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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Aurora Urvon

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#1 Aurora Urvon

  • Noble Rioter

  • Age18

  • Relationship StatusSingle

  • OriginLuthadel

  • Allomantic StatusRecently Outed

Posted 18 May 2015 - 12:26 AM

Noble Misting

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Name/Handle: Haelbarde
Contact: PM first, IM after I’ve talked to you

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Name: Aurora Urvon
Type: Noble
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Felisse
Occupation: Socialite
Relationship Status: Single (for now)

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Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Zinc
Degree of Skill: Advanced
Status: Known

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Aurora is reasonably tall, though not the 6’3” of her father, and slim like her mother, though not for the lack of eating. She has the black hair and brown eyes of her father. She often wears the house colors of maroon and silver not just out of a sense of duty, but because maroon is also her favorite color. When she can, she’ll wear metal jewelry, though only if it can be easily and quickly detached – a result of having an annoying Coinshot for a brother. Her jewelry will usually be something silver with inset rubies, often a just a necklace, and real metal more often than not.

She always holds herself straight, never slouching unlike her brother, endeavoring to always move as gracefully as possible. Her face often will be seen bearing a pleasant smile, and it’s a rare thing to see anger or annoyance flash across her face in public, even when she is angry or annoyed.

Posted Image

Unlike her brother, she has inherited her father’s social and negotiation skills, and she endeavors to replicate her mother’s firm, quiet presence, though she suspects that it’s something that is easier to pull off the older you are. She has a deep respect for her mother, and constantly seeks her father’s approval of her. Her brother constantly frustrates her, but the frustration is born mostly from him not meeting the high expectations she holds for the position he holds as Heir to a House seeking to ascend.

She doesn’t have any special opinions about skaa. They, like a lot of minor nobles, are all the same to her. Beneath her. As House Urvon sets its sights on ascension, she only has time for time for those of similar or greater rank, unless they are of some benefit to Urvon, or are an obstacle to remove.

She is aware of the stigma associated with Rioters or Soothers – she sees glimpses of it in the eyes of her father. Thus she has made herself a rule to govern her allomancy. She will only use it to the benefit of House Urvon, but never to the detriment of a friend.

Posted Image

Special Skills: Negotiation

Strengths: She’s great at talking to people, and an excellent negotiator without the use of allomancy, thus even better when she does, though she’s not had the opportunity to take part in any major contract negotiations yet.

Weaknesses: She has had basically no combat training, and while she has seen death occur, she’s never been required to witness an execution, or had to perform one herself, managing thus far to avoid being too aware of the grittier side of the Final Empire. Thus, she would be useless in a real fight.

Though House and family come first, she has promised herself to never use her allomancy to the detriment of a friend. Fortunately these haven’t yet come into conflict, but she does not know what she would do should that time come.

Posted Image

Aurora was born in the year 900 to Bernard and Katarina Urvon. She was their second child, their first being Astor who was now a year old. As a young child, she got her share of attention from her parents, though she was too young to truly remember it. However, by the age of four, she decided that Astor got more attention than she did, and so a rivalry between the pair quickly arose. Whether or not it was true then, it certainly become so. Their father Bernard was the Heir to House Urvon, and the current Lord was the getting old. Were he to pass on, Bernard would become Head, and thus Astor would be the favorite to become the new Heir. This was accentuated by the fact that while Bernard really connected with Astor, the same connection was never quite there with Aurora, something which would only worsen through time. Wanting the same sort of attention from her father that Astor got, she would try her hardest to do the best at whatever she tried her hand at, to make him proud of her. When they started getting formally educated, though Astor started first, Aurora quickly overtook. When this didn’t help to get Bernard to connect with Aurora, this quickly became a point of contention with her brother. Though she knew was better than a lot of things than him, he was their father’s favorite, and she blamed her brother for that fact, rather than her father. She would pester and tease him constantly, whether about how slow he was at learning, or about always reading something.

The same issue did not occur with their mother. Knowing Bernard struggled to connect with Aurora, she made sure watch out for Aurora in particular. As they grew older, and Bernard spent time reading and dueling with Astor, Katarina would spend time with Aurora. Aurora looked up to her. She had a firm, quiet, yet powerful presence that she projected into the space around her, wrapped up in the way she dressed, held herself, and spoke. Katarina would personally mentor her in becoming a proper noblewoman: the importance of posture, how to move gracefully, how to choose an ensemble to wear, etc. The one thing that she refused to let Aurora do was duel, being adamant that ‘combat training is not for proper noblewomen’. She would later be given some training in self-defense, and taught the basics of how to hold and use different weapons, but not much more than that. This would be a contention between the siblings. It was the one area in which Astor excelled, and the one she couldn’t touch.

When each of them reach the age of 10, they were Snapped. Astor Snapped a Coinshot, and for the next year he was completely insufferable. Whereas before she could bully him around if she wanted, anything she said just bounced off. He was special. He was an allomancer. He could fly if he wanted to. Worse, he took every opportunity to rub it in. Particularly if he could catch her wearing metal, something she’d tend to do when dressing up as a ‘noblewoman going to a ball’. Though she complained about it, no one paid her complaints much attention. She learned two things quickly though. Don’t wear impractically tall high heels (being tall for her age already, this was not likely to be an issue), and only wear metal jewelry that can be quickly and easily detached. This is something she has stuck with ever since, often wearing a single piece of jewelry – a necklace to match her outfit, made with a clasp easy to pull off in an instant. When her turn came, she Snapped a Rioter. It was what she’d hoped for, if not straight out Mistborn. It was also perfect for rubbing her allomancy in Astor’s face. Now, when she pestered him, she could make him feel what she wanted him to.

Eventually, the allomantically enhanced bickering between the two came to a head. Aurora pushed Astor too hard, causing him to snap, furious at her. He burnt his own metals and threw around, pushing nearby metals, some ricocheting off walls and hitting her. She was fortunate to only receive bruises and a few cuts. Both of them were sternly reprimanded for this. The result was a truce of sorts. Though it wasn’t cut out entirely, they kept the bickering to a minimum. At her mother’s suggestion, she decided that she needed to make rules for how she would use her allomancy. These evolved throughout the years, before settling on just a single statement. She would only use her allomancy for the benefit of House Urvon, but never to the detriment of a friend.

Only weeks after this incident came the death of Alfred Urvon, Head of House Urvon. Their father had been Heir, so he become Lord Urvon, the Head of the House. She had always sort of known that their father was going to become the Head of the House, but the true import of this only struck her once it had become a reality. Her or her brother would one day take over from their father and run House Urvon. This inspired her to throw herself at her studies with fresh enthusiasm. She wanted to have prepared as best she could, should it fall to her to run the House one day. She wanted to prove to herself, and to her family, particularly her father, that she would be able should that day come.

While she excelled in most areas she studied, her fortes were her negotiation skills and her allomancy, though really, they were basically the same thing. Negotiation required one to be able to read the others involved, knowing what to do or say at the right time to make them do precisely what you wanted. The real power of emotional allomancy came from knowing how subtlety influencing the right emotion, thus feeding on her knack for negotiation. The reverse is also true. Her allomancy was all the more effective for knowing how to take advantage of the state her allomancy put her target in. The other part of her allomantic training was to recognize the effects of allomancy being used on her. She would come to love the opportunity to negotiate. She’d often argue with her tutors, before negotiating deals that let her get her way. Of course, in reality the tutors got the better bargain, often getting her to do more work willingly as a result of her ‘negotiations’, claiming it was a bargain that she was getting. But she didn’t know better at the time.

Astor did not take the whole affair of being a potential Heir quite so seriously. While he did adequately in his studies, he painfully socially awkward, something made clear once he debuted. He still spent most of his time dueling and reading, particularly after discovering the library at the Canton of Doctrine. Thus their childhood rivalry evolved in an immense frustration on Aurora’s part due to her brother. Though obviously unsuitable to be Heir, and thus the future ruler of House Urvon, Astor was their father’s favorite, Bernard growing even more distant from Aurora after she snapped due to her emotional allomancy, and so it was likely to be Astor who would be eventually formally named Heir. Aurora wouldn’t have minded so much if she thought he was capable, but as far as she could tell, he wasn’t trying to lift his game. So, her pestering focused on trying to get him to better prepare himself to be Heir. It didn’t have its desired outcome, but she didn’t know what else she could do.

In the year just prior to their debut, Bernard started to take Astor or Aurora (though never at the same time) along to some of his business meetings. Aurora always loved these. It was time she got to spend with her father, but it was also a great opportunity to see different places and people. In later years, she’d look back at these as being what ignited her interest in negotiations.

It was during one of these that she met Rosalie Deveaux for the first time. Bernard had been looking to improve relations with House Deveaux for some time, and often met with people in Keep Deveaux. Aurora had been waiting outside a room where her father was finishing a conversation with some Deveaux businessman, when a girl that looked around her age walked past. It was obvious she wasn’t a servant, so Aurora, with a smile and a curtsey, said “Hello!” The girl smiled, though she looked a bit unsure of herself. “Hi…” came the reply. Aurora introduced herself. “Aurora Urvon.” After a pause, “Rosalie Deveaux” came the reply. “Pleased to meet you, Rosalie Deveaux. I’m here with my father.” She pointed over her shoulder with her thumb at the room behind her. “He’s still in there talking to someone.” Before Rosalie got to reply, the door opened, and Bernard walked out.

“I see you’ve made a friend there, Aurora.” He turned to Rosalie. “I’m sorry to say we need to hurry off.”

Bernard began walking down the hallway, beckoning Aurora to follow. “Come along, Aurora. We have a few more errands to run before it gets late.” Aurora turned back to Rosalie. “Nice talking to you!” With that, she turned back and ran to catch up with her Dad, looking back, and giving a quick wave, before disappearing round a corner.

She met Rosalie again during a couple of their subsequent visits, and had another couple of short conversations on each visit. It was on one of these that she found out that Rosalie had turned 15, and debuted since they’d last met. Astor was to debut in the next few weeks, being 16, but she was meant to wait until her 16th birthday to debut at court. This did not suit her at all, particularly if Rosalie, the only person outside of Urvon that she knew, had already debuted. So she pushed to debut early, as soon as possible, and after a few months, her parents gave in.

Aurora debuted in a lovely maroon gown that was covered in intricate silver embroidery, with her sole piece of jewelry being a delicate necklace made of real silver, from which hung a silver pendant inset with a beautiful ruby. Her first thought as she entered the ballroom was that there were so many people. She was unsure exactly where to start until she spied Rosalie conversing with a boy a few years older than her. She said she had a brother, didn’t she? Aurora worked her way over to them, trying to avoid the urge to bounce excitedly around. As she approached, Rosalie caught her eye, turning to greet her with a smile. “Lady Aurora, it has been a while since I saw you; you’re looking well! I love your dress.”

Aurora smiled. “Lady Rosalie! It’s great to see you too!” She took a moment to have a good look at what Rosalie was wearing. “And you look great too!”

Rosalie’s maybe brother cleared his throat, getting Rosalie’s attention. “Oh! This is my oaf of a brother, Renaud. I don’t believe you’ve met… Renaud, this is Aurora Urvon.” So he was her brother then, Aurora thought. Renaud bowed slightly.

“It’s a pleasure, Lady Aurora.”

Aurora curtsied in return. “The pleasure’s mine, Lord Renaud.” Then, she addressed both of them. “So, are you both looking forward to this evening?” She looked around. “This is so exciting. So many people! And it still looks like more people are turning up, even!”

"I always get excited before the ball begins." Rosalie lent forward slightly "I don't get as nervous as Renaud though, mostly just excited."

A slight frown appeared on Renaud face as he spoke to his sister. "You do not have to tell every person about that Rosalie."

"Oh, hush. Everyone thinks it's cute." With that, Rosalie dismissed her brother with a small hand motion, while turning to watch the crowd, pulling Aurora aside. "I'm so glad you found us." She continued. "It's nice to see a familiar face. I do hope everyone gets here soon. The dancing is my favorite part."

Aurora noticed that Renaud was still hanging around, though Rosalie had indicated he could go. She made a mental note to ask her about it, if and when Renaud had actually gone.

"Were you waiting for anyone for anyone in particular, or just hoping for things to get started so we can get through dinner to the dances? I must say, I'm very much looking forward to that part of the evening. The most, probably."

The rest of the evening passed as a blur of sound, faces, food and just general excitement on Aurora’s part, and she was sad it had to finish. She would always look forward to the next ball. Rosalie was her first, and best, friend, but she soon made others as well, including Claire Valcier, who was only a bit older than her.

As Astor approached his 17th birthday, he was formally named Heir by their father. Aurora had made her opinions on the matter abundantly clear, but it hadn’t made any difference. She just hoped that now that he was now formally, he might finally take the effort to learn how to be competent, somehow.

Now formally Heir, their father started to give Astor a more active role in running the House. Eventually, he began to let Astor help organize who went on different assignments. Astor started to use this as a way of getting back at Aurora. He would send Aurora on assignments when he knew she had other plans, or he’d give her the more annoying assignments. Whenever Aurora complained to her father about this, he just told her to take it up with her brother, as Astor was the person in charge of that. Astor would always protest innocence. It made it hard to tell if he was doing malevolently, or he was just incompetent. She assumed the later, though when it continued to happen, she couldn’t be sure.

One such occasion was an event which a number of Houses of varying status (no Great House had a formal presence however). Aurora had organized to meet with Rosalie in the afternoon before Astor ‘organized’ her into heading Urvon’s presence, and to reach out to some of the Houses about some trade deals. Aurora thought that she would probably be able to finish in time to meet up with Rosalie still, but sent a message to Rosalie anyway, saying that she might be a bit late. She took a group of people – other businessmen and the smoker bodyguard she usually made use of. For the most part, it was a bit dull. Some groundwork was laid in setting up some deals, with promises of further talks. Aurora hadn’t needed to be there. While talking to the representative of the last House on her list to meet with, she received a message from Astor. Excusing herself from the conversation for a few moments, she read the message. For whatever reason, he needed her bodyguard back at the Urvon residence as soon as possible for something important. He had sent the message with a replacement. Handing the note to the bodyguard, she dismissed him, the new one taking his place. She tuned back to the representative, apologizing for the interruption, and continued on with the discussion. A couple of minutes later, the rep was interrupted by a messenger of his own. “I am sorry Lady Aurora, but I cannot continue to negotiate with cheats with allomancy.” Aurora was surprised, though she didn’t let it show. She had used a subtle touch of rioting when she felt it was necessary, but she had a smoker, and the rep obviously hadn’t noticed anything. He’d have commented on it earlier if he had.

“I’m going to have to respectfully ask you to take that back.” Aurora gave the man a hurt look. “There are ways of saying ‘no deal, sorry’, without making rude unfounded accusations.”

“A Rioter isn’t worthy of respect, especially if they’re stupid enough to not use a Smoker.” And with that, the rep hurried off. Aurora was confused. She motioned to her bodyguard to follow her off to the side. “You do have your copper cloud up, do you not?” The man looked at her, confused. “Mi’lady, I’m a Pewterarm, not a Smoker.”

What…! She clenched her fists for a moment, before relaxing them again. She didn’t want to let on what she was feeling. If he’s not a Smoker… then anyone could have picked up her Rioting. Someone had, even. Aurora knew this was a bad situation. She called over one of her diplomats, and let them know that she needed to return home to deal with pressing matters.

On the carriage ride home, thoughts tumbled through her head. How had that happened? What did it mean? Would everyone find out about it? Probably. There were likely a number of Seekers in attendance. Who would they tell? Would they keep it to themselves? Would it become the latest gossip? What about her friends? Rosalie? Claire? No one’s every going to sit down to negotiations with me… she realized. Worst of all, it was Astor’s fault. Either this had been a setup, or he was so utterly incompetent that this was just a mistake. A phenomenal one. While he’d be reprimanded by their father, she was sure it would not change Astor’s position as Heir. What if he did something like this as Lord Urvon? She shuddered at the thought… Maybe she’d need to work harder to prevent him becoming Lord Urvon. Tears begun to well up. No. I can’t cry. Not yet. It wasn’t the time for that. Instead, she focused on Astor, on her anger and frustration at everything he’d done, to keep the tears at bay.

Arriving home, she quickly found her brother, yelling and shouting at him, bringing the full force of her allomancy to bear against him. This was cut short when Rosalie appeared from a waiting room – she had come by a bit early and had elected to wait for a bit till Aurora returned. Realizing Rosalie had heard everything, and likely felt Aurora’s alomancy, Aurora ran to her room to get away from everyone. A short time after, Rosalie came to find her, hoping to help cheer her up. The fact that Rosalie wasn’t going to stop being her friend was an immense comforting to Aurora. Instead of going shopping like they had planned, Rosalie kept Aurora company till she had to head off to deal with her other commitments.

Aurora holed up for the next week, refusing to leave the house. She had received a letter from Claire a few days after being Outed, accusing her of being manipulative, using her allomancy to befriend her, telling her she wanted to not ever have anything to do with Aurora again. Aurora sent a reply, explaining she never used her alomancy on Claire, but she didn’t receive any response back. Attempts at trying to meet her were met with excuses like ‘Claire is too busy for visitors right now’, or ‘She’s not in at the moment.’ It had been what she’d feared. At least I’ve not lost Rosalie, she’d tell her self.

As she had thought, the consequences for Astor were minimal. Somehow the incident was Aurora’s fault for not being careful with her allomancy. She couldn’t believe it, but she wasn’t surprised. Astor often managed to get away with pinning stuff on her. So, during her week of self-imposed exile, she started to set in motion plans. She talked with Trenton (one of her cousins) occasionally but didn’t think much of him. He had always come across as a malcontent, wanting his parents, who ran one of the other branches of House Urvon, out of the way. She had never paid it much heed before, but now things were different. She questioned him about it, finding he’d been slowly consolidating his personal power, biding his time, waiting to see if Urvon pushed for ascension. He offered to help her out with her Astor problem. She didn’t want something as extreme as what Trenton had planned for his parents, but she knew that she couldn’t let Astor take over House Urvon, not if he was liable to do something as stupid as what he’d just done.

When the Perrault’s ball came around, she managed to work up her confidence to attend. It’d be a smaller event than some, and after the Casuana ball, which she had heard had been quite the disaster, she hopefully didn’t have to worry about people focusing discussion on her. Maybe Claire will be there, she wondered. Better yet, she had a new dress ready – it was maroon with silver embroidery, reminiscent of the dress she’d debuted in. Maybe things would be okay.

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The carriage came to a halt. She climbed out and stormed into the Urvon residence. A doorman proffered a hand to take her coat. She didn’t have time for that. “Tell my where my fool of a brother is, right now.” The doorman’s face went pale when he saw the look on her face. With a stutter, he replied, pointing her towards one of the corridors leading away from the entrance hall. Down the other side of the corridor, she caught sight of Astor. She exploded, no longer caring if there was anyone else around. Not that it mattered anymore anyway.

“WHAT IN THE DEEPNESS WERE YOU THINKING.” Her shout startled Astor, and he quickly turned round. She stormed down the corridor towards him. “YOU SERIOUSLY THOUGHT THAT IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA TO REQUISITION MY SMOKER, REPLACING HIM WITH A PETWERARM, IN THE MIDDLE OF A NEGOTIATION?” Astor’s face still wore a confused look. She flared her Zinc, making him feel the frustration and anger she was full of right now. She clenched her fists, took a deep breath, and slowly let it out. Calm down… she told herself. Astor opened his mouth to say something, but she started speaking again before he could get anything out. “I do not know if it’s just another example of your sheer incompetence, or if you thought it was just a fun joke, but you have serious problems if you could ever think that Outing someone could be somehow be seen as a ‘good’ idea.” Again she paused, closing her eyes. Her arms were still shaking with anger.

“Aurora, I…” She cut him off.

“No. You don’t get to speak. Do you realise what you’ve done? What it’ll mean? Do you think, once the news does the rounds, that anyone is ever going to sit down to a negotiation with me again? What about my friends? How do you think Rosalie, or Claire, is going to react when they find out?” She could feel tears coming, no longer willing to be supressed by her fury. “I hope you’re…”

At that moment, Aurora heard a door behind her creak open.

“I’m so sorry to interrupt…” Aurora stopped listening to the rest, her face going white. Rosalie is here? Did I… I… Aurora hadn’t focused her Rioting on anyone, just affect the general area for the last few minutes. All she had cared about was making Astor feel terrible. But if Rosalie had just been in the next room… She’d have heard everything. More importantly, she’d have felt everything. She quickly checked over her shoulder. Rosalie was standing in the doorway, with a confused but concerned look on her face. It was too much. Why didn’t you tell me Astor… Aurora pushed past Astor, gripping her head. She ran to her room, no longer caring for dignity. She just needed to be alone.

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Rolled Attributes
Social Skills: Superior
Combat Ability: Underdeveloped
Resources: Improved
Allomantic Skill: Maximum

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Great work with the edits! Thanks for working so diligently.

Approved. That's one vote, good luck getting a second!

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Everything seems to be in order here. Approved!

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