was breaking his heart or anything.

The next three years were not easy for her in the least. With both her brothers gone it was harder for her to remain happy, and she wrote to them all the time to remind herself that she couldn’t leave them. She loved her brothers. That was enough reward for the torture the guilt put her through. But still, it was not easy and her father did nothing to help her. She had indeed been given more freedom, and she took to escaping the manor at night and just trying to forget. It did not help her state during the day, but she had pewter and could get through it.

Theo came back when Adalaide was almost twenty-three and she was amazed at how tall he’d gotten. He was at least six feet tall now, and she felt short compared to him. The very first thing he noticed was how tired she looked and when he asked her how much she usually slept, Adalaide tried to evade the question. “Enough.” Was all she said before changing the subject. “Dimitar said you came back because we’re going to Luthadel!”

“I know. I’m excited too. But Ada. How much do you sleep?” Theo gave her a look and Adalaide sighed.

“I think I slept for about three hours last night…”

Theo looked appalled. “Three hours?! That’s not healthy, Ada. I’m going to talk to father about your workload. If you’re only getting three hours of sleep…”

“No, Theo, it’s fine. I have pewter.” Adalaide said, trying to get out of having that conversation with her father.

“It’s not fine. You shouldn’t rely on pewter like that, Ada. It is even less healthy than not sleeping enough. How long has this been happening? No. Don’t answer that. Just promise me that you’ll get more sleep, okay?”

“I promise.” Adalaide said after a minute. It wasn’t worth it arguing with her brother, especially when he was just trying to look after her.

The move to Luthadel was not a hard one. Dimitar had already got them a manor in Fellise quite a few years ago and Adalaide was actually excited to see it. But she was more excited about Luthadel, and it was even more exciting when Jos arrived, along with Theo’s new bodyguard, Elisse. The city did not disappoint her, nor did Luthadel society, and once more she had no trouble making her way onto people’s good sides. However, her favorite part was when she went flying. There was something majestic about flying through all the tall buildings and keeps. The slums were terrible, but there was only one reason she would ever have to be in them.


Delacey was one of their few skaa clients, a half-breed assassin who tracked them down shortly after they moved to Luthadel. Because Adalaide could jump between Luthadel and Felisse quickly, she delivered many of his shipments, and at first she was put off by his blatant suggestions that they sleep together. It was not necessarily because she didn’t want to, but more because she knew it was probably a bad idea.

Eventually, one night when she knew that Theo was busy and wouldn’t wait up for her, Adalaide agreed to sleep with Delacey and she just prayed that Theo wouldn’t find out. Theo did, of course, find out.

Currently Adalaide has been too focused on making sure Theo doesn’t do anything stupid to focus on much else, except for that with Dimitar has charged her with doing. What with a potential betrothal on the horizon for Theo, Adalaide knows how bad it would be if she let him get too attached to anyone. However, she has recently noticed that he has developed a huge crush on his bodyguard, Elisse, and knows that that could potentially be problematic. She would have already told Theo of her father’s plans if her father hadn’t ordered her not to. She plans on getting him to admit his feelings to someone so that he is not left with this unspoken thing once he is engaged.

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Adalaide slipped in the back door of the manor, burning tin to see through the mist and pewter to mask her exhaustion. She had her coppercloud up as well. She was glad she had remembered multiple extra vials tonight. Especially the extra pewter. Now...what was that movement in the manor? Someone was in the sitting room. Theo should be asleep, though it almost sounded like him. She quickly unlaced her boots and walked barefooted farther into the manor, stopping at the sitting room door.

Theo was curled up in a chair with a book, a lamp lit beside him. “Were you waiting up for me, Theo?” Adalaide asked, walking into the room, “You know you do not have to do that. I was only making my rounds, and delivering the usual shipments.”

“Funny how that takes you half the night.” Theo replied dryly. “Tonight was that skaa’s shipment, was it not? And this is the…sixth time you have taken it, is it not? And, let me see, the eleventh night your ‘rounds’ have taken until at least three.”

Adalaide smiled at Theo and laughed softly. “I just like spending time in the mists is all, especially when I get to go to Luthadel.”

“We both know you are lying. You get to go to Luthadel whenever you damn well please. You cannot hide the fact that you took many more vials of pewter on all eleven of your late-night excursions than you ever take.” Theo was apparently not taking any crap from Adalaide tonight. “You have been sleeping with that assassin, have you not?”

Adalaide eyed her brother, half irritated he had found out and half disappointed it had taken him this long. “What kind of proof do you have?”

“As if everything I have not mentioned already was not enough.” Theo said, with a dry snort. “I have found certain of my ingredients missing. Judging from the ones you took, you could either be planning on mixing a terribly ineffective poison, or you are trying to keep from getting pregnant. I have also met the man in question. The first thing he did was check me out. And then he hit on me. I will not deny that he is quite charming, but I would think that you of all people would have better sense.”

Adalaide laughed again. “You worry too much, Theo. It is purely a physical relationship. I feel no attachment to Delacey, and I can assure you he feels nothing special towards me either.”

“See, that is my problem. I do not care if you fall in love with a skaa, but to endanger not only your own social standing but the social standing of the whole house so that you can fulfil your own physical pleasures?” Theo finally closed his book and stood up. “What happens when you accidentally get pregnant? Or you are seen with him? Or somehow it gets out that you are sleeping with a skaa? What then, Ada?”

“As you said, I have taken measures against pregnancy, and it will not get out.” Adalaide rolled her eyes. “We are not just getting handsy in an empty alleyway. He has a hideout. He even has a bed. And anyways, no one else knows he is a skaa.”

“Measures like that are not fool-proof. I only wish to show you what you have obviously not thought about yet. I rather like where we stand, socially, and do not want father to be disappointed because you were so caught up in your affair that you could not see the consequences.”

Adalaide rolled her eyes again and turned away. “I am going to bed, Theo. I will try not to sleep in too long.”

“You are not going to bed until you tell me that you will stop.”

Adalaide turned around, raising an eyebrow. “And why would I do that?”

“Because if you do not, I will tell father.”

“You would not dare.” Adalaide said, truly scared now. If her father found out about this...She did not even want to think about that right now. Because Delacey was a skaa, she could probably get killed for what she was doing, and her father’s wrath would be even worse. Confined to her room at night and probably married off quickly. That was definitely worse than death.

“I would. In fact, while I was waiting for you, I drafted the letter. Shall I read it to you?” Theo didn’t smile, and Adalaide could see that he was not kidding.

“Fine. I promise you that I will stop sleeping with Delacey.” Adalaide smiled and walked up to her brother, standing on tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek. “Now I really am going to bed. See you in the morning, Theo. Please make sure I do not sleep in too long. I can always use pewter to keep going in the morning.”

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