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So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Katryn Domaille

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#1 Katryn Domaille

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Name/Handle: Mozy
Contact: PM

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Name: Katryn Domaille(nee Deveaux)
Type: Noble
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Urteau
Occupation: Socialite/Fashionista
Relationship Status: Widow

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Katryn is tall, which she tends to feel odd about occasionally. Formally a Deveaux, she was taller than many of her cousins. She didn't mind, though. She was okay with being more eye-catching. She is what can only be described as beautifully cute. Her hair is not a dark brown, but it is not light either. It has some natural blond highlights, and it is just thick enough to have texture and volume, but not so thick that it gets in the way. She likes to wear it long and loose because of this. Her smile is sweet, and her features are soft. Her blue-gray eyes are big, which only adds to her cute look.

She is built like a Deveaux. Incredibly slender with long limbs and slender hands. She does have a figure, though it is not extremely pronounced. She likes it that way. She is not self conscious about it, and in fact she likes the different stylistic choices she can make without worrying about being too scandalous. High necklines do not flatten her, nor to low necklines make her look desperate. She usually wears heels to lengthen her already long legs. They also make her feel powerful and confident, which is translated into how she stands and moves. She is not a woman who lacks confidence and it is quite apparent.

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Katryn has always been a confident and extroverted woman. For years she devoted herself to being the best socialite that she could, and she led a group of young women for years in Urteau society. She has rarely ever felt lonely because she has always been able to surround herself with people whenever she felt like it. Especially at balls she was rarely ever alone. She has on occasion felt lonely on a more personal level, but she supposes that most people feel that way.

Over the past year, as she mourned her husband for a little bit, mostly as much as was appropriate, she has begun to avoid people more than she usually does. Society attributes it to the death of her husband and so they sympathize with her about it. However, it is the sympathy that has driven her to seek time alone. After two months of full mourning she had grown tired of everyone acting like she was still terribly broken up over it and so as she slowly switched to less mourning colors she also began to avoid people. She didn't know where to go to do so, and so she fled to the library. Once there she had been unsure what to do with herself. There was no one to talk to at length in the library. And so she read. That is how she found her love for books.

Through her young life as a socialite, Katryn had commanded a clique. However, after her husband's death she realized her own mortality and the mortality of those around her she realized that she didn't want to be part of a clique. She wanted to explore more of the world and generally be nicer to the people around her. Though she was always surrounded by people, she had always taken it upon herself to critique clothing and she was quite good at subtle insults. She had been able to make people feel lower than her with a look. Now she didn't want that to be the case. She is much sweeter now, although she is more introverted and so few people get to experience her newfound kindness.

Katryn does have a temper, though. Not all her insults were just because she was a socialite. When she gets angry it is quite easy to see because her language takes a hike to the gutter. She also has a tendency to drink a little too much, resulting in a pretty similar thing happening to her language. She is moody, even though she's confident and sweet. She has a clever tongue that can get quite biting when she gets irritated. Her confidence has resulted in a bit of an ego and she knows that she's intelligent. It comes across a lot.

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Special Skills: Socializing, small talk, wonderful eye for fashion, good at making people comfortable.

Strengths: Katryn is a wonderful socialite and is able to make people comfortable easily, and without much effort. She can demean someone with just a look and is quite good at gossiping. However, she is also now quite nice and her energy is infectious.

Weaknesses: She has a temper. Once she has gotten irritated at someone it is quite hard for her to get over it, and so she holds grudges for a long time. Depending on her mood she can either put up with someone idiotic for a while or not at all.

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Katryn Domaille was born as Katryn Deveaux in the year 896. Her parents, Lady Alina and Lord Dominique Deveaux, had not had any other children and they would not. Katryn was raised as an only child, although neither of her parents was all that involved in the act of raising her. She was raised by her nurse almost exclusively, only seeing her parents when they wanted to show off what a cute child she was. Her lessons were overseen by a private governess. It was only lucky for her parents that she loved meeting new people so much.

Her favorite part of being shown off by her parents was that she got to talk to people who thought she was the most adorable child in the empire. She talked well, early, and was able to have small conversations with her parent's friends, which they loved. She was not so good at her book-learning. She didn't like books all that much. All the books that she was set to read were long, for a young child, and she was a slow reader from the beginning.

At six she was taken to be Snapped. Her parents were sure that such a brilliant child had to be an Allomancer as well. Why shouldn't she? She was beautiful and brilliant and deserved it. However, she never Snapped. They extended the beating as long as they could as she screamed, terrified and in terrible pain, but nothing happened. When she woke up she realized that, for the first time, they thought her a failure. She cried.

The weeks that she was recovering were terrible for her. She was so young and she had failed her parents and she had absolutely no one to talk to. She had lost her young confidence, something that she would not get back for quite a few years. She went back to her lessons quietly, learning to read better without complaint and quietly crafting herself a sharp, quick wit.

Katryn was nine when she had an argument with her noble tutor. She didn't want to read any more bloody books and she said so straight out. They were hard and slow and she never got to read anything interesting. Just history and philosophy! She knew that there must be good books out there somewhere. People wouldn't like them so much if there weren't, but she never got to read any of them and it was unfair. On top of it all, she felt like she was disappointing her parents again, not showing an interest in any of this.

Her tutor had scolded her harshly for not reading the book assigned to her. Katryn had responded with a cutting comment about the woman's age and marital status(single). She was tired of this. The woman had resigned after reducing the young girl to tears.

After that her parents hired a terriswoman. She was young, for a terriswoman steward, and there to 'finish' Katryn. Apparently her parents thought that she needed to learn how to behave appropriately. It was not terrible. There was less reading and more dancing. She learned how to embroider, play piano, and converse politely, although she didn't necessarily need help with that. She began to gain her confidence back and she had fun learning how to be a socialite. She also began to pay more attention to fashion and also to boys. She discussed both with her tutor, although the terriswoman did not have much experience with either. Katryn liked to believe that those times were her turn to do the teaching.

Katryn hit a growth spurt around twelve and by fourteen she had surpassed many of her cousins in height and stood at a good 5'6". She was still quite slender, and she had grown other places too. She was incredibly happy about all of this, even if her height did feel a little awkward. However, it just meant there was more of her to be beautiful.

She debuted wearing blue, her hair hanging loose underneath an array of braids and twists and ribbons. She had reached 5'7", but wore heels, bringing her up to a gorgeous 5'9". She loved it. She was now in her element. There were people everywhere. An hour into her first ball she had already made a friend. Bianca Domaille. She was a pretty blond girl who knew more than she let on and had sparkling eyes that always betrayed her happiness. The two of them hit it off wonderfully, and Bianca was the beginning of Katryn's clique.

By her third ball they had acquired three more girls into the clique. With Bianca at her right hand the five of them set out to conquer the social scene and marry well. They confided things in each other that no one would have ever dreamed of confiding to other people. Jeyne Duchemin, one of the more spunky of the group, was a Seeker, and Liliane Damerall, so innocent yet almost scary sometimes, was a Pewterarm.

Katryn almost felt disappointed in herself, remembering her feeling of failure from when she was younger. It was hard for her to be surrounded by Allomancers, yet she also took comfort in the fact that Bianca was not. Nor was Adeline Vaudin. There was a majority like Katryn and she liked that. So she pushed those feelings out of her mind and focused on the things that she was in fact quite good at. She was a beautiful, interesting, extroverted woman. She had a wonderful sense of fashion. This would all be fine.

It did not take long for her to start courting, and she became a serial dater, rarely even remembering a man's name after he had stopped courting her. Jeyne was much more serious about it and her first experience with love was a bad one. It was a year after Katryn had debuted. Jeyne fell for a man who acted so charming to them, but then left her suddenly, without any warning and never spoke to her again. She was devastated.

"He is an absolute monster." Katryn said one night as they sat in a tea room in Jeyne's family's manor. "Anyone who could do that to such a lovely woman is obviously not thinking straight."

"I cannot believe this of him. He looked so nice, and he was so handsome." Liliane said, and Katryn shook her head at her friend's innocence.

"One cannot always judge from looks. If anything, we have learned that from this experience. We shall have to remember to do better next time."

"There will not be a next time. Not for a while." Jeyne said, wiping her eyes with her handkerchief, the one that he had given her. "Men aren't worth the trouble."

Liliane gasped at this statement, but Bianca quickly diverted the subject before Liliane could end up saying something idiotic. Katryn occasionally tired of her innocence, and it definitely showed. The girl had no idea how to dress either. However, she was loyal and so Katryn did not object to her presence in the group too much.

Jeyne's apparently monstrous former boyfriend didn't arrive at the next ball and when he finally emerged back into society he did so sporting a fantastic black eye and a limp. None of them knew how it had happened, and it almost scared Katryn. Who would go to such lengths to protect Jeyne? However, the question was driven from her mind quickly. It didn't matter, and it was probably just a coincidence. She had gowns to critique.

As Jeyne had said, she did not court anyone for a few years. However, the other four did. And yet, despite all of Katryn's efforts for herself, her House decided her husband. She was eighteen when she found out that she was engaged, and not to just anybody. She was engaged to Bianca's older brother, and Bianca did not take the news well. She was absent from the next tea that Katryn hosted and didn't speak to her at the ball. The engagement was a quick one, and she was married a mere month later. It was a terrible month. She had never really known Bianca's brother. He had stayed out of the doings of the clique. However, now she was married to him and Bianca was still avoiding her.

The wedding night was awkward. Katryn had been given a talk by her mother the night before the wedding, but other than that she had no idea what she was getting into. She was a little scared, and more than a little nervous. She barely knew this man. Casimin Domaille. She had had a month to get to know him and now she was expected to share his bed. She had left the party early and without him, telling him that she wished to undress and bathe before. She did do that, but she spent the bath worrying about him. What if he was a terrible person? What if the charm was just a front? She wanted to be able to talk to Bianca about it and she couldn't and for the first time in her entire life she felt very, very alone. After the bath she put on a thin robe and went to wait for her new husband.

Katryn fell asleep as she waited for him. She wondered briefly if he was just as worried about it as she was. She woke up as he opened the door, blinking almost in surprise that he had actually come. She smiled a little at him and he smiled a little back, pulling off his tie as he closed the door. However, he didn't do anything else besides slip off his shoes.

"I'm sorry about how rushed this has been. I know there isn't much I could have done about it, but I wish that you didn't have to be uprooted from your family with so little warning." He said, coming to sit next to her on the bed.

Katryn shrugged. "It is fine. I was not close to them anyways, and it is not as if I will never see my cousins again."

"You aren't close to your parents?" Casimin asked, looking interested. Katryn felt warm. It hadn't been an act, or he would have dropped it already and demanded her obedience. Or something.

"Not really. They never really did anything to raise me, and I disappointed them. I failed to Snap." Katryn was not all that secretive about that. Not to the people she was close to, or forced to be close to.

"That must have been hard. I did Snap. I guess it's my curse. I'm a Coinshot. You should be warned. It's part of why I'm sorry. I'm not always around at night."

"That is…fine. I do not want to seem uninterested or anything, but it is rather awkward." Katryn said, thinking that if he was going to be so honest she should be too. "I have a terribly sharp wit sometimes, but it does not seem to be joining me tonight."

"Understandable. Well, I'm sorry you feel awkward. If it helps, so do I." Casimin grinned at her and scooched a little closer. "Of course, I also think that you are beautiful, so that is definitely a plus."

Katryn blushed and attempted to return his grin. "I'm also nervous. I do not exactly know what I am supposed to do."

"That's also understandable. Neither do I." Casimin said, still grinning.

Being married was not terrible, except that Bianca still was not speaking to her. It was silly. Katryn knew that Bianca would get over it, but it made her feel like she had failed her friend, even though it was not her fault. She hated feeling like she had failed. The group was still together, but Bianca just pointedly never spoke directly to Katryn and it was beginning to take its toll. Not to mention it was beginning to irritate her. It had been months before Katryn tried to do anything about it. She thought that maybe time would help it. However, Bianca was engaged half a year after Katryn was married and she planned to move to Luthadel to be married. Katryn got scared and searched Bianca out, cornering her in between lunch and tea on the day that Bianca was supposed to leave.

"Bianca. Darling. This is just silly." Katryn said, giving her more of an irritated look than she had planned on. "You cannot avoid me forever."

"Yes I can. You stole my brother without saying a word to me!" Bianca said, her voice growing in intensity by the second.

"Of course I didn't say anything to you! I had no idea about it myself! If you had paid any attention to me you would know that!" Katryn hurt inside. Bianca had been her best friend. She had been her right hand, the second leader of the clique. They had shared so much and now it was ruined because of a bloody arranged marriage. "I don't even love him! He's fine, and he's nice and sweet and everything, but I don't love him."

Bianca was silent for a moment. "I…didn't know."

"I know you didn't. I don't want you to leave with us in this state, so I decided that I would stop waiting for you to notice. I want to part with you as friends." Katryn said, stepping closer to Bianca. "I am happy for you. You are the only person I have been truly friends with."

"I'm sorry. I was immature. I thought that you and Casimin had hidden things from me." Bianca said, smiling a little bit. "I'm glad to know I was wrong. Although, now I do feel bad for you. Do you know how Casimin feels about it?"

"He is...enthusiastic, but detached. We do not really talk much. Well, I guess we talk as little as one can when stuck in a room alone with me." Bianca laughed at that and checked her watch.

"Well, I am glad for that. I have to go or I will be stuck here. So, I guess this is goodbye, for now. You must come to Luthadel at some point. I can introduce you and Casimin to all the friends that I will make." She hugged Katryn quickly, "I am glad that you have set me straight. Tell Casimin that I say goodbye."

"I will, and you are welcome. I was lonely without you." Katryn smiled and Bianca left the room quickly. "Goodbye." Katryn whispered to the air, hastily dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief. If she started crying she would ruin her makeup.

On the whole, Katryn was happy with her new family. She was at the center of fashion and people actually paid attention to what she was wearing. She loved being part of a house that was so centered around something that she loved. She had new friends, or at least new acquaintances. She had new cousins, definitely, and as per the usual she tried to get to know as many of them as she could. It helped her forget about the slow breakup of her clique. First she had been married, and then Bianca. The next to go was Liliane. Jeyne even got married, although she still spent her balls with Katryn. Adeline was the last to be married and she stayed as well. The group changed continually after that, with those three acting as the core members. Many of the new members were young, and none of them ever stayed a part of it for long. However, Katryn was happy once more and two and a half years passed uneventfully.

When Katryn was 21 her entire world changed once more. Casimin was called out of bed late one night, presumably for a mission. She didn't worry too much. Despite his warning, she didn't mind the nights on her own. She had never imagined that anything worse could happen. This time was different, however. Casimin never returned to her bed, and was pronounced dead the next day. His body had been delivered back to them in the night and Katryn was told by a messenger early the next day. She spent that day in her room, trying to cry. She never could.

Katryn felt terrible about that. He had been her husband and she couldn't cry over him. She had not lied when she said that the did not usually talk, but she had thought that she could at least be sad enough that she would cry. A man, her husband, had just been killed. Eventually she had her maid run a bath and she soaked in it until the water had turned an icy cold. It had been scalding at first, as if she hoped the water would melt her apparently icy heart, but it did no good.

She wore black anyways, and when Bianca arrived back in Urteau she did end up crying. Her best friend was devastated. She had brought her husband with her, who held her hand as she cried onto Katryn's shoulder. And finally Katryn was able to cry over her dead husband.

Katryn stayed in full mourning for two months. Bianca stayed in it for a full year. However, Katryn felt as if she was lying to Bianca. Bianca was under the impression that Katryn was equally devastated over the death of Casimin. Though it had been terrible and Katryn had felt quite sad, she felt worse lying to Bianca about it. Society shared Bianca's opinion, which Katryn found quite annoying after a while. She was not devastated. She was sad. He had been her husband. Yes, it was hard. But the amount of sympathy that she was getting was simply unbearable.

After dealing with the sympathy far longer than she wanted to, she fled to the only place that she thought no one would think to look for her. The library. She had never liked books or reading, so it would definitely be the last place that anyone would come to try to find her, if they did at all. Once there she had no idea what to do with herself. There was no one to talk to. Just silence and books. Finally she pulled a book off of the shelf(one that looked interesting enough to hold her attention) and began to read.

She found out then that she actually really did like books. She had been right when she was younger. There were interesting books out there. One just had to find them. She devoured books as fast as her slow reading would let her. They were like people, but they didn't constantly tell her that it must be so hard to lose someone so suddenly and she didn't have to constantly explain that she didn't mind still wearing black, or some black, even though he had been dead for three months. He had been a good man and deserved a decent mourning.

Much to Katryn's dismay, people believed that she was avoiding society because she was so broken up over her husband's death that she couldn't bear to be around people and it just made the sympathy worse. She needed to get away from it. Go somewhere that people wouldn't know about it, or if they did they wouldn't act like she was glass and could break at any second. Bianca was still here, and Katryn wanted to be here to help her, but time was slowly moving and it had almost reached a whole half a year since Casimin's death and society was becoming infuriating.

In the end Katryn stayed until Bianca had sufficiently recovered enough to come out of mourning. A year had passed since the death. Katryn resolved to leave at once. To go somewhere else and be nicer to people. She wanted to experience more of life than just her small society. Casimin's death had shown her that lives could be taken at any time. She wanted to be kinder to those that she came across and she wanted to live. Katryn decided that she would flee to Luthadel. She probably had cousins there that she could use to meet people. Katryn said her goodbyes to Bianca and promised to write often, and, with what could be called her own private library, she set off for Luthadel.

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"I am going to Luthadel!" Katryn announced to her group of friends. Jeyne looked a little disappointed and Bianca smiled. It was a new idea for them, and Katryn was glad that they took it so well. "I have decided that I need a change of pace. Everything here is just so…similar. So much has changed and yet so little has changed, if you get my meaning."

Bianca looked down at her lap and nodded slightly. "Well, when do you plan on leaving?"

"Next week, if I can arrange it. I know that this is a surprise, but I wanted to wait for Bianca to be out of mourning before I said something. I did not want to leave you without anyone to help." Katryn directed the last sentence at Bianca, who smiled reassuringly. "Now, Jeyne, Adeline, you have to promise me that you will write to me. I will not have any friends there."

Adeline grinned and nodded. "I am wonderful at writing letters. Mama says that I am a natural story teller."

"I am sure that she does." Katryn said, smiling a little back at her. It was quite true, though Katryn knew that Adeline's stories consisted mostly of gossip. Which could be either helpful or not, depending on the situation, of course. "I will miss you all terribly, but I am happy to be leaving. I have grown tired of it here." She got far too many sympathetic looks from that, and Katryn cast them all an irritated look. "We have been over this. Bianca knows it full well. I am not broken. I am a perfectly whole person, and I am not made of glass. The sympathy is exactly why I am leaving. It feels wrong to let everyone think that I was madly in love with him."

Bianca reached out and squeezed Katryn's hand. "We know. They just fail to remember it sometimes. I do hope that you have fun in Luthadel. You must let us know if you meet anyone important." She winked and Katryn laughed softly.

"I doubt I will meet a man, but I will let you know if I do. And anyways, it feels odd to be thinking about that kind of thing now. Too soon, I guess. I do want to honor Casimin's memory." Bianca nodded again, going silent and it was Katryn's turn to squeeze her hand. "I will be fine, and so will you. Come, let us talk of happier things."

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