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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Yvette Valcier-House Spy

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#1 Yvette Valcier

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Posted 18 September 2014 - 07:24 PM


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Name/Handle: Mozy
Contact:PM first

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Name: Yvette Valcier
Type: Noble
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Luthadel/Felisse
Occupation: Valcier House Spy
Relationship Status: Single

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Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Tin
Degree of Skill: Advanced
Status: Hidden

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Yvette has a small build, and is quite slender. However, she is nearer the tall side of height than the short side, for a woman, standing at 5’6”. She has a very young, round face, with a slightly more prominent chin than her cousins. She got that from her mother. Her coloring is dark, with olive skin and dark brown eyes. Her hair is dark brown, and has gone through many stages. Currently it falls just past her shoulders, but it is so thick, and sometimes quite curly, that it often looks like she has more.

How she holds herself often depends on the company. When in society she stands like a proper noblewoman, but with a small tilt of the hip to accent her slender, sinuous build. When with her cousins she is much more casual with her bearing. She stands more naturally and less so in a way that has obviously been well thought out. When she is being professional she stands straight, without any excess casual body language or flirtatiousness.

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Yvette is a clever, ambitious young woman who has done a lot in a very short amount of time. Her work-ethic is amazing, as she is a perfectionist. This has resulted in her being not only a highly accomplished Tineye, at her young age of eighteen, but she has learned the…noble art of manipulation wonderfully. She always remains detached from her work of being a spy, resulting in not having many friends outside of her family. It is hard to truly befriend her, though a select few have succeeded. Those few she would protect at all costs and without hesitation. The near-assassination of her cousin Leroy did much to motivate her to become a protective, and secretive, person. She doesn't trust easily, as she knows that to do so would put Leroy at risk again.

Her duty is the most important part of her life. Her spying has taken precedent over actually being in society as herself, resulting in her having a wonderfully practiced and acted face of a gossip. A silly, flirtatious gossip. She finds that it is easier to get people to tell her things when she seems to be nonthreatening. It is not hard for her to act like a ditz, but it is draining sometimes, and it presents weaknesses. When one is nonthreatening and non-confrontational, being so tends to break that image, so Yvette occasionally has to deal with people she would rather would just leave her alone.

Yvette's relationship with her two younger cousins are some of the only real contact she has with people when she is not acting. Her friendship with Leroy has become much more professional since she has started working directly under his command, but it occasionally is less so, depending on the situation. She has never gotten along incredibly well with Claire, but as her other cousins were always too old to hang out with her when they were young, she has gotten to be better friends with Claire than would normally be possible for two such different people.

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Special Skills: Observation, acting the part of a silly gossip, information gathering, being a perfectionist, work-ethic

Strengths: Yvette is a wonderful Tineye and a perfectionist. This has resulted in her being successful, even though she is young. She is a talented spy, and her sense of duty to her family extends to her close friends as well. She would protect both her House and her friends without hesitation.

Weaknesses: Because she is a perfectionist, she is frustrated by her inability to do certain things perfectly. Mistakes that would seem small to most people are huge to Yvette. She is also vulnerable when in society because she must maintain her act and that requires her to have to put up with certain things she would usually hate, such as flirting. It is easy to confront her at a ball as she cannot say no strongly without breaking her image.

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Yvette Valcier is the only child of Lady Carlene and Lord Eugene Valcier. Eugene Valcier was the younger brother of the Head of House, Albert Valcier. Yvette was born three years after her parent’s marriage and four years after her cousin, Leroy, was born. Leroy was not the oldest of her cousins, but he was the one that Yvette always got along better with. She was closer in age to Leroy’s younger sister, Claire, but Yvette never really liked Claire. She was too high-strung for Yvette. Yvette never quite found out why she never had any siblings, but when she did as later in her life she was told that her mother had had a hard time during her pregnancy and had not wanted to have another child. Of course, Yvette didn't believe this.

Yvette’s parents doted on her, though her father didn’t show as much physical affection for her. However, she was their only child and even her father spoiled her. She was a talented, intelligent young girl, and despite her energy, she was also quite quiet. It was ingrained in her at a very young age that her duty to the House was always the most important, and even though she looked up to Leroy, her mother made it clear that Leroy was both older, and third in line to the title. Yvette needed to, therefore, treat him with respect. She was taught the same respect for her other cousins. They were of the main line and therefore more important than she.

It was hard to think like that about Leroy. She looked up to him too much, and when she was little she followed him around constantly. She didn't really know her older cousins, which made it easier for her to not hang on them when they were around. Her older cousins were always doing work, or in lessons, and had little time to spend around their little cousin.

Yvette’s lessons started when she was still young, focusing on etiquette and business. As her parent’s only child, it was expected of her to know some business. She was driven, and talented, even though she didn’t like having to be so serious all the time. Etiquette and dancing were boring, though she still worked hard at them.

Yvette was allowed to play with her cousins when she did well with her lessons, but as Leroy was four years her senior, and Claire was only a year younger than Yvette was, she was often stuck playing with Claire. Not to mention that by the time Yvette was four, Leroy had Snapped as a Pewterarm and was more busy than he had been before. Yvette wanted to be an Allomancer as well, but she didn’t want to be a Pewterarm. Even at her young age she wanted something that seemed to have less brute strength behind it.

When Yvette was eight she Snapped. Her father sent for her shortly after her birthday and he took her to a small, dark room of the manor. He gave her something to drink that tasted awful and then took her gently to the center of the room. He hugged her tight and whispered “I love you, Yvette, okay? Don’t worry.” and she could hear something new in his voice. Fear. Her father was afraid. He kissed her forehead and let go of her slowly, retreating to one of the walls.

What was happening? They tied her to…something, but she wasn't sure what. It was tall, and hard, and possibly made of wood. Why was her father scared? He’d rarely shown her that level of physical affection. She knew that he loved her. What was he—something, a whip, hit her back. Hard. The whip hit a second time, stinging across her back. This time she screamed, but her screams turned to silent sobs after a few minutes of this treatment. Suddenly she felt something within her and the world exploded in light and pain and the smell of blood. In the split second before she passed out from the overwhelming pressure of it all, it registered with her that she was an Allomancer!

When she awoke she was in so much pain that she didn’t even want to open her eyes. However, she did and was surprised to find that the world seemed to have righted itself. It was no longer overwhelmingly bright, and no longer smelled of her blood. Only her mother sat beside her, but when she saw that Yvette was awake, she quickly explained that Yvette’s father had had too much work. It took a few minutes for anyone to explain what had happened as various people had to be brought and someone was sent for her father but finally her mother explained what Yvette suspected was the case. Yvette was an Allomancer. A Tineye, in fact.

Once everyone had stopped fussing over Yvette demanded the full explanation. It took a few tries. Apparently not many people wished to talk about it. Finally she succeeded in getting someone to explain and the reality that all noble children had to be beaten to discover their Allomancy, should they have it, relieved her. She had been worried that for some reason they had had to do something more drastic as a punishment for…something.

The hardest part of her recovery and first training was dealing with pain. She rarely did something so reckless as to so much as bruise herself. Having been trained in grace and proper behavior since she could walk she had only rarely accidentally hurt herself. Thus, this was the most pain she had ever been in, even when she was almost fully recovered.
Yvette’s lessons were focused now on her future duties as a House spy. She had to learn how to use tin, which came fairly naturally to her. She had always been observant as well, so she merely had to learn how to hone her natural skill. She sat with her mother at tea when there were guests and as she got older she began to practice noticing small changes in people’s faces and body language during conversation. She rarely spoke during these visits, though. Yvette knew that she was only to speak when spoken to, at least when in polite company, and people rarely spoke to her.

She was thirteen when the House was shaken by multiple events. It had been a problem for a while that Corin, her second-oldest cousin, was a drunkard. Finally this came to a head when they sent him to join the ministry. Yvette did not know him that well, so it was surprising to her. However, that was not the end. Shortly after, her oldest cousin, Antoine, the heir to the House, was assassinated. It was never found out who had ordered the assassination, but they had their suspicions. Not that she was allowed to know about them. However, she had been trained for five years now. She knew how to simply listen in on conversations. Mere months later there was an attempt on Leroy’s life as well. Luckily they had underestimated him. Unluckily, he succeeded in outing himself when he ran away from the attacker. More than anything, that was what shook Yvette the most. Leroy was her favorite cousin, and the thought of him dead scared her.

Yvette had hoped that things between her and Leroy would stay the same, even though he now had to be heir. Her hopes were dashed quickly. Leroy had more things to do now, and so did she. She wanted to prove herself as capable of staying by Leroy's side as he learned how to lead the house. She wanted to be the Master of the House Spies. She knew that it was unlikely, and so she had to prove herself to be much stronger, and more competent than anyone else.

As Yvette grew older she also grew in stature. She was never overly tall, and she continued to stay slender. It was merely how she was built. However, by the time she was fourteen she already was beginning to look like a mature young woman, though her face was still young. Yvette began to grow sick of getting new dresses. It seemed that every three months she had grown out of her dresses and she was also getting ready for her debut. She knew she had to look impeccable and yet it was so boring to have to continually go to the tailor to make sure her ball gown was still fitting her.

At her debut Yvette spoke very little. She spent more time observing society than she did speaking. Most people thought it was just nerves, which was natural, and no one thought much of it. As Yvette got more used to society she began to gather herself a social network. She made herself inconspicuous. She was silly and gossipy, and that kept people from thinking twice when she pressed for the newest gossip and information.

All in all, Yvette did very well in society. She was clever enough to keep her intelligence hidden, for the most part, and she acted the part of a ditsy gossip well. As such, she was a competent spy for Valcier and was never worried about being found out. She had a Smoker to hide her Allomancy and a reputation to keep people from suspecting her. She circulated different groups of people with her gossip, collecting their gossip and listening into everyone else’s conversations. She slowly worked her way into some prestigious social circles and yet stayed hidden.

When she was seventeen Yvette was appointed command of a small group of spies that were to report directly to Leroy. It was part of his training as heir, and she hoped it was part of her training as well. She knew that she would have to marry eventually, but she still hoped that maybe she could be promoted enough that they wouldn’t want to get rid of her. Marriage did, of course, sound appealing, but so did staying with her House.

Her first order of business was, of course, to look into the lives of all her spies. It was not hard, and they all seemed to check out, except for one whom she was suspicious about. Quentin Barreneau. He was a minor member of that House, so why was he assigned to Leroy’s personal team of spies? She decided to talk to him before digging farther into his life.

Yvette called him to a small room that now functioned as her office and waved him to a chair. It was dim in the room to accommodate her tin, but it gave an air of intensity to the office, and mystery. “Quentin Barreneau? Please, sit. This will not take long.” Quentin sat, looking a little nervous, and Yvette smiled at him in an attempt to get him to be more comfortable. “I would not worry too much, I merely wish to get to know the people I must work with.”

Quentin relaxed a little, and Yvette turned her tin up a little so that she could see the changes in his posture better. “I was worried this was some interrogation or something.”

“Oh no, not at all.” Yvette lied easily. “You are a Tineye, correct? Nineteen, you have a sibling, I heard?”

“All of that is correct.” Quentin cracked a smile, “Although, I don’t know how you expect me to tell you anything new. You obviously have done your research.”

Yvette smiled smugly. “It is my job. So, now you must think up incredibly interesting and obscure things to tell me about yourself.”

“Obscure and interesting? Let me see… I always flare tin before entering a room, just in case. I was rather scarred once when I walked in on my brother kissing the girl he was courting.”

Yvette chuckled and Quentin grinned at her. “I definitely did not uncover that.” She said.

“He told me I was not supposed to mention it, but since you are my superior…” Quentin said and Yvette rolled her eyes at him. “I can identify certain books by the engraving on their bindings. All my favorites, mostly, and I don’t have to burn tin to do it.”

“If you do not mind my asking, how exactly did you get assigned to this team? I am interested to know how other people were picked.” Yvette asked, determined to not let him pull her into a more comfortable, snarky frame of mind.

“I’m not sure how I was picked. All I know is that I was to be trained as a servant here, and I was trained as a spy as part of my training with tin. I suppose that has something to do with it.” Quentin shrugged and Yvette had a hard time not believing him. Part of that was because she knew that it had been a surprise for most people on the team.

“Ah, I see. Well, then, welcome. I am glad to have as many Tineyes as I can in this team. It will make everything easier.” Yvette smiled at him, finding herself feeling actually quite happy that he had turned out to be nice.

Yvette did look into his story anyways, and it did check out. She was not sure of his ability as a Tineye, but she did befriend him. She was careful, though, very careful, and especially so after Levaine spies were found in the House. Once more she had to look even harder into everyone’s past. She worked underneath the instruction of the Master of the House Spies to do it. It was technically his job, but as she was hoping to take his place someday, she was told to help. It was boring, but this was her job and she would do it well.

Quentin actually gave her a name of someone he thought was suspicious, and when it checked out Yvette started to respect his place as one of her spies more. Once everything had calmed down she began to trust him more than she had before. It was relieving to have someone else she could be herself around. So often she had to be professional around Leroy, and Quentin was beginning to be someone she loosened up around, and that was rare for her. She was always on her guard, especially with all of Valcier’s new politics. They now had a contract with Fathvell, and a tentative alliance, which required Yvette to watch them more closely than before, as well Fathvell's enemies and allies alike. She began to worry about how the Hasting succession crisis will play out and how it will affect Valcier. However, around Quentin she stopped being so on edge. It was strange for her, as she was not usually like this around people she wasn’t related to.

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The gossip lately had been slow. A smattering of courtships beginning and a few falling apart, but none of them were interesting. However, tonight appeared to be different. Tonight the heir of House Getrue, a recent yet powerful arrival to the Luthadel scene, was in attendance. House Getrue had sent their heir and her brother seemingly unexpectedly, yet those who had been watching had seen it coming.

The house had been steadily growing in power and it was almost more unexpected that they had not yet sent anyone to Luthadel. Sending the heir was almost a bold move, though, and Yvette wanted to know more.
However, instead of approaching Lady Adalaide, the heir, she decided to target Lord Theodoric. He seemed…less intimidating, and men were always easier to get information out of. Besides, he looked like he could use the company. She did not approach him quite yet, though. She mingled her way slowly in his direction and then caught his eye for a second, flashing him a small smile. As she had predicted, he approached her a moment later. It had taken him longer than she had expected, though. Perhaps he had not known who she was.

"Lady Yvette Valcier? I am Theodoric Getrue. I am rather new here, but I was wondering if you would grant me a dance." Lord Theodoric sounded a little awkward, and his phrasing was off a little and unpracticed. Was it possible that he was not used to this, or was he just flustered by her presence? Whatever the cause, Yvette was fine with it. She smiled prettily and took his outstretched hand.

"I would love to, Lord Theodoric." Yvette said, her voice pitched a little higher than was normal and exuding enthusiasm, as he led her onto the dance floor. "You say you are new to Luthadel? How are you liking it?" Lord Theodoric danced well, though again it was a little unpracticed. From what she had heard, he was twenty, and should have been more used to this kind of thing by now. Perhaps she would find out why.

"I find it…big." Lord Theodoric responded and Yvette frowned slightly.

"You are not used to cities?" She asked, wondering if he would be easier to get information from than she had anticipated. "I have heard that Klessium is not as large as Luthadel, but it is not exactly small."

"It is definitely big, but this is much bigger. There is a grandness to Luthadel that Klessium does not have." Lord Theodoric paused and then shrugged a little as they danced. "The keeps are magnificent here. Well, most of them. They are all quite large, at the very least."

Yvette smiled inwardly. Yes. This would be very easy. "Magnificent as the keeps are, they are only part of what one can admire here. I would assume you are here for pleasure? I cannot see what else there would be for a young man such as yourself."

"Pleasure, and some business. But you would be correct. I am mostly here for pleasure." Lord Theodoric smiled a little.

Business? Were the rumours true? Was House Getrue really going to make a bid for ascension? Yvette had to know more. "I wish you luck on the business, then. I have never been one for business, but I know much about society, and should you never need help…" She drew her vowels out a little long to combine with her enthusiasm to make herself sound perfectly silly. Everything was a little exaggerated, but only in a good way and her smile was innocent.

Lord Theodoric smiled. "Ah, well, one would hope that will not be problematic for us, but I shall remember your offer." He said and Yvette nearly rolled her eyes. Arrogant and bad at this. If he did not get better at it, his house would have problems. Yvette did find it odd that someone so high-ranking would have difficulty keeping secrets, though.

"But of course. I will always be willing to help. I know all the good social circles. Why, I could always introduce you to some people right now." Yvette said with enthusiasm, smiling sweetly at him, but Lord Theodoric shook his head. Yvette continued, "Is it just yourself and your sister, the heir, in Luthadel?"

"Yes, but my father spoke of sending my younger brother at a later point. He says it would be good for Josua to learn how to navigate Luthadel society." Lord Theodoric said, and Yvette wondered if he knew how easy to read he was.

"I do hope that you enjoy yourself here." Yvette said as the song ended. "I must rejoin my cousin." She smiled at him and he kissed her hand before she departed with a smug grin.

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