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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#1 Ronyl

  • Celestine Beliveaux's Steward

  • Age36

  • OriginTathingdwen

Posted 01 January 2015 - 06:43 AM

Terrisman Steward

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Name/Handle: Haelbarde
Contact: PM first, IM after I've talked to you

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Name: Ronyl
Type: Terrisman
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Tathingdwen
Occupation: Celestine Beliveaux's Steward
Relationship Status: Eunuch

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Ronyl has the tall, elongated frame nobles would expect a Terrisman steward to have. His hair is brown, though he always shaves it, and he has greeny-grey eyes.

His job often keeps him on his feet, and he keeps himself fit. His face is always composed, bearing an expression that says he's happy to be serve. He holds himself straight, keeping good posture, and always appears in the uniform of a steward. Like many of the Terris people, he wears a lot of jewellery, though mostly because it's part of 'the look' of the Terris people than through any personal interest.

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Ronyl is naturally a quiet individual. He does however enjoy serving as a steward, and works hard to consistently fulfil tasks to as close to as perfection as he can achieve. He is however plagued with doubts over his betrayal of his first master, something which lead to its destruction in the Belinsk Rebellion in 915, along with breaking his oath he swore to uphold the Stewards Code. The ministry did not condemn him for his actions, assuring him it was the right thing to do. He has tried to convince himself of the fact but still feels guilty. It makes him uncertain of himself in his service to House Beliveaux, as he truly cares for the House, and worries he might fail them, becoming a betrayer and oath breaker for the second time. He hopes that by helping Celestine to restore her confidence, improve House Beliveaux's standing, and to facilitate Celestine eventually being named heir, he'll be able to put his past failing behind, comforted in the fact he will have made a meaningful positive impact on House Beliveaux.

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Special Skills: Like most Terris Stewards, Ronyl is a master of self-control, able to hide any visible reaction if he should so desire.

Strengths: Having passed through the Tathingdwen University, and then through the additional training required to become a Steward, he has learnt the many skills required for the position.

Weaknesses: Ronyl is always conscious of not offending anyone, if at all possible, something ingrained from Terris culture. He is also plagued with doubts due to his first Steward posting. Though he tells himself it was the right thing to do, he still struggles with the fact he betrayed his previous master, and broke the Stewards code. He doesn't entirely trust himself to not do it again.

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Ronyl was born in 882 in the Tathingdwen Breeding Compound, like most other Terrismen. He never knew his parents, or his siblings, if he had any. No Terrisman born in the Breeding Compound did. Raised with all the other boys born in the Compound, this was the only place he knew for the first 4 years of his life. Everyone was taught to read and write from the age of three, and at four were sorted into different groups. All those not assigned to be breeders were castrated and sent out around the dominance. Ronyl was among those assigned to be scholars, and so was moved into a dormitory with 3 other boys (Haddan, Zalbul, and Rudwar) near the Tathingdwen Primary School.

The four of them became the siblings they had never known. Going through school together, they spent most of their time together when not studying, and always looked out for each other. As they moved through the years, their interests in their studies started to diverge. Haddan had more of a bent towards working with his hands, Zalbul had a love of numbers, while Rudwar's interest lay in the past. Ronyl's interest lay more in geography. He wanted to travel the Final Empire. This, he knew, he could only do if he was chosen to be a Steward.

At the age of 12, they were all examined again by Obligators, and sent where they would best suite their talents. Haddan left Tathingdwen, being sent to a village to work. The rest of them were sent on to the Tathingdwen University to become scholars. While no longer assigned to the same dorms, they initially kept together as much as possible, until Rudwar drifted off. While their study had been generalized to begin with, Rudwar started to become distant around the same time he began taking a series of advanced classes that hadn't been offered to either Zalbul or Ronyl. While they still saw him, eventually he stopped even talking to them. All of them achieved highly in their studies, Zalbul consistently topping their year in mathematics, with Ronyl and Rudwar ranking highly in Politics and History repectively. As they neared the end of their study, each of them were approached by an Obligator separately, and informed he was a candidate for further study to become a Steward. Ronyl didn't need to be reminded of the opportunities granted to a Steward – the opportunity to travel and gain positions of great trust among the nobility. He had been hoping for this for most of his life. He accepted the offer, and when he went to tell Zalbul the news, found that he too had been offered (and had accepted) the same offer. Once they finished their normal study, they went on to do the extra three years of study required to become a Steward. As it turned out, Rudwar had also been accepted into becoming a Steward, and so the next three years were filled with classes in etiquette, protocol, and finance, among others.

At the age of 20, they had finally completed their study. Each of the graduating Stewards were apprenticed to a senior Steward in various Houses around the empire. Ronyl and got assigned to a House in the Farmost Dominance, while Zalbul got assigned to a House in the Eastern Dominance, making it hard to keep in contact across the opposite sides of the empire. Stewards who have just graduated from Tathingdwen are not quite full Stewards, and are apprenticed under a more senior Steward for 2 years before finally being recognized as a full Steward. After completing his two year apprenticeship, he stayed on with the house, working in accounts, and then transitioning more into educating the children in the house, now at an age where education was necessary. His work kept him busy, but he enjoyed it, and 6 years flew past. Then he found out about something he shouldn't have.

The residents of Farmost Dominance had slowly been becoming more and more unsettled. There had been rumors, quickly squashed though they had been, of skaa getting violent towards their masters. Distracted though he was by tutoring the children of the House, he still worked part time in the accounting department, and started to notice discrepancies. Funds were going missing in incorrectly balanced sheets, as were supplies. Orders had been made of various things, such as weapons, with a bit of excess of what was required, but upon investigation, only the required amounts had ended up in the stores. Ronyl checked the signatures. All these discrepancies had been signed off by Sokwyl, the senior Steward he had been serving under the last 8 years. He confronted Sokwyl about it. He explained it away as an elaborate plan, authorized by the head of the House, to try and identify a rival House whom they suspected of having planted an agent to sabotage their contracts. Outwardly, Ronyl accepted this, but he wasn't buying it. He kept an eye on the lookout, and 6 months later, it paid off. Sokwyl was funneling supplies to group of skaa.

He didn't know what to do. He had sworn an oath as a Steward. Be Loyal to Terris. Be Loyal to Your House. Be Loyal to Knowledge. He didn't know if Sokwyl was acting on his own, or if this was indeed backed by the head of the House. If he was acting on his own, Ronyl would be betraying a fellow Terrisman to keep his oath to his House if he reported him, or braking his oath to his House by saying nothing. If Sokwyl was working with the blessing of the House head, then Ronyl feared for the consequences of this action. If the ministry found out independently, the House could be destroyed, with all who worked for it. If the House managed to light a flame to the resentment that seemed to be bubbling to the surface in the general populace, if it back fired, again the House would be destroyed. If it worked, unless the rest of the empire followed, ministry retaliation would be harsh. Ronyl did not want to die solely due to his association with traitors. In the end he went to the Ministry, though it shamed him to do so, and told them everything he knew, and asked to be transferred away from the dominance. He was betraying a fellow Terrisman, and his House, but he would live to tell the tale. He had broken his oath as a Steward, and so no longer felt he deserved the position of Steward. The ministry investigated, and verified that resources supplied by the House were being stockpiled by skaa. The House denied knowledge of this, and the deed was pinned solely on Sokwyl, who was executed as a result. The ministry thanked Ronyl for coming forward, and accepted his request to be transferred. A smaller Major House in Austrex was in need of a Steward, and so off Ronyl went to the Southern Dominance to serve House Beliveaux.

For the first two years, House Beliveaux moved him around, having him work for a couple of months in different areas, both so Ronyl could familiarize himself with the workings of the House, but also so they could get a feel for what he was like, and the best way to use his services. Then in 913, he was assigned to be Celestine's, heir apparent, primary tutor. For the next few years, this occupied most of his time, the rest taken up by other tasks assigned by the House head.

In 916, Celestine debuted. The first few balls went wonderfully for Celestine. But then things changed as within a month or two of her debut, she became the target of the most important clique in Austrex. It was at this point that Ronyl was assigned to be her personal steward. Her father had noticed that she no longer seemed to have many friends, and often came back from balls miserable. He hoped that the guidance of a Terrisman steward might help. Ronyl quickly became Celestine's closest and only confidant, whom she eventually told about the bullying of the clique. Ronyl relayed this to her parents, and was told to try what he could to get her through it. So for the next few months, Ronyl tried to help her work through but was unable to make much progress.

Celestine had hoped that things would brighten when being announced formally as heir, something she anticipated at the age of 16, but then, when her 16th birthday came, the announcement did not come. Eventually she went to confront her parents about this, but overheard them discussing this just before she confronted them. When she heard that he was going to reserve judgment until she proved herself worthy, and that otherwise, her cousin Mathieu would likely be named heir, she lost her nerve, and instead of confronting her parents, ran to tell Ronyl everything she'd heard. He listened carefully and then offered advice. He knew that there had been discussions of raising House Beliveaux standing in Luthadel, and so he suggest she volunteer to be the Beliveaux ambassador to Luthadel, allowing her to get away from Austrex, away from all the bullies, and to be in a position where she could show everyone she was valuable, that she was worth something, and do something to benefit the house, and prove to her father she was worthy of being heir.

Celestine volunteered, and with a bit of coaxing from her mother and Ronyl, her father agreed. So once the necessary arrangements had been made, Ronyl accompanied Celestine to Luthadel. He advised her on the way, telling about the political situation, the people of importance, and other necessary information she'd need to survive in the Luthadel political scene. She settled in well enough in Luthadel, and was quickly approached by Colette and her posse. With a bit of coaxing from Colette, she joined the posse, becoming part of what Celestine viewed as the most important clique in Luthadel. Though she now had a group she could call 'friends' she still had developed a deep trust of Ronyl, and tells him everything. Ronyl continues to act as her steward, doing his best to help her to not do anything too foolish.

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The evening had taken a unexpected, but most definitely worse, turn. Keep Casuana was on fire, and what had previously been mostly the sound of people have pleasant conversation had now been replaced with the sounds of screaming and shouting as the ballgoers started to panic. His job was now to get his charge safely out of the ballroom, and away from the danger. Fortunately, he did not need to locate her, as she had come and summoned him. Whatever she had needed him for was now forgotten.

"Ronyl, we need to find Colette." He could tell by her eyes that she was panicked, but noted she had thus far managed to keep herself composed otherwise. He smiled inwardly, pleased she'd learnt how control herself, and could pull it off even when stressed. He had already scanning the exits, and had noticed Colette over by one of the sides of the hall. He pointed towards it.

"Yes, mistress, I believe she was over in this direction." Ronyl started to usher her in that direction but then the sound of shattering glass broke through the panicked sounds of those in the hall, as a figure fell through the roof, landing on a balcony overlooking the ballroom, before vaulting to and landing in the middle of the long table. He started to talk, but Ronyl didn't listen. Things had gotten worse, and he wanted to take this opportunity to get Celestine moving. He tried to pull her into motion, but she was frozen on the spot.

"…half-breed Mistborn wanders close enough…" The figures words instantly grabbed Ronyl's attention. Wait, what? A skaa Mistborn? There had been murmurs about skaa discontent, which Ronyl had ignored, but it seemed the Belinsk Rebellion had found its way to Luthadel. Memories of his last posting came back unbidden, memories of betrayal and oath breaking. He shook his head. No. I cannot afford to get distracted now, not with Celestine still in the room. He took Celestine's arm, and started to lightly pull her towards where he'd seen Colette, but she still was resisting, frozen with shock.

"Celestine, we need to go. Now." His words managed to cut through to her, and she finally allowed him to lead her through the crowd. As they approached the exit, she pulled him at him. Looking, he could see she had spotted Colette, and so he adjusted their course, and brought her to Colette. He figured that they were close enough to the exit that they would be able to safely exit the building, and that it was important to Celestine to be in Colettes group. He figured Colette's status could potentially help them on their way out if ranking became an issue in leaving the building. He stood to one side as he let Celestine reintegrate herself into the group. He just hoped the group would remain focused, and find their way out. He trailing, he kept a watchful eye on Celestine. He was not going to let her out of his sight.

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#2 Moru


Posted 13 January 2015 - 06:14 AM

It's an approval from me!

One more to go!

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#3 Comatose

  • Shard of Brain Inactivity

Looking Good in Red

Posted 19 January 2015 - 04:03 AM

I like him! I didn't fact check the Steward stuff, but it seemed correct. I assume you got the oath from the Adventure Game?

A few small errors:


Special Skills: Like most of the Terris people, Ronyl is a master of self-control, able to hide any visible reaction if he should so desire.

I would change this to "Like most Terris stewards," since I wouldn't classify the entire Terris population as masters of self-control.

Secondly, I wouldn't say objectively Colette's clique is the most important in Luthadel, though she would certainly say so. It is one of the most important cliques, perhaps the most important one Celestine could get into, and it's likely the members of the clique think of it as the most important. Basically, this part can stay as is, as long as it is Ronyl's opinion and not objective fact.

Sorry, that was picky of me.

Anyways, he's Approved! Great work. I'm going to throw him into Terrismen already, since the only thing I would suggest changing was tiny.

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