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Mistborn: The Inquisition


Back from the Dead

Gethen Sureau's Photo Gethen Sureau 04 Jan 2015

It surprised Gethen how different the Canton of Orthodoxy Headquarters looked in blue. Being such a new Inquisitor, his Steelsight was underdeveloped, but burning a metal for weeks straight still allowed Gethen to see more than adequately. It deeply unsettled him, especially the Orthodoxy Headquarters. This was the Steel Ministry, not the Teal Ministry, or the Azure Ministry, or the Any Other Shade of Blue Ministry. Gethen sighed. He supposed that the Lord Ruler had designed Allomancy in such a way that the lines of the steel he burned would appear blue. Perhaps in a way, this was how the world was meant to be seen.

That was a far more unsettling thought.

Gethen walked into the Headquarters. The Orthodoxy building would normally not be well populated this late, but with the executions recently finishing, many obligators walked about. Gethen recognized most. He wondered if any of them recognized him now. It was a lifetime ago when Gethen ruled this office and controlled the Ministry, and could claim to be the governor of the world. Gethen should not still be alive. And yet, he was back from the dead, unnatural spikes in his body somehow preserving his life. He had been granted a second chance. Power beyond what almost any person had been born with, but at the deepest price. Every step hurt, with his spikes throbbing, but being in his old building, one that he had spent most of his lifetime in made the pain go away.

No one stopped Gethen as he walked up to the lord prelan's office. That, he supposed, was an advantage to being a twisted, horrifying abomination with the ability to murder anything. Granted, being the lord prelan had almost the same effect. Almost. The Inquisitors had no interest in talking with mere mortals, regardless of tattoos marking one as the lord prelan.

The lord prelan. That was no longer Gethen's station, but Ashriel's. Ashriel had been Gethen's right hand man for years, and, Gethen suspected, friends, and the new lord prelan had seen Gethen at the executions today. Even with Gethen's subpar Steelsight, he could see the recognition in Ashriel's eyes. Gethen had a duty to talk with him. It wasn't as if Gethen avoided Ashriel since his spiking--the damnable spikes made him have a brutal recovery period.

Gethen soon discovered Ashriel was not in his office, which made sense considering how long the executions lasted. And so, Gethen moved through the Orthodoxy building to Ashriel's small suite. Gethen had rented a manor when he was at his station, but most obligators lived in their cathedrals, so to speak, and Ashriel was not one for idle pleasantries. Of course this lord prelan would not be extravagant and live in a tiny hole.

Gethen knocked at the door. Did Inquisitors knock? Stories just had them slam through doors, but that was when they were sent to kill. If Inquisitors did that at every door in the Ministry, that would be preposterously wasteful. Gethen would wait.

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