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Ancient History

Comatose's Photo Comatose 10 Feb 2015

So, I was perusing the TWG archives, and found this gem.

So bizarre to think back to when I first discovered this site.

Fun Quotes:


Comatose: Also, would I be able to play with two characters? Because I have two in mind. Twins in fact.

Chaos: You can have as many characters as you want, actually. KChan here has like... five.

That's right folks, there was a time when five characters seemed like a LOT. I can't remember it, but apparently said time did in fact exist.

This thread also apparently pre-dates when we decided this RP would be set in the Canon Final Empire about a century before the books, since there is some discussion of an Alternate Universe.

Anyways, I just thought this was cool/hilarious. Please don't judge my awful posting skills.

Haelbarde's Photo Haelbarde 10 Feb 2015

I love that KChan is still the person to point to as an example of how many characters you can have. Though instead of 5, it's 37 or some such number.

KChan's Photo KChan 14 Feb 2015

I basically become known for it on every forum I join. It's sort of my thing I guess. XD

Waxlux's Photo Waxlux 23 Feb 2015

So true, KChan :)