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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Kale Lekal

Lekal Mistborn

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#1 Kale Lekal

  • Lekal Mistborn

Looking Good in Red
  • Age29

  • Relationship StatusMarried

  • OriginSouthern Dominance

  • Allomantic StatusRumoured

Posted 30 June 2015 - 01:39 AM


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Name/Handle: Comatose
Contact: Blarba mooga boogo boo (PM me or check my profile).

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Name: Kale Lekal
Type: Noble
Place of Origin:Port Tresteau
Relationship Status: Married (to Gabrielle Lekal)

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Type of Powers: Mistborn
Metals Used: All
Degree of Skill: Steel – Advanced (highly); Iron, Pewter – Advanced; Tin, Bronze, Copper, Atium – Intermediate; Brass, Zinc, Gold – Novice.
Status: Rumored

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Kale is of average height with a muscular physique. His hair is copper red, in contrast to his father’s brown and his mother’s blonde. His eyes are blue-green, so dark they are often mistaken for brown or black. He enjoys wearing all of the most current fashions. Though he pretends that he doesn’t care, he enjoys looking handsome, and getting attention from the women at court. He takes pride in his appearance, taking care when styling his hair and putting on his clothing for public appearances. He often lets his facial hair grow out, especially when on a bender or an extended mission, but keeps it neatly trimmed or shaves it off for balls and parties. He moves with the deadly predatory grace that only full Mistborn ever really achieve, and his voice is characterized by a soft but arresting intensity that can make even the most innocent comment seem like a threat. Every move he makes seems precise and intense, having the potential to flee or kill at any time.

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Kale is a highly emotional man. As a child, this made him very sensitive to the emotions of other people, and every compliment or criticism had a greater impact than intended. As he’s grown, Kale has made efforts to toughen up emotionally, but this has mostly led to a tendency to keep his emotions in, letting them bottle up until he boils over. Because of this, Kale is often unaware of his emotions, and has difficulty controlling them when they begin to get out of hand. For example, if a situation is frustrating him, he may start raising his voice and adopt a more threatening posture without noticing, and then wonder why the person he was talking to felt threatened.

Not understanding why things are happening is one of the things that has the most potential to frustrate Kale. Growing up, both of his parents were so eager to please him, no answer was beyond the reach of a well-placed “Why,” combined with a charming smile. While Kale generally prefers to make his own rules, he expects the rules that govern the rest of the world to be firm and unchanging. While he does not always listen or obey authority figures, he does respect the concept of authority, and when he does chose to rely on it he usually expects things to work out perfectly as long as he follows the rules. It is when things don’t work out like he expected that Kale will suddenly find himself getting worked up. He hates being confused or being made to look like an idiot.

Kale’s constant maintenance of his emotions has led him to seem tense at times, but it also gives him an energetic quality that those around him are drawn to. While he is often sarcastic or flippant, his passionate and intense manner of speaking and make him exciting to listen to, and popular with romantic types. While precise in his work, Kale can be reckless in how he lives the rest of his life, having little care for the feelings of other people. He enjoys thrill seeking and is easily agitated at times when he is unable to have regular physical releases.

Kale lives his life in constant motion; needless stillness and general boredom have a tendency to make him restless. Despite his privileged background, Kale is happiest when he is fighting in the streets, covered in grime and the blood of his targets, with Natalie covering his back. A life time of attending balls and parties and dressing in suits has made him at home in formal settings, but if comfort were his only consideration, he would choose his mistcloak over a vest and jacket every time. Socially, he makes both friends and enemies easily.

His life has taught him to be skeptical of his surroundings, and so he views the world through a fairly jaded lens. He tries to present a fairly nonchalant or uncaring attitude, but in reality the opposite is often more true, as Kale tends to care about things and people too much, and is easily wounded or offended. Mundane small talk bores him, and he has difficulty paying attention to conversations that lack enough interesting elements to keep his attention. He is attracted to other damaged souls, finding relief from his own demons in the darkness of others. His careless attitude and attraction to vulnerability make him a dangerous lover, and his extra marital affairs typically end in heart break for all parties involved.

When he can’t escape his problems with a new lover or a good kill, Kale inevitably turns to drink. He has moved past the point of drinking himself into oblivion most nights, but still suffers from alcoholism. The most notable shift in his personality when he’s been drinking in the emergence of his temper. When angry, Kale doesn’t grow louder or start yelling. If anything, he gets quieter, his voice settling into lower tones dripping with danger. When in these moods he is prone to sudden outbursts of violence. Natalie is one of the few people who is able to calm him down when this happens.

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Special Skills: Accuracy, both when shooting coins with steel and when using a crossbow, dancing, kissing, stabbing, arson, breaking bones, torture, stealth, sabotage, theft, reading.

Strengths: Kale is a very capable combatant, both with and without allomancy. He has mastered several different fighting styles, and is competent with most weapons. He is most skilled at shooting metal objects with steel, capable of making accurate kill shots from a variety of distances in an assortment of adverse conditions. Socially, Kale is a romantic, capable of growing very close to people quickly, allowing him access to the darkest of secrets. He is also very good at intimidating people, and can switch from seeming jovial and merry to incredibly dangerous without missing a beat. He is very well read, and enjoys reading books from a variety of different genres, though this is a talent he hides from most.

Weaknesses: Kale’s biggest weakness is his emotional fragility. The strength of his emotions make him easy to manipulate, but difficult to control. He is also prone to let petty disagreements ruin friendships and burn bridges. While he becomes intimate with others very quickly, his relationships often end up being largely physical, and he has difficulty maintaining romances for extended periods of time. While he is one of the best shots in Luthadel, his jumps lack the same amount of refinement, and often have a haphazard or careless quality to them. His lack of understanding of his own emotions has prevented him from every really grasping how to use zinc and brass. Even soothers and rioters with only a few weeks of training often surpass him in skill.

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Kale Lekal was born in 889. His father, Maximillian, was a lower ranking member of the Port Tresteau branch of the Lekal family. Kale’s mother, Meribelle, was a high ranking member of House Brehaut. While a marriage into a Great House would normally be a grand opportunity to a woman of Meribelle’s standing, Maximillian was going nowhere fast, lacking the ambition or skill to advance beyond his lowly position within a prestigious house. Needless to say, Maximillian’s failure to thrive did not meet the stringent expectations of Meribelle, who had been used to being on the top of the social hierarchy in House Brehaut. Their marriage was characterized by Maximillian scrambling to hide or cover up his many failures, and Meribelle finding ways to punish her husband for his failings.

Their mutual love for Kale was the only thing the couple could agree upon, and both parents spoiled their only child mercilessly. Maximillian saw Kale as one of the few people in his family who he could still impress, and made every effort to be a hero in the eyes of his son. Kale’s laughter and approval soon became more important to him than the praise of his superiors, further impacting his poor standing, and confirming his reputation for laziness and unreliability. Kale saw Maximillian both as his father and as his best friend.

Meribelle, on the other hand, saw her son as a means of FINALLY moving up within her new House. She took every chance she got to bring Kale along with her to appointments and social outings, always making sure to introduce her darling son to her high ranking friends, and their soon-to-be high ranking children. She would ensure Kale’s compliance and good behaviour by bribing him with sweets, toys and privileges. Kale quickly perfected his “good mama’s boy” act, and became more and more demanding when his mother failed to meet his expectations with her payment.

Both parents were reluctant to discipline Kale for any reason, Maximillian because he worried about losing his son’s adoration, and Meribelle because she worried that being too stern would give her husband more influence over her son. Kale grew up with the best his parents could afford, and was rarely told ‘no’. On the whole, Kale was an active child, who loved various forms of sport and games. He also developed a healthy taste for reading as soon as he learned to read the words on a page. As he grew older, Kale became a voracious reader, always wanting to know and understand more, becoming frustrated when his parents were unable to give him what he wanted by answering his questions to his satisfaction.

Kale was aware of the fights they his parents had when they thought he wasn’t listening. At first he would ask one why they were being so mean to each other, but he soon gave up trying to seek an explanation. While he loved both of his parents, they didn’t love him, and it was something he just learned to accept and ignore, even if thinking about what they might be shouting at each other sometimes kept him awake at night.

His parent’s fighting was not the only thing Kale knew about that they tried to hide from him. He knew that his father often stayed out late, and came home smelling of smoke and drink, and that Meribelle often scolded him for wasting the family allowance they received from Lekal on games of chance. He also saw his mother speaking softly to other men from the family when his father was not around, usually hanging on their arm, sitting too close on a divan, or holding hands. Once and a while, when he entered a room unannounced, he would also catch Meribelle kissing one of her many lovers

When Kale turned ten, the time came for his snapping ritual. Though Maximillian was lowly ranked, Lekal was desperate for allomancers, and so no child could be left untested. When the time came, neither parent could bear the thought of performing the beating themselves, so neither of them were there to see him snap. The beating Kale went through was the most terrifying thing he had ever experienced. Throughout the ordeal, he called out to his parents to come help him, desperately praying to the Lord Ruler that they would appear to come in and tell him that everything was going to be all right.

After the beating was over, the doctors had seen to his injuries, and he was taken back to his room to recover, his parents finally returned to lavish him with their attention and love. They filled his ears with sweet nothings about how worried they had been about him, and how they couldn’t stand the thought of watching him suffer, and that was why they had been forced by their feelings for him to stay away. As they both vyed for his attention, they began to get competitive with each other, each trying to out-do the other in their praise of Kale’s bravery.

Kale didn’t say a word.

In that moment, lying bruised and broken on his bed, Kale realized that his parents didn’t really love him, at least, not as much as they hated each other. He realized that he was just a pawn, a tool or favourite toy they fought over, as they struggled to use him to serve their own selfish agendas. He realized that they were only there to fulfill their own needs. He would never forget that when he had really needed them, they hadn’t bothered to show up.

Kale’s beating changed more than just his relationship with his parents. Not only had he snapped, he had demonstrated the incredible ability to use all ten metals, making him the first Mistborn to be born to anyone in the Lekal family for generations. His mother, of course, insisted that her pure Brehaut bloodline was the cause. Without any delay, arrangements were made for Kale to travel to Luthadel, where he was quickly betrothed to Gabrielle Lekal, Canler Lekal’s second cousin, who, at sixteen years of age and just getting the hang of finding her place at court, was not at all pleased to be betrothed to a boy six years her junior, even if he was a Mistborn. Kale and Gabrielle did not hit it off, and developed more of a hostile step-sibling relationship than anything coming close to a romance. The engagement was kept a secret, for fear of giving away Kale’s allomancy, and Gabrielle quickly grew frustrated having to turn young men away when things became serious, without being able to give them a reason why.

Kale, for the most part, felt lost in Luthadel. Unlike back home where he had two parents dedicated to doting on him, in Keep Lekal he had no one explicitly watching out for him. He quickly began to feel lost within the grand halls, feeling alone even when surrounded by people.

He met Natalie during his first week in Luthadel. He hadn’t started training with her yet, Canler was still trying to work out a way for his personal secret Mistborn to train the House’s next official Mistborn, and did not want to give Natalie’s identity away prematurely. Kale, having done some training with Coinshots and Lurchers since arriving in Luthadel, was beginning to have a basic grasp of using them to jump, and used his newfound abilities to scale the roof of Keep Lekal one night. His tin instructor had told him about the stars earlier that day, and he was eager to try to get a good look at them for himself.

“And who might you be?” Kale was startled out of his silent reverie by a female voice, coming from behind him. Before he could spin around he found himself pinned under a well-made boot, staring up at a dark figure in a mist-cloak.

An enemy Mistborn! I’m going to die… “Please,” he heard himself saying, “Please don’t kill me!”

The Mistborn laughed, and Kale felt his blood run cold. “If you want me to grant that request, you’ll have to give me a good reason.” She removed a coin from her purse, and began running it through her slender fingers. “Normally I wouldn’t give a second thought to killing a little spy on the roof, but your accent is noble, which either means you are an allomancer, in which case I’m definitely going to kill you, or you’ve crossed my path by some cruel twist of fate, in which case I only might kill you.”

Kale frowned, unsure of what to do. She had a coin pouch, which meant she had metal he could affect, but what were his chances of escaping a fully trained Mistborn? He knew he likely wouldn’t be able to talk her out of killing him anyways, so after several moments of silence, he spoke. “Well, I…” Flaring pewter and steel, Kale pushed with all his strength against the Mistborn’s boot, and against her coin pouch. His ruse worked, and she was pushed momentarily backward, allowing him to pull himself out from underneath her with iron. Still new to his powers, he was unable to stop himself once we gained momentum, and ended up rolling across the roof, bumping and banging himself against the metal shingles, before dropping to a lower level. The wind rushed out of his lungs on impact, and before he could take a breath, he found himself being lifted and held out over the edge by the Mistborn. How did she reach me so fast?

“Listen you little skaa, and listen good. I was just having a little fun with you back there, but if you try a stunt like that on me again, I really will kill you.” What had she said? “I’m going to set you down now, so no more funny business. We work for the same side, got it?” But Lekal only has one other Mistborn, and he’s out of the Dominance! Kale was beginning to realize he was even more in over his head than he had originally thought.

The Mistborn only smirked before throwing him off the edge of the keep.

Kale was in too much shock to even try to save himself. A blur that could only be the Mistborn shot passed him, speeding towards the ground faster than he was falling. Right before, he struck the ground, Kale felt something push against his belt buckle, and instead of breaking any bones he was pushed back into the air for a few moments, before landing in a nearby bush.

“Now,” the Mistborn said, landing in a graceful crouch next to him. “In a moment, I’m going to ask you again, ‘Who might you be,’ and your reply will be, ‘Kale Lekal’. Do you understand?”

Kale gasped, trying to catch his breath.

“Well,” she continued, her tone dangerous. “Who might you be?”

“Kale Lekal,” he said, desperately looking for an angle or way out. I need to keep her talking. “Who are you?”

The Mistborn smiled. “Me? I’m whoever you want me to be.” With that, she left, shooting off into the mists. Moments later, a couple of guards bearing torches came around the bend, wondering what the commotion had been.

Canler introduced Kale to Natalie officially later that week, and Kale never mentioned that they had met before. It seemed wrong to share the moment. He had been terrified the entire time of course, but for the first time since arriving in Luthadel, he had also felt alive. His first meeting with Natalie had been special, and he didn’t want to ruin it by sharing it with someone else.

Natalie’s training was harsh and demanding. She often taunted him for being a ‘spoiled rich boy.’ To his credit, Kale ignored the sleights for once, determined to prove the woman who had so impressed him wrong. Slowly, over time, their relationship began to shift from teacher and student, into something resembling friendship, or maybe even more than that. Natalie encouraged him to explore all of his darkest urges and desires, rather than repress them as he had been taught. It was Natalie who, for Kale’s fifteenth birthday, took him to his first brothel, and Natalie who supervised him during his first kill later that night.

At times, Kale often wondered if he was in love with Natalie. He was captivated with her, of course. Natalie’s brazen fearlessness in the face of all who stood in her path was an inspiration, and her mercurial nature and dark appetites were an ever-evolving mystery for Kale to continually study and question as he tried to figure out exactly who she was. He became quick to come to her defense if anyone insulted her within his hearing, a tendency that did not go unnoticed by his fiancé, Gabrielle. Gabrielle, unaware of Natalie’s powers and knowing her only as Amneera Lekal’s upstart attendant, became certain Canler Lekal’s rumored mistress was also having an affair with her soon-to-be husband, a certainty she maintained through to the present day. The supposed affair continued to be one of many sore spots throughout Kale and Gabrielle’s marriage.

Kale and Gabrielle were married by a high ranking Prelan, confessing their love to the House and to the rest of the city in a lavish ceremony, as was fitting for the second cousin to the Lord of a Great House. Natalie was not invited to the wedding, and choose not to come, despite both Amneera and Kale’s wishes. Gabrielle merely took it as a further sign of guilt, increasing the rift between her and Kale, and her feelings of enmity towards the other woman.

As time passed, Kale and Gabrielle’s dysfunctional marriage and his many affairs became a popular subject among the gossips of Luthadel, and he did little to discourage his reputation. Sometimes he resented the similarities he found to his father, who was never able to live up to his wife’s expectations, and his mother, who could not remain faithful to the spouse she resented. However, with Natalie by his side, and Mistborn duties to distract him, it was not difficult to keep his self-loathing at bay. Despite their mutual distaste for each other, the couple did their marital duty, and three years after their marriage Kale and Gabrielle welcomed a daughter, Giselle, into the family.

Kale changed after the birth of his daughter, revealing a lighter side to his personality. Giselle easily wormed her way into the place in his heart normally reserved only for Natalie, and Kale did all he could to amuse and please her. Seeing him be a devoted father softened even Gabrielle’s heart, and she began to hope that she might find happiness in her new family after all.

Then, everything changed.

Gabrielle, pregnant with she and Kale’s second child, was travelling with Giselle to visit her mother’s family, when her carriage was attacked by what seemed like skaa bandits. The supposed bandits had been paid by one of the many enemies Lekal had made since leaving the Sureau coalition, on the suspicion that Gabrielle’s children might be the Mistborn House Lekal desperately craved. Gabrielle and Giselle were held for ransom, while the rest of their party was killed and left of the Lekals to find.

Kale was drinking with prostitutes at a brothel when the messenger came. Enraged at the thought of anyone laying a hand on his precious daughter, Kale barely listened during the briefing, only paying attention to the facts he needed to know in order to find the men responsible and make them pay. Canler suggested Kale wait for Natalie to return to Luthadel before acting, but Kale refused, leaving at once to save his wife, daughter, and unborn child.

He found the thieves hideout rather easily. Over the years, he and Natalie had built up a variety of valuable contacts in the underground. Since they eventually wanted payment for their hostages, the kidnappers had left a trail, and Kale followed it right to them.

Once he located the hideout, and figured out where Gabrielle and Giselle were being kept, he let his rage loose with his allomancy, blowing down the door and sweeping into the room. He left his knives sheathed at his side, wanting to kill the men who had threatened his family with his bare hands. In moments, Kale found himself covered in the blood of dead men, facing off against the lone survivor who held a knife to his daughter’s throat.

“Let her go.” His voice was cold. Gabrielle hovered at Kale’s back, silent for once, her hands placed protectively over her protruding stomach, and her eyes not leaving the knife that threatened their daughter’s life.

“You think I’m stupid? You’ll kill me as soon as I do that!”

“Daddy help!” Giselle’s face was streaked with dirt and tears, terror in her eyes.

“Wrong,” Kale said, flipping a coin into the air. “I’m going to kill you now.”

It was a shot he had made a hundred times in both practice and on the streets. At three years old, Giselle made a poor shield for the man holding her, and Kale was one of the best marksmen in the empire. Any other time, the coin would have streaked gracefully through the air, responding to Kale’s steel-push, as he forced the coin harmlessly passed his daughter into the waiting eye-socket of the kidnapper. The kidnapper would go down, dropping the knife and letting Giselle go free.

Unfortunately, this was not any other time.

Kale watched as the man collapsed in a heap on the ground. It was Gabrielle’s inhuman scream that told him there was something wrong. Staring, his eyes went to Giselle, whose blood was flowing freely out of her slit throat. Gabrielle ran forward, falling to her knees, and catching their daughter as she breathed her last. Kale only shook his head, unable to believe what he was seeing. Giselle had been the light of his life, his reason for living. She couldn’t be dead.

He fled into the night, not stopping until he hung motionless on top of Kredik Shaw, the palace of god himself. Though he wanted to curse and wail against the Lord Ruler, Kale found himself unable to do or say anything. Instead, he choose to hang motionless, trying to lose himself in the twists and turns of the mists. When Natalie found him, he deciding whether to let his metals run out, or extinguish them prematurely, before falling to his death.

Natalie saved him that night, though for what purpose, he did not know. Giselle’s death awoke something inside him far darker than anything he had seen before. That night, he would have done anything to get rid of his feelings of loss and guilt, even if it meant fighting his best friend and only confidante almost to the death.

“Go away Natalie.” He sounded unfamiliar, as if a stranger was speaking with his voice.

“Why?” Natalie asked softly, trying to look him in the eye. The coyness in her voice that was normally so enticing repulsed him. “To let you hover up here until your metals burn away and you die? I think not.”

“You don’t understand.” How could she understand? If Natalie loved anyone, it would be news to Kale. How could she possibly understand how it felt to be responsible for the death of his own child? “I killed her. I let her die. The others responsible are dead, and now it’s my turn.”

“And your other child?” she asked, not bothering to hide the challenge in her voice “Will you abandon it before it’s even born?”

“It will be better off without me, Natalie. Now let me be.” Kale startled himself with the rawness of his voice. His words seemed to echo out into the mist, taunting him with his brokenness.

Natalie was quiet for a moment, and Kale took the reprieve as an opportunity to renew his contemplation of self-destruction.

“All right,” she said, still trying to meet his gaze. “But in my opinion you are dying too soon. You say you want to rid the world of everyone responsible for her death? Well it seems to me you have a few more names to cross off your list.”

Kale’s fists tightened. None had escaped the lair. Did Natalie have more information about the kidnappers? “Who do you mean?”

“You think this was just about those thugs you killed? Don’t be naïve. There was obviously someone pulling their strings.”

“I can’t kill them all, Natalie. Even if I did know who they were.” Though he longed to see every single person responsible for his daughter’s death die in agony, that desire did not overwhelm his current self-hatred.

“You could try.” Kale met her gaze for a long moment before looking away. She knew him too well. Of course he wanted to let go, to feel throats being crushed in his pewter-strengthened hands, to kill, and kill, and kill, until the pain he was feeling was lost in an ocean of blood. “They aren’t the only ones though. There are far more available targets you could start with.”

“And who would they be?” Kale eyed Natalie with suspicion. She was just trying to distract him, to convince him to come away with her and stop him from ending it all then and there.

“Me.” Kale looked up with a start, meeting Natalie’s eyes directly for the first time. Could it be? She would never… she couldn’t… Despite himself, Kale could not quite shake the suspicion, now that it was planted. Had Natalie resented his happiness all this time, and sought a way to destroy it? Or was she working as a double agent for another house, and Giselle had merely been a casualty of the endless struggle between houses?

“Don’t joke about this,” he warned, trying to resist the urge to leap at her then and there. It can’t be true! “You had nothing to do with it. Go home.”

“I had just as much to do with this as you did,” Natalie retorted, letting her voice rise and echo out into the hush of the night. “I wasn’t there. If I had been, she wouldn’t have died. I killed your daughter.”

“It isn’t the same.”

“Isn’t it?” Natalie spread her arms wide, letting the mists circle her as they responded to her allomancy. “You’re hurt and angry, so do something about it and kill the woman who could have saved your daughter and didn’t.”

“I’m warning you…”

“What, do you no longer care? I basically killed your daughter Kale. I might as well have been holding the knife and smelling her blood myself.”

“Shut up!” His voice rose, almost to a scream.

“I imagine it would have been quite the sight, that poor little thing bleeding out on the ground. Like a doll who has lost her stuffing. Tell me, how did she scream?”

Kale snarled as he shot into her, hands stretched forward, reaching for Natalie’s delicate throat. For a few moments, the two free fell through the air, flying downward through nothing. They fought nearly all night, holding nothing back. They each earned their fair share of scars before Kale’s pewter ran out and he collapsed from exhaustion. When he woke up, he found himself back at Keep Lekal, Natalie by his side. The night was nothing but a blur.

When he did wake, they sat for a moment in silence. Then, all at once, he wrapped his arms tightly around Natalie and clung to her as if for dear life, finally letting go and sobbing for his dead daughter. After a long while that seemed to pass all too quickly, Kale found his tears running dry. His breathing began to grow more steady, and he finally trusted himself to speak.

“Thank-you.” He said, not knowing what else to say. Looking into Natalie’s calm and collected eyes, he finally saw a release from his suffering. He could kiss her perhaps, losing himself in her as their bodies collided, letting their pent up physical chemistry force them together with the strength of a flared iron-pull.

“You’re welcome,” she said simply, interrupting his thoughts. She left, abandoning Kale, leaving him alone with his loss. He cried some more, sobbing until sleep claimed him again. When he woke, the entire night seemed like a dream, and he was unable to tell what had been real and what was imagined. He and Natalie never spoke of the moment they shared, leaving Kale to wonder if it had actually happened. With time, he came to suspect he had dreamed it. After all, the thought of Natalie kissing a spoiled idiot like himself seemed even more ridiculous than the torment he was experiencing.

Kale slowly went on with his life, though things never returned to normal. Gabrielle blamed him for Giselle’s death, though she let her accusations remain silent, veiled behind hate-filled glances and back-handed compliments. To her, even Kale’s grief was not worthy of the loss they had shared. When their son, Grayson, was born, Kale backed off, leaving Gabrielle to raise their new child however she wished. He told himself it was for the boy’s own protection, that he had no business trying to be a father. In truth, it was as much for his own protection as it was for Grayson’s. Losing Giselle had almost destroyed him; he couldn’t afford to risk loving anyone like that again, even his own son.

He tried and failed to distract himself with women, drink, and with killing those Natalie claimed had some involvement in the attack. Each of these things helped in their own way for a time, and things almost seemed to return to some semblance of normal. The sense of normalcy only served to make Kale feel like he was forgetting about Giselle, or that he was letting her go too easily. In his spare time, he renewed his passion for reading, escaping into the worlds and stories of the Empire’s greatest literary minds, gaining whatever brief respite he could from his demons.

At balls, he continued to flirt with other noblewomen, going further whenever the opportunity presented itself, and visiting the brothels when it did not. Despite himself, he continued to fall in love and suffer heartbreak as he broke others hearts. When overwhelmed, he sometimes trains himself into exhaustion, or channels his frustration through acts of violence if missions are available. He tries to seem like he cares for nothing, hoping that if he convinces the world, maybe he can convince himself as well.

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Very well done! I'm thrilled to finally have Kale around! Approved!

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Hooray, another wonderful character!


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