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The Perrault Ball has begun!

KChan's Photo KChan 24 Sep 2014

I have to get to work, so I'll make this quick: The Perrault Ball topic has been posted! If this is your first ball, please remember a couple key points to make everyone's experience more enjoyable:
  • This will likely be a large thread with lots of characters posting. Try to be aware of other people and not monopolize the thread.
  • It is up to the player of the host house to set the pacing for the ball - when dinner and dancing start, etc. This time around, that would be me. Sebastien Perrault will be the character to watch for cues as to what is happening when.
  • Have fun! And try to be patient. Ball threads are chaotic at best, but lots of fun.

Happy posting, and have a ball! ;)