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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Daerra Elariel

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#1 Daerra Elariel

  • Heir's Sister

Looking Good in Red
  • Age23

  • Relationship StatusSingle

  • OriginLuthadel

  • Allomantic StatusHidden

Posted 27 June 2010 - 04:52 AM

Noble Seeker

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Handle : Comatose
Contact : [email protected]

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Name: Daerra Elariel
Type: Noble
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Relationship Status:Single
Name: Daerra Elariel

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Type of Powers: Allomancy - Misting
Metals Used: Bronze
Degree of Skill: Advanced - Savant
Status: Hidden

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Hair: Black, Hanging down to mid-back, glossy and always immaculately styled
Eyes: Light Grey, Wide
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Very light build.
Voice: Mid-range female voice, smooth and silky.
Overall Appearance: Daerra is very beautiful, but on the thin side. Her features are very delicate, but she has a strong, commanding presence. Her face is usually a masque of calm and serenity, however she is a very talented actress. Her clothes are always attractive, and perfectly suitable for her body type, whether she is at a ball, or on a mission. She is always perfectly cleaned and groomed. Her hair rarely hangs undone. It is usually either in a braid or done-up. Her nails are always perfectly manicured. Despite being thin, Daerra is very intimidating. She does not wear make-up except for at social outings, as she prefers to show her natural beauty. She is very concerned with her appearance, and thus runs and exercises regularly to keep herself in shape.

Posted Image

Daerra is ambitious. She wants to rule House Elariel one day, and she won't let anything stop her. She is a bit of a sociopath, and although she can fake almost any emotion, genuine feelings often elude her. Her twin brother Aaron is the only one she truly cares for, and though she hates to admit it, she depends on him for more than just his thieving skills. Daerra doesn't care one way or the other for Skaa, as long as none of them get in her way. She is incredibly determined, and sets out to get what she wants no matter what. She is also incredibly insecure about herself, and is constantly trying to prove her worth, both to herself, and to her neglectful mother and abusive father. Daerra's most characteristic trait is how she can use even her unintentional, natural feelings as tools for her eventual gain.

Posted Image

Special Skills:Lying, Acting, Manipulation, Planning, Observation, Reading Body-Language, Leadership, Running, Piano.

Strengths: Daerra is a born leader, extremely subtle in her manipulation of bronze (she burns it constantly), a perfectionist, and can usually predict how events unfold just by watching people. Using her powers of observation and her talent with bronze, she can usually tell any allomancer's next move before he or she makes it.

Weaknesses: She mistrusts everyone except for her brother Aaron, she has no real combat skills except for evasion, and she is almost incapable of forming genuine relationships. Sometimes her ambitions blinds her to impossibilities she just assumes she can over come. Daerra also has deep issues with her body image, due to constant criticisms from her father, and her feelings of inferiority towards her mother. She attempts to mold and shape her body to her designs the same way she tries to use and control her feelings. These insecurities, and attempts to control her body have lead Daerra to hold a negative body image, and suffer from mild anorexia, with occasional bulimic impulses when under periods of duress.

Posted Image

Daerra was born first, and so she became the leader. Her twin brother, Aaron, followed. They were born in the year 895 to Lord Andrew and Lady Janelle Elariel. Their father, Lord Andrew, though the eldest of the two Elariel brothers, was stricken from the succession after an attempt to manipulate his brother into taking his own father's life. And so, Alistair, the younger brother, was, and is currently, Lord Elariel. A year later, a son, named Mikhail, was born to Lord Alistair, and was named heir.

As a prominent member of the first tier, Daerra was raised in luxury. Any dress or toy she wanted was given to her. Her parents, however, were less than ideal. Soon after giving birth to her children, Janelle Elariel lost almost all interest in them, preferring the company of her social circle to that of her new family. Lord Elariel took interest in his children rarely. One such time was when they showed excellence in their lessons, and Daerra took his spare hand with praise as a challenge, aiming to excel at her lessons, and surpassed the expectations of her instructors. Little did she know, she continued to push for her father away with her success. Andrew wanted a son to follow in his foot steps as a effective manipulator; someone he could hopefully put on the house seat that he could never reach. Daerra's over-achieving combined with Aaron's lack of interest in studies served to push both sibling farther away from their father. Never getting the praise she deserved, Daerra quickly developed perfectionist tendencies. Devoid of parental connection, the siblings turned to each other, and quickly became inseparable.

There was one other instance when Andrew paid very close attention to his children. On the day they both snapped. On their seventh birthday, Daerra and Aaron were dragged into the bowels of the keep by their father and two of his personal guards, to be beaten until they showed an allomantic ability, or failed to.

Aaron was taking first, and Daerra never forgot the moment the guard brought his switch down on her brother's back. Or her fathers expression as he did. It wasn't cold or even subdued. It was expectant. Daerra was a sharp child, and had learned about allomancy. She had weaseled out of her tutors how snapping worked, and what was involved. But she hadn't expected the beating to be so brutal. Or the look in her father's eye that seemed almost predatory. She hadn't expected the way Aaron voice would crack when he screamed.

They beat him, again and again. Did they have to do it so hard? Daerra screamed at them to stop, and tried to rush at them, pounding at them with her tiny fists, begging them to stop. One of the guards pulled her back and held, while the other continued to bring down his switch. Over and over again. Daerra's eyes never left Aaron's, except to glance at her father from time to time. The look in his eyes was almost feverish now. She knew what he hoped. That Aaron would be a mistborn, who could make his dreams come true, and make up for his failure in losing the House title.

Another blow came down on Aaron, and suddenly, Daerra could not bare it any longer. She screamed. And suddenly, everything changed. Pulses, beautiful pulses seemed to sing in her head, pulling her towards her brother. And Daerra knew. She had snapped, and was burning the trace bronze in her body to see that Aaron was doing the same.

"Stop," she heard herself crying. Her body shook, and she found that she was weeping, which she did only rarely. "He burning metals! He's doing it! You can stop now, please stop it. He's burning metals, I can sense it, please just stop it, please... stop it!"

The room around her grew silent. Her father was the first one to speak, and he spoke to the guards, his tone excited. "Is it true? Are they burning?" The guard seemed to focus for a moment, and then started as if surprised. "It's true, milord. The pulses were so faint, I didn't notice it at first. The girl is burning bronze, and the boy iron."

"You didn't notice!" roared Daerra's father. Daerra didn't know what to say. She had never seen her father angry before. He never raised his voice, and always seemed to Daerra to be the epitome of calm. Seeing him enraged was frightening, to say the least. "You didn't notice," he said, his voice going dangerously soft. "My son has snapped, and you didn't notice." Though Andrew made no move towards the guard, the man began to shake with fear. Sweat began to pour down his face, and it looked like his knees would give out soon. Why is he so scared, Daerra wondered. Her father wasn't being too frightening. Suddenly, she realized what was missing. The pulses, though they had stopped pulling her towards Aaron, now seemed to be pushing her away from her father. Her father was an allomancer!

Her father calmed himself. "Is he mistborn? Are either of them mistborn?" The guard, seemingly afraid to speak, only shook his head. Lord Andrew ordered for the other guard to bring a vial metals, and after brief test, it was determined that both twins were only mistings.

As most children of the final empire, Daerra and Aaron soon got over the trauma of the beating, and began to develop into a young noblewoman, and a young noble man. Daerra, spurred by her love of the music behind the bronze pulses, soon became interested in music, and became proficient at both singing, and playing the paino. Strangely, this drew her father's approval far more than any of her successes at her lessons or with her allomancy. She didn't find out later that he thought a talent for the arts was a suitable trait in a woman, and thought to use her talent to marry her off.

When they were little, Daerra and Aaron often played at being Mistborn together after they learned they were allomancers, though both knew such things were impossible. Daerra could tell, however, that her brother was truly disappointed he had only one allomantic power, and Daerra couldn't help see the tragedy in it. Aaron was a talented allomancer, and his knack for moving around using only iron proved he would have made a exceptional mistborn. It was a harsh blow to both of them and their father when their youngest cousin, Claudia snapped, and proved to be a Mistborn, though to Daerra that her cousin's timid nature would prevent her from being as great as Aaron would have been.

From an early age Daerra knew deep inside herself that she was meant to rule House Elariel. Later, she could never pinpoint a moment or time when the desire to one day lead the house occurred to her. It seemed to have always been a part of her, like her allomancy, or her talent for acting. Saying what they would do when they were in charge soon became another favorite pass time for Daerra and Aaron. Soon, she was contructing wild plots to put herself on the High Seat, with Aaron as her side kick of course, and like a dutiful brother, Aaron always followed where she led, rarely contradicting her. They made a perfect team, her foresight and planning ability balancing against his impulsiveness and spontaneity.

Strangely, as Daerra began to develop into a young woman, her mother began to take more interest in her. Where before the only time of her children's lives Lady Janelle took interest in was how they were dressed, suddenly everything in Daerra's life was interesting to her. As Daerra grew into a young woman, she learned from her mother, and soon became proficient at what she called, "the game of faces." However, where her mother used the game to maintain propriety, Daerra took it a few steps further. By the time she attended her first ball, Daerra was already an adept manipulator, and her talent only grew when spurred on by the environment of the Luthadel ball rooms.

As Daerra grew into a young woman, her father began setting her up on dates with other noblemen. Being a smart girl, Daerra had realized what was in store for her, and though she hated the thought of leaving Elariel, she went about it dutifully at first, making plans on how she would transform whatever house she was a part of. She was already doing an admiral job at home, gaining the support of an entire faction of nobility despite her youth, and several years before her cousin Mikhail managed the feat. Her father disapproved of her antics, and often criticized her behaviour, using his emotional allomancy as punishment. His constant soothings became a sort of test for Daerra, and she soon became proficient not just at telling which emotions he was focusing on with bronze, but without it as well. Despite her resistance, Daerra idolized her father, and though she annoyed him, he contented himself that her good looks and talent would see her married and out of his hair soon enough. Niether of them could have guessed what was to come.

It started on her first pre-arranged date. Daerra had always been an excellent conversationalist, and had already made many acquaintances at court. Spending the entire evening with a young man was a different thing entirely. Her mother had given her advice of course, far more than Daerra wanted. The woman seemed to think of herself as some kind of older sister rather than a mother. Within minutes of her date beginning, however, Daerra soon deduced that her escort was an imbecile who was hardly worth her time. She stayed polite and pretended interest in the conversation, but she couldn't help feeling that she had had nothing in common with the man. Her father was disappointed when she said she would not see him again, but then, she was used to that. She also knew he was coming to use her faction as well as his own for power within the house, and so she threw herself into politics, hoping to please him that way. She failed.

The dates continued, and Daerra continued to reject them. One was too noisy, another too annoying, another to girlish. The real shock came when gentleman began to resist taking Daerra out on second dates. After some digging, the most common reason's her father uncovered were that she was intimidating, or, from the more astute boys, that something just did not feel right He began hounding Daerra day and night, never breaking calm, of course, trying to get her to correct her behavior, to behave in a fashion appropriate for a young lady. He also was not satisfied that the reasons he had heard were the sole reasons for Daerra's rejections, he began to pick out other faults within her, pushing her perfectionist nature to the extreme, and inadvertently pushing Daerra further beneath her masks of false feelings and deceits. The abuses with his allomancy grew more intense, and many nights he left Daerra feeling cold and empty inside. She prided herself on never crying though. No matter how much he soothed away, she never shed a tear, not since the day Aaron was beaten within an inch of his life.

As the rift between Daerra and her father grew, her turned to her relationship with Aaron. He was her only true support in a world of false smiles and feigned laughter. She continued to lay schemes, both within and outside of Keep Elariel. Slowly she moved from competing with others her age, and began to move against her father and uncle. She continued to resist being forced onto escorts at every turn, trying to assert her rights, trying to prove that despite being a woman, she could be far more competent than any man. Daerra soon mastered the game of faces, taking it to extents her mother had never imagined. Using her deep understanding of her own feelings, garnered from her father repeated allomantic attacks, Daerra soon learned to fake any emotional state, and to use even her own natural feelings to her advantage. Seeing that she would never please her father, Daerra threw herself into her old goal. She would become Lady Elariel in truth. She had to.

It was during this time, that she and Aaron began their own private thieving crew, unbeknown to the rest of their house. She told him it was to increase her own disposable income, however, in truth, she started the crew for him. He took Claudia becoming a mistborn hard. The thieving crew gave him a chance to do what he was best at. She recruited a dwarf smoker named Martin, and launched a tendril of her growing influence into the underground. The thieving crew was perfect for her and Aaron. Daerra's growing attention to politics, and Aaron's increasing apathy towards it had begun to separate them The thieving crew gave Aaron a chance to use his allomancy to it's full extent, and it provided Daerra with a disposable source of income that her parents could not trace. She soon added to their small operations, and with some atium stolen from another house, bought the contract for a Kandra named JinJin. Though she could tell Aaron loved their little crew, it was only ever of passing interest to Daerra. Her ambitions pushed her farther, and her path lead across the dead bodies of her father, uncle and cousins.

Though she came to see attending balls alone as asserting her independence, she began to wonder deep inside if their truly was something wrong with her. She already had issues with feeling inferior to the legendary beauty of her mother, and her already staggering obsession with her body image steadily grew. She soon took to exercising to stay lean, and began to skip meals here or there. She forced herself to vomit for the first time after her father nearly succeeded in marrying her off to some lesser house out in the Western dominance, and continued to do so during periods of great stress. As she grew into her twenties, the public Daerra was one of the most formidable women in Luthadel, but the private one that even Aaron rarely saw, was weaker than ever.

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Daerra was born first. She was born to lead. She closed her eyes, and focused on the four Tin-Eyes guarding the keep. No one really understood to true power of Bronze, or it's true beauty. Each of the allomantic pulses seeped through her mind like a miniature symphony. They were all similar of course, for they all burned Tin, but Daerra could detect minute differences in each one. Differences that told her things. A weaker beat meant boredom, a slower one tiredness. None of them were very alert, they were trusting their enhanced senses would alert them, the fools! She checked them each again. All had their tin on a low burn, and none had flared it recently. Their had been too few false alarms, and not enough real ones. They were missing a ball, and they were all very tired.

Daerra opened her eyes, and nodded to her brother. Aaron wrinkled his nose, and knelt so that their dwarf smoker, Martin, could fasten himself to his chest. As per instruction, Martin kept his copper cloud small. Large enough to hide himself and Aaron, but not large enough to hide the Tin-Eyes from Daerra. To a skilled seeker, though Daerra sensed none, a large copper cloud was as much of a give-away as the allomantic pulses they covered up. Daerra was a Seeker, she thought of such things.

Her brother gave her one of his infuriating winks and sped off into the mists.

*For a further, and much better RP sample, see the Preparations thread.

#2 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 27 June 2010 - 05:10 AM

First of all, I'd like to say that I'm glad to see your edits in Aaron's thread reflected in this one. Good work! I'll be all set to accept this, after one little issue regarding Daerra's use of Bronze.

Unfortunately, there are a few things listed in your roleplay sample that the use of Bronze - even by a savant - simply cannot detect. First, Daerra would not be able to pierce Martin's coppercloud, despite familial connections; copper works by deadening the air around its user, therefore preventing Allomantic pulses from carrying. By that note, it is also impossible to detect things such as gender or emotion through the use of Allomancy. I will, however, accept assuming that the guards are tired due to their minimal use of tin, and because of situational clues, so that part of it is fine.

So, there you go. Once that's taken care of, I'll be more than happy to accept you!

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#3 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 27 June 2010 - 05:54 AM

Everything looks great here. You're Accepted! Welcome to the RP!

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