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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Intrigue and Infiltration

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#1 Camille Deveaux

  • Daughter of Lord Deveaux

Atium Chandelier
  • Age18

  • Relationship StatusSingle

  • OriginLuthadel

  • Allomantic StatusHidden

Posted 29 September 2014 - 08:20 PM

Lady Camille Deveaux sat in her Lord Father’s study, intently studying the reports he had laid out in front of her. Many of them were shipping manifests, filed with the Canton of Resource to declare what House Ewing was shipping into Luthadel from their mills in the west. Quantities, values, and dates were clearly spelled out in neat, concise handwriting that likely belonged to some minor functionary or another. Next to them were copies of reports from Deveaux’s agent within Ewing, translated from the cipher he used to encrypt his communications. Ewing, he had claimed recently, was not being honest with the Ministry about what they were bringing into Luthadel. They were smuggling something, but he had been unable to discern what it was. Even SenKaan, skilled as he was, had as yet been unable to unearth what exactly was happening inside their rival house. Camille herself had attempted to inspect the barges, but Ewing kept their docks too well guarded with Tineyes for her to get close enough without being seen, and they did all their offloading during the day, when any attempt to take a closer look would be far too blatant and suspicious.

Clearly, however, a new opportunity had presented itself, if Father was having her review this information before her afternoon tea with Lord Ewing’s daughter. She looked over the reports one more time, then turned her attention back up to her Father.

“What is my assignment?”

“I’ve received a tip from an associate that new information has become available,” Lord Deveaux explained, “But they were unable to tell me what it might be - only that it’s important. Find out if it really exists, and if it does, bring it back to me.”

“Of course, Father. It will be done.”

Posted Image

Later that afternoon, Camille stared thoughtfully out her carriage window as she neared Keep Ewing. This afternoon’s tea wasn’t just with Oravelia, of course; Daerra Elariel and Aveline Sureau would also be there. The four of them made for an interesting mix: one daughter each from the three oldest and most established Great Houses, and one from neutral Elariel. Of course, that made them arguably the most influential ladies’ faction at court, at least among the younger generation.

It was also completely out of Oravelia’s league. Aveline was the acknowledged heir to the Sureau title, and largely regarded as an intelligent capable woman. Daerra was a deft hand at maneuvering the political and social landscape, orchestrating her plans with a subtlety and grace that surely did the Elariels proud. Camille herself was of course by no means unaccomplished at court, and quite skilled in other areas as well.

And then there was Ora: young, gullible, and far more naive than anyone in Luthadel had any right to be. She was so blind to reality that Camille had often thought she must be faking it, but surely no one in their right mind would fake having that much mist clouding their head.

The carriage came to a halt a few minutes later, interrupting her thoughts about how to go about retrieving the information, and the coachman helped her down. Once inside, she allowed a servant to take her hat and shawl, revealing a pale violet day dress trimmed with cream colored ribbons. Another servant appeared to lead her to the parlor, and Camille found herself wondering how this afternoon would play out. Giving Ora the slip wouldn’t be too difficult, but Aveline might be more difficult. Daerra, meanwhile, would be practically impossible to fool. She was a keen observer, and would be immediately suspicious if Camille stepped away for too long or short a time.

This was going to be interesting.

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#2 Daerra Elariel

  • Heir's Sister

Looking Good in Red
  • Age23

  • Relationship StatusSingle

  • OriginLuthadel

  • Allomantic StatusHidden

Posted 30 September 2014 - 05:45 AM

Lady Daerra Elariel accepted JinJin's hand as he helped her down from the carriage, and stepped into the protective shade of the parasol he held. A recent acquisition, she was still getting used to her new steward. Despite the obvious benefit of JinJin's absolute loyalty and shape changing abilities, Daerra still couldn't help but miss the attentions of her old steward. At times she was convinced Odairn of all people would suit her purposes better. While he was unwavering loyal to her uncle, and an accomplished schemer in his own right, Odairn, at least, knew how to provide competent service while keeping his mouth shut.

"It really is a--" Daerra held up a hand to silence whatever idiotic statement the creature had been about to utter.

"Once I'm inside, you may take the carriage to drop off my packages. I should be done here in a few hours. I will you expect you to have returned and be ready to leave as soon as I am." The "packages" Daerra spoke of were mostly payments and bribes for some of her various informants and underworld contacts. While she did not trust JinJin's minimal acting ability in the company she was about to share, he did seem to have a knack for completing simple tasks with relative efficiency and discretion. He even seemed to enjoy himself doing it. Daerra still didn't know how she had managed to hire the stupidest kandra in the empire, but at the very least she was still able to make some use of JinJin, meaning the fortune in atium she had spent on him would not be a total waste.

The kandra bobbed his head enthusiastically in response, and departed after seeing Daerra through the doors. As he left, Daerra thought she heard him humming to himself, and resisted the urge to turn around, knowing he was likely skipping as well. At least no one will ever suspect him of criminal activity.

With JinJin gone, Daerra turned her focus to preparing for the task at hand as Ewing servants arrived to take her shawl, revealing her dress, which was a stunning shade of aquamarine. Though the cut and style were conservative, the colour was perhaps a tad vibrant for an afternoon tea. Daerra had chosen it to stand out a little from the rest of her company, and because she fancied it brought out a little colour in her pale eyes. To compensate, and to avoid looking overdressed or garish, she paired the outfit with simple pieces of jewelery in silver, without any stones. Her hair was pinned up in a simple but elegant knot with a single silver clip.

Before following after the servant who was apparently in charge of escorting her to the parlour, Daerra took a moment to check her appearance in one of Keep Ewing's many mirrors. Her companions this afternoon would no doubt be dressed to perfection. Aveline would have chosen something conservative, and yet still look stunning, with not even a hair out of place. Oravelia Ewing, the youngest member of their little group, was always trying to be on the cutting edge, and would be wearing one of the latest fashions, her relatively plain face made dynamic with the finest cosmetics money could buy. The Ewings, with their stranglehold on the empire's textile market, could not afford for their Lord's daughter to look anything other than stylish.

And then there was Camille. Despite only being a year older than Ora, Augustin Deveaux's daughter fit in better with Daerra and Aveline than she did with the guileless Ora. Despite her youth, Camille was dangerously competent in the courtly arena, and had the intellect to back up that talent hidden behind a mask that Daerra was willing to admit might rival her own. Since Daerra had met her, Camille had navigated through every social situation gracefully, without missing a step. No doubt today would be no different, and Camille's dress would be tastefully chosen to strike a balance between adhering to old trends and setting new ones.

As Daerra glanced at her reflection, the women she was about to meet seemed to appear behind her, judging her behind their perfect smiles. In the flesh she could spot flaws in each of them, even Camille, but in her mind's eye even Ora was impossibly beautiful, and the comparison made Daerra's own imperfections all too clear.

Vanity can wait. You have no time for this now, she chided herself, resolving to avoid whatever dainties Ora would be serving at her tea, and to take some time to exercise when she got home.

The servant led her through the halls of Keep Ewing, which had become familiar to Daerra in her visits since befriending Ora. Daerra still was not certain how or why their group had formed. When she had grown bored of spending most balls in the company of women from Elariel's lesser allies, she had hoped to improve her station by associating more regularly with women of her own rank. Aveline had been first, an obvious choice. Not only were they the same age, the Sureau heir had the potential to become the most powerful woman in Luthadel, and was well respected at court. Then, in the interest of neutrality, it had only made sense at the time to spend some time with Camille, the only woman from Deveaux who was close to Daerra and Aveline in age and rank.

Ora had come into the picture last, joining the group inadvertently on the same night she debuted into Luthadel society. The thought of the silly girl blundering into their conversation would have brought a smile of amusement to Daerra's lips, had she been prone to such things. Despite being high ranked, and from the only house to come even close to maintaining a presence in Luthadel for as long as Deveaux and Sureau, Daerra quickly tired of Ora. The Ewing girl was immature, had little understanding for politics, and her trusting nature made her all too easy to manipulate. Next to capable adversaries like Camille and Aveline, Ora was nothing more than a child in way over her head.

And yet, as Daerra reflected on the last year, she supposed it was also Ora who had held their group together and made it what it was. After all, it had been Ora, no doubt nervous about losing the three women she saw as her only friends at court, who had been so insistent they sit together at any ball they had no date to. She had also been the one to start the tradition of their weekly meetings over tea. Daerra had initially been disgusted by Ora's affections for the three of them, but had tolerated it for the sake of having the opportunity to interact with Aveline and Camille more often. Over time, she began to see the role Ora's neediness played in cementing the group together, despite her failure to grasp even the most mundane of intrigues.

Daerra had never intended for the group to close off after Ora joined, but somehow, the possibility of adding a new member had just never really arisen. Claudia preferred to drift from group to group, spending more time lost in her own thoughts than she did socializing with others. In truth, Daerra preferred it that way, as it made it all the more easy to usurp the influence that would normally be her cousin's due as sister to the heir. As for the rest of the family, Daerra already saw more of Vivian than she would like, and Celia followed on her sister's heel like a well-trained dog.

The other girls also seemed hesitant to include anyone else from their respective houses. Though Aveline didn't talk about them much, and Daerra couldn't blame her, the two younger Sureau sisters seemed to jump from one scandal to the next. As for Camille, most of the Deveaux women of rank in their age bracket were either out of the city, or involved in more serious relationships. Daerra wouldn't have been surprised if that had been intentionally arranged by Camille's father, to make his daughter all the more desirable to potential suitors. Ora, on the other hand, seemed all to happy to pretend the rest of her family didn't exist, preferring to spend time with her new friends instead.

Women from the other Great Houses also just didn't seem to fit. Colette Hasting might have been a suitable addition, but the potential heir seemed to prefer dominating women from lessor houses to associating with her peers. Jenna Tekiel and Adalae Lekal were too young, and had yet to debut, and Daerra would have rather have tea with a skaa than spend any more time with Phyra Venture than she had to. Despite herself, Daerra had almost begun to feel a little fond of the group, and was glad they had become exclusive. At the very least, she was fond of the influence she gained by associating with three of the most important young women in Luthadel.

This tea, however, was about more than just making an appearance and swapping secrets. Today, Daerra had an added mission. Elariel sources had indicated that Ewing was hiding something, and someone--no one was certain who--was very interested in uncovering whatever information they could. They could be reasonably certain, however, that the interested party was another Great House. While Ewing had it's enemies among the lesser houses, the resources and precision necessary to make the discrete inquiries that the Elariel operatives were observing could only be commanded by a Great House. Daerra's mission today was to find the information on Ewing before someone else could, so that Elariel could then sell the secret and make a profit. The difficult part, of course, would be avoiding the suspicions of Camille and Aveline. For all Daerra knew, it could be one of their houses who was interested in the information.

For the moment, however, all she needed to do was greet her friends as she normally would, and then lie in wait for an opportunity.

When she arrived, only Ora and Camille were present, and Daerra nodded politely to both of them in greeting before taking a seat and accepting a cup of tea from the steward.

"Well, it seems Aveline will be the last to arrive." Daerra glanced over her tea cup to Camille, noting the other woman's immaculate outfit while searching for any discrepancies or flaws in her mask. "I suppose this means that when she arrives, she will have to be the first to share a secret."

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